Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 54

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 54 Another Beginning

"You girls really push my buttons," Sora gave a lecherous grin and grabbed both girls that latched on to him. He laid back onto a rock that was at the edge of the lake and pulled Caulifla and Kale in front of himself.

That day was filled with a lot of e.r.o.t.i.c and splashing noises in the forest of the Fighter Planet. Rumor has it that a lot of animals went into mating season that same day and others were blue balled by nearby fighters hunting for food.


Two more days passed and it was now the last day, the day he has to fight the God of Destruction. He had no fear, he was sure he could beat the God of Destruction with a 6 billion power level, and if not, [Ultra Instinct] was always available. It wasn't a transformation at all, but a state that allowed him to control anything by instinct.

[+1,000,000,000 Power Level]


Training in his Heavenly World was the first thing Sora did every morning and it was the thing he was currently doing before the fight.

[+500,000,000 Power Level]

Walking out of his Heavenly World, Sora appeared within his room and eyed the two beauties on his bed. Both were asleep and in their birthday suits, allowing Sora to see their n.a.k.e.d glory.

"Girls wake up!"

The girls groaned as they got off of bed and lifted their arms in synchronization yelling, ""Lift me up!""

"Hehe, if I lift you up now, you will be staying in the bed until tomorrow," Sora laughed while the girls shuddered in anticipation. Kale and Caulifla stood up anyways, despite wanting Sora at the moment, since they had their training to do that they had promised Sora they would do it daily.

"Ugh, such a downer," whispered Caulifla as she approached Sora on her toes, she wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, "I can't stay in bed for at least an hour?"

"No, you can't rest today," Sora pulled Caulifla in front and pulled her in close by the waist, "I can't let you rest, you won't be able to last as long on bed if you do."

"Really?!" Caulifla was shocked, how will she handle him now? She looked over Sora and her gaze rested on a Kale dressing up.

Sure, Caulifla had shared Sora with Kale on the same night, but never at the exact same time... and she didn't want that happening anytime soon.

"Okay! I will go train now," she hurriedly gathered her clothes and left with Kale.

"Atleast say goodbye," Sora walked off to the side and scratched the back of his head, "you can come out now Vados."

"I'm surprised you can sense me in here," said Vados stepping out of the shadows.

"Well I have an excellent sensing ability after all."

Vados got closer to Sora and brought her face close to his and said, "So are you ready? To battle a God of Destruction?"

Looking into her eyes, Sora grinned and asked her, "Does a god live and think like any other living being?"

Giving her own smile back at him, she waved her staff in the air as her left hand rested on Sora's shoulder.


"Kehe, that Beerus really will let a person of his Universe fight a God of Destruction?"

"Of course, although if Lord Zeno hears about this, there's a possibility that both Universe 6 and 7 will perish desumasu," informed Marcarita.

With a scowl on Belmod's face, he looked across the arena to look at two purple cats standing side by side, "That damn Beerus might be the death of all of us... just like that other time."


Beerus scanned the place looking at the four addition of God of Destructions, their respective angels and a hooded figure, and asked Champa, "Say silly brother of mine, you wouldn't have invited all of these other people to see your defeat, now would you?"

Growling at his brother's remark, Champa retorted, "Of course not, and shut up Beerus! I can easily defeat that pipsqueak from that Universe of yours!"

"Hmph.. we will see," Beerus focused his attention back onto the arena and waited for his brother's challenger. "Whis, you haven't found any good food recently have you?"

"No Lord Beerus, however there is this dish," Whis, Beerus' angel attendant, made a dish appear before him that contained a lot of ingredients not fit for consumption. Beerus' gaze landed upon it and almost fainted at the abomination that presented itself before him.

Looking at the dish and back to his brother, Beerus made a decision to pass it on to Champa, the guinea pig, "Here brother of mine, no matter if you win or lose, this dish shall be yours."

"Oh food! I haven't had anything this good looking in a while," Champa was very spirited and grabbed the dish and downed it in one gulp. Slapping his stomach satisfyingly, he looked at Beerus with a smile before it turned for the worst. "Beerus... what have you done?!"

"I guess it was bad food.." Beerus turned his head back to Whis and asked, "where did you get this dish? Remind me to destroy them when we go back."

"Yes Lord Beerus."

"Damnit Beerus!" Champa didn't know what to do! His angel wasn't there and he needed to go to the bathroom right away! Usually God of Destructions don't need to use the bathrooms for decades and this dish he had eaten required him to go right away.

It's all over!


"Kusu, when will this challenger arrive?"

"I believe he is on his way right now, shouldn't take too long Lord Rumsshi," replies Kusu.

Rumsshi looked at Beerus after looked around the arena and glared at him. The man that almost destroyed all of the universes, was here once more. The man who disrespected Lord Zeno for falling asleep while playing a game of hide and seek!

Seeing her God of Destruction shaking in anger, Kusu decided to jump in and calm the God of Destruction down, "Lord Rumsshi is very noble, to not follow a man for a wrongdoing he had caused thousands of years ago. A very astute God of Destruction I may say."

Rumsshi, the lazy god who likes being praised, huffed and patted his chest, "Of course, what kind of man would I be if I didn't."

"Say Lord Rumsshi, that Zamasu, the Supreme Kai in training, is not fit to be a Supreme Kai," pointed out Kusu.

"Huh? What was that?" Rumsshi wasn't paying attention to what his angel said since he was still rubbing himself on the feeling of being praised.

"Pay no heed to what I have said Lord Rumsshi, the fight may happen any minute now," Kusu moved on her gaze to the arena before moving it over to the hooded figure and smiling at the surprise.


A small yellow anthropomorphic mouse with large round ears, a thin tail, and a black outline around his eyes looked at everyone in the surrounding and asked his angel, "Kekeke, why did we come here again Cognac?"

"To see how we can use, what we learn here, against Universe 7, Lord Quitela," answered an angel with his hair fashioned into a large pompadour way.

"Kekeke, this is a great way to get rid of that Beerus. This is the perfect moment to know more about his universe."

Quitela had used every manipulative trick that he had against Beerus whenever they had met, however the lazy cat always managed to somehow dodge everything. Now learning about his universe might work for him to use against Beerus and finally get rid of him.

Cognac has long since remained indifferent toward every single living being, besides the Grand Priest, his siblings and of course, Lord Zeno. Everyone else was like an ant to him, only God of Destructions held any small amount of respect he had, but when it comes down to it, he also doesn't care about them.

(A/N: That's how mafia- *cough* angels work!)

"Cognac, I need you to remember everything for me, I don't have the time to pay attention to what happens in the arena. I need to be paying attention to the actions of every other God of Destruction here.." Quitela looked at the two purple cats and scoffed upon seeing the plump one holding his behind while yelling at a laughing Beerus.


Two beings looked upon everyone in the arena, one filled with disappointment and the other with a calm face overlooking the field with a judging eye.

A dwarf looking man, short and pudgy olive green skinned individual with long, orange hair, a mustache and a beard. He has a humanoid appearance with traits resembling a Viking. Next to him stood his angel attendant, a very tall and slim individual with shoulder length white hair parted at the middle.

'This challenge disappoints me, I thought mortals knew their limits, how could they just challenge a God of Destruction,' thought the angel, 'if it wasn't for 21 inviting me here on behalf of my Eldest Sister, I wouldn't have come here.'

"Thinking about that woman again, Mohito?" asked the Viking Dwarf.

"No, and you know that Lord Sidra," responded the angel Mohito with a dispassionate voice.

"Of course I know, but you won't talk to me unless I say something like that," chuckled Sidra.

"Whatever you say Lord Sidra..."


The hidden figure stood far away from any other universe, keeping their distance away to keep their identity safe. However under the gaze of the angels, Kusu and Marcarita, the plan had already failed terribly.

'Ugh.. I couldn't find that challenger no matter where I looked. Was he hiding?'

"Well, would you look at that, you made it here as well desumasu," Marcarita separated herself from her clown God of Destruction and approached the hooded figure from behind with a calm gait.

Another figure appeared next to the angel Marcarita, although short in stature, spoke to the hooded figure with a smirk, "I, myself, also didn't expect you here... 21."

"Why wouldn't I be here? One of my friend's future depends on the outcome of this battle, I have to personally witness it," replied 21, removing her hood smiling at the two angels. "It's a pleasure seeing you two again, especially at the same time, a rare occurrence."

"Yes, rare indeed, we have to stick to our God of Destructions. It is our job," uttered Kusu.

"Yes.. our job... desumasu," Marcarita said, carrying a lost look on her face with a smile. Growing tired of doing your job is something that would eventually happen. However, when that job is something you have to do 24/7 for hundreds of thousands of years, it eventually creeps up on you.

Kusu carried the same look before shaking her head lightly in a cute manner, eliciting an 'aww' from 21. She smiled and said, "That's why I gave up the indifferent act, since I can have fun while working. I get to eat as much candy and play games as much as I can before my God of Destruction goes to... well.. destroying."

"Easy for you to say sister..." pausing, Marcarita looked at her sister then back at 21, who was slowly getting uncomfortable due to the ambiance. Smiling at 21, she apologized, "Sorry for the depressing sight you just saw, desumasu"

"Don't worry, that's why I am here as a friend, no matter how uncomfortable it gets," 21 sent a thumbs up to Marcarita and smiled at her.

Kusu looked back at the arena and finally saw some distortion there, she faced in that direction and recovered her composure. The other two seeing her like that, also payed attention to what was going on.

Every God of Destruction and their angels all quietened down and looked to the arena, awaiting the challenger who had the guts to challenge a God of Destruction.


Appearing in front of 12 people, Sora quickly looked at every single one of them before his sights fell upon the only women in the room, the short cute angel, a Harley Quinn angel, and the female that looked like the one he met three days ago. Moving his gaze until it fell on two purple cats he asked Vados, "Which out of both is my opponent?"

"The one holding his behind.." whispered Vados holding in a chuckle.


Every person in the area turned to look at the plump cat and fell upon hearing his next words.


Vados quickly appeared next to the yelling God of Destruction and teleported with him to a restroom.

"BAHAHA! Whis! Did you see what my stupid brother did?! AHAHA!"


Race: Legendary Golden Ancient Saiya-jin Drake


Legendary Ancient Saiya-jin

Golden Drake




Chaos Energy

World Energy

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 6,850,000,000

Ki Type: Legendary Ancient Ki

Ki Power Level Strength: Nascent Soul Realm (Mid Grade)