Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 55

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 55 Intervention

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Now that Champa had left to go to the bathroom, Sora took this chance to approach the three girls and get to know them.

"Say, are you two angels?" Sora asked pointing at Kusu and Marcarita.

Getting a nod from both of them, Sora moved his gaze onto 21, the person who looks very similar to the person he met three days ago, but human looking.

21 herself, was shocked, this man standing before her was the exact same person she had interacted with three days ago in the lake. How could she not see it! Just to make sure he was the same person, she decided to ask him, "Were you in a lake three days ago on the Fighter Planet?"

"Yes, how did you know?" Sora asked. He knew she was probably the same woman from that day, but why does she look human now?

Hearing his question, she transformed into her [True Form], allowing him to see her pink skin, her natural curves and her tail.

"Oh, impressive," nodded Sora, "it IS you."

"I heard your asking for my sister's hand, how about you take me as well? Fufu.." Kusu butted in to the conversation, she had been wanting to ask him this question. Seeing as how he is very handsome, which is only a plus for her, she decided to ask him. After asking, she turned her gaze over to her impassive sister Marcarita and smirked, "You aren't going to join in? You might be happy for eternity if we manage to make him into a God of Destruction..."

Growing nervous at her sister's words and her staring, she brought up one hand to her cheek and turned with a blush. Calming down, she faced Sora who's cheek twitched, "will you... take me as well?"

Sighing at there actions, Sora answered, "Well, since you are both Vados' sisters, you will have to ask her. Right now she already accepted me for the women I already have at my side already. You need her permission to join.."

Smiling at his words, the sisters turned to each other and sent a thumbs up. They obviously knew that their sister wouldn't mind them joining.

Only 21 remained impassive, she thought she had a chance with him when she had first seen him. Now seeing this whole charade going on, she felt her chances dim, but she looked forward to the possibility that just maybe...


Spending another two hours talking with each other, Champa had finally come back from the toilet!

Holding his hands behind his back, Champa flew down into the arena and looked at Sora.

Noticing his gaze, Sora smiled in return and approached the arena with a calm gaze, whilst slowly rising his energy to the maximum. Activating Dongxuan Sutra was a must, after having that activated, he witnessed two energies inside the body of the plump cat. One was red in color and the other was purple, the red was very calm and exuded a very powerful unseen pressure. The other being purple was surrounded by a very destructive and domineering aura.

Champa felt weird, he saw his opponent's power level rising, it astounded him that this being in front of himself held such power. Obviously that didn't make him feel weird, what made him feel weird was when the air around Sora turned different. Scoffing and shaking off that weird feeling, he glared at Sora, "I will only use my right hand, if you can make me use my left hand, that will be your win."

'Arrogance?' Sora maintaining his smile used a small percent of Minute Subtlety and instantly appeared in front of Champa. Sora's eyes changed to a silver color and used this chance to stay close to Champa and copy the two energies.


Champa stepped back once and sent a left hook to Sora's shoulder.

"Hm," Sora dodged it moving forward and to the left, only being pushed slightly. Being up close, Sora sent a punch with his left arm and then with his right consecutively to Champa's body.

Champa didn't have any chance to dodge and received all blows instantly, mobilizing his tail to stop the barrage of punches, he sent it flying to Sora's side.


"I'm surprised he is this strong already... Whis, is there any possibility he is the Super Saiyan God?!" Beerus yelled out in astonishment to Whis.

"No Lord Beerus, he hasn't even transformed, which was rumored the Saiyan gods had to do," Whis explained.

"Huh.. alright," Beerus was disappointed and looked on at the fight with a scowl.


"C'mon Champa, just use your right arm, I won't count it as my win," Sora grinned catching Champa's tail and pulling to himself.

"Gah-" Being yanked by the tail was an unpleasant feeling to every being that had a tail, so Champa was no exception.

After being pulled closer Sora, he couldn't move from the paralyzation from being pulled harshly and was thrashed into the ground.

"Grr," gathering his destructive energy in his left hand and forming it into an orb, he launched it to Sora.

Quickly letting go of Champa's tail, Sora moved away from the destructive ball of energy. He felt a repressive fear in him warning him about the ball of energy, that I could possibly kill him if he receives too much of that energy.

Standing back up from the ground, Champa used this chance to attack Sora with both his arms. Sora saw this and quickly began to block all the attacks and dodge some punches.

Seeing as how the rate of punches began to slow down, Sora attacked with a head butt making Champa lose focus for a split second. That split second was all that Sora needed to concentrate his Legendary Ancient Ki into his fist and blast a punch to Champa's face.

"Woah, you feel that energy Kusu?"

"Yeah, that energy is very strong, almost on par with Destructive energy..."

"It's that powerful, desumasu?"

After being pummeled in the face and sent flying away, Champa began to grow angry letting out his Destuction Energy out and going into his Destruction Mode.

Slowly stepping back, Sora made a careful observation of the cats new mode.

"Hey is that cheating at all?"

"No, the challenger was the one that gave himself a handicap, he won't transform into any form that multiplies his power.."

"That's bullshit, what about Champa using his right hand and letting out his destruction energy?"

"He was never given a handicap, and he was only being considerate when he said he won't use his right hand desumasu."

Champa jumped at Sora quickly and front flipped using the momentum to smash Sora with his tail.

Sora jumped out of the way and Champa disappeared from his location appearing right above him smashing his tail on to Sora.

"Geh," Sora coughed up blood and gave a battle thirsty grin, "very nice.. my turn."

Sora's eyes glowed in a golden light and his tail moved quickly grabbing Champa's leg. His tail moved like a snake and constricted Champa's leg, with the grip and quick tug, and as if the rug was pulled from underneath Champa, he fell on his back and Sora jumped on him.

Struggling to get out of Sora's grasp, he began to feel pain coming from his leg. The blood seized going into his leg making it feel painful and eventually numb.

Sora rained punches onto Champa, all punches were filled with the Legendary Ancient Ki. Each fist that landed on Champa elicited more blood to come out of him.

"That's brutal..."

"Yes, desumasu, but if not, he would have been the one beaten badly like that.."

"Hmm, he's very interesting, I've taking a very high liking to this challenger.."


"Damn.. another who can beat a God of Destruction! What has the world come to?!" Belmod freaked out seeing what was happing down in the arena.

He had enough trouble with dealing with the monstrosity in his universe that can easily beat him, but having another that was like him? Impossible! Preposterous!

"It has to be an illusion!"


Up in the stages, Quitela shook in fear as he witnessed a God of Destruction being thrashed around and beaten into the ground, "How... how is this possible... I won't be able to proceed my plans with this..."

Shaking, he turned to face his angel attendant who looked at the arena with an indifferent gaze.

"Damn... What is that Beerus going to do?" Quitela turned his attention to where Beerus was and saw him standing there with an indifferent gaze similar to his angel.


In reality, Beerus was also shaking, but in anger. How could he, a God of Destruction, let his brother be beaten like that! Clenching his fists in his back, he turned to Whis with a scowl and only received a smile. That was all he needed, the indifference of the angels that can't interfere with mortals.

Smiling Beerus disappeared from his location and appeared in the arena.


"Mohito, that man..."

"Yes Lord Sidra, Beerus is going to use THAT.." said Mohito with his indefference fleeting.

"That stupid Beerus.."



"What is Beerus doing in the arena?" asked Kusu.

"It seems he got tired of standing on the sidelines..- what!" 21 shook in disbelief seeing Destructive Energy gathering around Beerus' palm.

"No... he wouldn't..."

Vados bit her lip and kept watching on as Beerus approached Sora from behind. She gripped her staff hard and awaited the outcome...


"Ga-ga gah!" Champa had no chance to retaliate and use his energy against Sora. He was close to surrendering until he saw Beerus approaching.

Bam! Bam!

Bam! Bam!

Bam! BAM!


Sending in one last strike at Champa, causing him to be knocked out, Sora jumped out the way with Champa in his hands. He felt immense fear, that attack... could completely kill him... no way of return.

Turning his gaze back onto where he was, he noticed nothing... as in the place where he was.. is gone.

A huge crater was there and while Sora stared, he heard someone click their tongue, moving his gaze to the culprit, he saw the other hairless cat... Beerus.

"What do I owe to this meeting sir God of Destruction," Sora mocked with a grin. He threw the unconscious body of Champa to Vados who caught him easily.

"Hm, you have humiliated my brother and I long enough, it is time to pay the price," Beerus mentioned as he launched himself at Sora with a serious expression.

With his eyes still glowing, Sora grabbed his launches fist with a swift motion and propelling him further before using his other hand and elbowing Beerus' back.


Beerus was lodged into the ground and before Sora could continue going, he erupted his energy out sending Sora flying back.

"Damn, definitely trickier than your brother," whispered Sora wiping the blood off the corner of his lips.

Beerus' body flickered and he appeared behind Sora, "HAKAI."

The dread overcame Sora once more, however not remaining frozen, he easily dodged the ball of destruction that could end his second life.

The ground beneath Sora disappeared once it made contact with the [Hakai] from Beerus. Remaining supended in the air, Sora remained on guard as he stared at an equally guarded Beerus.

Both disappeared from their location and multiple craters began emerging on the ground as each of their fists met.

"Amazing desumasu.."

"I thought I've seen everything already..."

"The past is more interesting than the future..." whispered 21 with her eyes glued on Sora.


"No! Not only did he beat one God of Destruction! But he's beating another already!" Quitela couldn't handle it anymore, he staggered back and looked at his angel, "lets get out of here Cognac!"


"Damn... this person is on the same level as Jiren..." muttered Belmod with a heavy look.








With each punch filled with energy that collided with each other caused the space around them to shake violently. Small cracks appeared around them making small cuts appear in the skin of Sora and Beerus."

"AHAHAHAHA!!" Sora laughed wildly with a wide smile, his ominous golden eyes kept glowing and even now, he kept on improving as he began to remember every single attack from Beerus and dodging them.

Every single attack of Sora's landed on Beerus and none landing on himself.

[Completely copied [Destruction Energy] and [God Energy]!]

Sora's smile grew maniacal and finally his glowing golden eyes gained a tint of silver, instantly moving and thrashing Beerus around like a doll.

Remaining standing unconsciously, Beerus remained unwavering on his choice to give up. Sora stopped his barrage of punches and walked up to Beerus and lightly tapped his forehead causing him to fall backwards.

"Subarashi..." Sora's maniacal grin reverted to a normal one and his glowing eyes stopped glowing, his body exuded pressure on everyone in the stadium, besides the angels and 21, due to the two new energies he has received.

(A/N: Amazing...)

Every single bruise and bleeding stopped, healing at a visable rate in front of everyone. His energy had increased considerably and his breakthrough in use of energy grew. When his eyes began glowing, it signified his breakthrough in the implementation of energy on his body. His body would fill to the maximum and the punches would be equally at their maximum.

[Beat a God of Destruction! (COMPLETE!)


[Beat Two Gods of Destruction! (COMPLETE!)


"Hehe, pretty good if I say so myself," Sora whispered as he fell forwards unconscious.

"SORA!" The four woman ran at him worriedly. When they got to him, they realized he just passed out from waste of energy. They all looked at each other in surprise and shortly after giggled.

"Does that mean we're sharing?"


Race: Ancient Legendary Golden Saiya-jin Drake God


Ancient Legendary Golden Saiya-jin God

Ancient Legendary Golden Drake God




Chaos Energy

World Energy

Destruction Energy

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 7,175,000,000

Ki Type: Legendary Ancient Ki (75%)- God Ki (25%)

Ki Power Level Strength: Nascent Soul Realm (Mid Grade)