Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 57

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 57 Preparations For Departure

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Waking up to five skimpily dressed women on his bed, Sora groaned as he sat up. He couldn't do nothing to them, two were angels and the rest was just 21, Caulifla and Kale. He still had the decency to wait until they wake up.

He left the bed quietly and entered his [Heavenly World] to do his training. A portion of his [God Ki] instantly left his body and traveled to the [Ancient Sun].


He ceased his movements and stopped his chanting, soon he will have to leave this Verse. He will have to find the next world he has to travel to. At most, he could place a time limit to not spend too much in this verse, such as one month.

He only has one month to leave this verse, by then he needs something to keep his women with him.

As soon as he stopped thinking that his body began changing making his blood boil! His bones cracked and healed! His hair began to lose its color transitioning to white before changing to black and gaining a red tint. His tail also changed to black and gained a red tint.



Both the Golden Drake and the Golden Oozaru were going transformations as well! The first to go through its metamorphosis was the Oozaru with its golden fur and black Golden Drake tattoo changing colors.

It's roar kept shaking Sora's mindscape and the Oozaru's fur turned completely black with the same red tint as Sora's hair. The Golden Drake tattoo turned completely white emanating elegance. This time instead of being kicked out of his mindscape the Oozaru grinned at Sora before a mini Sora appeared and it absorbed the Oozaru.

The Golden Drake appeared aside the mini Sora and it went through a similar transformation to the Oozaru. It's Golden scales turned black and the outline for the scales turned red. The claw, teeth, small spikes along the spine and two small horns that were on the Drake all turned golden. The Golden Drake gave a low growl at Sora and was sucked into the mini Sora. Eventually that mini Sora floated to Sora and entered his body disappearing from sight and Sora's senses.

The transformations were incredible! He was sure it had something to do with his [True Form] but he currently couldn't go into it yet. All he could do now was wait and worry about his women.

He daily checked the system shop and nothing ever came up related to this problem of his. All he can do is place his bets on the rewards he will get from the system.

[Beat a God of Destruction]


[Thought Partition (Skill):

- The ability to reinforce your mind then split it to get the chance to have more thoughts. Begins with only one extra thought, more thoughts required further breakthrough.

Ex. With the use of this skill, you can have an extra thought. If trained and used longer, any extra thought will be attained. +2 thoughts.

Curently: 1 thought]

[Thought Acceleration (Skill):

- The ability to increase the speed of your thinking passively. First level gives an increase of 5%. Each further level increases it by 1%

Currently: 0% increase]

End of rewards.]

"These are very good abilities, if I can use this, it can increase my thinking capacity and I can be able to come up with more plans, outcomes and possibilities.." Sora clicked on them and quickly learnt them.

[Learnt [Thought Partition] successfully!]

[Learnt [Thought Acceleration] successfully!]

Instantly feeling a refreshing feeling due to his thinking capacity had been slightly improved, Sora moved on to the next set of rewards.

[Beat two Gods of Destruction!]


[Storage Ring (Soul Type):

- Using the soul to bind this ring to your person, you gain a storage space that is 50 meters cubed. Time inside the ring is frozen for the preservation of herbs and carcasses of beasts.]

[Demon Bloodline:

- The demon bloodline had been dwindling between the universes! Only low leveled devils are in great numbers overpowering their ancestors!]

[House (Skill):

- The skill to [house] living beings in a closed off space where time does not flow. Any being in this space is frozen in time, their time resumes once they are removed from the [House]. When the beings are put into the [House] they grow alongside the user of the skill. Maximum growth of members is ????????????????.

This skill is bounded to the soul.]

End of rewards.]

Instantly integrating with everything he just received, the [Demon Bloodline], the [House] skill and wearing the strange [Storage Ring] on his middle finger. The [Storage Ring] was blue and from the use of [Heavenly Vision Technique], he saw that it was made from a [Sky Stone] commonly found in cultivation worlds and a thing called [Soul Stone].

[Successful integration with Demon Bloodline!

New energy!]

[(NEW) Demonic Energy]

[Skills learnt:

[Blood Imp:

- With a drop of blood, summon a devil to do your biddings. One Blood Imp is equal to a [Golden Core] cultivator.]

End of learnt skills.]

[Learnt [House] successfully!]

Heaving a sigh of relief after noticing the [House] skill being learnt successfully, Sora sat down as he saw a black energy leave him and revolve around the [Ancient Sun]. After the process was done, he stood up and left the [Heavenly World] with his new changes!

He walked out and saw no one inside the house, so he walked outside and there he saw 7 figures once more. Vados and Whis had returned from taking care of the unconscious Beerus and Champa.

"My, new look?" Whis was the first to notice Sora approach and asked with curiosity showing his change front the day prior.

Vados approached Sora and placed her soft hand on his hair touching it and confirming it isn't arrificial. "How did this happen?"

Everyone currently eyed Sora and he smiled answering, "It has something to do with my heritage, once I reach a certain level of strength, my appearance changes."

Everyone in the area nodded and continued talking amongst themselves as Kusu approached him, "That was a lie wasn't it."

Shocked by being found out right away, Sora nervously laughed and nodded, "Yes, can I trust you with telling you something?"

"Yes," Kusu said.

Sora pulled Kusu off to the side and told her he has a technique and a skill to travel to different dimensions. One technique allowed him to strengthen his bloodline and he had a skill to travel to different dimensions. Then he mentioned he had a skill that he could put people into it and [House] them while he traveled around these dimensions.

Hearing Sora's explanation, Kusu's interest was piqued and she decided she would want to go into this [House] of Sora's when he leaves in a month.

Sora smiled and hugged Kusu before giving her a heartfelt kiss. "Help me telling this to the girls okay? I will go ahead and tell the girls of my universe. Tell them to say goodbye to any relatives they have. I know for a fact that Caulifla has an older brother, so have her say her goodbyes to him."

Nodding with a blush, Kusu walked away and Sora approached Whis telling him he is ready.


"I will see you girls in a couple of days," Sora waved goodbye with one hand on Whis' back.

"Bye Sora! See you soon."

"Yes, I will see you in a few days desumasu!"

"Seeing you now is easy for me and my black hole! Hehe."

Sora nodded to all of them and left the rest for Kusu to deal with. As soon as the teleportation began, Sora's expression turned serious and told Whis, "You need to find those angels that lost their universes to attend the angel-less Gods of Destruction."

Narrowing his eyes at Sora's demands, Whis inquired, "Why so? What are you planning?"

"Me? Hehe, well let me tell you, I have this ability to travel through dimensions, and I told this to Kusu and seeing as how she wants to leave with me, I told her to tell the other two who love me if they want to leave with me," Sora explained maintaining his hand of Whis' back.

"Hmm, so that's it?" Whis stopped narrowing his eyes and only laughed, " I thought it was something more serious but it's just this? Sure why not? My sisters want to travel the other dimensions? Than let them. Lord Zeno had been keeping us trapped in this hell of these universes.."

Sora listened to Whis' words and lightly shook. Zeno is keeping everyone trapped within these remaining 12 universes? "Are you sad?"

"Me? Gods no, I remain happy because me and my family stay alive and I can always quit this job whenever and explore everything," Whis chuckled, "but I keep doing this job because I love it. I have the same passion my father, the Grand Priest, has."

"Hee ~ so it was like that," Sora said in admiration and said thanks before finally making it back to his Earth. He was finally back after a year and three months away, how much have things changed? Or has nothing changed at all?


Sora let go of Whis' back and said, "Follow me in Whis, meet my other lovers, they can prepare you an awesome feast while I go to get the two you can train. They are good to train, believe me.."

"Okay, I will follow you for now since you said they are good to train."

"In fact, there is also a third person who is also suited to be a God of Destruction," Sora said making Whis surprised.

Leading the way all the way back to his house, Sora found all seven girls inside his house, Casion, Bulma, Mai, Launch, 18, Panchy and Chi-Chi. He walked inside without even knocking and yelled, "Honeys, I'm home!"

Hearing the oh sweet familiar voice of the man that brought happiness to all seven of them, they all ran from their locations and went entrance of the house. Only to end up finding a man that looks slightly like their lover and a blue skinned man.

Only three of the seven women recognized Sora and jumped in his arms. 18 knew it was Sora because of a sort of tracking she had done on him the first time they had met for their date, Launch was still as innocent as always but knew by heart that this was the same man she loved. Casion had been together with Sora for 30 years, to not remember him now would be an insult to her heart and memories.

Bulma and Panchy had a slight feeling it was Sora but didn't want to jump at the arms of some complete stranger, but now that they saw Casion do it, they know for sure it is Sora. The last four ladies also jumped into Sora's arms and hugged him tightly. They never want him to leave once more.

"Girls let go, can you go prepare some food real quick for our guest Launch?" Sora asked after giving her a peck on the lips.

"Yes! Right away."

Moving over to the living room, Sora sat down on the couch with a nice milf on his laps, Panchy. Whilst they sat and waited for some snacks from Launch, they made small talk as Panchy began gently grinding on Sora.

Once Launch brought the snacks, he began explaining why they were having this meeting. He told them about how he will be leaving once more in a month and possibly for good. The girls were devastated and sad, Bulma even began yelling at Sora for doing that to them. However because Panchy was there, she calmed down and decided to let Sora finish. He continued explaining by telling them how he could take them with him on his journey.

They all nodded and were glad that they didn't have to separate themselves from Sora. He told them that they should say their goodbyes by the end of the month so that they can be on their way with no delay.

Sora sweetly smiled seeing all of them very happy, so he stood up and walked outside the house with a happy Whis, carrying the snacks, behind him.

"Onward to get Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo!"


Race: Ancient Legendary Golden Saiya-jin Drake God





Ancient Legendary Golden Saiya-jin God

Ancient Legendary Golden Drake God


Chaos Energy

World Energy

Destruction Energy

Demonic Energy

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 8,675,000,000

Ki Type: Ancient Legendary God Ki

Ki Power Level Strength: Nascent Soul Realm (Upper Grade)