Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 58

Volume 1: Dragon Ball: A New Beginning Chapter 58 Gods Of Destruction Trainees

Taking Whis to where Piccolo was easy compared to finding Goku or talking to Vegeta, so once they made their way over to Piccolo, Sora decided to be quick, "Hey Piccolo! Come out!"

Hearing a familiar voice, Piccolo came out of the house followed by Frisk and upon seeing Sora, he asked, "What's the hurry? And when did you get back?"

"Roar! How was the universe travel?"

"Pretty good actually, Piccolo, I have a lucrative deal for you, how would you like to be a God of Destruction?" Sora offered the job of God of Destruction like if it was a toaster and if 21 were here, she would have face palmed.

"A God of Destruction? What's that?" asked Piccolo.

After explaining what a God of Destruction was, Piccolo nodded and decided to accept the job since Sora offered it to him. Frisk standing off to the side was wondering why he wasn't offered the job and asked Sora, however he only responded with a, "I will be taking you with me, what do you mean why?"

"Alright Piccolo, I will have you training under this Angel behind me, his name is Whis. You know how to cook right? Makes sure to make food for him occasionally," stated Sora as he had Piccolo and Frisk follow them to their next target, Vegeta.


"Say Piccolo, what happened to that afro-man?" Sora hadn't heard of the man for a whole year, he almost feels bad for letting him train under Frisk.

Piccolo kept his head down while thinking back as to where the man had gone to, "He had a family, I'm sure he just went back to taking care of it, I heard he even has first place in all the tournaments he participates in and sends half the money to me."

Nodding at the man's achievements, Sora said, "Good for him, I hope he lives happily."


Finally making it to where Vegeta was, Sora turned to Whis and said, "The person here is the one that is very suited to becoming a God of Destruction."

Whis nodded and kept eating the snacks he was carrying around, Frisk stood at the back drooling waiting for the blue man to offer some.

"Vegeta, come on out! Stop hiding in the gravity room!" yelled out Sora.


The door opened and a bad stench came from the gravity room opening and out stepped a sweaty Vegeta wearing an apron. Frisk chuckled and Piccolo coughed trying to hide his laughter upon witnessing Vegeta wear a pink apron espeially made for females. The apron even said, 'Call me MOMMY' in bold letters.

Noticing his mistake, Vegeta took the apron off carefully with a scowl on his face ready to kill someone at any moment, "Damn, what do you guys want now."

"Ahem, nothing much, I just want to go ahead and invite you into training under this man behind me to be a God of Destruction," offered Sora as he pointed to Whis.

Curiosity flicked in Vegeta's eyes as he looked at Whis deeply, 'This Angel looks familiar, where have I seen him before?' Vegeta shook his head and looked at Sora's grin before being irritated, "Fine! I will become a God of Destruction!"

"Great! Let me tell you, you won't regret it. I am sure you will grow very powerful Vegeta," Sora couldn't help but say that to keep Vegeta from backing out later on.

Vegeta nodded and when he thought back to it, 'God of Destruction?' Surprise flashed threw his eyes showing a very shocked expression to Whis and Sora, "God of Destruction!? Say, sir Whis, is the current God of Destruction Beerus?"

"Yes indeed, say you look familiar, ohya~ now I remember, you're that saiyan prince years ago," Whis mentioned as he lightly laughed.

Vegeta clenched his fists and Sora only patted his shoulder before saying, "Now we go look for Goku, Vegeta! Where is he right now?"

"Kakarot?" Vegeta frowned in displeasure at hearing the name of the man who keeps surpassing him in strength. Scoffing before pointing in the direction of Ram's house, Vegeta asked, "Don't tell me I will be training alongside that brute?"

"Yeah, you will, hehe," chuckled Sora as he saw Vegeta get mad, "Don't worry, you will have Piccolo by your side to maintain you company, haha."

"That won't be of much help, in fact that is worse," Vegeta sighed in defeat before making his way inside his house and saying goodbye to his woman, Tights, and his baby Trunks.

"FOR THE CRUSADE! *cough*.... I mean... lets go get Goku," Sora coughed and began flying towards Ram's house.


"Dad! Uncle Sora has finally returned!" yelled Gohan happily.

"Really? Great!" Goku quickly jumped out of the house and stood in front of Sora, "I need to have a fight! So lets fight Sora."

Sora ignored Goku's dual to a fight and talked to Whis instead, "This is the man who is least fit to be a God of Destruction, however his simple mindedness will allow him to learn the ability that all Gods of Destruction have difficulty with, [Ultra Instinct]."

Raising his eyebrows at Sora's words, he looked at good from head to toe with an inspecting gaze, "Yes... you are right, he might just be able to learn it, although not a good as you."

"You never know..." Sora turned back to Goku and asked a very simple question, "Want to grow stronger?"

"Yes!" Responded Goku as his aura grew.

"Great, Whis you can take all three now," Sora said as he gave Whis custody over the lives of the unsuspecting three.

With a nod, Whis smiled and took all five to the world of the God of Destruction Beerus.


Appearing in the World that housed the God of Destruction Beerus, Sora looked around and noticed a small, pink-skinned man with a white mohawk and wearing a pair of green Potara earrings. Activating his Dongxuan Sutra at the sight of this man, Sora saw a very calm energy inside the man and copied it.

"Whis, who is that man?" Asked Sora as he copied the pink guys energy.

Turning his attention to where Sora pointed to, he responded, "That is the Supreme Kai Shin. His life is connected to Beerus, that is why he is here. He was afraid Beerus might die at any moment."

"Anything special about a Supreme Kai?"

"Yes, they are responsible for the creation of planets and many things that the life forms rely on," Whis said facing away.


With a wave of his staff, Whis made three suits made specifically for training purposes, "You three need to be wearing this at all times."

"Wow! New training gear," Goku not being surprised about clothes appearing out of nowhere just took the training gear with difficulty, "Ughhh, so... heavy..."

"Of course, how else will you grow in strength?" Snickering, Sora walked up to the training gear lifting it up easily then tossing it to Vegeta getting him trapped under the clothes.

"Wah! Damn bastard, just wait till I get out of here!" Struggling as much as he could, Vegeta couldn't manage to take the training gear off himself and transformed into Super Saiyan and removing it shakingly.

Piccolo chuckled and went over to the clothes and picked it up with difficulty and slid it on. His knees gave up on the sheer heaviness of the clothes and his knees touched the floor.

Goku himself also turned super saiyan and effortlessly put on the training clothes before powering down and managing to stay standing for five seconds before collapsing.

"Hahahaaha, Kakarot you fool! Wait till I, the prince of all saiyans, put on this clothes and remain standing longer than you!" Vegeta laughed as he put on the training gear and powered down before falling after six seconds. "Haah, how do you... like that?... ha.."

[New Energy! [Creation Energy]!]

Sora remained standing off to the side with Frisk standing behind him and smiled, "Well I wish you luck with them Whis."

"Hoho, yes indeed. Who would've thought that they were competitive," said Whis.

"C'mon lets go Frisk." Sora led frisk to the side and placed a hand on his shoulder before [Instant Transmission]ing back to Earth.


Once back on Earth, Sora turned to Frisk and stated, "You will be coming with me somewhere, you will appear somewhere and will be confused but trust in me."

"Roar! Yes!" Frisk nodded and relaxed his big burly bear body before Sora took him into his [House].

Sora sighed and walked back to his house seeing every one of his lovers in there. Walking up to them, Sora gave a nefarious grin before m.o.a.ns rang throughout all the house.


(3 Weeks Later)

"Okay, I have removed all traces of my existence throughout this world. I even killed Cell, who was in the bas.e.m.e.nt, and destroyed the bas.e.m.e.nt, which took up a lot of resources."

Sora walked out his house as it collapsed and disappeared. Making his way to a side where all his lovers were, Sora looked back to where his house used to be and a forest of trees took its place.

"I will miss this place," said Bulma.

"Yeah, a lot of memory happened here for me," Chi-Chi said with tears streaming down her face.

Emotionlessly, 18 looked at the two woman whilst next to 21 and calmly spoke, "We can always make a house somewhere else."

"Exactly, mortals have a saying that a house is where the family is, not where the property is, desumasu," said Marcarita with a sagely nod.

With wide eyes, Panchy yelled, "What?! People say that? Since when?"

"I don't think they say it exactly like that, but somewhere there," mentioned Sora.

After saying goodbye to everyone, they had gone to get replacements for the three angels that will be leaving with Sora.

There was one particular angel that was pretty interesting, he went by the name of Merus. He was very into the concept of what one may call "justice". He even went so far as to join the galactic patrol to further his idea of justice and righteousness.

Getting him to be an angel again was difficult due to that exact same problem. He interfered with the mortal problems, but it all went well in the end. All Sora told him to do was to brainwash the God of Destruction to follow his ideals. Safe to say that the universe where he resides in will be doomed.


"Girls, I will now be placing all of you inside the space, when you come out, you will be in a completely different world and I will be able to give you stuff that will be important for your growth!" Sora mentioned as he walked up to each one of them and put them all in his skill [House].

"We'll see you when you're ready," lovingly said his lovers as they were each placed in the frozen space.

Smiling a bit sadly, Sora said, "I need to hurry up and get more knowledge..."

Flying to Ram's house, Sora made sure to say his goodbyes and get ready for his next world.

"Yo Gohan! Where you at?" Sora shouted as he touched ground and walked to the door. Opening the door and enetering, he found Ram who was making food.

"Sora? What a nice surprise, Gohan will be down any minute," mentioned Ram with a smile as she lowered the heat on the stove and moved to cutting vegetables.

"Uncle!" Gohan quickly appeared in front of Sora and hugged him tightly, "I heard your finally leaving today.."

"Yeah, I have a nice surprise for you," mentioned Sora as he pulled out a life-like statue of a dog and placed it in front of Gohan.

"What's this?" Ram asked lifting her head up from cutting the vegetables.

Not responding, Sora just smiled and grabbed Gohan's hand before prickling it with a needle made of Ki dropping blood onto the statue. After the blood made contact with it, Sora pumped it with Ki and activated his skill [Familiar].

The statue glowed before it began to move and pouncing on Gohan.


Ram stood up from her seat and rushed to the dog statue, "Amazing..."

Shaking his head, Sora continued, "There is just one last thing.."

Sora placed his hands on the heads of Gohan and Ram before unlocking their full potential giving them tremendous power.

After their power levels stabilized, they were about to thank Sora when they noticed he had disappeared. Both cried as they noticed they might not see him ever again in their lifetime, a man who was as much part of their life as Gohan's own father and Ram's own brother.


Unlocking the full potential of all the other Z-Fighters, even the three training for God of Destruction, Sora said his last farewell to Whis and stepped once more where the boundary between Universe 6 and 7 stood.

"[Void Art: Voidless Palm]!" Sora extended and retracted his arm before the space cracked and collapsed once more. He stepped into it and instead of exiting, Sora once more used his [Void Art] sucking him in...

[Exiting [Dragon Ball]...]

[Currently lost in space...]

[Beginning Search!]

[Rewards and Penalties given!]

"... shit."


Race: Ancient Legendary Golden Saiya-jin Drake God





Ancient Legendary Golden Saiya-jin God

Ancient Legendary Golden Drake God


Chaos Energy

World Energy

Destruction Energy

Creation Energy

Demonic Energy

Ki Power Level

Ki Power Level: 23,675,000,000

Ki Type: Ancient Legendary God Ki

Ki Power Level Strength: Nascent Soul Realm (Upper Grade)