Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 6

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 6 Travel

"Try to take my 'property' and you will be met with death and possible endless torture." Sora said as he gazed with cold eyes to the Captain who slightly shivered in fear. The Captain quickly railed in his fears and powered up as much as he can.

"Aagghhhhh!" The Captain yelled to stimulate all of his cells to anticipate a fight to use his all. Sora didn't need to do anything that embarrassing as he had full control of his body and with only a single thought he can power up whenever he wants. However if he wants to 'break' his 'limits' he can try to force his [Ki] out of his body making it go through tremendous pressure. This can cause him to give himself a minor boost of x1.2 or x1.5 to his prowess.

Sora covered his ears and looked at the Captain in annoyance, "You're going to end up making me deaf! Damn." Sora go into the stance of [Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist: Rysui Gansai-ken], a martial art he copied from Bang, which came from the manga and anime he watched with his son, One Punch Man. Which he found splendid in its footwork and its idea to implement attacks on weak points and the idea to keep everything in a smooth movement like the workings of water.

"Are you ready? I can't let this go on any longer." Asked Sora while tightening his muscles and loosening them up to warm them up. He pulled in his Ki to not let it go to waste by letting it out wildly. When he did that it gave him a slight white outline around his body.

"Let's get it on with then." The Captain gave Sora a battle ready smile and filled with battle intent and rushed at Sora.

The Captain launched a right punch to Sora's face and Sora ducked and moved his arms fluently through the air and struck rapidly at the Captain's chest which caused the Captain to back away and grip his chest in pain.

Sora stepped back as well and said, "Wow, didn't expect the techniques to be more effective with Ki infused into them." Sora inspected his body and his arms to see if it has some side effects.

"What was that?" Questioned the Captain whilst gripping his chest in pain with his left hand. He then let go and thumped his chest a bit before going back to his battle stance. "Okay, no more playing around kid, let's fight."

"Ooh, so you can fight now? Well let's get on with it then. I won't be using Ki in my attacks so that the fight doesn't end as quick." Sora got back into [Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist: Rysui Gansai-ken] battle stance. He smoothly moved through space and leaving after images which left Captain confused on which to attack.

"Damn bastard, using cheap tricks to beat me," Captain yelled in anger. He threw punches left and right along with some [Ki Blasts] at the images that appear all over the place. "Stop moving so much!"

One of the [Ki Blast]s hit Sora's mask, causing it to come off his face and his explode. Sora saw this and held in his breathe as he didn't want to die of not having oxygen to breath. Sora kept on dodging the [Ki Blast]s while the Captain kept on yelling at him, "Come on you bastard, just die already. Stop worming your way through the blasts and stay still!"

Sora finally lost his breath as he exhaled and waited awhile as he expected to choke to death but just stood there with no complications. Sora then remembered back to when he was getting his wishes granted and it dawned on him, 'I can breathe in space..' He turned to Captain and just saw him laughing thinking he finally got Sora. Sora seeing smiled in a way that would make the devil proud.

Sora ignored the Fact Captain was laughing at him and kicked the man in the face. "Ahaha! The type of people they raise now a days with no technique at all." Sora laughed at the face of the Captain who had a footprint on it. The Captains face turned red in anger, "Bastard! And here I thought you were civilized but most of all I thought you were dead."

"Oh, but I am civilized, just not to my enemies and I am getting tired of this bantering and your dumb elementary school punches. And by the way, I will never die and that's something I will work to make true. Now die."And with that Sora sent a powerful [Ki Blast] to the Captain who now had a huge hole in his chest. Sora turned his gaze to the rest of the bandits and wondered what to do. 'I should just get rid of them, I don't want to deal with this later.'

Sora spread his palm and soon an [Energy Ball] formed on his hand about the size of a fitness ball. He tossed the [Energy Ball] to the middle of the spacesh.i.p.s and it blew up. This caused the spacesh.i.p.s to blow up and leave nothing behind of the spacesh.i.p.s besides the scraps of metal and other pieces. Luckily he received a zenkai from getting hit form the Captain.

Sora paid no attention to this and flew back to his spaceship and got in. He was barraged with questions by Casion.

Casion asked worriedly to Sora and was floating around his head and checking his body for any injury he may have.

"Hahaha!" Sora laughed at her antics and unnecessary worry for his well being.

Casion pouted and a dark green blush appeared on her little face.