Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 7 6 This Is All. Brief..

They soon arrived in front of a big house and Panchy walked towards the closed gate. It soon opened by itself and Sora was left there admiring the house and the flowers in the surroundings. Panchy stopped when she passed the gate and noticed Sora wasn't following her but admiring the flowers. "Did you know that I planted those flowers myself? Come on in Sora, lets go get you some food to eat, we can talk on the way there."

"Really? You planted these flowers? I thought they were fake for a moment as they seem so healthy and have nice colors to them. Especially this bright red rose here. You are a very good gardener Mrs. Brief." Sora said in a joyful voice. 'I had my fair share of gardening and mine were never this high in quality, mine were still good quality though. Maybe she is a natural affinity at gardening.'

When Panchy heard this she laughed a little and kept walking forward, "Maybe I can teach you a bit on how to take care of them."

Sora walked right behind her and looked at her behind which looked enticing to the eye, he noticed that Panchy was about to turn around so he looked away and answered, "Yeah, that would be nice. I only know a smudge bit so it will greatly help."

Panchy turned and saw him looking away, she noticed that he had a slight smile on his face. She slightly smiled and looked forward and kept walking. No one knew what was going on in the head of the ditsy blonde woman at the moment.

They continued walking together to the building as they kept on talking about gardening flowers and how to properly take care of them. They soon arrived in front of the doors and Panchy stopped before opening the and turned to look at Sora. "I need you to make as little noise as possible as my little Bulma is asleep and I left a maid to take care of her while I quickly when to relax for a bit. Okay?"

Although a bit surprised that Panchy had a daughter and a baby at that Sora still responded diligently, "Yes ma'am, you can count on me to be quiet and make no noise."

Panchy feeling satisfied with his answer turned to the door and opened it and walked in. She didn't feel that Sora had walked in so she turned around only to see him right behind her crashing into her behind and him falling backwards.

"Ouch~ Mrs. Brief why did you stop?" Sora asked with confusion on his face. 'Though I don't complain, her butt had a nice springiness to it and it felt nice on my face. And although it was brief, I did smell a nice scent of roses.' When he thought up to there he slightly coughed and looked away.

Panchy after feeling someones face on her behind slightly blushed and looked at the face of Sora and said, "I stopped because I had thought that you had not entered yet and I did not feel you behind me. Well lets go to the kitchen to get you some food to eat."

Whilst walking to the kitchen, Sora noticed a lot of stuff inside the house had the Capsule Corp. logo on them. "Excuse me Mrs. Brief, but are you a shareholder of Capsule Corp. or do you like their merchandise a lot?"

"Actually my husband is the owner of Capsule Corp. and he is probably in his lab right now." says Panchy.

'Owner of Capsule Corp.? Married to a beautiful blonde? That is the guy I am looking for, maybe he can help me speed up my process in finding the dragon balls.' thought Sora. He tried sensing inside the house and attempted to look for the man and found him in a room almost 20 meters away. "Mrs. Brief can I meet your husband when I finish eating? I have a favor I need to ask of him."

"Sure, just let me go grab my baby Bulma so that she can join us to eat," and with that she turned and left. Not long after she returned with a little girl in hand. She had blue hair done in two ponytails on either side of her head held by red beads. She had blue eyes and milky soft skin and a plump face that makes her look so hug-able. Sora seeing her got his fatherly instincts turn on and wanted to go up to her and hug her tight but held himself back with his years of experience with his own children. "Well Sora this adorable little baby is my little Bulma. Now what do we say to guests Bulma?"

"Hello guesht," says Bulma with a slight tilt to the head forwards to Sora.

"Why hello there little Bulma. Mind showing me what type of food I should order?" asked Sora looking at the little Bulma.

"Un. You have to eat lotsh of meat to gwow big and stwong!" Yelled Bulma while spreading her arms to demonstrate what she meant by a lot.

And that was how they began talking and having fun... and Sora eating all the food quickly. Both Panchy and little Bulma were surprised by how much food Sora ate.


"Ahh~ that was very refreshing, is there anything else that I can try?" Sora said with a big comedic stomach while looking at the equally bulging stomach of Bulma.

"You ate evweething that the wobots can make Sowa..," little Bulma said in a low voice, she felt sad that she let Sora down from not being able to get the robots to give Sora more food.

Sora naturally noticed this and patted Bulma's head before saying, "Don't worry your pretty little head Bulma, those were the meals that I have ever tasted." He then gave her a thumbs up and the happiest smile he can muster to show Bulma.

Bulma saw this and was elated to see that he was very happy with the food and she sent him two thumbs up at him.

"Well I'm off to see your dad Bulma see you around." Sora quickly made his way to the lab because he needed to get to the ship back as to not worry Casion.

Bulma seeing Sora leave felt sad, she thought that she finally made her first friend ever but he left. "Mommy, do you know why Sowa went with daddy?"

"No, I only know that he asked for him and afterwards decided to meet him. Sora probably need something only your dad could do, like maybe getting something built." Panchy looked at the direction Sora left and looked back at her daughter answering her question.

"Mm, that decides it then, I will also gwow to be smahrtew than daddy so that Sowa can come to me instead." Quickly after saying that she went to her room and since that day, the toys were massacred to make better toys and other contraptions. (A/N: RIP toys, maybe Woody and Buzz Lightyear were there.)


'I don't know what year I am in, I should ask what year it is. I kept count of some months so that I know how long I have been here but I don't really remember what year I was in when I arrived here,' thought Sora as he approached the lab Dr. Brief was in.

Walking in to the lab, Sora saw a lot of gear and tools spread out across the dark room. He went deeper into the mess and saw a some light on the other side of the pile of machines and equipment. He approached the place where the light came from and saw a man sitting on the ground tinkering with some gadgets. He had bluish gray hair, and a short mustache on his face that matched the color of his hair. He was short and wore a white lab coat over a blue shirt and wore black pants. This man was the person Sora was looking for- Dr. Brief.

"Hey, what you buildin' there?" Sora wondered as he looked at what seemed to be a little toy.

Dr. Brief without questioning on why someone was in his lab answered, "Well you see my daughters birthday just passed and I didn't get her anything because I was absorbed in my work. So I am building something for her before I go back to an amazing discovery I made earlier."

Sora looked at him in and then back at what he was building and just waited for him to finish.


-1 hour later-

"There we go, Bulma will surely like this," Dr. Brief said as he finally stood up and looked at Sora and finally asked, "so who may you be?"

"Me? My name is Sora Akagi. I came by to ask four questions," Sora said as he lifted his right hand showing four fingers.

"Well hello there, you may already know me but my name is Hakase Brief. But everyone calls me Dr. Brief besides my family obviously. Ask away the questions little Sora." Dr. Brief looked at Sora before toying again a bit with the toy he made for Bulma.

"Well my first question is, what Age is it? I have been out of the loop lately and I haven't really paid attention to how much time has passed. I could have asked your wife but I didn't want to embarrass myself," said Sora.

"Well unless the calendar in the corner of the room is wrong then we are in the Age 735... ah there we go," Dr. Brief said as he finally got the toy working.

"Oh thanks, now for the next question," Sora paused as he took an orange ball with four stars in it while not taking off his eyes of the toy. The toy is a type of projecting machine as it projects their universe, of what the humans of this earth currently know, in the room. It had some galaxies floating around and you can interact with them as Sora found out when he touched a galaxy and it was sent floating a bit back. Some clouds of cosmic dust appearing, although fake, still looked wonderful. Stars far out of reach and big planets floating around. Sora then remembered what he was going to do and asked, "can you build a radar for this ball here? It emits a special type of wavelength and there are six others alike to this one."

Dr. Brief soon turned the machine off and looked back to Sora and then at the ball before astonishment hit his face. "Wow, this ball here? I have one as well, let me go get it real quick." And with that he left to go look for it.

Sora stood there for a moment waiting for Dr. Brief before hearing some movement of equipment and a hurried steps near him. "RUN IT'S GOING TO FALL!" Dr. Brief passed him in quick speed as the huge amount of gadgets and machine come falling down due to imbalance. As soon as Sora saw that he sped to Dr. Brief, picked him up and sped out the door.


"Hmm looks like the door is shut tight, we won't be able to get in for a while due to the stuff," Sora said as he inspected the door.

"Well who cares about that, though I should keep it more clean now. I'll just get the bots to do it. Either way here see? This is the other ball." Dr. Brief then pulled out another Dragon ball with two stars. "I was going to throw it into the bas.e.m.e.nt but then you came. So I guess you can have it after I make the radar that you mentioned."

"Thank you Dr. Brief, and you really should be careful with that. Wouldn't want to leave a lot of unfinished projects. Now for my third question, can you build me a machine that can make the gravity higher? It's for training purposes for me," Sora said as he looked at Dr. Brief who brought the Dragon balls together and then separated them to see if he can get something from it.

Sigh. Dr. Brief sighed as he couldn't feel anything and just put them in his lab coat's pockets along with his hands and turned to look at Sora. "Huh? Oh, yeah, it should be doable. Although it would only be able to go up to 100G. It will take about 2 months to make." Dr. Brief felt like it will be fun to create these things for Sora, even if he did question why a 4 year old was asking for this stuff.

Sora looked as if he knew what he was thinking as he smiled 'innocently' and asked, "Now. The last question I will ask for today... Can I.."