Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 8 7 Lolicon?

"Can I stay here for two months? I expected the gravity machine to take long but not that long and I have anywhere to go," Sora said as he didn't want to go back to sleep in the ship. 'Although the race that made it were very smart in technology and mechanics. Why were the beds made out of METAL as well,' thought Sora. They didn't add any fluffing or anything, not even a pillow or a blanket. Sora had to make a makeshift pillow from leaves and some animal skin. Even with that, Sora still awoke with neck pains and a stiff body. He wondered if it was a correct thing that the race that made Casion went extinct. He shook his head and focused back to what was going on in front of him.

Dr. Brief was looking at Sora with his back slouching slightly like always as if he was tired. He looked at Sora's eyes and smiled a little, "Sure, you gave me all these amazing ideas. I should repay you somehow." He nodded slightly and turned to walk away, "My wife, Panchy, will show you around. I would have said my daughter Tights, but she is at school right now. Well see you around kid I will get to building the radar and gravity machine now."

With that Dr. Brief left Sora just standing in the middle of the hallway and looking back at the room that has the door stuck from opening. "How long are you going to stay there watching?" He looked behind him and around the corner of the hallway was a small figure who peeped their head out before running towards Sora and jumped on his back.

"Sowa what wewr you talking with dad about??" asked a cute little Bulma as she tilted her head as she held on to Sora's neck.

"Talking about some plans I need for the close future of mine," Sora said looking towards Dr. Brief left while patting Bulma's head that rested on his left shoulder with his right hand.

"Awre you going to leave Sowa? Please don't leave me. You'wre my furst fwiend." Bulma looked at Sora with tears threatening to stream down her face. Her lips were quivering and her hold on Sora tightened.

Sora looked conflicted as he wanted to get things done quicker and get to explore the universe and every other universes. Sigh~ "Fine, I will stay with you here until you don't need me anymore, alright?"

As soon as he said that Bulma no longer had a sad face, instead it had a mischievous grin. "Now you can't go back on youwr wowrd Sowa. You have to stay with me until I say so." She jumped off his back and ran in front of him and turned to look straight at him. She put her fists on either side of her h.i.p.s and puffed out her chest in a proud manner before humphing, "hmm hmm."

'Did I just get tricked by a little kid. I need to get back in the game, especially train my body again for my martial arts as its only memory and it is not integrated with my bodies muscle memory.' Sora thought over what just happened and now that he promised to stay he will use this time to train his martial arts. "Can you tell me where I will be staying so that I don't have to be bothering your mom about this," he said as he walked towards Bulma who still had a triumphant look and picked her up and placed her over his shoulder.

"Heyy! Let me go!" yelled Bulma as she tried to get off his shoulder.

"Just tell me where I need to go or I will be pinching those cheeks of yours and hugging you to sleep because you are too adorable." Sora kept walking forward as he said this and felt Bulma stop squirming in his arms. If he saw her face which had a happy smile he would have wondered what could have possibly trigger it.

'Hehe, my furst fwiend hugging me to sleep. So nice,' thought Bulma as she turned to look where he is going and sending him in the right direction to where he will be sleeping and staying in.


"Wow this is a big room, I have enough space to put 10 pool tables and I will have enough space too play well without interfering with other games," Sora mentioned aloud in the room. Bulma left him earlier to go to her room and wear her pajamas as it was 8:40 p.m. and she felt sleepy. He looked around the room and saw a king sized bed in the room with a desk next to it. There was a door that led to a spacious bathroom as well. There was one big window that aloud him to see out into the big yard in front.

'I wonder how much this would have cost me in my past life. Seems like a pretty hefty sum which I probably didn't even have.' Sora took out some pajamas that were in his backpack and wore them. He jumped into the bed and tucked himself in after turning off the lights. He closed his eyes and as soon as he rested his head on the pillow he fell asleep.

If Sora stayed awake a little longer he would have noticed as little blue headed girl open the door of the room and jump into Sora's bed. She wore a pink dress like pajama that had frills at the end of the dress, she had let her hair down and had a brown teddy bear in her arms. She snuggled up to Sora and hugged him with her teddy bear in between and fell asleep.


-Next day in the Morning-

Sora woke up and felt very relaxed, he rubbed his eyes a bit and felt some thing wet on his left side of his chest. He reached with his right hand to see what it was and thought it was water. He tried moving his left hand and felt something over his left arm and turned to look only to be met with something blue in the way of seeing who the perpetrator of the drool was.

He sighed and slowly stood up to not wake up Bulma. He stretched a little and turned to look at the little devil who had her blue hair disheveled and some drool falling down the side of her face. She held in her left arm her teddy bear that was held tightly. He walked over with a small rag and cleaned her drool and threw it to a corner of the room and saw her smile while sleeping.

Sora got up and walked to the bathroom with a change of clothes that was in his backpack. He made sure the door was locked before he went and turned the shower on and got n.a.k.e.d to get in. Once he was done he got out, dried off his hair and body and put his clothes on. He noticed a mirror and cleaned it off as it was foggy from all the steam from the shower.

He saw himself in the and was slightly surprised as he looked more different now that he had taken a shower. His hair resembled that to Vegito's hair, he had two bangs in a V-like shape, one bang being longer than the other. Although he did choose to keep his old appearance, his hair was the only thing to change due to the [Saiyan Bloodline]. His eyes were sharp and looked as if a single glace can slice you in half. He had a soft jawline which did not show much. His face looked battle ready and he had black hair and onyx eyes. Overall he thought he looked very handsome in his opinion. (A/N: Very narcissist if I say so myself. Too bad I made him. I feel like a father now due to that sentence, "I made him.")

He walked out of the shower and noticed little Bulma was gone. He went to the kitchen and noticed Bulma's mom Panchy there drinking coffee. He approached her and greeted, "Good morning Mrs. Brief. Do you have a place where I can practice my martial arts?"

"Oh morning to you as well Sora. And yes we have an area in the backyard, I can get you a mat to let you practice more comfortably. So, how do you like my daughter Bulma?" Panchy asked with a dangerous glint in her eyes as she smiled at Sora.

"Can I go see the place where I can train at?" Sora completely ignored the question as he knew where this was going. Sure he liked the little devil, but it was more of a fatherly love. He doesn't know if he will end up liking her in the future, if he even stays that long.

"Sure let's go and see it," she says a bit disappointed at how Sora didn't answer the question but still smiled at his attentiveness.

Sora and Panchy moved through the house and approached big metal doors. As they approached the doors both opened and inside Sora saw a spacious room like his room, if not bigger, and he thought it was fit to train his martial arts.

"This is a great room to train in. Thank you Mrs. Brief, I will use this room to the fullest." As he said that he went to the center of the room and lower himself a bit as he got in his fighting stance. He got in a horse-like stance with his right foot behind. His right hand went to his waist and was in a [Leopard Hand], with his thumb up and fingers down, to attack his enemies with direct and hard hits that could damage the internal organs. His left hand in front of his body in a [Snake Hand] to attack his enemies quickly and painlessly. He managed to find a way after countless years at work to mix both formations to complement each other in fights leading to bones broken and blood spilled.

He stopped using this technique after he had his first child and started training other techniques he has found and deemed interesting, such as Bang's martial arts. He had a much better affinity with Goku's fighting stance due to Sora's own technique stance.

He got ready to throw a punch and the air around him moved slower and seemed to stay still. Sora's perception increased as he could see the world moving slower. He sent his right hand forward and a surging wind accompanied it as he tore through the air. He flicked his hand up as if someone was stretching his arm forward to him and he cut them off. He stepped forward with his left foot and struck with his left [Snake Hand].

Sora got low when his hand reached his desired location and place his right hand as support on the ground as he kicked upwards with his left leg. The momentum took his body up and span him around his right hand and he placed his left hand down and pushed himself up to stand on his left foot.

He landed and dashed forward as he threw a kick with his right foot from up to down diagonally to the left. Once his foot reached the ground he planted it there and spun his body left with his right foot. He pivoted his right foot to follow his body's spinning and planted hi left foot after a 180 degree spin left as his left arm carried the momentum and threw a back fist.

He stopped and stretched his arms, "Dang I really do need to get used to martial arts again. I could have gone faster and my hits would sound more solid against the wind." A single sweat rolled down the left side of his face.

"Wow, you moved so fast, I couldn't see your shadow. I only noticed faint afterimages," said Panchy with admiration in her voice.

"Well one day, you probably won't notice me anymore. Anyway I have to go wash my face real quick and switch clothes to train some more," Sora says as he slowly walks to the exit of the Training Area.

He spent the rest of the month training like this to get his body used to martial arts. To attain godhood in his opinion, is to reach the pinnacle of fighting first and even further to not have anyone rival him.