Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 1 Chapter 9

Volume 1: Dragon Ball Chapter 9 8 Unlocking

The month quickly passed, Sora had been traveling to meet and talk with Casion and training whenever he has time to train. He got closer to Bulma as she always ended up sleeping on his bed at night when Sora slept. And today Sora was training hard in the Training Room like he would always do during the month. Throwing punches, kicks, dashing and dodging. He would jump and send slashing kicks which would leave small slash marks on the floors. As well as some occasional chops which would make small humming sounds in the air.

Sora soon stopped after an hour more of training, he approached the bathroom to take a shower and wash off the sweat. When he was done he walked out and was wearing a long sleeved silky smooth Wushu Suit that went from black to white from bottom to top and a Yin Yang symbol on the back of the suit. He had Kung fu shoes to go with his suit as they also helped him better in his fighting.

He was using his movement technique on his way to his room as he disappeared and reappeared a meter away. Once he got to his room he walked in and was about to remove his clothes to sleep but noticed a blue haired girl sleeping on his bed so he kept his clothes on and went to a couch that was sitting in the corner.

Sora approached the couch and sat on it and slept on it. His time training in his past life taught him to be able to sleep wherever but he still prefers to sleep on comfortable places.

As soon as Sora slept, within his mind he received something he awaited for a long time, the System.


Sora is in his mind, he looked around and all he saw was an endless darkness, the floor seemed to be a mirror as it reflected what was on it, besides Sora himself. How he knew this? Well there was a brown leather couch with a small table in front of it and a hot cup of what seemed to be liquid on top of the small table all reflected off the mirror-like floor.

As Sora was making his was towards the couch to sit on it, an all too well known to Sora screen had appeared in front of him. It was blue long and ultra thin screen, if someone saw it from the side they wouldn't see anything unless behind Sora, but then again the screen is invisible to everyone else. Sora read what the screen said.

[The System: Master Sora

I am The System, a system that is connected to all those known throughout all universes, cosmos, multiverses and so on. All are either a part of me, another version of me, or a downgraded version of me.

I was here since forever and will continue to exist even after it ends. As I am one with time, and time is infinite. And infinite as we all know, is never ending and it has no beginning.

Anyhow, Master Sora, I will now be with you. Since fate put us together, you will now exist with me forever. However to do that I will have to make you strong enough to handle a portion of [Time] to make as infinite as I can make you.



Sora was astonished when he read this, he never expected to receive "The System" as part of his system wish. Although he never heard of it, he does seem somewhat excited like a 12 year old overdosed on sugar. He could become a primordial and possibly even higher when he fully becomes part of [Time]. He would have all his wives with him living forever and explore the unexplored, adventure in unknown worlds and unknown lands. He looked back to the blue screen and decided to keep on listening to not skip any necessary parts for his future so he pressed continue.

[The System: Master Sora

First thing host needs to know is that the system has a leveling system, meaning as host grows stronger. I will take the life force of what you kill to become more intelligent and more acceptable for Master. Everything in the store will be free but you have to unlock the areas before being able to get them. Certain things may need Master to complete certain actions to use the things, requirements for a better word. For example, the [Origin Bloodline] which what the system does not have yet for you unless you get strong enough and merge with [Time].

[Status] : Will let you see all of your information that is deemed relevant, skills will be shown on a different side of the status screen as to not cover up the necessary information. [Status] will show Race, Bloodlines host may receive over time, Power Level, Luck, Charisma, and Soul grade. As to why there isn't any attributes to any other stats, such as Strength and such is due to Battle Power and the inconsistency of strengths of other beings. Some use their strength more efficiently and others have skills that can make their strength, speed, dexterity etc. skyrocket. Race and Bloodlines are placed in different categories due to Bloodlines only giving you their innate abilities or that bloodlines special features. Like the [Uchiha Bloodline] which will give host a [Sharingan]. A Race will give you more abilities suited to that race, as well as having the physical features of that particular race. Master can either think or say "Status" to view it.

[Inventory] : A different space that can house unlimited thing in it. It uses [Time], meaning food placed in here does not age at all. Placing wine in here will make time for that wine to speed up to make it better for host. To put something in the inventory, Master needs to be in 5 Meters proximity to the item or directly touching it and just think of putting it in the [Inventory].

[Shop] : Here Master Sora can buy more bloodlines and eventually be able to merge some of them to get an amazing bloodline. However obtaining the [Origin Bloodline] is impossible as the Origin Being does not like letting any of his bloodline out into the universes and obtain a relative that easily. But if Master Sora manages to successfully merge with [Time], you would be able to receive the bloodline and be like the Origin Being. Due to the [Saiyan Bloodline], which is a bloodline made from chaotic energies, hosts [Origin Form] may be more powerful than the Original due to the Original living in isolation ever since he created the Primordials, he has been living a life of isolation. Master Sora can also buy skills, weapons, items, clothes, and miscellaneous stuff. Skills include magic, techniques, sutras, rune making, and any other thing related to skills. Just think, "Lets go poor" to open shop function of The System.

[Quest] : System will rarely make host due anything but if The System deems it worthy enough to get another glance, I may give a quest to give bountiful rewards for the simplest thing. Such as giving a quest to {Dance for 2 Days straight- Reward(s)- X10 Free Bloodlines, X5 Free Skills.} Quest panel will always be open on the top right of Master's peripheral vision, in a see through screen.

[Lottery] : Master Sora will get 1 [Lottery Ticket] per week, if host saves 10, you may get a free draw or host can get a [Premium Lottery Ticket]. A normal ticket will let you get B+ rated items and skills and below, meaning it ranges from G- to B+. If host has a [Premium Lottery Ticket] you get items and skills ranging from A- to SS-. If Master has 10 [Premium Lottery Tickets], you get the same options as the [Lottery Tickets] get, however to get [Divine Tickets], host needs 50 [Premium Lottery Tickets] to trade it in. If Master gets a [Divine Ticket], you can only save up 3. To open up this function, Master needs to think, "Just one more and I will give up afterwards."

[Summoning] : As it implies, you may summon anything as long as it is on Master's power level or lower. So summoning a [Dragon God] will be impossible at your current strength. Master could summon [Bruce Banner (Hulk)] and possibly train him to the point where he surpasses you, he would still be under you. Master could also end up summoning Upper and Lower Gods and Goddess, to be under you when Master is stronger. Cerberus, or any other demonic animal or creature can be summoned to be under Master. Maybe even summon [Alien] as well, from the Alien vs. Predator world, as a pet. Think, "Summon", to open the function, however do be warned it is random. It will narrow down summoning if host says which class they need to have or else it is completely random. (1 Year Cooldown) due to function being free.

Info-dump Complete.]

"Wow this is a lot of information to take in. Luckily I have my Memory Palace with me to help maintain all this information," Sora said as he looked at the long blue screen in front of him. "Status."


Name: Sora Akagi

Age: 504,268 (5)

Race: Saiyan

Bloodline(s): Saiyan

Power Level: 452,958



Soul Grade: A+]

"System, why is my Soul Grade at A+, and what is the grading system?" Sora thought over many reasons why his Soul would be at the Grade of A+ but couldn't think of any reason he can think of at the moment.

[The System: Master's Soul is at Grade A+ because Master was in the void for 504,173 years, would have been an EX Grade if tempered by the Chaos Energy in the Void.

The Grading system goes from G - EX. G F E D C B A S SS SSS EX, this includes the (-)'s and the (+)'s of their versions, such as Master's Charisma C+.]

Looking at the blue screen, realization hits Sora's face as he now understands why his soul was at A+ Grade. The grading system itself Sora already somewhat knew what information it could contain, but he needed confirmation if his ideas were on point of what thought was correct.


[Another thing to note for Master is that whatever any other [System User] unlocks, it unlocks here as well. Although I am connected to [Time] itself, I have never really updated after I had received the [Lottery] function.]

Sora look at the blue screen and noticed that he will be able to unlock new functions later in the future, as well as possible get some upgrades on the functions already existing in the system. "Anything more to know System?"


[Whatever any system in the other Worlds and Multiverses unlock all get unlocked in this system. This is also why stuff in this System is free, all System, Origin, Sin, etc. points wasted by the other system users always goes to this system. Which would make the system overflow with system points making all stuff free, which made the system place a type of limit, leveling up. With each consecutive level up on the System, Master can buy more high level stuff. It is also a way to measure strength as the higher the level of the system goes, the more needed to level it up. And to level up the system it also needs a strength requirement.]

"Ooo.. well I guess that would be a motive for me to get stronger besides just pursuing women. I can strive to get stronger to see what the system has to offer, and when I need something in dire, I can just work my ass off," says Sora thinking about all the things he can possible get. "By the way system, how do I get out of here? As it seems that there is no more information that I need."