Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 103

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 103 Fusion

"Captain Gin..."

Maintaining his gaze on Gin, Sora looked at him with a solemn look. With his peering gaze, Sora's next words struck Gin like a bolt, "Now you don't have to avenge that girl's pain."

Gin's smile turned into a frown as he looked deeply at Sora before his face was filled with surprise. He had never told anyone about why he had been following Aizen. For what his purpose was to follow him, even at the cost of damaging Soul Society. Except for one person...

That person was someone he had admired. His absurd strength and his masterful control over every weapon that he could think of. His quick thinking and his seemingly limitless knowledge when he was young.

Now that he noticed the hollow man's figure closely, it closely resembled the figure of the man he admired back when he was younger.

As he looked at the man leaving with Rukia in his arms, Gin's words failed to come out of his throat as he tried to express his gratitude. He fell on one knee and with his sword stabbed into the ground, he thanked the man with all his heart.


After finally relieving Gin of the load on his back, Sora wrapped his tail around Cirucci as he glanced at her, "I appreciate your care for me."

His tail lightly rubbed her cheek after it wrapped around her waist.

Cirucci didn't look up, but caressed Sora's tail back. Right now she didn't know what she was feeling, but she knew it was related to a heartfelt feeling.

Expanding his senses, Sora pinpointed Urahara's spiritual energy signature. Tightly holding onto Rukia's delicate body and Cirucci, Sora nodded at Yoruichi before Bullet Step'ing to Urahara's location.

"I thought I told you to take care of the girls."

Having not wasted his time on unnecessary greetings with Urahara, Sora jumped straight away to the main topic.

With a careful smile, Urahara said, "I am taking care of them."

"Bringing them to Soul Society and just keeping an eye on them is not taking care of them-"


Seeing Urahara being punched away by a fist coated in white cackling lightning, Sora looked at Yoruichi with a calm look. 'I thought I told her not to do anything?'

"Damnit Kisuke." Yoruichi stood where Urahara was previously standing, with the lightning that covered her slowly disappearing. She walked over to Sora with a seductive sway of her h.i.p.s before twirling her fingers on Sora's chest, "I think it's time for me to hang out with Fenris now."

Sora looked at Yoruichi with a slightly amazed look before sending her to the [Heavenly World] as well behind Fenris' group of new friends.

He could only let go of his anger for Urahara after seeing him fly with Yoruichi's punch. She had probably been holding that in this whole time.

"Kuff!" Urahara stood up from where he was punched to. He patted his clothes cleanly before walking up back to Sora and standing there with a smile.

Shaking his head, Sora could only act like nothing happened, "Can you take me to them? Now that I thought about it, they probably forced you to bring them over here after they saw Ichigo. Especially when they saw that Orihime and Tatsuki had gotten stronger."

Urahara didn't say anything as he turned to lead Sora and Cirucci to where Yuzu, Karin, and Yuri were.


"Karin, where do you think Sora-sensei is at right now?"

"I'm not sure, but it would be great if he were here right now..."

"Yuzu, Karin... I'm sure Sora-sensei is doing something important right now."

"But when will we see him again, I'm still scared *sniff*"


Hearing those familiar voices he hasn't heard since yesterday morning, yet felt like years, Sora couldn't help but feel his heart beat quicker.

He walked into where they were. His entrance into the small room attracted the attention of the four people in the room. Glancing over the familiar faces of Yuzu, Karin, and Yuri, Sora smiled at them as he turned to look at the fourth person in the room.

Yuzu's eyes widened after seeing a man enter the room sticking her gaze onto his every move. She looked at him as he put a petite and black haired lady down to the side of the room. Her body's shivering stopped as she looked at the man. She hastily stood up, almost tripping right away as she ran into his embrace. Even if they couldn't see his face behind the mask, the three women knew who it was, Sora.

Covering her mouth as tears welled up in her eyes, Yuri tried not to cry. She turned to look at Karin who was sitting next to Yuzu earlier. Her face was threatening to burst out crying at any moment as she slowly stood up and limpidly walked to Sora. Yuri followed behind Karin as she wiped her tears away.


The first to cry was Yuzu as she felt Sora's warmth seep onto her body, followed by Karin who only clutched onto Sora's clothes.

With tender pats on their back, Sora let them cry on him as he whispered to them, "I won't let you suffer like this in the future again. I promise to protect you three. Whenever you three need a shoulder to cry on, you can lean on mine, of course after wiping away your snot."

Cracking in a joke at the end, Sora pulled some light smiles from Yuzu, Karin, and Yuri. Sora smiled as he looked at the other person in the room. Sora's eyes widened as he looked at this person looking at them with a soft smile.

After spending a couple of minutes talking with the girls and hugging them... a lot. Sora let them leave the room to take a look at Soul Society. Seeing them leave, Sora smiled brightly as he looked at the extra person in the room once more, Sora's eyes gleamed at the sight of this person.

Another beauty!

She had a bandage badly wrapped around her head, either for style or clumsiness, and brought out a charming look in her. Her wild gaze that came from those green eyes of hers, and her black hair which only brought out the beauty of her green eyes.

"You must be the new head of the Shiba Clan."

Sora looked at her big smile that bloomed on her beautiful face.

After Isshin, the previous Clan Head had disappeared, the Shiba Clan had fallen in status. Before the clan fell in status, someone in Soul Society found out that the Shiba Clan's Head had eloped with a Quincy woman.

The scandal reached the ears of every noble clan and under a unanimous vote from the minor and ambitious clans, as well as some high figures in the Soul King Palace, the Shiba Clan had its Noble status removed.

Now the Shiba Clan was hardly known to Soul Society. With most of their properties annexed by Soul Society, the Shiba Clan was only allowed to keep one of their properties.

The property they had to fall back on was a dilapidated moveable Firework Workshop. They could only grit their teeth as they fixed the workshop for some years and create a business from making fireworks. As they created more and more fireworks, it began to grow into their pride as they put their utmost efforts into creating fireworks.

The Shiba Clan didn't hate Isshin for his actions, on the contrary, they admired his will to sacrifice his position and his shinigami powers to be with the one he loves. Being part of the Shiba Clan, the clan members felt pride and happiness from such things.

So being recognized as the head of the Shiba Clan brought happiness to the beauty across from Sora.

"That's right," said the woman. She crossed her arms causing her b.r.e.a.s.ts to rise up. "I'm Kukaku Shiba. Nice to meet you Hollow-san."

'Hollow? Oh, right...'

Almost forgetting that he had the tail and mask on his face, Sora coughed embarrassed as he stood up and excused himself.

"I'll be back. Let me deal with something real quick."

Leaving Cirucci with Kukaku, Sora made his way to another world and entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. As soon as he appeared in the barren land, he sat down in a lotus position over the healthy purple soil.

"I have to deal with this thing now," Sora brought out the two Hogyokus as he put them next to each other.

After a couple of seconds of the Hogyokus sitting next to each other, they gradually began to fuse together.

As soon as the two Hogyokus merged and became a complete one, Sora quickly used the Heavenly Vision Technique to look at the new information about it. He ignored the information he had already read before and focused on the two new abilities.

[2nd Ability: Fusion

Allows anything two merge with each other. However, if one were to merge with a being or spirit with its own consciousness, the user would have his growth limited and at one point growth will cease to exist.

3rd Ability: Desire

Will help the user/owner of the Hogyoku to materialize his deepest desire. Once the hogyoku realises the said desire, the user will lose everything else but the desire.]

With Sora's eyes gleaming at the second ability of the Hogyoku, Sora could only shake his head at the third ability. Such perfect yet flawed ability was powerful yet destructive. If one were two realize his desire, life would seem meaningless, meaning he loses everything since his desire has been accomplished. He would neither grow nor be complacent with his degradation.

Quickly putting the Hogyoku near his chest, Sore activated the Fusion ability and had his Hollow and Shinigami powers mixing.

The different yet complementary powers of both the shinigami and hollow were never meant to be merged. They were also never meant to be residing in the same body, naturally destroying it after prolonged use of it.

Sora's body felt like it was in a nice warm bath. The drops of water rolling down his skin and dripping from his hair. His body felt warm and comfortable under the merging of the hollow and shinigami powers.

His eyes began to itch and feel cool at the same time. His skin felt like it was peeling itself and his bones felt like millions of ants had run up them.

[Soul body grade has gone up!]

[Hakuda has reached Saint!]

[Bullet Step has reached Saint!]

[Earned new eye ability!]


1st Path...]

[Eye abilities have begun fighting for control! Fusing eye abilities!]


[Rinne-Sharingan has been achieved!]


Keeping the powers of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, the user of the eyes has also gained the use of 7 new powers!

1st Ability: Deva Path - manipulate attractive and repulsive forces.

2nd Ability: Asura Path - allows the user to augment their body with mechanised limbs, weaponry and armour.

3rd Ability: Human Path - affords the ability to read a person's mind while also removing their soul.

4th Ability: Animal Path - allows the user to summon a wide variety of creatures.

5th Ability: Preta Path - capable of absorbing all forms of chakra, including most ninjutsu.

6th Ability: Naraka Path - through which the user can call upon the King of Hell.

7th Ability: Outer Path - with which the user is able to preside over life and death.

Further Abilities must be earned.]


Race: Soul (???%)

??? Soul Power: ??? Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Saint

Bullet Step Saint

Kido Saint

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

Shikai Ability

- Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities.

- Use every single element.

- Absorb any metal or material that is used to turn into weapons, and let the Zanpakuto PERMANENTLY gain its properties

Bankai Release: Surpass the Heavens, Executioner!

Bankai Ability

- Transform an entity into a different race. [Shinigami/ Hollow/ Hybrid]

- Absolute Terror: Make an entity be under your absolute control. Their mind is free to wonder but their body is no longer controlled by them. Only to suffer not being able to do what they want besides think, think, and think.

- Executioner's Treasury: Can pull out anything that has, will and cannot exist from the treasury. Only things that can be taken out, anything that can be used as a weapon (or is a weapon), anything that can help the user fight or get out of a tough situation, and anything that can be used for transportation.


Left Eye: Medusa's Curse

Petrifies target for 2 minutes. Heavy damage will make the petrification permanent, leaving the affected live through his petrified state forever. His consciousness is always awake, never to sleep in peace ever again.

Right Eye: Tsukuyomi

Ability: Six Paths | Outer Path