Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 104

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 104 Remembering Something Stupid

With his soul going through metamorphosis, Sora was able to finally understand why his Hakuda and Bullet Step had never reached Saint grade. No matter how good his techniques were. No matter how evolved they were, unmatched, strong, fluent, overbearing... if it wasn't used by a strong body, they would never show their full effectiveness.

Thus never achieving a higher realm of proficiency.

After finally feeling his body relaxing itself, Sora felt his eyes were burning. Staying still, Sora powered through the feeling as he waited for it to be washed away by a cool feeling.

Opening his eyes slowly, Sora felt that he could see even better than before, it was like he had the 3-tomoe sharingan out. He stood up from his position and stretched. Not much time had passed since he had entered into the Realm of the Violet Jade Emperor, at most only 25 hours had passed by.

After drinking a bit of water from the pond, Sora looked at his reflection on the surface of the water. The scar he had on his face was slightly going away, his golden eyes now had 3 black ripples in his eyes, and his hair was now softer looking compared to the spiky look his Saiyan Bloodline gave him.

"Hais~ Another day has passed."


Although what Sora said was a very simple sentence, the stupid thing he just discovered was not so simple. After remembering that time in this space goes by faster than time on the outside, Sora could now speed up the growth of his [Heavenly World] and his Ki gain for his body.

"If I could only spend two hours in here... then I have 175 hours left inside this space."

Sora quickly got to training the unnamed technique and the Sacred Scripture.

After spending many days in this space bringing up his Ki level, cultivating his [Heavenly World], practicing [Minute Subtlety], and revolving the [Dongxuan Sutra].

The [Dongxuan Sutra] had always been stuck at a crucial point, yet it would never budge, but for some reason, inside this special space, the shackle for the next level finally began to shake.

But that was it.

It only shook, it didn't do more. All the breaking point did was shake, it showed no signs of breaking or falling to let Sora go through a breakthrough.

Sighing, Sora could only shake his head as he thought to the 12 hours he has left inside this space. He looked through his [Storage Ring] in hopes of finding something to relieve him of his boredom. Glancing at everything in the Sub-space, Sora found a black book he hasn't looked at yet.

Sacred Scripture (Book)

Pulling the book from the [Storage Ring], Sora opened the first page and his eyes fell only the delicate yet dominating words written on the pages.


Reading the words over and over, Sora found that he couldn't memorize the contents of the book, either that or the book erases everything he reads in it.

Shaking his head, Sora was only capable of reading two words in the whole book.

In the first half of the book, every page was pitch black while each letter was in a golden tint. The first word on the first page, took up the whole page in Chinese letters marking the word DEATH. This was the first word Sora could briefly remember after reading it over and over despite forgetting in seconds. After figuring out that it's the only word he could remember, Sora moved on to the rest of the book.

Only after halfway through the book, Sora found another page with one whole big word on it, LIFE. Sora felt that it had something to do with finding out the concepts of them in order to be able to memorize the contents of the book, however Sora felt that the world he was in was either too weak or too strict on this type of stuff. It wouldn't let him 'cultivate' or 'understand' a concept or law to be able to grow stronger, so all he can do is hope his luck doesn't fail him in the next world.

Placing the book back in the [Storage Ring], Sora paced through his memories and finally remembered one more technique he could practice. The [Grand Reincarnation Technique]!

Quickly skimming over it, Sora could only sigh in defeat once more when he realized that he can't cultivate the technique until he has a grasp over the concepts of Life and Death. He even gazed at another technique, [Law of Eternal Life].

Sora knew that he also couldn't cultivate it, yet looked over it still. With his heart beating quicker with every word he read over, Sora couldn't help but stand up quickly.

"I can do it!"

Pacing back and forth once again in front of the pond, but with joy. Sora thought about the [Law of Eternal Life].

What one needed to cultivate the [Law of Eternal Life], was an Eternal Soul. An Eternal Soul wasn't just an ETERNAL Soul, it was a strong soul! What he needed was to bring the quality of his soul up to the highest point and then finally bring up its strength.

With being in a world where you can bring up the quality of the soul, Sora couldn't help but look happy at the prospects of this.

Bringing out his right hand, Sora brought out his Spiritual Energy, prompting the system to update his status.

[Soul Bloodline changed!]

[Soul King achieved!]

[Soul King Spiritual Power achieved!]

Looking at the golden spiritual energy in his hands, which held white and black tints in it, Sora couldn't help but look smug.

Sora couldn't believe how he already achieved 'Soul King' status. With this, maybe he can easily storm into the Soul King Palace and take it over.

With the quality of his own soul already maxed out, all Sora had to do now, was take over Soul Society and visit the other branches, especially the Western Branch located in London.

Glancing at everything in the room, Sora's gaze landed on the empty pond.

"I should get some fish. If it will be almost 90 days each time I'm gone, they should be growing quickly and their population would quickly expand."

Sora smiled as he looked at the empty pond. His reflection showed his black hair with red tint along with his handsome face.

Splashing some water once more on his face, Sora dried it off before being kicked out of the Realm.

Appearing back in the room he ran off to, Sora walked back into the room where he left Kukaku and Cirucci in. Unexpectedly, he found them having a wonderful time together, they were laughing and cracking jokes when they could.

Kukaku, who was having such a great time talking with Cirucci, turned to the guest she saw enter. Gazing at the man who had a silk haori over his shoulders and his handsome face which had a violet pearl between his eyebrows, bringing out a certain charm from him.

Meeting the man's gaze, she couldn't help but feel her womanly instinct want to succ.u.mb under this man's golden eyes. With a blush, Kukaku roguishly smiled, "Why might you be here handsome?"

"Haha, you sure do like playing tricks, Shiba Clan Head," Sora explicitly said her title in order to see if she could remember who he was.

Cirucci peered at the man who had just entered and couldn't help but freeze at his otherworldly looks. His barbaric yet gentle appearance reminded her of a hollow-like man who would tease her whenever he got the chance.

Seeing Cirucci out of it, Sora playfully frowned, "Don't tell me you forgot about me too Cirucci? Even after all the intimate moments we had together..."

By intimate, Sora had meant when he would wrap his tail around her waist, patted her head, or groped her when he pulled her out of his [Heavenly World].

Hearing Sora words, Cirucci's face got red and she soon realized who he was as she yelled, "You! You took advantage of me!"

"Trying to frame me? Because you didn't resist?" Sora smirked as he saw Cirucci just glaring at him. She turned her head in defeat and sat back down in front of the entertained Kukaku.

Sora took this chance to sit next to Cirucci and in front of Kukaku. He sat down with his back straight and a calm smile etched on his face. He looked at the beautiful Kukaku laugh, causing her b.r.e.a.s.ts to bounce up and down.

"Hahaha. I apologize for not remembering you, Hollow-san," chuckled Kukaku. Her teasing gaze on Sora.

"Hehe, don't call me that Miss Shiba. Feel free to call me by my name, Sora." Sora peeked at Kukaku through half-closed eyes. He just couldn't look away from this beauty in front of himself.

Although Cirucci was a beauty as well, Sora knew he won't be seeing much of Kukaku unless he incites her to visit him whenever she has time. Since he is typically a busy man, Sora hardly has any time to visit any person. Hence having her visit him instead.

"Oh? Hollow-san has a name?" Kukaku rested her head on her hand as she kept her eyes on the interesting man in front of her. Fearing that if she blinked, he'd disappear like if he was part of her imagination.

"Of course, why wouldn't I Kukaku-chan~." teased Sora.


After spending his time flirting with Kukaku for a while, Sora saw everyone arriving.

It took them almost three hours to get here. Seeing how Genryusai wasn't in the group, Sora thought that he might be fighting Shunsui and Ukitake still.


Orihime ran to Sora as soon as she saw him, stunning Ichigo and making Kukaku laugh.

Looking at Kukaku laugh, Ichigo felt that she had become a completely different person. He turned to look at Sora and was stunned. His previous p.e. teacher had his look completely changed. His hair was more tamed, he had a little object on his forehead and his eyes looked weird.

"Hey Orihime," Sora hugged Orihime back as he felt her soft b.r.e.a.s.ts rub against his body in a stimulating way. Turning to look at Tatsuki, Sora motioned for her to come closer.

"Hm, wah!"

As soon as she got close to Sora, he grabbed her arm quickly and pulled her into an embrace as well.

Nothing was better than having b.r.e.a.s.ts rub against one's body. Besides having your body touched and handled in an intimate way by their significant other.

Turning to look at Uryu, Chad, and Ichigo, Sora looked at them with a questioning look. Uryu and Chad both looked at Ichigo at the same time as he yelled at them for looking at him.

"Can you tell me why you three came to Soul Society?" asked Sora.

"We couldn't let Rukia be killed!" Ichigo yelled as soon as he heard Sora's question.

"You put everyone in a difficult spot, Ichigo. You were lucky that you have high spiritual energy, however next time you won't be as lucky. I heard you were put up against Kenpachi, it was only by a stroke of luck that you won. He doesn't have a bankai or shikai, neither does he know how to use spiritual energy." Sora threw the facts at Ichigo for being brainless and bringing his friends on to their death road.

Ichigo couldn't just come to Soul Society and expect them to give Rukia back like if it was some kind of misunderstanding. He could have lost his life many times over under Kenpachi's blade, yet by some stroke of luck, he was able to grow a tad stronger during the fight.

He even brought his friends along with him like if he was going for a picnic in the middle of a lions' den like it was nothing.


Sora was more disappointed in Gotei 13 for having not only their surveillance group lowered in abilities and quality, but their fighting and defense group had grown weak!

'Oh how much I miss the past when every captain was a powerhouse.' Sora sighed as he looked at the scrawny 18 year old Ichigo.


Race: Soul King

Soul Power: Soul King Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Saint

Bullet Step Saint

Kido Saint

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

Shikai Ability

- Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities.

- Use every single element.

- Absorb any metal or material that is used to turn into weapons, and let the Zanpakuto PERMANENTLY gain its properties

Bankai Release: Surpass the Heavens, Executioner!

Bankai Ability

- Transform an entity into a different race. [Shinigami/ Hollow/ Hybrid]

- Absolute Terror: Make an entity be under your absolute control. Their mind is free to wonder but their body is no longer controlled by them. Only to suffer not being able to do what they want besides think, think, and think.

- Executioner's Treasury: Can pull out anything that has, will and cannot exist from the treasury. Only things that can be taken out, anything that can be used as a weapon (or is a weapon), anything that can help the user fight or get out of a tough situation, and anything that can be used for transportation.


Left Eye: Medusa's Curse

Petrifies target for 2 minutes. Heavy damage will make the petrification permanent, leaving the affected live through his petrified state forever. His consciousness is always awake, never to sleep in peace ever again.

Right Eye: Tsukuyomi

Ability: Six Paths | Outer Path