Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 107

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 107 Enchanting

Having a woman on one hand and a sword on the other, Sora felt amazing as he looked at the Divine Soldiers littering his view.

His blood boiled and his spiritual energy unleashed itself as the pressure began falling upon the Divine Soldiers.

The Divine Soldiers all looked at Sora with caution, occasionally sending glances to the woman in his arms. The woman that used to be their leader was now being hugged by the man in front of them, the man who invaded the Soul King's Palace.

All of them had admired their leader's clear and concise orders. They were amazed and captivated by her enchanting looks and her leadership.

They all felt tense under the pressure coming off of Sora's body. All of them knew that they wouldn't survive under the onslaught of this man, but they had to bring their leader back to their side.

Turning to look at each other, the Divine Soldiers shuffled their feet closer to the man before launching their attacks.


With such swift and precise movements, Sora's simple slice from Executioner, all the Divine Soldiers' upper torso fell to the floor followed by the collapse of their legs.

One of the Divine Soldiers closest to Sora and Senjumaru, looked at Senjumaru with complicated eyes.

"Such a pity, I spent so long training them," pouted Senjumaru. Although she didn't want Sora to get hurt or die under the Divine Soldiers, she was still sad that they had died so quickly.

Those were the last words the Divine Soldier heard from Senjumaru before giving his last breath.

"C'mon, let's get to the Soul King." Sora pulled Senjumaru by the waist and stepped over the dead corpses and the red puddles.

"Right." Senjumaru held onto his arm and looked at him with a sour expression. She had something to tell but she had forgotten what was so important that she had to tell him.



Feeling the floor quake, Senjumaru's eyes lit up as she remembered what she had forgotten.

"The Shield of the Soul King!" she shouted.

"The what?"

"Shield of the Soul King, he is another warrior I have trained. He's 25 meters tall, is absurdly strong compared to the Blade of the Soul King. He had two shields on the back of his wrists." Senjumaru explained as the ground continued to shake and grow more violent.

"Oh? This will be fine, I haven't used one of my techniques since I had learnt it!" With a smile, Sora let go of Senjumaru and put away his sword and stretched a bit as the Shield walked to him.

Seeing the huge man appear in front of him, Sora whistled in admiration.

"This man could be a good soldier under my rule as well!"

Quickly, Sora used the skill he had received when he had activated the system.

[Big Tiny Wishes]!

Sora's body gradually began expanding and extending under the effects of the skill. His clothes grew alongside his size and his [Storage Ring] grew as well. After seeing that nothing was damaged, Sora looked at the Shield in contempt.

With his enemy growing to his size, the Shield could do nothing as he stared at the man who's pressure began to make him shake in fear.

Sora looked at the Shield in front of him, shaking in fear and couldn't help but sigh at such uselessness. However, he could still use him to guard his [Heavenly World].

If Sora could grant this man a body and improve his control over spiritual energy and allow him to gain access to Ki, he would be the best protector in his [Heavenly World].

After smiling, Sora rushed up to the giant with a quick jab to the forehead, the giant had dropped unconscious to the floor already.

Shrinking back to his normal size, Sora waved his hand and placed a long term Kido on the man in front of him.

This Kido would keep him strapped to the ground and strip him of his powers and strength. After placing the Kido on him, Sora transported him to his [Heavenly World].

'How many secrets does this man have?' Senjumaru, who was behind Sora, could only look at him with surprise etched on her face. She had never heard of a Soul or being that could willingly change their size. When she saw Sora growing bigger, she thought he would transform into a monster.

"Senju! Let's go!"

Snapping out of her thoughts, Senjumaru caught up to Sora and held his arms again.

'What else could this man of mine do?'


Standing before a door that was double the size of the Shield Giant from earlier, Sora didn't cower as he looked at the giant door. Smiling, Sora turned to look at the enchanting figure wrapped around his arm, "Say, should I ever get a door this big? It would be pretty hilarious to see some people get scared from a door this huge."

Senjumaru only giggled at Sora's joke.

After making fun of the door, before Sora could put his hand on the door to move, Senjumaru spoke up.

"There's a man up ahead who's absurdly broken." She had a serious look as her hold over Sora's arm grew tighter.

"Broken? As in psychological or ability-wise?"

"Ability-wise," she answered in a second.

Thinking about it, Sora realized that he had never fought against a person whose abilities are far above his. It makes him sad as to how he only had good fights when he was a normal human in his past life. He occasionally had good fights in the past world, especially when fighting the purple cats.

With his moral brought up by her words, instead of being cautious of how strong the enemy is, Sora pushed open the door.

When he opened the huge and heavy door, a dark ambiance left the room as a dark shadow loomed over Sora and Senjumaru. Senjumaru's face paled as the shadow covered her, she turned to look at Sora and see what his reaction was, but when she saw that he was smiling, she began to calm down.

Her shivering stopped when she saw that wide smile of his. The smile that had melted her heart along with those words he seems to set up as traps. With a smile, Senjumaru rested her head on his arm, being careful to not poke Sora with her head ornament.

Looking into the room, Sora stepped in confidently as an invisible light touched the room and lit up everything. Like the sun that rises to bring light everywhere, a fat man began to appear from the shadows as they retreated from the light.

Behind the man was a crystal like object with a person trapped inside it. Upon closer inspection, Sora felt that the man's spiritual energy was similar to his, once he found this out, Sora smiled widely.

"To be able to find the Soul King so quick. Man, am I lucky or what?" Sora laughed as he looked at the crystal and ignored the chubby man standing next to it.

Having her hand patted by Sora, Senjumaru knew to let go of Sora. She took a couple of steps back as she looked at Sora and with a vigilant look on the chubby man.

Sora walked forward ready to get rid of the Soul King. The man who separated the worlds and eventually endangered humans and souls alike, all to be known as a king, ruler or savior by having stories spread.

"Stop right there," the chubby man spoke in a loud and upbeat voice as he smiled at Sora.

'Another psychotic murderer or something?' Sora looked at the smiling man as he stopped and looked at his smiling face. Around the man was his killing intent that he had formed over killing many people who had tried to go against him and the Soul King. Stopping, Sora only tilted his head as he brought the Executioner out and instantly turned it into a spear.

The chubby man continued smiling widely as he glanced at the person behind Sora. He purposely insulted Sora by ignoring him and not placing much attention to him, as if he posed no threat. Looking at Senjumaru, the chubby man's smile grew wider, "Knowing you're a traitor makes me happy! Now I can get rid of the both of you."

Hearing his words, Senjumaru sneered, "It seems you're still not over me rejecting your advances.


Hearing Senjumaru call him, Sora c.o.c.ked his head back and looked at her with a questioning look and an expectant smile, "Yeah?"

"Kill him please," Senjumaru tilted her head and smiled darkly, a smile Sora duplicated on his face as he nodded.


Placing both of his hands on his spear, Sora aimed the tip of the spearhead at the man in front of him.

"I'm sorry, but you heard the woman."

Thrusting forward at an unprecedented speed, Ichibe's body couldn't react to the speed of the spear as his eyes followed the spear stabbing into his body.

Stabbing two times into Ichibe's body and noticing it being useless, Sora began gripping the spear harder, "[Void Art: Snake's Void]."

After he finished speaking, the spear in Sora's seemed to gain life as it danced in the air. Senjumaru looked at the beautiful dance of the spear in Sora's hand. Gradually, with Ichibe's blood being splattered everywhere and covering the spear, a snake seemed to take shape as the spear moved like a whip.

Like a snake that jumps to attack its prey in direct and slithering movements, the spear followed its movements. Whenever each strike would land on Ichibe, the spot that was struck would disappear into a bright red mist of blood.


Sora swiped his spear to the side and removed the blood from the blade and the splatters on the rod that held the blade. He turned to look at the man who only had a head and part of his chest left. The rest of Ichibe's body had been turned into a red puddle that laid before Sora's feet.

As Sora looked at Ichibe's head, he glanced at the hole that traveled through his entire head with a diameter of a fist. The bloody hole had occupied the spot where his right eye was as his blood gushed out both ends.

"I... won't die... this easily!" Ichibe spat out as he glared at Sora with a smile.

"Hm, I should have guessed this..." Gripping onto his spear once more, Sora slashed down the blade onto Ichibe's head.

"[Destruction Art: Devil's Blade]."

With [Destruction Energy] filling the spear's blade, Sora's spear befell upon Ichibe's laughing expression before it contorted into pain as he disappeared into bits of light and dust.

"Now that that's out of the way..."

Sora turned his gaze over to the Crystal holding the Soul King and approached it. With his spear disappearing, Sora smiled at finally being able to get rid of this 'King'. He had no hatred for him, but he couldn't keep him alive either since there's a possibility that he could grow stronger as well.


Standing at the back, Senjumaru was amazed by Sora's ability once more! She was enchanted by Sora's simple and beautiful movements. The spear dancing on the palm of Sora's hands and the beautiful purple glow of the blade as it falls on Ichibe's head. She had never thought that the man who was the strongest and toughest in her head was easily taken down by Sora, her man.

With a look of adoration, Senjumaru looked at Sora with a loving gaze.

'Let's keep growing stronger together! Kya~'


Race: Soul King

Soul Power: Soul King Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Saint

Bullet Step Saint

Kido Saint

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

Shikai Ability

- Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities.

- Use every single element.

- Absorb any metal or material that is used to turn into weapons, and let the Zanpakuto PERMANENTLY gain its properties

Bankai Release: Surpass the Heavens, Executioner!

Bankai Ability

- Transform an entity into a different race. [Shinigami/ Hollow/ Hybrid]

- Absolute Terror: Make an entity be under your absolute control. Their mind is free to wonder but their body is no longer controlled by them. Only to suffer not being able to do what they want besides think, think, and think.

- Executioner's Treasury: Can pull out anything that has, will and cannot exist from the treasury. Only things that can be taken out, anything that can be used as a weapon (or is a weapon), anything that can help the user fight or get out of a tough situation, and anything that can be used for transportation.


Left Eye: Medusa's Curse

Petrifies target for 2 minutes. Heavy damage will make the petrification permanent, leaving the affected live through his petrified state forever. His consciousness is always awake, never to sleep in peace ever again.

Right Eye: Tsukuyomi

Ability: Six Paths | Outer Path