Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 108

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 108 The Damn Cutie


One word.

This was how Sora called the Soul King.

Whenever big troubles that could threaten Soul Society appeared and around half of the population died by those troubles, the king did nothing. When the Soul King is supposed to be the strongest in all of Soul Society, you'd expect him to at least help a little or send his Royal Guards to help.

Sora couldn't help but feel bitter as he watched the man in the crystal. 'This the man that is so powerful and yet won't help?'

The Soul King, even after being crowned as the King of Souls, sacrifices souls to grow stronger. Such a thing is something Sora won't accept. He doesn't care that he sacrificed souls, what Sora cares about is how he used them to grow in strength!

Looking at the Soul King with angry eyes, Sora placed his hand on the crystal.


Sora used his [Destruction Energy] and let it out through his palm. Seeing the purple light touch the crystal, Sora smiled and let go as he watched the crystal and the Soul King disappear into dust.

"What was that?"

"That; was an energy that will destroy your existence. However, this energy won't destroy those with equal strength to you or higher," answered Sora. Turning around, Sora looked at Senjumaru and smiled at her.


"!!!" Widening their eyes in surprise, Sora and Senjumaru looked at each other as the ground quaked and the air rumbled. The clouds in the sky began to darken and grow ominously.

It was as if the world grew mad at the death of the Soul King. Flashing thunderbolts with anger and creating tornadoes in the blink of an eye, Soul Society began to crack.

The Human World was going through the same problem. Airplanes crashed and the earth began to crack open as cars and rivers fell in them. Huge waves of water fell on areas filled with people followed by multiple mudslides.

Humans, Souls, Hollows, and animals alike, all cowered in fear from the splitting of the earth as they ran in fear.

"Damn, I forgot this will happen," Sora turned around and recovered his composure and walked like if the ground and air weren't rumbling in anger. Walking over to the throne that was behind the crystal holding the Soul King, Sora lightly caressed the throne with one hand and sat upon it.

After sitting on it, Sora tapped the armrest of the throne chair and as if scared from Sora's tap, the Human World and Soul Society stopped breaking apart.

As if the world had never gone through that disaster, the Human World and Soul Society began to heal as the cracks and ravines began to close up. The sea and the rivers were calm, not moving a single bit under the healing of their worlds.

"Oh my, that was scary," sweated Senjumaru. She walked over to Sora and sat on his lap. The experience was too much for her, the two worlds of Soul Society and the Human World were collapsing and the end of every living being was eminent. She sighed in relief and rested her head on Sora's chest.

'What now? Now that I took over Soul Society, I can visit the other branches before finally leaving this world. I can even spend time with the girls before leaving.' Sora stood up and carried Senjumaru in his arms and walked out.

Walking past the puddles of blood and headless corpses, Sora stepped out of the Soul King's Palace and saw Genryusai waiting for him on the second layer.

"Hey Senju, you wanna stay in my arms?" Sora asked Senjumaru, who had her eyes closed and was resting her head on his chest.

"Mhm," nodded Senjumaru with a coy smile.

Grinning at her, Sora yelled, "Yo Genryusai!"

"!!!" Quickly pushing Sora, Senjumaru began hitting Sora's chest as he laughed at her reaction. With a bright red face, she yelled, "Let me down! Quick!"

Sora placed her down after they arrived on the wide area of the second layer.

With a shy look, Senjumaru greeted Genryusai, "H-hi Head-Captain!"

'Hehe, you damn cutie!'


After returning to Soul Society, Sora took Senjumaru to his [Heavenly World]. Awe struck by what she saw, Senjumaru asked Sora to take her on a tour of the world. They walked around and admired the tall mountains and huge lake.

Sora enjoyed showing her around. After the whole tour, Senjumaru grew tired and Sora took her to his house in the [Heavenly World] to let her sleep.

Taking care of Yuzu and Karin, Sora hung out with them for two days before sending them back to their house. He even had his house fixed so that Yuzu and Karin would visit him when they wanted. Yuri spent her time with Sora and stayed with him in the end, refusing to even go back to her house and to her job.

Orihime and Tatsuki kept training under Sora and furthering their skills and abilities. During this time, Sora would touch their bodies in order to 'help' them. He would use every chance to touch them and slide his fingers over their b.r.e.a.s.ts and slim waists explaining to them where their spiritual energy should travel through.

2 weeks passed in the blink of an eye since Soul Society fell under the rule of Sora. Only Genryusai, Sora and Senjumaru knew about Sora becoming the new ruler. There wasn't much that Sora gained from becoming the official Soul King besides the Shield Giant and the ability to decide life and death of souls in that world of Bleach. Trying to use that ability out of Bleach would cause a backlash to occur and possibly kill him.

During those two weeks, Sora would train Orihime and Tatsuki, hang out with Yuzu and Karin at his house, hang out with Fenris, Nel, Tier, Cyan, Francesca, Emilou, Yoruichi, Kirio, and Lisa Lisa in his [Heavenly World]. He would even go to Soul Society and visit the Visoreds, specifically Unohana, Soi Fon, Hiyori, Yadomaru, and Kuna.

Each time Sora would visit Unohana, she would look at him with a nervous and blushing gaze. She would fidget whenever Sora would try getting close to her. Whenever Sora would try to make a move on her and try to push her down, she would quickly push him off and try to run away. Respecting her wishes, Sora only looked at her captivating and gentle movements as he cuddled her in his arms.

During his time visiting Soul Society, Sora would be visited by Rukia, Kukaku, Rakingu, and Momo. With looking at each beauty that would visit him, his l.u.s.t for them grew more and more.

Rukia would visit Sora as thanks for saving her and stopping Aizen from destroying Soul Society. However, Sora knew why she really came to visit him. Each time she would visit, Sora would tease her and suggest helping her with her Zanjutsu and ANY problem she may have. With sending her obvious hints, the poor girl could only blush and stutter.

Enjoying his time teasing the girl, Sora decided to wait until she jumps on his l.u.s.t train on her own accord.

The other visitor was Kukaku. She would visit Sora whenever she had the time and wasn't making any fireworks to sell. Whenever she'd visit, she would keep wearing her bandage over her head but with each consecutive visit, her clothes would turn more revealing as they hung out. With how bold she was, Sora pretended to be naive and let her rub her body over him as he chuckled on the inside.

Eventually, he took her to his [Heavenly World] and showed her around before telling her that he will be leaving. She decided to follow him on the basis that she could sell fireworks in his world.

Rangiku and Momo would both visit together, Rangiku with the excuse of deeply 'thanking' Sora for saving Gin, and Momo would use the 'accompanying a friend' excuse.

With how shy Momo was, Sora used direct moves on her. Occasionally groping her b.r.e.a.s.ts by 'accident' became the norm between both her and Sora. Looking at Sora with wide and glossy eyes, Sora would hug her like a plushy and kiss her neck, eliciting cute groans from her as Rangiku looked at Sora with a red face and with an 'uninterested' gaze.

"Mmhh..." groaned Momo as she hugged the back of Sora's head.

Licking her neck, Sora sent a provocative look to Rangiku who sat in front of him with her b.r.e.a.s.ts almost jumping out of her clothes. The necklace that hangs over her big and fluffy bunnies only brought out their seductiveness as Sora lightly bit Momo's neck. The temperature in the room seemed to rise as they all felt their bodies heat up.

Rangiku's legs rubbed against each other as she looked at Sora and Momo holding each other close and tight. Seeing them get intimate embarrassed Rangiku. She was used to being bold and teasing guys, but when it got down to actually doing intimate stuff, she would shy away.

Squirming under Sora's grasp and hold over her butt, Momo let out hot breaths with a flushed look. Being sensitive to pleasure made her enjoy Sora's groping and kissing.

"Mmmaahh!" With her body shaking in pleasure in Sora's hold, Momo clutched tightly Sora's head. The poor, and seemingly frail, Momo yelled loudly in pleasure as she shook in pleasure and lost consciousness under the pleasure she received.

Sora looked at Rangiku with a look that seemed to be wanting to rip off her clothes.

"Don't you feel hot Rangiku?" Sora smiled. He moved the tired Momo to the side and let her rest as he approached Rangiku.

Seeing him approach her, Rangiku tried scooting a bit back, away from Sora. Her flushed face showed how excited and embarrassed she was as her trail on the ground showed how wet she got.

He stopped her movements by coming up behind her and holding down her shoulders to prevent her from running.

"Let me help you with that. I'll make sure to 'flush' out that heat of yours," he said with a wide grin. He slid his hands forward to her chest and held on to the edges of her clothes and opened them. Her big and white bunnies jumped out from her clothes and allowed Sora to see them in all their glory.

With his index finger, Sora played with her as she wiggled in place, coincidentally rubbing against Sora's package. With his package being rubbed against by a bubbly butt, Sora flicked Rangiku's hard

Her body shivered at the feel of Sora's pole being rubbed between the cheeks of her butt. Pushing her down and raising up her round and seductive behind in front of Sora's face. Lifting up the black cloth covering her ass, Sora pinched and held a chunk of her behind.


Seeing her cute little pink slit, Sora smiled mischievously at seeing it's pure and v.i.r.g.i.n look.

"You're as beautiful down here as you are up there," teased Sora. His middle finger outlining that beautiful pink color of her slit that dropped its sweet liquids.

"Don't... mmm.. say that.." panted Rangiku. Her face flushed and her arms supporting her from dropping her head down onto the floor. Trying to keep her strength, she felt her body shake in pleasure in feeling Sora's fingers rubbing the cave of her slimy and wet hole.

"Hehe, your reactions are cute Matsumoto. The oh so flirty Rangiku has lost her spunk when pitted against me." Sora chuckled as he saw her trying to look at Sora who was kneeling right behind her and looking at her two uncovered holes.

As Sora rubbed her wet hole, he glanced at the hole above the slit he was rubbing and smiled widely as he saw it jerk. With an evil grin, Sora covered his fingers in her juices and twiddled them with anticipation as he approached that hole of hers.



Race: Soul King

Soul Power: Soul King Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Saint

Bullet Step Saint

Kido Saint

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

Shikai Ability

- Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities.

- Use every single element.

- Absorb any metal or material that is used to turn into weapons, and let the Zanpakuto PERMANENTLY gain its properties

Bankai Release: Surpass the Heavens, Executioner!

Bankai Ability

- Transform an entity into a different race. [Shinigami/ Hollow/ Hybrid]

- Absolute Terror: Make an entity be under your absolute control. Their mind is free to wonder but their body is no longer controlled by them. Only to suffer not being able to do what they want besides think, think, and think.

- Executioner's Treasury: Can pull out anything that has, will and cannot exist from the treasury. Only things that can be taken out, anything that can be used as a weapon (or is a weapon), anything that can help the user fight or get out of a tough situation, and anything that can be used for transportation.


Left Eye: Medusa's Curse

Petrifies target for 2 minutes. Heavy damage will make the petrification permanent, leaving the affected live through his petrified state forever. His consciousness is always awake, never to sleep in peace ever again.

Right Eye: Tsukuyomi

Ability: Six Paths | Outer Path