Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 111

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 111 Followers

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Walking out of the building, Sora walked around Reverse London for a while and admiring the abundant and green landscape throughout the city. Sora, however, didn't smile at this sight. He couldn't help but think that the buildings and man made structures were polluting his view. He could only shake his head and keep walking as his golden eyes peered at every Dragon.

Every dragon that felt Sora's glance felt their instincts roaring at them to bow in front of Sora and serve him. Some of the Dragons even looked at Sora in fear when they sensed their souls trying to be subservient.

Seeing as how nothing caught his attention, Sora decided to leave Reverse London and tour a bit around the Original London.

Right when he was about to leave, Sora felt someone tap his shoulder.

"Excuse me, I have been assigned to tour you around London and Reverse London."

Turning around, Sora's gaze landed on two girls, one had an irritated look while the other had a serious look on her face.

Looking at the two 16-17 year old girls, Sora smiled innocently, "I'm afraid you have mistaken me for someone else."

Not giving them a chance to say anything else, Sora disappeared from their sight.

"It was him the leader wanted us to monitor, right?" asked one of the girls with black hair.

"Probably... and I don't get why I was dragged here with you," said the blonde girl with irritation in her voice.

Ignoring her partner's words, the serious girl remembered Sora's face and looked up before turning around and pulling the blonde haired girl with her.

"We are going back to London."


Looking around, Sora didn't know what to do besides waiting for the West Branches reaction to the new Soul King and trying to pinpoint the location of the North and South Branch.

Walking around, Sora soon found a hotel and got a room for 2 days before going up and getting in a lotus position and used his Spiritual Energy to cover the whole planet like a radar.

His Spiritual Energy has now grown to the point where he can cover the whole planet for almost 10 minutes ever since he became a Soul King. If he used his Hollow Transformation, he can double that time and have a more detailed search.


"Are you sure he is in London, Noel?" the blonde girl asked.

Walking around, Noel was asking nearby people if they had seen a tall man with wild hair, golden eyes and relatively handsome.

"No, but I am sure he isn't on the other side." Noel kept asking everyone she saw and met a dead end.

Seeing Noel not giving up, the blonde girl looked at her with displeasure and turned her head and decided to ask as well.

Finally after asking around for almost 2 hours, the girls finally got an answer and couldn't help but jump in excitement together. Quickly noticing their own actions, the two girls let go of each other and asked the person where they saw Sora.

"I saw him getting a room in a hotel nearby here when I checked out to get some groceries," the two girls looked at the man with grocery bags in his hands.

"Can you take us there?" The blonde girl asked as soon as the man stopped talking, she couldn't wait until she got her hands on Sora and made him pay for the most tiring and embarrassing two hours of her life.

The man nodded, "Sure, I'm on my way back there now."

Noel's serious expression eased at the man's words, she turned her head to look at the blonde girl and smiled, "Now we can get this job done, Ninny."

Ninny, the black haired girl, nodded and followed closely behind Noel and the man.

As they followed the man through the streets, Noel noticed that there were less and less people occupying the streets. There were even less cars in the streets until there were none.

Noel ignored this thinking that the golden eyed man just chose a low-key area so that they don't find him. However, Ninny on the other hand looked at the man with suspicion.

Looking at Noel, Ninny didn't know if Noel also noticed this or not, however she kept vigilance towards the man.

Quickly arriving at a hotel, the man walked in closely followed by Ninny and Noel. When they saw the interior, they were surprised.

Unlike the Hotel's exterior looking rundown, the interior was luxurious. The floor was made from marble, the walls were painted nicely and exquisitely, everything inside seemed new and beautiful.

"The reception is over there, ask the receptionist if they know what room the man is in."

The girls were taken out of their stupor and thanked the man for leading them here. They walked up to the receptionist and after haggling for a minute, they finally found out what room he was in. Noel got a room that was next to the Golden eyed man and decided to stay in it with Ninny.

Ninny and Noel both made it to their room and sat on the beds inside it.

"You know, for a hotel that looks run down, this is too luxurious," Ninny commented. She had been to many hotels before and this one was the weirdest, yet most extravagant of the bunch. Although the outside was a little rundown, she had to admit that it has a good interior.

Noel seemed to ignore her as she put a cup on the wall and put her ear over it to list to the other side. She wanted to know what Sora was possibly doing at this time.

Even if they were ordered to guide this man around Reverse London, Noel felt that the leader wanted them to find out who the man was.

So far, all they know, is that this man is very mysterious. He disappeared without a trace from right in front of them and they didn't know where he went. If they didn't rely on Noel's intuition of the Golden eyed man being in London, they would have lost him.

Ninny looked at Noel's actions and couldn't help herself from asking, "Noel, what do you think of Wing Bind?"

"What do you want me to think?" quickly answered Noel not sparing Ninny a glance.

Rubbing her eyes irritatedly, Ninny sighed, "Nothing. How about this man, what do you think of him?"

Ninny thought back to when she first saw the golden eyed man in the morning.

She was irritated because she was forced to do a mission that she never signed up for and she could only grumble to complete it. She walked around with Noel to look for the target of the mission.

When they finally found them, she thought of criticizing the man for not being easy to find, but when she saw him turn around, she froze. Her irritated expression froze on her face as well, besides her eyes widening a bit.

His golden eyes were tattooed onto her brain and she could no longer forget how seductive and beautiful those eyes looked like. What also captivated her, was his body and his clothes. When her eyes fell on his clothes, she was able to quickly notice how beautiful they are. Especially the golden image of the horned ape surrounded by what seemed like a chinese dragon.

Thinking about the golden eyed man made Ninny blush.

"He looks cute and strong," Noel answered seriously.

With the corner of her lip twitching, Ninny asked, "Have you heard anything?"


"You probably have terrible hearing, let me try!"

Ninny and Noel began arguing about who will listen in on him as they tugged on the cup back and forth.


Sighing, Sora looked at the wall in front of him as he shook his head tiredly. He had been meditating this past hour to recover his Spiritual Energy at a faster rate and was brought out from his meditation when he sensed the two familiar girls enter the hotel.

Having his interest piqued, Sora followed their actions and realized that they were following him. Although it was mainly for guiding him around Reverse London, Sora didn't find it in himself the need to look at dragons that would bow at the sight of him. The first time it happened, it was amusing, but the next times made it more and more boring and unentertaining.

With his highly advanced Spiritual Sense, it was like he could see through the wall and personally see them fighting over a cup.

Sora stood and stretched lightly before deciding to finally go out and go to a restaurant to eat.

With his progress in looking for the North and South Branches, Sora was really close in finding the North Branch. With finding so many clues that led him to it, he can finally grasp its general location.

Usually, the Branches would hold the information of the location of the Branch locations. The locations of the North and South used to be known until they were made known to the people of earth and many scientist and archeological teams went and ruined their productivity.

The North and South Branches were forced to move and their new locations were never reported to the other branches for fear of exposure. Eventually, the normal people of earth gradually forgot about the North and South Branches.

Now, only Legends and Myths exist about the North and South Branches.

Walking out of his room, Sora decided to head out to the nearest restaurant.


Hearing the door of the golden eyed man's room open and close, Ninny and Noel stopped arguing and looked at each other before quickly rushing out of their room and following up behind the golden eyed man.

Carefully watching his actions from 20 feet behind him, Ninny and Noel followed him into a restaurant. They saw him sit down near a window and they sat a couple of seats away from him as they watched him order a ton of food.

"Hi there. What would you like to order?" The waiter approached the two girls and waited for them to order. But after waiting for a minute, he lifted his head and noticed the girls looking at a pretty handsome man. Clicking his pen, the waiter turned and left in dissatisfaction.

Ninny and Noel clearly heard the man earlier, but they decided not to order something to eat in case the man leaves abruptly and they can't follow him.

While watching the golden eyed man, Ninny and Noel were shocked as they witnessed the man eat 20 plates of food quickly under 5 minutes. That amount of food could be shared among a group of around 20-25 people. They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the man eat the food at an inhumane speed.

"Sure enough, this man is special." Ninny smirked and looked at the golden eyed man as if he was eye candy.

After paying the bill, the man stood up all of a sudden and left the restaurant. This time, he made his way to multiple bookstores, seemingly looking for something.

He was buying books and browsing through them quickly in each bookstore. At one point, Ninny even felt that the man turned to look at them with a smirk and she felt embarrassed when he walked towards them.

However, the confrontation both Noel and Ninny were awaiting for, never happened. The man passed by them and got into a taxi and left to the hotel from where he came from.

"Quick! To the hotel!"


Sitting down comfortably in the taxi, Sora turned his head and looked at the two girls running back to the hotel.

Sora chuckled, "Haha, those girls are fun. I think I'm starting to like them more."

With a mysterious light in his eyes, Sora turned his eyes to the bags in his hands and the books inside the bags. Smiling, Sora took out the first book and carefully read through the books at 10 times the speed of the average avid reader.

With his nearly Eidetic Memory, Sora was able to memorize everything that was in the books. He couldn't wait to finish reading through all the books and memorizing everything in them.

His lingering thoughts were on those two girls that were following him. Since he has a couple of days left in this world, Sora hopes to conquer them in his remaining two day in London.