Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 112

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 112 Books

Sora had bought a variety of books from the bookstore he had visited. He was lucky enough that he didn't have to visit multiple bookstores to buy the books he thought of getting. Seeing as how they were there in the bookstore, he bought them.

He had bought a total of 24 books. Sora had originally thought he would have a much less amount of books needed to know the contents in it.

The amount of extra time he has inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal made him think of using that extra time pursuing a hobby or perfecting some skills personally. Like when he began to sing, he grew to like singing and the music itself. With that in mind, he bought four books about music. One about singing, another about instruments and their respective sounds, another about the way to bring out the best of the music instrument, and lastly, how to mend the voice of the singer with the sound of an instrument and bring out that harmony between them.

Sora felt that he could probably master the Music category in only 2 years. With his affinity to everything and his innate talent that helps him master stuff, Sora could make it possible mastering Music in 2 years.

His drawing skills might even improve with the 3 new books he bought that were related to Art. Each book had its own ideas and their concepts. He had a book for painting, a book for drawing, and a book for color.

Although Sora had spent his time drawing, he felt that there was a certain sophistication in painting and the colors involved in the process.

The painting book didn't accept mistakes, if you made a mistake in painting, you had to either redo the entire paint from scratch, or waste paint to cover the mistake.

The drawing book only told Sora how to be able to bring out more detail in his own drawing, but this was enough for him. Although the drawings he would do will mostly be in black and white, he wanted the drawing to look life-like.

Finally, the color book. The color book only taught him how to naturally put the colors in harmony and how to make them not overshine the others. Or if he wanted, to outshine them just enough so that it doesn't take the attention from the entire painting or drawing.

With Music and Drawing out the way, Sora had 17 books left to look at. He had three sets of books that were marked from Beginner to Intermediate to Expert. These three sets were Tailoring Recipes, Cosmetics, and Hairdressing.

These books weren't much for him, but for his girlfriends. The tailoring was mostly to make clothes for his yet-to-be born baby.

Finally, he had the food section of the books with only 8 books left.

Two books on how to make spices and how to perfectly add the spices and herbs with the food. One book on all known Alcoholic Beverages, their fermentation and how to make them. Two books on all known types of beverages and how to prepare them. Finally, three books of all types of food recipes currently known to man. The food recipe books even had the recipes of food stalls in the streets, which surprised Sora.

Although Sora was already a Master in Cooking and Tailoring from the [Artificer Knowledge], Sora thought there could possibly be something not known from the knowledge. For instance, although he is a Master Cook and Tailor, there are certain ideas and recipes he doesn't know. The knowledge from the Master Tailor section only gave him ideas for clothes for emperors, nobles, underwear, military clothes, dresses, etc.; Sora had no recipes from the modern era or clothing from other countries.

The Master Cook profession wasn't that into detail about the spices and herbs, so he could only rely on himself about such things.

Putting away the books into his Storage Ring, Sora got off the taxi after paying the man and walked into the hotel.

His thoughts were still on the tailoring book when he walked into the hotel. He wanted to start right away and wanted to try making clothes for the baby, but he didn't have the necessary materials to make the clothes.

Quickly checking in, Sora made his way to his room and found the two girls that were following him standing outside of his door.

Approaching them with a warm smile, Sora teased them, "My, to have two beauties deliver themselves to me. You're both so daring."

Hearing his words, the two girls lightly blushed as they looked at the man.

"My name is Sora, you are?" Sora looked at their bodies with a scrutinizing gaze and nodded with satisfaction.

"I'm Ninny," the blonde girl nodded at Sora with a blush.

Looking at Ninny, Sora realized that this girl might be easy to make him. Only a couple of steps and he could make it work. He nodded back at her as he turned his gaze to the black haired girl who hasn't spoken yet.

"Noel, nice to meet you," said the black haired girl.

Looking at her rigid expression, Sora realized that this girl might be easier to take than Ninny. Smiling sweetly, Sora said, "Nice to meet you. Could you both let me enter my room?"

Shaking her head, Noel said, "No, we have to give you a tour of Reverse London."

Sora waved his hand in denial, "Don't worry about that, I don't need the tour. Just accompany me to dinner."

Looking at them from the side, Ninny's smile slowly left her as she looked at Sora talking with Noel.

"Both of you."

"Huh," Ninny looked at Sora's smile with surprise. Without waiting for Noel's response, Ninny nodded and said, "Yes! Tonight at 8!"

Looking at them walk to their rooms, Sora shook his head with a smile. 'They are more interesting than I thought, this will be more to my liking.'

Walking into his room, Sora showered and wore his clean clothes, looked for the North Branch and meditated until it was time for the dinner.


Opening his eyes, Sora stood up and walked out of the room. He went next door and knocked as he waited for them to come out.

"Wait a minute!"


Hearing the door open, Sora turned to look at Ninny and Noel. Although their appearance didn't change much due to not having new clothes or their dressing clothes, they showered and carried a sweet fragrance.

"Wow, you both really do look beautiful," commented Sora as he led them to the dining area of the hotel.

They all sat down together and waited for the waiter. Ninny and Noel weren't used to such high end stuff, so they looked uncomfortable on the chairs. They nervously looked left and right and they didn't see many people inside the hotel.

Sora noticed them looking uncomfortable and said, "Don't be so nervous. It's just a hotel's dining room, it's not like you're the ones on the menu."

"Hehe... right.." sitting up nervously, Ninny looked at the equally nervous Noel and felt slightly relieved.

"You can order a hot dog, or a hamburger if you like," commented Sora as he looked at the approaching waiter. Although this was his first time here, through careful observation, Sora was able to get to know the place quickly. So he knew some of the stuff a person could order here.

The waiter finally arrived in front of the table and asked, "Would you like a menu?"

"There's hamburgers here?" Ninny raised her eyebrows in surprise as she pulled out the menu from the waiters hands, and sure enough, she saw hamburgers on the meal.

After taking their orders, the waiter left.

Looking at both Ninny and Noel with a smile, Sora asked them some mundane questions while they waited for their food. Eventually, the topics got interesting and they were the only ones in the dining room laughing.

"... and then he said, "Ma-am, those pair of shoes are a pair of Kingzies." I laughed when he said that! Hahaha," laughed Ninny.

Both Ninny and Noel had completely relaxed and Sora felt that they might have relaxed a bit too much. Quickly downing his wine, Sora saw Noel stand up from the table and left for the bathroom. He smiled as he looked at her walk away before turning his gaze to Ninny.

"So how's your job at Wing Bind?" he asked.

Looking left and right, Ninny moved forward and motioned to Sora to get closer before whispering, "Completely boring! Just because I have the ability to see dragons, they expect me to work for them. I don't even get to capture dragons either, so all I am doing is walk around Reverse London and hope something happens.

Sometimes I just wish I could walk away from this. I wouldn't have any regrets at all, I don't even have a family. The only one that actually counts as family to me, is Noel, even if I am always mad at her."

"Oh? That's how Wing Bind works? Doesn't sound too good," commented Sora.

Nodding, Ninny continued, "Yeah, but most end up not caring anymore when they spend a long time doing this job. I'm pretty sure even Noel dislikes this job.

You know... when Noel was younger, me and her would always play happily, but then Wing Bind took us in and we hardly had time to play. Gradually, Noel stopped smiling and she turned serious. She would sometimes smile, but would rarely ever laugh."

"Sounds tough," nodded Sora.

He felt like he had experienced something similar like this when he was younger in his past life. He was only 5 when he started on his journey through the Martial Path. His dad had found out about his innate talent of being able to master anything relatively easy if given enough time.

In the amount of time a normal person would master a single martial art, being around 10-15 years, would only take Sora a year or two. With his dad's intense training and being sent to fight against masters of their own style in their respective martial art allowed Sora to take almost half of the amount of time to master the martial arts.

By the time he was 50 years old, he had already mastered all martial arts being practiced. By then, he had already taken a liking to martial arts and no longer disliked it. He used to be a pacifist, but along with all the intense fights and the assassinations, he grew bland to deaths and was no longer a pacifist.

Looking at Ninny, he could kinda understand what was happening to her and Noel. Although both events are different, the feeling behind it are the same.

Tapping a finger on the table, Sora stood up and walked next to Ninny, "I'll be back in a bit. Order some food if you like."

Patting her shoulder, Sora walked away towards the bathroom section.

Seeing Sora's back, Ninny looked at him with a faint smile.


Leaving Ninny for a moment was a spontaneous decision. Seeing as how he had a bit of time where Noel will be alone for a moment, Sora decided to take advantage of the situation. So he stood next to the door of the women's bathroom and waited for Noel to come out.

Everyone looked at him weirdly and were suspicious of him. A man standing outside of a women's bathroom was a weird thing to see, unless you were very buddy buddy with each other.


Hearing the door open, Sora turned to look at who it was who walked out of the bathroom and was slightly surprised at who he saw.

Looking slightly down, he saw a girl with magenta hair and was surprised at the amount of Spiritual Energy in her body.She had an expressionless face as she turned to look at the man standing outside the door of the bathroom. When she saw him, she slightly smiled and approached him.

Seeing the girl approach him, Sora was curious as to why she was approaching him and looked at her with an attentive expression.