Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 113

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 113 A Kiss

"It's such a surprise to see -you- here. So unexpected." The magenta haired girl looked at Sora with a playful expression.

"You know me?" asked Sora as he looked at the woman's slim waist and long legs. The woman was beautiful and her magenta eyes drew Sora in.

Smirking at Sora, the girls puffed up her chest, "Of course, who wouldn't know the famous slaughtering captain, Sora. The person that led the 4th and 10th division."

"Seems like you do know me a bit," Sora smiled and looked deeply into her eyes.

The girl, entranced by Sora's eyes slowly walked up to him and got her lips close to his. Her eyes never shied away from his stare.


Right when they were about to kiss, a yell brought the magenta haired girl out of the trance and her face flushed when she realized what had happened. Backing away, she turned to leave but stopped.

"I... I have to go, my group is calling me, it was nice talking to you. My group and I will be going back to Karakura Town, I'll see you there." Before she left out of Sora's sight, she sent one more glance to Sora before yelling out to him, "My name is Riruka!"

"Riruka." Sora whispered her name as he remembered back to their lips almost kissing as he looked at her walk away. Not expecting someone to interrupt when Riruka and him were about to kiss, Sora couldn't stop her from turning away and leaving.

Remembering back to her expectant face ready for a kiss and her untarnished white neck, Sora didn't notice another finger walking out of the bathroom.

"Sora? Why are you here?"

"Huh, Noel? Nothing, just waiting for you." Sora snapped out of it and stopped leaning against the wall as he approached Noel.

"Why? Where's Ninny?" Noel tilted her head as she asked Sora where her partner was.

"Waiting for us at the table," mentioned Sora.

"Oh, what are we waiting for then? Lets go!" With a faint smile, Noel turned to go back to the table.

Sora, who was behind her, couldn't rid himself of the need to kiss a girl right now. Since Riruka had run out with her group, Sora looked at Noel's prim and proper posture as she walked in front of him. With a quick grab, Sora put one hand around her waist and the other on her hand as he planted his lips on hers.

Noel didn't have the chance to yelp in surprise before she felt something sweet in her mouth and something soft placed on her lips. With wide eyes, she looked into Sora's seemingly glowing golden orbs and felt tranced. Her legs went limp and her head felt fuzzy as her hand slid behind Sora's back and clutched onto his clothes.

After a few seconds, Sora let her go and lifted up her chin as he looked into her eyes and swiped over his lip, "You need a bit of practice, but... I'll help you get better."

Leaving a small kiss on her cheeks, Sora walked ahead of her and sat on the table with Ninny eating the food she ordered for herself.

With a hand on her cheek, Noel's face flushed as she looked at the man sitting on the same table with her partner.

"So... sweet."


After bringing the girls back to their room, Sora waved them goodbye as he walked into his room.

He sat on the bed and sighed. Ever since he turned into the Soul Kind, he hardly needs any sleep anymore. Even if he slept, the feeling isn't the same when he needs the sleep. Sitting on the bed, Sora continued to meditate and look for the South Branch.

Sora had already found the North Branch and was now only looking for the South Branch.

Four hours passed by and he finally found the last Branch. He marked the location and stood up to stretch.

The tiring process of looking for the North and South Branch has finally ended. Sora didn't have to worry about anything anymore besides visiting these branches and going back to Soul Society to make Sure everything is alright.

Knock Knock - -

Turning to the door, Sora opened it and was surprised to see Ninny standing there with a blanket covering her.

"D-do you mind if I sleep here with you?" Ninny was embarrassed as she asked Sora this question. She looked down at her white feet and moved her toes with embarrassment.

'This girl is pretty bold.' Sora smiled as he saw her and stepped away from the doorway as he motioned her in. "Go ahead and sleep wherever you like."

Sora closed the door after Ninny stepped through the door and moved back to the bed while removing his clothes.

Standing off to the side, Ninny covered her eyes in embarrassment and looked through the gaps between her fingers as she looked at Sora's muscular body. She still stood at the end of the bed with her blanket still wrapped around her.

'What is he doing?! There's a girl here!' inwardly yelled Ninny.

Stripping himself down all the way down until only his underwear remained, Sora turned to Ninny, "Goodnight Ninny."

"G-goodnight!" Ninny stammered as she looked at Sora slide himself under the blanket and turn off the light.

Laying down comfortably on the bed, Sora looked at the ceiling.

Shh Shh ~ ~

Hearing the bedsheets move, Sora maintained his deadpan face with his hands behind his head.


Sora felt a figure crawl beside him and lay its head on his arm with its hand on his body.

"Ninny," whispered Sora.

"Yes?" meekly answered Ninny.

Turning his gaze to the girl on his arms, Sora asked, "Why are you in the bed with me?"

"Because I don't want to sleep on the floor..." Ninny said.

Sora felt Ninny hold on tight to him and smirked, "If you're going to sleep on the same bed with me, I will take advantage of you."

After hearing that, Ninny only held on tighter to Sora as her heart began to beat fast and her white and slender body was shaking. Not because of fear or anticipation, but embarrassment. She boldly slid into the bed and latched herself onto Sora, there's no way she can back off now.

Resolving her will, she slid on top of Sora and straddled his waist as she looked down on him. Purposely rubbing over Sora's crotch with her own, Ninny looked at him feverently.

"Are you sure you want this?" asked Sora as he looked at the girl rubbing his body with her small hands.

With a gulp, Ninny kissed Sora and whispered hotly in his ears, "Yes!"

With that, Sora let loose and turned over with Ninny. Laying over her, Sora looked at her defenseless posture as she looked at him with half closed eyes. Her hands were held down by Sora and his waist was between her legs, preventing her from trying to close them.

He looked at her body and smiled admiringly as he looked at her black underwear. They were plain underwear, but her lower garment, Sora couldn't help but appreciate the little cat drawing on the place her slit goes.

Leaning in, Sora kissed Ninny's neck and used his Spiritual Energy to press on one of her acupoints to increase her sensitivity to pleasure. Closely after that, Sora licked her neck and caused her to squirm under his hold. He even felt her instinctively wanting to close her legs.

Her juices slowly leaked from her slit like a crack cup of glass filled with water. Constantly having water come out as she felt Sora's hands wander over her body.

Never had she ever expected to give her v.i.r.g.i.nity to someone whom she had known for only two days. Just the day before, they didn't even know each others' names, now they were on the same bed and he was on top of her.

They only got to personally know each other this day. When she was about to fall asleep, she had a feeling to come over to Sora's room. Now that she had arrived here, she just let herself go. As long as she could keep a hold over Sora, she wouldn't care about anything else.

It was such a mysterious thing. Her body felt like it was being pulled over to this room. She doesn't regret listening to this pulling feeling now that she is experiencing this pleasure under Sora's hands.

With one hand holding both of Ninny's hands, Sora used the other hand to pleasure her. His fingers slid slowly over her clear white skin and from her hip all the way up to the bottom of her bra.

Squirming even more under Sora's delicate touches, her legs wrapped around Sora's waist unconsciously. Her pleasure was unimaginable right now. With only fingers sliding over her body, her juices were leaking without stop.

Sora leaned in once more and ravaged Ninny's delicate lips. His tongue slid into her mouth like a snake sliding through the crevices of a mountain.

Their tongues intertwined together and Ninny just couldn't get enough of Sora's sweet taste. She actively tried sucking on his tongue as her back arched back.

With his finger moving expertly to Ninny's back, Sora unclipped her bra and removed it, revealing a pair of beautiful b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Even her b.r.e.a.s.ts were so seductive with such a mole on top of her left b.r.e.a.s.t. Sora couldn't help but admire her body much more. Her pinkish were standing up with such vigor that made Sora think twice if they weren't filled with metal.

Feeling Sora lightly biting onto her, Ninny couldn't help but let out a loud scream from her orgasm. Panting with shallow breaths, Ninny was dripping with sweat as she looked at Sora with l.u.s.t filled eyes.

Feeling that she's ready, Sora removed her panties and slid down his own underwear.

Due to the room being dark, Ninny didn't catch a good glimpse of the thing that was supposed to enter it and only thought it was an average sized one from what she heard her friends mentioned from their plethora of experiences.

With his steel rod poking into the wet cave of Ninny's, Sora slightly rubbed it over the entrance to properly spread out her juices.

"Put it in~" sighed Ninny through gasps.

Ignoring her, Sora continued spreading the juices until he saw that she was finally ready. He slowly put it in and after it is completely in, he won't have to worry about her feeling pain because her pleasure sensitivity was higher than her pain receptor, ignoring the pulse.

With his c.o.c.k slowly sliding into her, Ninny thought that Sora's thing felt bigger than what she had heard being explained. After Sora stopped pushing in, Ninny sighed in relief.

"Okay, the tip is in, now I can thrust in," murmured Sora.

Hearing his words, Ninny quickly panicked and tried to stop Sora, in case this hurts her internally. With a worried expression, Ninny yelled out, "N-no wait! Wai- AHHH!~"


After m.o.a.ning out in pleasure instead of pain, Ninny looked down at her privates and saw blood. Puzzled as to why she felt no pain, pleasure began to well up inside of her as Sora began to slide in and out slowly and gradually upping his pace.

"Ah! AH! Ah! Ah! Ah! ~ ~"

M.o.a.ning out in pleasure everytime Sora pushed his c.o.c.k deep into her, Ninny's eyes gradually began to grow blurry as she lost herself in the pleasure.


Noel gradually woke up from the noises coming from her neighbor's room and she stood up groggily. She looked around the room trying to find Ninny but she was nowhere to be seen. Standing up, she made her way to the door and forgot about the skimpy outfit she was wearing.

"Mm~ M~"

Walking out into the hallway, Noel can gradually hear muffled sounds from her neighbors door. Growing more awake with time, Noel realized that this was Sora's room and tilted her head in curiosity, 'What's he doing in there?'

Putting her hand on the knob of the door, Noel realized that the door wasn't locked and opened it.

Walking in, Noel only saw two figures. A n.a.k.e.d female figure lying down on the bed in defeat as the n.a.k.e.d male figure stood over the female figure like a lion who had won the title as Alpha from the previous Alpha lion.

Standing inside the room, Noel looked horrified at this and before she could leave, she heard a 'Bam!'. It had closed itself on her mercilessly. She turned to look at the door in horror and felt a piercing gaze from behind.

Turning around shiveringly, Noel looked at the two abnormally bright golden eyes of the n.a.k.e.d man.

"I-I didn't.. M-mean to-"

Before she had a chance to explain, she felt a pull on her body and she slid over to the man.

"You're finally here to save me!~"

Noel turned to the female figure and was shocked to see that it was Ninny.

'What's happening!?'