Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 114

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 114 North Branch

Walking in the air, supporting himself with his Spiritual Energy, Sora made his way to the North Branch with a slow stride.

He had already done what he had to do inside the [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal]. He made some quick advances in singing and drawing. He found it very entertaining singing while drawing, it eased his mind and made him concentrate.

Sora was glad when he saw the plants and seeds he planted growing up nicely and unhindered. They had no problems growing up and it didn't seem like they needed any water since the energy lingering in the air was very beneficial to the plants.

Still, he gave them a bit of water and looked at them satisfyingly before leaving the [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal].

As he walked high in the air, Sora remembered back to the crazy experience from earlier in the night that lasted until the morning. He had taken both Ninny's and Noel's v.i.r.g.i.nity.

Right after he woke up, he found that they were both still asleep wrapped around his arms. They were still covered in juices and some of it had already dried on them. He had to personally wash them with some Jutsu and dry them before making their clothes appear on their body.

They slept through all that, so he placed them on top of a comfy bed inside his [Heavenly World]. He would have to wait until they wake up so that he could ask them if they want to be with him. In the meantime, he asked Fenris, and the other Hollow girls, to take care of both of them and explain the situation.

Now that he thought about it, he expected the [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal] to grow once more. However, when he entered it, it had remained the same. Originally, he thought that it would grow when he had s.e.x. However no it shows that it is not the only thing left.

Power? No, he's already the strongest in this world.

Mind? No, he has his own mind enhanced a lot. His mind worked faster than any other person at the same level and he has a lot of partitions. Which enhances his thinking by a huge margin.

What he could only think about is the original appearance of the [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal] when it was hung around his neck. A Taichi Diagram, or what others would call it Yin Yang Symbol.

Widening his eyes in surprise, Sora realized the crux of the way to make the [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal] to grow! The Taichi Diagram represents calmness of the mind and the growth of the mind. The Yin Yang Symbol showed the balance between both Yin and Yang.

It made him think, 'Is the way to promote the Realm the growth of the mind and Yin and Yang?' If that was the case, Sora had thought about it deeper.

He could gather enough quantity, then that only left him only one option. Quality of the Yin gathered from the women. Either he had to get a woman whose body was a type of Yin constitution or Physique, or refine the energies he gets from them. Looking for a woman with a Yin Body would be difficult unless he manages to find a Martial or Cultivation World.

Refining the energies is also a difficult thing to do at the moment, although he can refine energies such as his Ki and Spiritual Energy, something like Yin was still out of his reach if he doesn't have the general idea about it. It was like Yin and Yang came from a different type of energy, it was also more complex than the general Elemental Energy.

He can only put in the back of his head at this point and wait when the perfect time emerges.

Walking in the sky, Sora decided to quicken his pace as he used Bullet Step to make his way to the North Branch.

The closer he got to the North Branch, the colder the surroundings were. With his Spiritual Energy, he didn't have to worry about the heat or cold at all, so he continued traveling closer to the North Branch.

Once arriving over the location of the North Branch high up in the air, Sora looked down and looked at the huge pole standing over the entrance. Slowly gliding down with his Haori fluttering in the air, Sora stepped on the snow and walked forward.

Looking at the pole and the ground with amazement, Sora wondered what kind of beings could possibly be living in the Northern Branch.

It was always a mystery. Many things were spoken but not even the oldest people alive in Soul Society remembered what was located there.

His figure slowly disappeared in the snow as he dropped down as if going down a flight of stairs.

Woosh ~

A cloud went over Sora's location and covered his tracks completely and seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet.


Opening his eyes at the loud screech, Sora looked forward and was amazed at what he saw.

It was like he was inside a huge cave entirely made out of ice and compared to the cave, he was only the size of an ant. It was a weird feeling.


Hearing the loud screech once again, Sora turned to the huge eagle that was flying high in the sky. It had beautiful white and blue colors that looked wonderful under the light of some glowing stones embedded on the walls of the ice cave.

Looking back down to the ground, Sora looked at the bustling city down on the cave floor. Although it looked more like an overgrown village with how oldschool the buildings were.

Far in the distance, Sora noticed a pole that stretched from the ground all the way to the ceiling of the cave and even piercing through it. Quickly realizing that it was the pole he saw earlier outside, Sora was astounded that it was actually longer than it showed.

What surprised Sora more, were the citizens of this city. There seemed to be three types of races down in the village. One was a race that looked like humans, but their skin was ice blue and their hair was white. They seemed to be the ones with the more exquisite clothing among the three races.

Another race was like a person covered in white hair from head to ankles. Their feet were abnormally large and they had some markings on them like if they were birthmarks. They reminded Sora of a creature from his past life, bigfoot, but for the arctic areas.

The last race was probably the ones with the lowest standing among the three races. Sora saw them doing almost all of the hard work, besides the heavy lifting which was left to the white haired race. They were small and they had pointy ears, they looked like they were 5 year old children. As if they don't age at all. They looked like they were the mythical 'Santa's Elves' of his past life.


Hearing the bird once more, Sora turned to look at it and saw it motioning to the stairs that led down to the city that extended from the side of the wall. Understanding that the bird was telling him to go down through there, Sora nodded before directly jumping down to the city ignoring the city.

The bird was shocked, it had just told the human that there was a flight of stairs to his left yet he jumped down. The bird was frozen high up in the air and didn't have any time to react as it watched the human fall to his inevitable doom, expecting him to go 'splat!' down on the floor.

All it could do was slowly glide down and cover the bloody area with snow and wish his scattered soul to Rest in Peace.

However, no matter how long it waited, it didn't hear the 'splat!' It looked over curiously and saw Sora slowly land on the ground.

With his feet gently landing on the floor, Sora looked at the giant arctic eagle high in the sky and waved at it before walking away.


Sora's body could easily survive the fall from the height he just fell from, and even if he did go splat, his body would just converge back to one point. After he turned into the Soul King, his body received a tag of 'Immortality' in this world. Virtually, nothing could bring harm to him in this world.

His body was now just Spiritual Energy. If he lost an arm, the surrounding Spiritual Energy in the air would create him another arm while his other arm would disappear as dense Spiritual Energy.

Such was the body of a Soul King, he's amazed he was even able to kill the previous Soul King. Even more surprised at how the shinigami had sealed the Soul King before.


Fwoo ~

The wind around Sora jumped as the arctic eagle flapped its wings and landed next to Sora.

Turning to look at the arctic eagle, Sora saw it look at him curiously as he ignored it and tried walking towards the village.


The bird quickly ran in front of Sora and stopped him from going any further as its curious eyes looked at Sora. It fluttered its wings slightly before extending one wing to Sora.


Looking at the extended hand, Sora looked at the bird with a confused gaze, "What is it?"

Shaking its wing slightly, the arctic eagle looked at Sora with a happy expression.

Still unsure of what the bird could be asking, Sora was about to use his Dongxuan Aura to understand what the bird wanted before realizing that all it wanted was a hand-wing shake.

Holding onto its smooth wing, Sora lightly shook it before letting go.


The arctic eagle yelled out in happiness as it turned and showed its back to Sora, signalling him to get on.

Looking at the bird, Sora asked, "You're going to give me a ride?"

"Huagh!" screeched the bird in approval.

"To the head of the Northern Branch?" asked Sora.

"Huagh!" nodded the bird.

Getting on the back of the bird, Sora saw it open its wings wide before it flapped them and in the next second, they were already high up in the air. Frost formed on Sora's hair from the quick rise against the cold air.

"You're pretty quick... for a bird," chuckled Sora as he looked down from the side of the bird.

"Huuaaagh!" the bird screeched in annoyance at Sora's words. It was happy for a moment before it heard Sora's 'bird' remark.


Their time in the air was short as they approached a castle entirely made of ice blocks. It was the typical western castle, the only difference was that there was a platform on top for something to land there.

The bird screeched one more time before landing on the huge platform.

Jumping off the bird, Sora looked around in wonder, amazed that such a castle existed under the so-called North Pole.

Click-clack !

Hearing the echo of boots coming near, from just the noise, Sora could tell that it was the sound of a heavy man walking.

Turning his gaze to the sound, Sora saw a little blank area that had stairs coming up from the tower of the castle.


Hearing an ear-piercing screech from high in the air, Sora saw another arctic eagle. However this arctic eagle was 10 times the size of the one he was riding on.

"I was riding on a baby arctic eagle?" Turning to look at the bird next to him, Sora looked at it and back at the huge arctic eagle in the sky gliding down to the platform in surprise. Who would have thought that this already big arctic eagle was just a baby.

Who would have thought that birds can naturally grow to that huge size. Admiring the bird that was gliding down, Sora didn't notice that the sound of the boots stopped. By the time Sora turned around, he looked at the man wide eyed.

'This, this man looks exactly like how I heard. Is he...'