Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 116

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 116 Mysterious Flower

Walking deeper into the cave towards the sound, Sora came up across a 6 foot long and 4 feet tall beast that resembled a bear. The only difference was that the body and legs of the beast were thick and were emanating the beast's raw strength. It's snout was raised high and it had extremely long claws that easily went through the bones of its victims.

Seeing the beast biting onto some bones, Sora kept his eyes on it before slowly approaching it with Existence Execution in his hands.

With a wave of the sword, Sora expected to see the beast's head fly into the air before falling into a puddle of blood. But the beast threw his expectations out the window as it appeared far away from him.

Looking at the beast that was now far away, Sora smiled as he looked at the wary beast. Right at the moment that he sword was about to hit the beasts, Sora saw its ear twitch before seeing it quickly run away.

Such speed was comparable to the speed of Ying. Most beasts don't have that much explosive power.

Now that Sora saw this beast dodge his attack, he realized that each branch had its own specialized beast or enemy that threatened its extinction. However, unlike the Eastern Branch, the Northern Branch and the Western Branch actually maintained a type of harmony and even integrated them into their daily life.

The Arctic Eagle and the Dragons proved this point of his.

Something went wrong with the Southern Branch and this caused them to be completely wiped out by an Absolute Zero storm. Then finally eaten by the beast in front of him.

Once again moving, Sora made use of Bullet Step this time and sliced at the beasts neck.

Shh !

Seeing blood fly up in the air, Sora waited for the beast to drop dead on the ground but saw it turn to him with a growling noise. It's fur began to be dyed red by its own blood that came out from a wound on its neck.

With a surprised look, Sora looked at Existence Executioner and saw a small nick mark on the edge of the blade. With raised eyebrows, Sora stored away the long-sword and Bullet Step'd away from the beast as he looked at it with an amazed look.

"I guess my sword isn't as strong anymore. I will need to find proper materials to increase its sharpness and durability."

Dodging the beast's claws, Sora turned to look at Ying, who was trying to sneak past the beast stealthily.

'What's it trying to do?'

"Grrrrah!" The beast seemed to sense something as it turned to look at Ying and ran to it, trying to chomp Ying with his strong jaw.

With a confused look, Sora ran past the beast and Ying before making it even deeper into the cave. He wasn't too worried about Ying being hurt, he had confidence that Ying can evade the beast easily.

Sora could faintly hear the growling of the beast and Ying's playful chirps as it played the beast. He could just imagine that the bird was just flying in the air and the beast was jumping, trying to hit the flying bird.

With the cave getting more warm the deeper he went, Sora began stepping over puddles as the walls melted very slowly.

Using his knowledge from the Jutsus he got, Sora was able to step on the surface of the puddles and not get wet at all. The heat began to rise in the ice cave and the cave's space began to expand the more in he gets.

"Just how big is this cave?" Sora murmured.

He has already ran about 5 miles into the cave, but the heat and space seemed to be endless.

Just as he was about to believe that it really was endless, Sora saw the cave's wall turn slowly into rock the farther he goes and slowly slimming down to the cave's original size. Stopping for a moment, Sora decided to feel the temperature of the wall and rested it on it for a second.


Retracting his hand, Sora saw that it turned red in almost an instant before it turned back to normal. It was at times like this that Sora's actually glad to be a Soul King.

Recalling back the extreme heat of the wall, Sora looked at his Surroundings in a new light.

"I'm near a magma chamber," breathed Sora. He never expected to be this close to a magma chamber, and with no protective clothes. "Is this how the beast lived?"

Looking forward into the darkness, Sora started running again and felt the heat rise. After a couple of more feet forward, Sora began seeing a lightsource further into the back of the cave.

Inching forward, Sora soon arrived at the Magma Chamber.

With the magma chamber being abnormally large, Sora looked around trying to find something of importance. Something that could even make Ying interested about entering this boiling hell.

Sweat dripped down Sora's stoic face, his eyes darted around the chamber and eventually caught sight of a white flower on top of a floating rock in the magma chamber.

With a twitching lip, Sora looked at the flower with tired eyes. He ignored the fact that it was surviving in this hell and instead thought about how he will have to walk over the magma to get the flower.

After a few seconds, Sora looked around and grabbed a stone before etching some marks on to it with his Spiritual Energy and throwing it next to the flower.

'Flying Raijin Jutsu should work just fine like this, right?'

Looking around, Sora activated the Jutsu and appeared on top of the rock and next to the flower. Getting down and scooping up the flower with the roots, Sora realized how abnormally cold the flower was. Seeing his hand frozen in an instant, Sora quickly put it inside the [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal] and picked up the rock again.

He scanned his location again trying to find another valuable material but found nothing, so he tossed the rock to the other side before teleporting to the other side.

Sora picked up the rock and absorbed back the Spiritual Energy before squishing the rock to dust.


Hearing the yell of the beast, Sora squinted his eyebrows and looked at the direction from where he came from. Seeing a white figure gradually getting bigger, Sora knew that the beast figured out that he snuck right past him.


The closer the beast got, the quieter it got.

After the beast got close enough for Sora to see it, he saw that from neck down, its entire body was covered in blood. The beast had been losing blood this entire time and its body had been growing weaker by the moment.

It's eyes were glancing around the magma chamber and ignored Sora who was standing right next to it. Seeing nothing in the magma chamber, the beast could only flop down on the cave floor in fatigue.

With it's last moments being next to Sora, the beast groaned in defeat before it's eyes lost their light and finally died.

Touching the head, Sora shook his head and placed the beast's body in his Storage Ring and standing up.

After making his way back to the entrance of the cave, Sora saw Ying standing outside looking to the sun up high in the sky.

Hearing footsteps, Ying turned around happily. It ran around Sora and flapped it's wings, scanning him up and down before standing in front of him with an awaiting expression.

Seeing Ying's expression, Sora couldn't help but think when the bird got so needy. Chuckling, Sora patted Ying's head, "Don't worry, I will give you the flower later. I need it right now."

Ying turned its head dejectedly as it kicked with it's claw on the ground.

Shaking his head, Sora gave a nervous smile at Ying's actions. 'What are you, a spoiled princess?'

Flying back to Karakura Town, Sora entered the [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal] before they set off and planted the flower.

While he was there, Sora looked at it with his Heavenly Vision Technique and found that the flower's name was Iceflow Flower. It gave a description of how once it is consumed by a beast, it will improve it's resistance to the cold and possibly improve, if not, it will give them an Ice Control Ability.

Sora was amazed that such a flower existed in this world. Even if shinigami, dragons, and the North Pole exist.

Once he extracted some seeds from the flower without damaging it at all, Sora planted the seeds and sprayed them with some water before turning to look at the pond.

The turtles and fish were living very well in the pond. The Golden Turtle occasionally ate the other fishes, but other than that, they grew in quantity. Some of the fish and turtle even grew up looking different than the ones Sora placed inside the [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal].

"Maybe they were affected by the energy inside this Realm," Sora whispered as he looked at them and back at the saplings that grew.

Even the saplings looked sturdier and more healthy than the ones outside of the Realm.'Maybe even Ying could grow stronger in here..'

After arriving back at Karakura Town, Sora jumped off Ying and turned to look at the bird.

"Ying, do you want to stay here, or go to a place where you can fly all you want?" Sora asked as he looked at Ying. He put his hands out as he asked the question.

"Huagh!" Ying screeched and chose the hand that represented the place where it could fly all it wanted.

With a nod, Sora explained that it will shift space for a moment and that it shouldn't be surprised or scared. After explaining, Sora wrapped Ying in his World Energy and sent the bird to his [Heavenly World], where it could fly however much it wanted.

Quickly checking on Ying, Sora sighed in relief as the bird flew high in the sky in happiness. Luckily, Sora explained to it to not disturb any of the residents in the World. Even if it did happen, he had Fenris and the girls check up on Ying and make sure nothing happened.

After dealing with all that, Sora moved on and went into Soul Society, where he instantly went to visit Unohana.

"Honey! I'm home!" shouted Sora as he walked through her door and saw her drinking some tea with her lieutenant, Isane, as well as Nemu Kurotsuchi, Nanao Ise, Rangiku, and Momo were there.

Looking at the five women around Unohana, Sora felt like ravaging them but held back. He looked at Unohana with a warm smile as he walked to her and hugged her.

Unohana, who was looking at him with a smile, said, "I already know that look of yours, you can try later if you can, they won't deny your advances."

Scratching his cheek in embarrassment from being seen through, Sora chuckled a bit.

Rangiku and Momo heard Unohana's words and turned to look at Sora with expectant and flushed faces. Ever since they experienced having s.e.x with Sora, they couldn't stop thinking back to the time they were interrupted. Now that they have the chance to experience that again, they wouldn't let the chance pass by.

Nanao and Isane flushed at Unohana's words, at first they didn't understand what she meant, but after looking at the expectant looks on Rangiku and Momo, they couldn't believe Unohana said that.

Nanao was in disbelief as she looked at Sora and Unohana back and forth, 'How could they talk like this with guests?!'

Looking at Unohana with mixed emotions, Isane was wondering how her captain knew that she wanted to be with Sora. She had never told anyone this information, she hadn't even written it in her personal diary.

The only one in the room who hasn't seen the elephant in the room was Nemu as she tilted her head in a confused manner. Although she had a lot of information and knowledge about many things, she couldn't understand the meaning behind Unohana's words. So she turned her head to look at Sora, and with an apathetic tone, she told Sora, "I need to collect data, may I experience the advances?"

Sora widened his eyes at Nemu's words and couldn't believe that she said that. After taking in her words, Sora smiled sinisterly and nodded, "I can let you experience it multiple times if you want."