Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 117

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 117 Yoshino?

For the whole night, those who lived near Unohan's house couldn't sleep in peace from all the wailing and m.o.a.ns coming from Unohana's house. The ones most affected from the night were the five women who joined the beast in bed.

Leaving the room, Sora turned to look inside the room with a smirk. With a job well done, Sora fixed his clothes before shutting the door and kissing Unohana and leaving Soul Society.

Looking at Sora's back, Unohana smiled sweetly as she caressed her belly and turned to the door and entered the room. What met her eyes had surprised her, she didn't expect that even with five women, they couldn't completely handle him.

Sprawled all over the room and n.a.k.e.d, were the five women who joined the beast. Isane, Nanao, Rangiku, Momo, and Nemu, held blissful expressions with some blankets hardly covering them.

"What will I do with him," sighed Unohana, she recovered her smile and left the room, letting them rest.

Sora appeared above the sky and was surprised to see that there was a fight nearby. Looking closely, the fight was in a mansion.

"Who could be fighting, there's no hollow energy in the surrounding area.." Spreading out his Spiritual Sense slowly, Sora tried to sense hollow energy but found nothing. "I will have to go myself."

Sora appeared at the mansion and realized how badly destroyed a side of it was. Rubble laid next to pieces of wood that were blown away from the fight.

Appearing next to the occurring fight, Sora calmly looked at a woman and a man fighting while a teenager stood nearby.

When Sora's eyes fell on the woman, he couldn't help but feel that he knew this woman from somewhere. He looked at the man and found that he didn't know him at all before glancing at the teenager and surprised at who it was.

Uryu stood there badly hurt with a bandage wrapped around his head. Seemingly understanding the situation, Sora realized that the woman fighting with the man was protecting Uryu. He even sensed how it was probably a betrayal since the woman and the woman had a certain feeling to them that was similar.

Not the type of familiar feeling as relatives or spouses, but the familiar feeling soul-wise.

Sora stepped forward to the fight and approached the fighting figures.

Crack !

After Sora purposefully stepped on a pebble that would crack easily under his foot, the woman and man ceased their fighting and turned to look at the intruder. Even Uryu turned to look at the intruder and surprise masked his face as he looked at the man who used to be his gym teacher.

The woman looked at Sora with soft eyes that showed a clear hint of knowing who he was. This didn't escape Sora's eyes as he looked at the woman before looking towards the man who looked at him with a serious expression.

Seeing that the woman did know him and the man didn't, Sora realized that he had to get rid of this man before being able to ask the woman any questions.

"Hey buddy, I'm going to need you to leave the woman and kid alone," Sora spoke with a calm look as he gazed at the man.

The man maintained a serious look and spoke up, "This has nothing to do with you."

Frowning, Sora decided to not spend time talking with the guy anymore, so he waved his hand and felt weak instantly. Chains formed from the air and bound the man from his neck to his toes. With another wave, another kido activated and shut the man's mouth tight.

"So, Uryu, mind explaining to me what's happening?" Sora turned to look at Uryu after sending a glance to the woman.

With a surprised look on his face, Uryu couldn't believe that the powerful man was taken down so quickly. If he knew that Sora was the new Soul King, he would have probably passed out on the spot.

After being told by Uryu of what is currently happening, Sora understands that another small group thinks they can attack Soul Society. Although they have around 5-6 people that can rival the captains of Soul Society, it didn't necessarily mean they could take it down easily.

"I can explain some of the other stuff that the kid doesn't understand," the woman spoke with a bit of confidence as she looked at Sora with a faint smile.

Sora nodde, "Okay, but can you tell me your name?"

"My name is Yoshino, and to begin, they named themselves bounts..."

The group being so audacious named themselves Bounts. They were the combination of shards of shinigami souls merging themselves with human souls before being reborn in the Human World.

The cause of the shinigami souls being turned into shards was an experiment that had gone wrong and ended with a group of shinigami who wanted to attain immortality to end up dead.

'Shinigami dying from an experiment? Seems like it happened when I was the captain of the 4th Division, and they were probably some of the lower ranked shinigami.' Sora looked at the man on the ground and nodded as he slightly began to understand what happened.'Wait Yoshino? I'm pretty sure I heard that name before?'

Turning to look at the woman, Sora felt like it wasn't the time to ask that and instead asked a different question, "Can you call off the other Bounts?"

With a shake of her head, Yoshino pointed at the man lying on the ground, "Only Kiraiya can do that."

Nodding Sora summoned another Kido he personally made and a puppet made of spiritual energy appeared behind him. With an internal order, Sora had it touch the body of Kiraiya and watched as the puppet was sucked into his body.

Kiraiya's eyes widened in fear as he felt a weird energy reside inside of him and he began to lose the control of his body. After a few seconds, the wide eyes turned back to normal, but deep inside his eyes, there was still a look of fear as the shackles on his body and the tape on his mouth disappeared.

"Go and stop the Bounts from attacking more, if needed, you have permission to summon more Puppets and control the other Bounts until I know what to do with them," ordered Sora.

The puppet inside Kiraiya's body, who now had control, nodded and walked away.

Turning to look at the shocked Uryu and the relatively calm Yoshino, Sora uttered, "Now that -that- is dealt with, I will need to ask Yoshino some questions and talk with you Uryu."

They both nodded and Uryu stepped out for a moment for Sora and Yoshino to talk.

"You seem to know me, how?" Sora asked the question as soon as Uryu left the room.

Smiling with the red lips she had caused her to look very alluring. She opened her mouth and her smooth and happy voice came out, "I, unlike the other bounts, retained some of the memories of my shinigami self when she was just a human, a soul and a shinigami. In my memories when I was just a human, you were there and saved me from impending doom. When I was a soul and a shinigami, I looked different than how I currently look. Back then, as a soul, you recruited me when I was close to dying in the Rukongai District. As a shinigami, you protected me, either intentionally or unintentionally, from an attack from Hollow."

Widening his eyes, Sora finally understood why she looked familiar and why her name also sounded familiar. Back when he went out to the Human World for the first time to subjugate Hollows, he indeed saved a baby named Yoshino. He even remembers saving someone bony and disheveled back in the Rukongai District.

Eventually, he also saved that same woman from an attack thrown by an Adjucha, which he needed to get to Colossal Spiritual Power.

What he was most surprised about, was how he was always near this woman, somewhat like fate. Looking at her, Sora asked her, "How come you were reborn as a human if you weren't a researcher?"

Blushing, the woman looked away as she answered Sora's question, "I picked up some clues that some Shinigami were committing a crime and when I got there, the experiment had failed and I was affected."

Chuckling a bit, Sora rubbed her head with his hand, "At least you're still alive."

Sora knew she was telling the truth, sensing her Spiritually Energy fluctuations and heightening his hearing sense to hear her heartbeat, he felt nothing out of the ordinary. Everything so far was normal, everything was genuine about her.

With one last check, Sora activated his Dongxuan Aura and tried to sense her thoughts.

"I want him to kiss me!"

Smiling wryly, Sora realized that she was in fact, saying the truth. The stronger one's feelings are, the clearer the thought is, that's what he knew about this extra sense when using his Dongxuan Aura.

Sora decided to do what she thought as he looked at her cherry red lips that just begged to be ravaged!

"Mh!" Yoshino was shocked at Sora's actions, but she didn't question it and accepted the kiss as she wrapped her arms around Sora.

After a couple of minutes, they separated and Yoshino breathed heavily. Sora sent her outside after she recovered her composure and had her send in Uryu.

"Uryu, just the Quincy I was looking for!" Sora smiled jubilantly as he had Uryu get closer.

"What for sensei?" Uryu inched forward slowly as he looked at Sora, his previous gym teacher who he used to think was just a human.

"To bring out your ancestor of course!" Sora said nonchalantly as if ordering a side of fries.

"What?!" shocked, Uryu looked at Sora with a dumbfounded gaze.

Nodding his head, Sora continued, "You see, your ancestor is very annoying and I need to get rid of him."

Seeing Uryu slowly step back, Sora gave off a dark smile as his eyes glowed and slowly, Uryu stopped moving.

Still looking at Uryu, Sora began talking to Uryu, "I know you can hear me Yhwach, I also know that you have already come back from the dead. I need you to appear before me by tomorrow, or else your wish of attaining immortality will be nothing but a pipe dream."

Somewhere at another location, a man clattered in a black robe, shivered in fear as his face paled.

"He's stronger than before! I won't be his rival at all, how will I be able to confront him..." muttered Yhwach with fear.

"Your majesty, how will we deal with this man?" asked a Quincy not so far away from Yhwach.

Looking at the Quincy, Yhwach opened his eyes in realization. 'I can raise my powers with the quincies and have the Wandenreich help me!'

Quickly ordering the Quincy to go and gather Wandenreich's Sternritter, Yhwach regained his composure and sat more comfortably on his throne. His eyes bore a cunning light as he thought of Sora falling dead at his hands.

His previous plan of killing his dad, the previous Soul King, had gone out the window when an unknown variable joined the equation. Now, he could barely follow his actions even with The Almighty activated.

"Your Majesty! What's the situation," a man with blonde hair barged into the room with over 27 other people behind him. They all wore white militaristic clothes as they huddled in front of Yhwach.

"The young 'Antithesis' was regrettably grabbed by an enemy that even I find hard to deal with," Yhwach began. He stood up from his seat and gazed at them with a cold look. "We will move out tomorrow and kill this man as quickly as possible. Once he is dead, we will be able to complete our goal of immortality."

Hearing his words, some people perked up at hearing the words of their 'Majesty'. Especially four females that held enthusiastic smiling faces. Three of them had an interested look while the last one had a sadistic face. They couldn't believe that there was a person out there that could rival their 'Majesty', especially a man!

"Now leave! I need time alone until tomorrow!" Yhwach waved them off and sat back down on the chair and began a massacre. He drained the energy of all Quincies that weren't part of the Sternritter, he even spared Ichigo's and Uryu's families as to not alarm Sora and be able to launch an attack on him.


As the four interested women, they walked away with a single thought in their head, "I have to make him my slave!~/ plaything!/ partner./ MINE!"