Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 118

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 118 Yhwach

After letting go of Uryu, Sora looked at him collapse on the ground in fear. Not feeling like explaining his own actions, Sora walked out of the partially destroyed building and walked by Yoshino.

He didn't feel like explaining to Uryu why he had to forcefully connect to Yhwach through him, but he couldn't just tell him that his ancestor was a ruthless guy who would even kill his own kin to come back to life.

Sora hasn't even told Uryu about how he saved his mother's life from Yhwach when he was still trying to gather back his power.

Glancing back at Yoshino, Sora asked, "You coming?"

Surprised by Sora's words, Yoshino smiled in delight, "Yes!"

Sora spent the night in his house with Yoshino and slept soundly. It had been so long since he had such a relaxing sleep. He couldn't wait to regain his body and regain his ability to feel sleepy.

Beginning his day like any other day, Sora went into his [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal] and did his daily stuff.

Training in the Unnamed Technique!

Sacred Scripture!

Might of the Battle God Physique!

Heaven's Blood Refiner!

Minute Subtlety!






After completing all of the stuff he wanted to do, Sora felt like his [Heavenly World] was about to breakthrough, but he felt something was missing and it didn't let him completely make the fourth sun!

Even his bloodlines were on the verge of breaking through, but he waited to get back his body for the breakthrough. He waited for the chance to link his bloodlines with his soul and he needed his body and this bloodline breakthrough as a chance.

"Mastering the skills I am refining from using the books, eventually I won't be able to advance my knowledge and make it more pleasurable. Maybe when I go to the next world, I will gather all the books of the other world again and the books of the next world.

After all, knowledge is also a type of strength, it's not absolute, but it's somewhere there."

Sora's eyes looked at the stone monument with a profound look in his eyes. His savagery, l.u.s.t, imposing, intimidating, beautiful, wise, intelligent and sharp eyes were still there, but with the growth of his profoundness, his other characteristics were only refined to be better!

His personality did not change, but his character and mind grew!


Stepping out of the [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal], Sora looked around and found Yoshino eating breakfast. With a light smile, Sora joined her and joked around with her. After finishing his breakfast, he kissed her goodbye and waved to her as he left his house and went to Soul Society.

He couldn't shake the feeling that something annoying was going to happen today at Soul Society. So he decided to stay there the whole day and see what awaits him.

'Maybe it has to do with the threat I sent to Yhwach.' Sora chuckled as he thought of Yhwach's fearful face. Never had he ever seen a person to claim to be the one who will change the world shake in fear.

With his hands in his pockets, Sora walked around Soul Society and had nothing to do and decided to visit Kukaku. With his free time, Sora decided to increase their intimacy with each other.


After having a chat with Kukaku, and her agreeing to join him in his [Heavenly World] as long as her brother comes along, Sora walked through the streets again, bored.

Sora even had some time to visit Generyusai and have a nice relaxing time drinking tea and some alcohol.

"I should start making some tea and alcohol too."


Finally after what felt years, Sora felt intruders inside Soul Society with his Spiritual Sense. As soon as the small amount of intruders appeared, four figures got together and began working together as they made a bee-line to him.

Seeing as how Yhwach still hasn't made his appearance, Sora decides to go out and dwindle Yhwach's force with his sword. With the less people there are, the less annoying things he has to deal with.

Sora made sure his energy covered every resident of Soul Society to keep them from dying as he dispatched Yhwach and his troops.

"Let's end this as quickly as possible." Sora smiled as he walked out of the Rukongai District and looked at the numerous people standing in front of him. His smile froze as he looked at the eyes of four certain girls and couldn't help but be inwardly surprised.

His eyes didn't linger on them too much before he looked at the rest of their team.



Looking at the blonde man approaching him, Sora asked, "To what do I owe the visit of the Quincies?"

"To get rid of you," spoke the blonde man eloquently as he maintained a hold of his shield on his left side and a broadsword on his right.

Without warning, Sora swung his sword and the blonde man turned into a mist of blood that beautifully flew high in the air. Maintaining his look, Sora turned to the horrified Sternritter and the excited, yet fearful looks, of the four girls who caught Sora's attention.

"I expected more even the white beast was better."

Sora's words infuriated some of the Sternritter and they instantly launched themselves at him. They decided to surround him and slowly tired him out before, but now that their leader had died, they had to fend for themselves.

They all separated and took up different spots around Sora as they all took out their own weapons.

Sora scanned the field and tried looking for Yhwach and found nothing.

Everyone's hearts were pounding as they looked at the monster in human's clothing just standing there. The scalps tingled and their instincts told them to just completely give up.

They were waiting for the man in front of them to finally make a move, but he just stood there. Looking around, his golden eyes send shivers down their spines. They glanced at those eerily glowing eyes and they questioned themselves.

'Is this 'fearing the beautiful'?'

'Can we win..?'

'Is this battle...'

'... impossible?'

As soon as Sora moved centimeter, the quincy moved out and launched their attacks at Sora. They were all drenched in cold sweat as they approached Sora and the archers let go of the string and let their arrows fly out.

When they moved, a man cloaked in black appeared above the fight and his power fell like waves onto the quincy, boosting their power to unimaginable heights.

Sora's eyes squinted as he saw this and smirked as he looked up and let the attacks hit him. Before all attacks hit him, Sora gazed at the man standing in the air, "Yhwach, you're too late-"


All the attacks that were launched to Sora had made contact and cut off Sora. The arrows that were launched from bows, and the weapons that were swung at Sora, all blew up on contact with his body.

His body blew into bits and pieces before they dissipated into the air and the something in the middle of all the quincies began to swirl. Like a mini tornado picking up trash, the Quincies closest to the swirl were lifted into the air before they turned into a red mist.

"Yhwach, you sent me some rather rude guests," an ethereal voice came into Yhwach's ears and he couldn't figure out where the said voice came from. His eyes naturally drifted over to the swirl dyed in red that began to take form.

"Impossible..." Yhwach shook in cold sweat as he formed a sword and launched himself at the man emerging from the swirl. He removed his black coat to remove some weight and not be impeded by it.

The Quincies saw their 'Majesty' join in the fight and they moved to fight as well. The Quincies, unlike their 'Majesty', didn't shake anymore as they launched themselves towards Sora with determination. Now that their 'Majesty' was here, they couldn't cower back and they began to rise up in confidence.

The four girls knew what was going on. They knew that they were going to lose and they would only join the blood splatters on the floor. However, they couldn't control their bodies, with wide eyes, they turned to look at their 'Majesty' and realized they were being forced to move.

Sora looked at Yhwach with tired eyes, 'Getting rid of you is annoying me.'

Looking at the people who launched themselves at him, Sora noticed the four girls who hadn't moved at all since the beginning, move now with unwillingness in their eyes.

Brandishing his long-sword, Sora struck all the Quincies that were attacking him and blew them into red mists. He would occasionally deflect Yhwach's blade and let him strike his own.

Seeing the four girls get closer to him, Sora quickly dispatched those around them and when his blade was about to touch them, a mysterious energy came out of his blade and they disappeared with no red mist, unlike everyone else.




"Oh dear!~"

Four figures appeared inside a room that appeared to be a cell. Each one of them got up from the ground and looked at each other in puzzlement.

After a few seconds, they understood a bit of what happened and they just took a rest inside the cell as they talked with each other.

"Candice! ..."

"... Meninas!~"

"... Lilotto."

"... Bambietta..."

Smiling at seeing his plan work, Sora finally got rid of all the quincies and now properly took on Yhwach.

He had sent out his [World Energy] from the tip of his sword and let it fall upon the bodies of the four girls, letting them be transported to his [Heavenly World]. All under the guise of them "dying" as he used the blood mist surrounding them as a cover. Which aroused no attention from Yhwach.

Sora could have easily taken care of them, all in one move since he had first seen them, but Sora had to draw out Yhwach, or else when he leaves, he won't be in peace. Leaving a man, who could potentially destroy Soul Society and the Human World would make Sora uneasy.

So getting rid of his existence is what he needed the most.

Existence Executioner's edge gleamed under the sun that hung high in the air. Sora's sword was now aimed at Yhwach and ready to be used to kill him permanently.

A dark and purple aura began to rise from Sora's blade. The aura grew in size slowly as time passed and Sora deflected Yhwach's blade with the hilt of his sword.

Sora's concentration was at an all time high, like when he fought the man guarding the previous Soul King. His concentration was needed to not let the Destruction Energy destroy his Zanpakuto.

Since he hasn't added any materials to the sword to increase it's resistance to his own energies, Sora was afraid to erase it from existence.


The sword in Sora's hand began to shake and the purple aura no longer rose.

Yhwach, who sent attack after attack at Sora, slowly backed up in fear but Sora would just approach him again. His eyes would always glance at the purple energy that would grow in size.

However, what scared him the most was that Sora could still deflect his attacks after he absorbed the power of hundreds of thousands of Quincies.

And with just the hilt!

"You can now perish Yhwach," Sora swung his Destruction Energy cladded sword at Yhwach with a slow speed.

Yhwach raised his sword and glared at Sora, "Damn you! You will pay for this! This won't be the last you see of me!"

Sora lightly smiled and the sword's descent increased. The first thing it touched was the sword which disappeared instantly with no trace. If one was able to sense minute changes, they would be able to tell that the aura around the blade lessened, but with how little the decrease was, it was basically negligible compared to the whole aura.

The sword fell and sliced right through Yhwach instantly. With no time to yell, the Destruction Energy was eating him from inside to out before he turned to dust completely.

"That was overkill. Maybe I should decrease the amount of Destruction Energy." Sora glanced at his surroundings and only noticed the puddles of blood, ash, and Yhwach's black coat that he dropped.

With a nod, Sora touched the flat sides of his sword, making sure it had no blood before dissipating it and walking away.