Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 119

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 119 Maxed

The next day after Sora had finally gotten some rest, he went into his [Heavenly World] where the four recently 'kidnapped' girls were at.

Yawning as he approached the gate, Sora felt mega relaxed today, now that he was going to go to the next world in a couple days, his relaxation is really high.

Sora walked up to the 'prison cell' and looked at the four figures in there. A blonde, petite woman, a silky black haired woman, a curly green haired woman, and a pink haired seductive woman. Each one of the women let out a very special charm that just seemed to pull Sora in.

With a relaxed expression, Sora walked up to the bars and said, "Hey, how are you liking it here?"

"Great..." the green headed woman sighed with sarcasm.

"Hey..." the black haired woman stood up from her spot and got close to Sora. Letting out a seductive grin, the woman set her eyes on Sora wonderfully made body, "How about you let me out and I will let you experience something great?"

Just listening to her words can cause someone to let her out and experience the time of his life, but Sora can see the light in her eyes. 'That light is dangerous to my manhood...'

With no time to react, the woman had her hands seized by Sora, "How about I let you out and let YOU experience a very great time?"

Bambietta had never experienced something like this before and it made her mad. How could this man just seize her like that, only she can do that.

"Try it and you won't have any skin covering your c.o.c.k," spat out Bambietta.

"Hmm, no fun," Sora let go of Bambietta with a smile and turned to look at the other three. "I want to know the names of you four."

"Bambietta," responded the black haired girl with a groan.

"I'm Candice," responded the girl in the back with green hair.

"Meninas!~ I'm here for a fun time, and a long time!" The pink haired seductress yelled out with a joyous attitude.

Sora turned to look at the petite blonde and waited for her answer. She gave a faint smile with her tired eyes, "Liltotto, and I'm interested in how you taste. But not in the way the s.l.u.t means."

Liltotto turned to look at Bambietta before returning her gaze to Sora. Seeing that, Sora understood that she didn't mean having s.e.x, "I'll be visiting here periodically, I can't let you four out yet, until after everyone else has calmed down about the whole quincies attacking me."

Waving at them, Sora left and walked out of his [Heavenly World]. The only person who knew he was attacked by the quincies once again was Genryusai, and even then, he didn't really care. Sora had only left them like this to see how they would react in the coming days.


ONE WHOLE WEEK had passed since Sora had eliminated Yhwach. So far no one had come into Soul Society and tried to attack. With his last days approaching in this world before he passes on to the next world, Sora decided to bring out the Shield of the Soul King.

"It almost sounds like I'm on my deathbed," chuckled Sora as he brought out the giant who protected the Soul King.

Sora looked up into the sky and saw the giant just standing there, Sora had already hypnotized him with the power of the Mangekyo to have the giant think he was the Soul King.

"Protect this place with your life," Sora turned and walked away.

The Giant got down on one knee and sent trembles all over Soul Society with just a knee.


Sora walked away and went straight to Genryusai's Barracks.

"It's time Genryusai," spoke Sora as he sat down in front of Genryusai.

Not uttering a single word, Genryusai stood up and walked to the balcony. So many things flashed through his mind. So many difficulties he had to go through and finally he obtained it, but it wasn't enough. What if he can still grow more? What if he doesn't have to do paperwork anymore?

'How wonderful that idea is...' turning to Sora, Genryusai walked in front of Sora and nodded.

Right now, Sora knew that not saying a single word was the best, although by the time he releases Genryusai, there will be a lot of talking to be done. Smiling, Sora nodded back with melancholy in his eyes before Genryusai disappeared into his [House].

Appearing above high in the sky, where no living soul could see him. Reliving the past few hours in Soul Society, he was shocked by the amount of women he was bringing around this time inside his [House].

Yoruichi, Rangiku, Soi Fon, Orihime, Yuzu and Karin Kurosaki, Yuri, Tatsuki, Nelliel, Lisa Lisa, Kirio, Kukabu Shiba, Tier Harribel, Lisa Yadomaru, Hiyori, Momo Hinamori, Rukia, Bambietta, Liltotto, Meninas, Candice, Nemu, Nanao, Emilou, Cirucci, Francesca, and Cyan.

Sora was just astounded by the absurd amount, how could such a thing happen. 'I really need to tone this down, I can't alway let my bloodline dominate me.'

The only person Sora has not brought into the [House] was Unohana, and he will keep it that way until the baby is born and turns 10.

Stepping high in the air, Sora opened a Garganta and stepped through it. With the same move he does every time he breaks space, "[Void Art: Voidless Palm]!"

Twisting his hand fiercely at the empty space in front of him, Sora pulled with all his might and rapidly sent off another Voidless Palm and effectively tearing the fabric of space.


Lightning began to crackle as Sora quickly jumped through the small opening and appeared on the other side.

[Exiting [Bleach]...]

[Currently lost in space...]

[Beginning Search!]

[Rewards given!]

"Seems like no penalties this time," Sora smiled as he waved away the screens and waited for his rewards.

The last time he was here in space with millions of specks, Sora couldn't check the place correctly, but now, he could easily.

Right when he was about to check his surroundings, Sora heard the prompts appear!

[Quest Function Unlocked!]

"Really, that's my reward?" Sora looked at the newly opened old Function with wryly smile. Such was his luck.

[Gained 'Sora's Body'!]

"What?! Even my own body?" Sora sighed sadly as he felt his body reconnect with his soul, and as soon as they connected, a monstrous power burst from his body.

[150,000,000,000 Ki gained!]


[1,000,000,000,000 Ki!]

Before Sora could question the fact that his Ki was maxed out at a trillion, he felt something open within his mind.

Swoo!! ~

With a refreshing feeling falling on his body and a qualitative effect on his body, Sora found a new section opened within his mind.

Sea of Consciousness!

Yin-Yang Symbol?!

Sora had unlocked his Sea of Consciousness when he connected back to his body. Even his body felt all wonderful and magnificent, like swimming inside a giant w.o.m.b and having your body constantly nourished!

Seeing the Yin-Yang Symbol in his Sea of Consciousness slowly spin, Sora seemed to know that it was related to the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. Maybe even related to it upgrading and opening new Levels.

Feeling a cooling sensation wash over his body again, Sora was able to perceive it well now.

Spiritual Energy!

This is the true Spiritual Energy! Not the one that comes of the soul, body or spirit, but the Spiritual Energy that comes out of the Sea of Consciousness! The quality of this Spiritual Energy was relatively high and it was really soothing, something Sora knew came from the Yin-Yang Symbol.

'It seems like this Yin-Yang Symbol improves my Spiritual Energy a bit, improves my body slowly, keeps me healthy, improves my abilities by a bit and, depending on how fast the Yin-Yang Symbol spins, my strength can increase by a small margin.' Sora felt glad about the new changes in his body.

First, he maxed out his Ancient Genesis God Ki. Secondly, he unlocked his Sea of Consciousness and his spiritual energy. Finally, he has the Yin-Yang Symbol which improves his body slightly, makes him healthy, and increases the strength of abilities by a bit.

Focusing back on the part that he maxed out his Ki, Sora asked the system about it.

[The Ki present within your body is one of the most powerful energies in the world, however, that energy comes from a Mid-level planet and does not exist in the worlds above it. The Ki had been maximized according to the strongest world that harbors Ki, Dragon Ball.

There are many other energies that are way stronger than Ki, but it is safe to say it is within the top 50. This is also a rule set by the Primordials. When Sora goes to a Cultivation World, Ki will be locked and will no longer be allowed to be used. Besides refining the energy, it cannot leave your body and can only remain in it. How you deal with the energy is up to you.

Other types of energies that can bring massive damage to people will also be suffering a downgrade when they go through the Immortal laws set by Primordials.]

'Up to me Right, the system had this purpose from the very beginning, it won't help me with anything, it only gives me stuff to use and see how I use it to survive. It won't be long in the future when I no longer need the help of the system and it leaves me But these Primordials, they don't seem as good as I remember them to be...' Sighing, Sora turned to the other notifications and was astounded by what he saw.

[Absolute Hidden Weapon Blueprints gained!]

[All existing types of Hidden Weapons that exist out in the universe, cosmos and dimensions.]

[Saintly Hands gained!]

[A technique that is able to set bones, increase the accuracy and dexterity of the hands' movements, and increase the users speed and agility in the arms. Can infuse hands with Qi from a high level cultivation technique and transfer it to the patient's body, giving the patient immense benefits or even increase their physical realm. Works best with a needle technique]

[Revival Ticket gained!]

[Brings back to life a single person! Write the name of said person on the ticket and then rip it in half to have them revive.]

The first reward already had Sora high in the clouds, although his Hidden Weapon Techniques were probably subpar to the ones that existed out all over space and time, Sora was confident enough to be able to kill someone on his level.

Then there was Saintly Hands, a wonderful technique that will work well with the hidden weapons and can also increase his expertise in healing and could even qualify him to be a physician.


When Sora's eyes fell on the last reward he had gotten, his smile disappeared and a serious expression donned his face. Reaching out Sora grabbed out to the blue screen and tugged on it before it turned into a talisman with a purple string tied to the corner.

It hung loosely off the corner of the talisman, with a wry smile, Sora brought out a pencil from the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and wrote a name on the Talisman. The pencil moved fluidly over the talisman and wrote out a name beautifully.

The name on the talisman held all of Sora's feelings and thoughts that he tried to convey in all one name.

As soon as the pencil stopped writing, the talisman's purple string seemed to be pulling on something and the talisman's marks were swimming on the piece of paper.

With Sora's heart beating quickly and his eyes turning into swirls as both hands grasped the talisman and ripped it in half.


Almost as soon as Sora ripped the paper, the markings on the talisman all jumped to the purple string and disappeared. The purple string was the only thing remaining, and as if it was a fishing rod, it seemed to be pulling on something.

It wasn't long before a white light appeared from the void.

Sora's heart beat even faster as he looked at the light with doubts. The white light began shaking and slowly disappearing as it revealed the figure underneath, a figure Sora was all too familiar with.

He hasn't seen this person in thousands of years, but now words left his mouth. The person standing in front of him widened their eyes in surprise before tears welled up in their eyes.

"Daddy?" The small figure called out with a small and hoarse voice filled with many emotions.