Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 120

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 120 The Dull Blade


Her trembling lips were a pink color and her hair was a long silk black color. Her tear filled eyes held two bright sky blue eyes that looked at Sora with affection and sorrow.

Sora felt tears welling up in his eyes as he looked at the little girl standing in front of him. The one person he regretted not spending more time with in his past life, as well as the one that Sora liked the most out of all his children and grandchildren.

All his other children and grandchildren would always bother him while he trained his martial arts, while Emily, unlike her brothers, and nephews and nieces, would sit quietly looking at Sora and send out punches and kicks. She was fascinated with Sora's training and would often compare it to a beautiful dance, a delicate dance, a rapid dance or other types of dances.

With each change in style, Emily would be able to kind of understand the difference of objectives behind each martial art, something Sora had noticed in her. He would willingly practice his martial arts in front of the little girl, and slowly, Sora began liking her more and more with his fatherly love falling on her. Though he never talked much with her, like his other family members, Sora knew he conveyed his feelings to her.

"Emily?" Sora quickly ran over to her and hugged her tightly. Never in a million years did Sora think he would see this little girl again.

Neither did Emily, she faintly remembers having a dream about him with all her family. She even found out the next day that they all had the same dream about him.

"Is that really you daddy?" Emily held on tightly to Sora's clothes with her two small hands. Her body trembled as her tears rolled down silently down her cheeks.

Sora picked up Emily and chuckled, "Yes, I may look different, but I am still your dad."

"Daddy!" Emily held on to Sora even tighter and tears dropped down even quicker.

After a couple of minutes of crying and talking it out, Emily finally calmed down as she looked at Sora with a grin.

"So any new moms?" giggled Emily. Although Emliy is only 9 years old, she already knew about her dad's nature of trying to bed every beautiful woman he sees.

"Yeah," chuckled Sora as he tickled Emily. 'A ton of new moms if you ask me.'

After checking that there was nothing left to pick up from the rewards, Sora took Emily into his [Heavenly World] and took her to his newly built Wooden Palace.

Sora had built the Wooden Palace with his clones when he realized that he doesn't have a house or a place to live inside his own [Heavenly World]. So he thought long and hard and made a Wooden Palace that will be untouched when his [Heavenly World] moves up in level.

There were hardly any rooms inside the Wooden Palace, since after all, only he and his women will be staying there. He had a huge chamber set only for him and his women and only a couple 4 or 5 rooms for the guests. He even had a couple of Artificial Souls as housekeepers and house cleaners.

"Wow! This world is amazing daddy! Is that a castle?!" Emily pointed at everything with her small hand and her wide and happy eyes looking at everything curiously.

"Haha, no that's a palace," chuckled Sora.

"Oooo!" Emily looked around more as Sora entered the Wooden Palace and set her down on the floor.

They continued walking and talking as Sora talked about his adventures, even if they were a tad boring.

"Sora?" Unohana came out of the bedroom and walked to Sora with quick steps and kissed him. "Are we in the new world yet?"

"No, but I brought someone here to meet you and live with us," Sora smiled and moved out of the way before showing the small figure behind him, Emily.

Unohana smiled and looked at the girl, "Did you adopt this cute little thing."

Frowning at Unohana's words, Emily pouted her little lips and turned her head.

"Don't do that Emily, she's one of your new moms and she is pregnant, so you will soon have a baby brother or sister," commented Sora as he patted her small head. Emily's expression softened as she looked at her new mom and smiled.

"Mom?" Unohana looked at Sora with a confused and questioning gaze.

"Ahem-" Sora coughed and sent Emily away to play with a tricycle he made with his Dream Energy. Now he had some explaining to do as he looked at Unohana, "I will explain from where she is in the future, but trust that she is my actual daughter and that she is now your daughter as well, even if you're not related."

Sora slid his hand around Unohana's waist and kissed her before separating.

"Don't worry, if she is your daughter, then she is also my daughter." Unohana smiled sweetly at Sora before twisting her h.i.p.s and walking away happily at the fact that she now has a daughter, even if not hers.

"Daddy?" called Emily as she ran back to Sora. "Where are my other moms? You said that lady was only one of them."

'You catch on quickly.' Sora ruffled Emily's hair and said, "If you, I can introduce you to them, but you have to wait until later. Daddy has some business to attend to."

"Okay! But you better introduce me okay? Tell them I'm not a bad girl!" Emily said as she twirled her fingers together.

"Haha, alright. Go with your new mom, I'll be back later." Sora waved goodbye to Emily as she ran into his bedroom with Unohana. His smile remained on his face, even after Emily left. There was no way his smile wouldn't leave, after all, his daughter came back.

Leaving his [Heavenly World], Sora looked around space and looked at all the little specks of dust.

Now that he looked closer at them, he noticed that they all looked different from each other. Some were different colors, some were striped, others had symbols, some were cracked and others weren't, some of them were even burning or were frozen, but what caught Sora's attention were the slightly bigger ones.

Each one of the bigger specks of dust emanated an oppressive feeling, others were just outright terrifying, there was only a couple thousand or less that gave out a gentle or kind feeling.

Sora decided to try his luck on one of the terrifying ones and pressed on it.


[Entering Highschool DxD home of 666. Beware of DANGERS.]


Inside a castle that was made from various mysterious crystals was a man speeding to a room filled with an evil aura.

Toc Toc!

"Urgent news!"

A groan came from the other side of the door and an angry voice shouted out. "I will cut off whoever's head is bothering me! I don't have time for this 'Urgent news'."

"Eldest Brother, it's me! Your brother!" The man yelled back with a soft voice as he trembled under the evil aura of the room.

"I don't care if you're my Youngest Brother or the Heavenly King himself! You will have your head cut off if you disturb me once more. I correctly remember saying that I will be going under Closed Door Cultivation for a million years!" The voice grew oppressive as he shouted with more anger.

The man clutched tightly onto his robe and bit his lip, "Elder Brother! My subordinates have told me that THAT MAN has crossed over to his third world with no problems!"

The other side remained quiet before shuffling was heard from the room. The door was opened quickly and out came a figure with an angry face. The man had a certain charm to him and his skin was as white as snow. Many would have believed he was a really young and beautiful man if it wasn't for his dark gray hair and his short trimmed beard.

"We can't let him stay alive! Send people to collect some stuff from his first world and second world!" The man maintained his angered face and fixed his clothes before looking at the soft voiced man with an arrogant look. "And keep away from me- you trash. It disgusts me that you're my Youngest Brother"

"But Elder Brother I-"

"Keep away!" The man snarled and turned to walk back into his cultivation room. "Or else don't blame me for removing your head because of your insolence, Joseph."

Gripping tighter onto his blood stained robe, Joseph yelled out with a weak voice, "We have caught the man who has harmed your son, Eldest Brother!"

"Oh? What's his name? I would like to know the damn name of the man who has been tired of living," coldy spoke the man.

"We have managed to find out his name is 'Ling Bu', as well as the fact that he is working with another person named 'Shin Che'," reported Joseph.

The Eldest Brother carefully looked around before nodding and turning to the Younger Brother with cold eyes, "I will deal with this, in the meantime, stay away from this Ling Bu. If he makes a wish in your presence, he will surely disappear like many others have."

"But Eldest Brother, I-" Joseph was going to say something else before being stopped once again by his Eldest Brother.

"Don't talk anymore, or I promise to the heavens that I will have you head lopped off," coldly stated the Eldest Brother before walking away.

'That's the wrong way though, Jack'

Jack moved quickly through the palace and made his way to a room where horrendous howls were loudly heard.

With a dark smile, Jack opened the door to the room and the howls grew even louder, making Jack smile sinisterly.

Inside the room was a man tied to a table made of a dark and resistant metal, his arms were being cut off with a dull axe by a man wearing a mask. Everytime the man's arm was cut off, a new one grew in its place, completely replacing the old one.

This torture had been going on for more that five whole hours. After the man strapped to the table got used to the pain because of his physique, he would be force fed a green pill that will make his body forget every single pain the man has ever experienced.

Before the Masked Man could chop off another arm with the dull axe, Jack stopped him and ordered him out of the room.

After the Masked Man left, Jack slid his hands over the bloodied and dull blade of the axe and smiled at the man strapped to the table. With his eyes glaring at the man, Jack put the dull axe on the man's leg and said with a cold voice, "Ling Bu, I heard you were the one who crippled my son?"

"P-tui!" Bing Lu spat his blood at Jack and laughed, "That arrogant piece of shit deserved it! Every single person that has ever met him will think the same!"

Jack remained unmoved and only wiped the blood from his face, his eyes grew colder and fierce. He lifted up the dull axe and swung hard at Bing Lu's leg, breaking only the bone and barely cutting into his leg.


"If you refuse to answer, then I could only continue this tortue for you. Luckily, in this Realm, you won't have to worry about dying, and with this axe, your life couldn't be much better!" Jack laughed happily as he continued swinging down the axe on Jack's leg, cutting it off by brute force.

"AHHH! AHAHHAHAHHHH!" Bing Lu began laughing in between his painful howls with his bloodshot eyes widely opened.

Frowning, Jack asked the laughing Bing Lu, "Why are you laughing, you dog?"

"Because Shin Che will soon be here to help me! Ahahaha!" laughed Bing Lu crazily.

With an understanding look, Jack nodded before he himself started cackling even louder, causing Bing Lu to turn quiet.

"W-why are you laughing?" Bing Lu asked with his worry growing by the second.

Wiping his tears away, Jack looked at Bing Lu like if he was a piece of shit on the side of the road. With his voice turning cold, "I'm afraid that even if Shin Che's Cultivation was in the True God level, he wouldn't be able to enter this Realm under the control of the Heavenly King's Ancestor! At most, it will take him close to 2,000 years before he could enter sneakily!"

With all the color of his face draining, Bing Lu looked at Jack with a horrified expression. The smile hanging on Jack's face only grew bigger and wider and only fed to his fear and distress.

"AHHHH!!! Shin Che you bastard!!"