Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 60

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 60 Beginning

A/N: To not confuse any of my wonderful readers, I will tell you guys now that Sora had appeared in Bleach Soul Society 2100 years before cannon.

The part where Genryusai Yamamoto, also known as Captain Yamamoto the Goat, has recently made the group Gotei 13. Right now it is only a group of people banded together, like a gang. They don't become the official Gotei 13 until after Yamamoto defeats Yhwach.

That is it! [Time has begun to move again!]


After walking out of the shack, Sora and Yachiru made their way through multiple paths to arrive at a rather large building with the words [Genji School] written upon them.

Sora squinted his eyes at the words before looking back forward and continuing to walk inside the building.

Walking behind the beautiful Yachiru, Sora asked, "What will I be learning in this.. Genji School."

Yachiru, with a dark smile, answered, "You will learn Zanjutsu, Hoho, Hakuda and Kido."

"What are those?"

Not stopping her movements and arriving at the first classroom, Yachiru responded, "Zanjutsu is swordsmanship, you will be learning Kendo. Hakuda is hand-to-hand combat. Hoho is step movements, which is what you will know as shunpo. And lastly Kido, which is the Spirit Way, or Spirit Arts, we use our spiritual energy to use spells."

Nodding at the newfound knowledge, Sora thought about the Jutsus he had just learnt and wondered if he can cast them with spiritual energy.

Yachiru turned to Sora and asked, "Are you ready?"

With brief nod, Sora responded, "Yes."

Opening the door and entering while the teacher was still talking to the class, Yachiru made Sora stand on the stage the teacher was on and talked with the teacher and the class. "This is the new student, he will be joining the class. I hope he learns well Osamu."

With that Yachiru left the class but not before sending Sora one last glance did she shut the door.

"Okay, introduce yourself to the class and sit somewhere in the front to fill in the empty spaces," said Osamu waving his hand to Sora then to the class. (A/N: Always disliked the fact that you had to sit in front of the class.)

Slightly sad about the fact that he has to sit in the front, Sora began introducing himself, "Not much to know, I am Sora and I won't be staying here for long."

'Because I can learn everything very quickly, I already know how to fight with the sword, a master at fighting hand to hand combat. At most, mastering the sword again will take a week..'

"He's very arrogant.."

"Does he have a girlfriend?!"

"Calm down.."

"Kyaa! He's very handsome!"

Osamu quickly took action of quietening down everyone and told Sora to get to his seat before resuming the class.

Once Sora sat down, he noticed the biggest difference ever since he appeared in this universe, his tail was gone! He panicked! Although his face remained fully calm, Sora spent his time sending his [Spiritual Energy] into the [Storage Ring].

Osamu was only talking about useless stuff, like who he is and what he will be teaching, so Sora being himself, ignored him and focused fully on the ring.


Feeling his mind link to something, Sora knew he had connected to the [Storage Ring] and bound it to himself. Quickly sending his energy into it once more, he felt his mind pulled into the ring as he saw everything in the ring.

Everything that was inside the [Inventory] was now inside the [Storage Ring], including his own body! Why was that! And as if on queue, his system answered all his questions.

[The body, over time, will slowly deteriorate due to the high spiritual energy inside this place called [Soul Society]. Even with high regeneration and the Vampire bloodline, it would have proven futile. The soul was therefore removed from the body. The body was placed inside the [Storage Ring].

The reason why Sora has no tail is due to the fact that, ultimately, your soul is still human. Although, Sora could connect the bloodlines to the soul and always be connected to your own gains.]

Sora left his [Storage Ring] and sighed in relief before focusing back on Osamu, who started telling everyone the levels of mastery to everything they will learn.

"Now we will move into the next topic, levels of mastery.

Swordsmanship begins with the level of Apprentice, a level everyone in this class, aside from me, should typically be in. The next level would be given the title of Swordsman. With enough training, one may reach the next level, Expert Swordsman. And finally, once you hit the highest with being able to defeat an Expert Swordsman with one slash, may you call yourself a Master Swordsman.

Hand to hand combat follow the same principle, the only ones that don't follow those principles are Hoho and Kido. Hoho is very simple, it's speed and agility, and its ranking goes from Novice to Practitioner to Expert and then to Master, which Kido follows as well. A person can only be a Kido Master if they have created their own Kido spell after mastering every known Kido.

Then there is the levels of Reiryoku, or Spiritual Energy, that a person has. There are five levels to them, from Basic to Average to High then Great and finally Immense. There's even a rumor that the people founder Yamamoto hangs out with are at the level of Great Spiritual Power."

Everyone in the class nodded, including Sora, who saved this knowledge at the forefront of his [Memory Palace]. Now from what he knows, he is a master at Hakuda, an expert at Zanjutsu, and no level of experience in both Hoho and Kido. He now knows that he has a level of Great Spiritual Power.

Teacher Osamu went on by showing shunpo inside the class, "What I am about to demonstrate is called Shunpo. It is the main known way of maximizing the speed and agility of a person. Shunpo has many techniques which can mainly be used by Shunpo Experts and Shunpo Masters."

Osamu used shunpo and disappeared from his place and appeared at the back of the classroom with a light step. Sora instantly learned this new technique from just seeing it thanks to his ability received from his Saiyan Bloodline which he wondered how it still worked. It probably had something to do with the fact that it is now HIS skill and not of his body.

"Lets go outside to the field and see how you guys fare in the use of shunpo. I will give a step by step process to those who have difficulty learning this footwork," Osamu said as he grabbed a Katana in its sheath and walked to the door, opening it and leading everyone outside onto a field.


"Okay, I will leave everyone on to performing shunpo by themselves. I will be standing here on the sides checking everyones use of shunpo and I will correct what you do wrong," stated Osamu as he had everyone perform them.

Sora walked far away from everyone and hopefully out of Osamu's sight and used shunpo, and in one single step, he made it to the edge of the field. Amazed by the ability he used, Sora tried it out once more and made it back to where he was. Traveling in one step from where he was to the edge of the field was a total of 15 meters (almost 50 feet), it was a feat most shunpo experts can't do!

Being so engrossed in his shunpo, Sora continued doing it for 10 minutes that he didn't notice everyone had stopped trying to shunpo and instead looked at Sora do it with such ease. Even the teacher Osamu was astounded by what Sora had accomplished, he had believed he would be very terrible at it since he had just joined the class!

Quickly making his way over to Sora, Osamu made Sora stop, "Sora-kun, can you stop doing shunpo and have a spar with me?"

'kun? What the hell?' Sora stopped and nodded towards Osamu before following him to an empty space on the field. "So how are we sparring?"

"Do you have a Zanpakuto?" asked Osamu with his hand gripping the hilt of his Katana hanging on the side of his waist.

Noticing that by Zanpakuto, he meant a sword like the one he held on his waist, a katana like weapon. With a shake of the head, Sora ignored the sword in his [Storage Ring] and told Osamu he had no Zanpakuto.

"Then I can only test you with Hakuda, I will give you a Zanpakuto at the end of class," sighed Osamu letting go of his hilt and getting in a stance similar to boxing.

Sora also got into no particular stance and waited for Osamu to make the first attack.

"Hah!" Starting off with kicking off the ground and launching himself to Sora, he faked Sora out by using shunpo and appearing behind Sora with a right hook.


The punch went through Sora's head, what Osamu had hit was an afterimage left by Sora. Wondering where he went, the afterimage began to fade and another Sora stood in front of it already about to land a punch on his abdomen.


The punch landed!

Osamu was launched to the wall that surrounded Genji School and was lodged in it.


"He beat sensei!"

"Can he use a Zanpakuto like that too?"

Getting himself out of the hole, he walked to Sora after swiping away the dust on his his bald head and shoulders. "That was great! I myself, an expert Hakuda user, lost to someone of you caliber, it's an honor!"

"Eh? Don't be so serious!" Sora chuckled and slapped Osamu's shoulder with a laugh.

Osamu looked at Sora studyingly and informed Sora, "Well, seeing your mastery in Hakuda and Hoho, I can safely say you mastered them. All that is left of you to graduate to become a shinigami, is to master Zanjutsu and Kido.

Ne.. you don't have any mastery in any of those two, would you?"

Sora maintaining a carefree look, said, "I know a little of Zanjutsu. As for Kido, I've never heard of it until today."

Nodding with an apprehensive look, he turned to look at everyone in the class and told them to head on to the dormitories. That they will learn Zanjutsu and Hakuda the next day, after that they will dive into Kido.

Osamu sent a look Sora's way and spoke, "Follow me, I need to give you something.."

"Sure why not," Sora follows the bald man back to class.


Once they made it to the class, Osamu made Sora wait at the front of the door before walking into the class by himself.

After a lot of rummaging, Osamu came back holding another Katana in his arms.

"Take this, it will now be your lifelong partner," stated Osamu with a grin, "as long as you infuse it with Spiritual Energy each day, your partner will manifest and you will be able to unlock your shikai."

'Shikai? What is that?' Sora thought with a questioning gaze.

Quickly noticing the gaze of Sora's, Osamu informed him, "A shikai is a minor release of your Zanpakuto's Spirit. It gains, or gives you, an ability that can help you out either in battle or out of battle. The next stage would be the Bankai, the major release where it releases your Zanpakuto's full power. It sometimes differs compared to your shikai, so don't be worried about it when it happens. Here take it, this is an asauchi, a zanpakuto without a spirit."

Sora took the Asauchi and said thank you before leaving to the Gotei 13 shack.

Entering the shack, Sora only saw Captain Yamamoto in the room, however with his Spiritual Energy, he felt another person in the room, most probably Yachiru.

With a knowing gaze, Yamamoto looked at Sora and said, "Seems like the first day was full of surprises."

"Yes indeed," said Sora matching Yamamoto's small grin.


Race: Soul (Human)

Soul Power: Great Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Expert

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Expert

Zanpakuto Spirit: None

Shikai: None

Bankai: None