Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 61

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 61 Reaper Of Souls

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Yamamoto waved his hand and the other person left, leaving Sora and Yamamoto alone in the room. Sora smiled at this and slapped the asauchi on his shoulder.

"We will be going to the human world in a week to subjugate a few hollows," Yamamoto said as his gaze descended onto the asauchi on Sora's hand, "we, as shinigami, need to protect the human world from the hollows."

Sora raised his hand to halt Yamamoto from talking any further and asked, "what is the difference between a soul and a shinigami?"

With Yamamoto's usual serious face, he responded with a slight tap on the ground, "A soul, is a normal person who doesn't have much spiritual power. A shinigami, or soul reaper if you may, is a soul who has a great amount of spiritual power and uses it against hollows. The notable way to get rid of hollows is by cleansing them, and the only way to cleanse them is by using Zanpakutos."

With another nod, Sora looked at his asauchi with curiosity and asked, "Why a Zanpakuto?"

Yamamoto stayed quiet for a moment as he looked at Sora with a pensive gaze. Lightly tapping his foot again as he tried to remember why Zanpakutos were being used, since they were recently a new addition 300 years ago. (A/N: They never had a set date when the Zanpakutos were made. So I just decided upon one.)

"Because a Zanpakuto is made by a Royal Guard specifically for cutting hollows and cleansing them," responded Yamamoto and he continued with a bit of annoyance in his words, "now can I continue what I was trying to say?"

"Yeah, go ahead Captain," Sora said as he moved his gaze back on to the serious Yamamoto.

"Gotei 13 will be going to the human world to subjugate some hollows that have been currently terrorizing the people and performing a [Konso] on the souls in the Human World name Plus. So you will be coming with us, even if you are new," explained Yamamoto.

Sora nodded and waited for further instructions from the man who saved him from living in the streets.

"Hm, you will be shown to your room by Shiki, he should be right outside the door. That is all," Yamamoto slammed his sheathed Zanpakuto on the ground.

Sora left and found Shiki right outside the shack. Shiki looked at Sora for a brief moment before walking away. Wordlessly, Sora followed right behind Shiki and was led to a house right next to the shack, and eventually to a room inside the house.

Shiki slid open the door and left Sora alone. "I guess he doesn't want to stay a while longer to talk, what a shame."

Walking in to the empty room and sliding shut the room, Sora sat down on the ground placing the Zanpakuto in front of himself. After careful observation on the well crafted asauchi, Sora activated his [Heavenly Vision Technique] on the asauchi.

[Zanpakuto - Asauchi

Made by Oetsu Nimaiya for the purpose of cleansing and cutting down souls and hollows. This well crafted Asauchi was made with over 1,000 shinigami along with many other asauchis. Is tracked by the creator along with all other asauchis. Has no spirit.

In possession of: Sora]

Sora whistled at the description of the sword and took out the Jian sword in his ring. Quickly comparing the two, Sora nodded and jumped inside into his Heavenly World.


With a quick motion, after appearing in the Heavenly World, Sora made a plate, Hammer, Anvil and an improved forge appear in his world.

He put the asauchi and the Jian sword on top of the plate, and put it into the improved forge. The forge melted the sword and the asauchi together and the two heated liquids began mixing.

Moving forward and removing the impurities that emerged from mixing them together with finesse. Sora moved on to pulling out the plate from the forge and let the liquid cool down for a moment before pulling out a semi-solidified material from the plate and put it on top of the anvil.

Clank! Clank!

Hammering the metal into the shape of a double edged, long sword, Sora began to hammer out the bubbles of air inside the sword making it more durable and sharper. After hammering the sword into a rough shape, Sora put it back into the forge to reheat it and repeat the process.



Sora smiled once he saw a glimmering blade that was beautifully crafted. The double-edged blade was black and along the edge of the blade was a glowing white outline. The beautiful blade still didn't have a hilt, so with the remaining parts from what he removed from the Zanpakuto and the Jian, he reforged them to make a fitting guard and handle for the sword.

Repeating the same process he did for the blade of the sword, Sora put the guards and the grips, that were made of metal, in the forge. Then shaping them with the hammer and removing the air within them and folding the metal two times before finally completing the shaping. Only when he finished did Sora place the guard, grip and finally the pommel on the sword did he finish, adding the last addition of a white strap on the grip.

With a beautiful black cross-guard on the sword, it was held in place by a white laced grip and a black colored pommel shaped to look like a wonderfully crafted black dodecahedron.

Sora chuckled at the sight of the beautiful blade and began to sharpen it before finally completing it by polishing it. As he polished the sword, Sora infused all of his Energies into the sword along with his Ki which he pulled from the Ancient Sun.

With a nice glimmering Golden Red light, the sword was finally completed and a fully black scabbard appeared next to the amazingly sleek black, double-edged, sharp, 120 cm long sword. A strap appeared alongside the scabbard and Sora knew the use of it, it was to strap on the scabbard to his back.

With a quick blink, the [Heavenly Vision Technique] activated and he inspected the new description.

[Zanpakuto - Reaper of Souls

A sword that was crafted by a Legendary Grandmaster blacksmith, Sora. With the use of many energies, as well as 4 potent ones, God Ki, Chaos Energy, Destruction Energy and Creation Energy. With the help of every Energy at the hands of the Grandmaster Blacksmith, this sword has been brought closer to the Realm of Profoundness. The sword can also support energy poured into it to make attacks more lethal and dangerous.

- The link has been cut between this sword and Oetsu Nimaiya.

Heals itself with energy provided by the person it is bounded to. It is meant to be a one-handed sword, however wielding it with two hands is no problem at all (Virtually no extra strength will be applied to wielding it with two hands).

Can be pulled into the soul and retracted with a single thought.

Bonus Effecf: This long swords strength and durability will grow alongside the strength of the user.

- Drawback: When wielder loses strength, the blades strength will be sealed to the point where the wielder can safely use the sword.

Sword has no Spirit. Bound to the soul of: Sora.]

Sora was filled to the brim with happiness at the sight of the description and the beautiful gleam of the black, white edged sword. Quickly putting it into the sheath and strapping it around his body, Sora moved slightly to get comfortable with the feeling of carrying the sword on his back.

Now all Sora had to do was practice kendo and other sword moves to get used to wielding a long sword. Although kendo was made for the use of single edged blades that are similar to a katana, Sora has long ago tweaked the moves a bit to allow the use of a long sword, short sword, and double edged blades.


Sora left the [Heavenly World] and remained inside his shack. He pulled his long sword from his back and placed it on his laps.

Once he laid his sword lap, he infused his spiritual energy into it and closed his eyes.


(Next day, 2 A.M.)

Sora opened his eyes and smiled as he felt well rested. He felt his spiritual energy drained and stopped infusing his energy into the sword.

"Haah," Sora sighed as he lifted his long sword and swiped his hand along the flat side of the blade.


The nice sound of the sword being sheathed reverberated in the empty room, smiling Sora finally stood up and entered his [Heavenly World].


Appearing in his [Heavenly World], Sora's sight fell on the equipment he used to create the long sword, and with an efficient use of his World Energy, the equipment disappeared.

"Can't have that harming the view of this beautiful land," Sora whispered as he got low and used his unnamed technique.

Quickly going through every motion and completing the fourth set with a -Pah!- did Sora receive a noticfication.

[+50,000 Power Level]

[Body is not connected to soul, effects diminished by 0.01%.]

Sora sighed, "I expected this, but it's so little compared to my first estimate. At least the chanting still works as intended."

Waving his arms around in the air a bit to relax them a bit, Sora sat down on the ground and decided to test the jutsus he had received.

He knew the time was currently 6 A.M., so he had 4 hours until the classes started.

The first thing, Sora decided to do was to review the information present in the justsus. He came across ninjutsu, a set of techniques that uses energy and hand seals to achieve astonishing effects.

If you reach a certain master, you can convert your energy to certain types of elements. Upon getting enough mastery with ninjutsu, the use of hand seals becomes irrelevant and can activate a jutsu with just one hand seal.

There are five elements one can have an affinity to. Five of them are the basic elements, basic as in the basic elements of THEIR world. When Sora reviewed the five elements, he got to know what they were, lightning, earth, water, fire, wind.

There are other two nature transformations that don't require an element to cast, those being Yin and Yang. The use of yin was mostly associated to the mind and soul. The Yang was associated with vitality and the body's energy.

So in Sora's current form, he could use both the yin and yang by heavily abusing the mind and vitality part.

So decided to try a simple, yet complicated jutsu.

Sora began doing the hand seals at an inhuman speed and quickly filled his lungs with air as he channeled his spiritual energy to change elements.

His spiritual energy traverse all around his body to the appropriate location indicated by the hand seals. His spiritual energy began to change color and had a blue look to it.

Once he performed the last hand seal, so inwardly shouted, '[Water Style: Water Wall]!'

Water spewed out of his mouth and quickly making a circle around himself, Sora stopped as he maintained the hand seal and the water rose up forming a wall of water 3 meters tall.

"This is fun!" Yelled out Sora as he looked at the maginificent wall of water surrounding him.

Sora was amazed by the technique and let go of the hand seal, watching as the water fell and began wet the ground.

Deciding to train this at another time, Sora walked out of his [Heavenly World] and thought, 'I can have more fun with this when I learn Kido, master it, and then 'create' new types of Kido.'

Although Sora said he will be 'creating' Kidos similar to the ninjutsu, he will only give out 10 and those of the lowest grade. Sora was greedy like that, he didn't want others having what he had.

Quickly leaving his room with the long sword strapped to his back, Sora made his way to Genji School.

Today's objective was to get familiar with using swords once more and learn new kendo moves from the Genji School.


Race: Soul (Human)

Soul Power: Great Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Expert

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Expert

Zanpakuto: Reaper of Souls

Zanpakuto Spirit: None

Shikai: None

Bankai: None