Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 62

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 62 Reading Just Like You

Stepping on to the school grounds made Sora feel down as he remembered back to his school days of being tortured. The torture being made to study, write reports and do homework. Worst part was, you still had to learn from the teachers! Sora had nothing against the teachers, it was the teaching that he didn't like.

Shaking his head to remove those thoughts from his head, Sora headed to his classroom. Many students, mainly girls, turned to look at the handsome man walk through the hallway.

Smiling, Sora entered his class and sat in the spot he was appointed yesterday. Not long after, Osamu walked through the door and onto the front of the class with a basket filled with many Kendo practice swords, shinai.

Raising his and making sure everyone was in the class, Osamu spoke, "Everyone, grab a shinai and go outside onto the fields again."

Everyone stood up one by one, leaving Sora at the end to grab a shinai and follow everyone out.

"Like I said yesterday, today we will be training in Zanjutsu and at the last part of the class we will do Hakuda."

The students nodded and paired up with each other with Sora being left alone. Every student in the class was slightly afraid of going up against Sora for the fact that he may have experience in weilding a sword.

Osamu saw Sora being left out and walked up to him before stopping and noticing his changed Zanpakuto. Falling calm, Osamu approached Sora, "So, is that your Zanpakuto?"

Nodding with a smile, Sora looked at the bald man in front of him with a thankful look.

"Why does your Zanpakuto look like that?" asked Osamu.

"Straight to the point eh," Sora sighed and looked behind to his long sword and said, "well, after putting my spiritual energy in it, it turned like this."

Sora lied as he spoke about his asauchi, not giving Osamu a chance to touch it or even look at the blade as he had it sheathed in its scabbard.

Osamu nodded, no one would freely hand over their Zanpakuto. After all, it was connected to their soul and there is only one Zanpakuto per soul reaper.

"How about a quick spar with the shinais?"

With a nod, Sora put up the shinai with both of his hands and an invisible, untouchable, force burst out from Sora.

Osamu took up the same stance and the same force burst from him. Both men stared at each other ready to cut each into pieces.

With a quick step, Sora and Osuma moved close to each other and clashed.


Both bamboo swords made contact mid swing, now it was all up to the one with more spiritual power! Sora forced his spiritual power into his legs, arms and sword to push back Osamu.

Osamu instead placed his spiritual energy into his legs and arms. Sora smirked at the man as he didn't reinforce his sword.





Osamu's shinai snapped in half sending him tumbling down.

"Just because the shinai isn't made of any type of metal does not mean you can't pour your energy into it," Sora said as he walked away with the shinai on his shoulder.

After walking away, out of sight from everyone did the sword combust and pieces of bamboo flew everywhere.

"Of course," mumbled Sora seeing only the hilt remain, "you also need to make sure not to put too much into it..."

Throwing the hilt away into air before destroying it with his spiritual pressure. Walking back to the class, Sora grabbed a shinai and placed it into his [Storage Ring] before making it back to the field where they were moving on to the last portion of the training, Hakuda training.

"Hakuda training, the art of hand to hand combat!" yelled Osamu with a wide grin, very excited about Hakuda.

"Senses! Why are you so excited about Hakuda then anything else?!" asked a male student with a mohawk.

"Excited? But of course! Founder Yamamoto will be here today!" Osamu's eyes seemed to shine so bright it nearly blinded the students.

"Why is he coming here sensei?" asked a female student.

"He wants to overlook the training of all the classes today, even the Kido Corps and the Onmitsukado came over to show off a few moves in front of him," Osamu explained.

'Why would that serious man come over here?' Sora stood there with his hands behind his head and spread his senses out.

Quickly sensing multiple figures walking through the front door and many figures hiding in their blind spots.

"Sensei! Who are the Onmitsukado!?" Yelled out another student.

Smiling brightly and puffing up his chest with great vigor, Osamu said, "Well-"

"We patrol and conduct surveillance in enemy territory and carry out top-secret operations, such as assassinations and the execution of Shinigami who have broken the law," cut in a man with dark skin and purple hair and golden eyes, "so don't break the rules, or you will be killed."

"Rin Shihoin, always trying to scare the students, when will you learn," said Yamamoto as he walked onto the field.

"Ya-Yamamoto!" Rin shook as he heard Yamamoto's voice and turned to look at him, "it's necessary or they will turn to the dark side!"

"Necessary or not, you are in my school. If they every break the laws of Soul Society, I will kill them myself," coldly stated Yamamoto as his gaze passed over everyone sending shivers down their spine. "I don't need the Commander in Chief to hell at all."

"That stubborn pride of yours will be the end of you."

"And those threats will have you hanged."

Osamu stood in the back cowering off to the side at the two influential figures of the school. Everything was going wrong!

"Hahaha, always fighting you two!" yelled a man with a staff that held rings at the end of it.

"Yasu Tanaka... you annoy me like always," greeted Yamamoto with a nod.

"Hm." Rin nodded to Yasu with an aggrieved face at seeing a pesk called Yasu, Kido Corps Chief.

"Osamu! Have them fight already." With the order from Yamamoto, Osamu quickly had everyone pair up again and Sora was left alone once more.

Everyone began fighting and Sora stood off to the side watching everyone's moves and keeping every single move in his [Memory Palace].

Sighing about the fact that most moves he already knew, only a few techniques made by the shinigami did he not know.


Yamamoto day off to the side with both Yasu and Rin to his sides. They all looked at everyone fighting and took their picks for possible candidates to grow.

Noticing Yasu's disappointed gaze at seeing everyone not having used a single one of the Kidos they taught last week. Yamamoto decided to coerce him, "Yasu, teach my new member all of the kidos you have at the Kido corps and I won't cut your Kido corps out of the School."

With wide eyes and fear welling up in him, Yasu shakily looked at Yamamoto, "What?! You can't be serious!"

"I am always serious Yasu," mentioned Yamamoto.

"You..." Yasu was at a loss for words! He's always losing his sanity with Yamamoto, but now! "Ugh, fine, send him over right now."

With his serious gaze, glee filled Yamamoto's eyes as he scanned the crowd of people and searched for Sora.

"Sora, come over here," commanded Yamamoto once he found him.

"Kahaha! Yasu my boy! How's it feel to be blackmailed?!" Rin laughed at the pathetic Yasu who sat off to the side supporting himself on his staff.


Hearing Yamamoto calling him, Sora turned his head in his direction and walked his way.

"What is it Captain Yamamoto?" Asked Sora with a sly grin as he looked at the other two men, Rin and Yasu. One was an assassin, someone Hit should be learning from, and the other was basically a mage.

Squinting his eyes at the slight disrespect, Yamamoto went on to speak, "I got you a load of books for you to read, all to learn Kido. Have them learnt in a day and we could leave tomorrow to the human world."

Sora nodded with his sly grin still on his face with interest flashing through his eyes, 'All the Kidos? Just like that... this man really has everyone by the balls.'

Yamamoto scoffed and turned to Yasu, "Give him the books now."

"Hey, hold on, I don't carry them with me... Rin! Get one of your lackeys to go to my Kido Corps to get the books, use this badge to get them," said Yasu as he took out a badge from his pocket and tossed it to Rin. He didn't want to anger Yamamoto by being slow, so he entrusted it to one of Rin's lackeys, being as the Onmitsukado are known for their speed and quick assassinations.

"Gah! Just hit me over the head with a rock already," Rin grabbed the badge and tossed it to the closest man to himself and said, "go do it, and be quick."

"Yes sir," nodded the man as he instantly disappeared out of sight from everyone. Couple of minutes later the man appeared again and handed the books over to Sora.

"Nice. Thanks a lot," said Sora, only receiving a nod back.

"Quick! Now go and learn them quickly!" yelled Yamamoto giving Sora the signal to quickly go train.

Sora smiled and yelled back, "Yes Captain!"

Shunpoing out of there, leaving faces marked with surprise on them, Sora made it back to the house next to the shack.

"Oh? Sora-san, you're back?" asked a waiting Yachiru with a kind smile.

Sora looked at Yachiru and smiled, "What's with the change in personality?"

"What ever do you mean," said Yachiru covering her soft lips with her slender hand.

'It's like she has two personalities, or she just hides it well,' Sora smiled at her and asked her, "why are you waiting?"

"No reason, I just had to ask you to a duel," she said with a calm smile.

Sora walked up to the door and opened it, "What type of duel?"

"A duel to see who can get the most hollows," she said with a cheeky grin.

"What is in it for me?" asked Sora with squinted eyes. If he was being asked to a duel, might as well put some rewards in there! What's the point of fighting someone when you won't get anything out of it. Plain foolishness I say!

"How about I owe you a favor," said Yachiru donning on a very serious expression with the lightest smile she could maintain.

Sora returned the serious face and agreed, "deal, I will also owe you a favor, or a fight, if you win."

Gripping her Zanpakuto tight, Yachiru nodded and looked at Sora with some killer eyes, "I shall see you tomorrow."

"'Till then Yachiru," Sora sent off Yachiru with a light wave. She walked away but stopped midway and turned to face Sora real quickly.

Their eyes met and she whispered high enough for Sora to hear, "Call me Unohana."

"Sure thing... Unohana."


Sora entered his room and instantly went into his [Heavenly World], he looked at the six journals in his hands and noticed that each had the words Volume written on them along with their corresponding number. The six journals were made by the founder of the Kido Corps who just recently died, his name was plaster right underneath the titles, Souma Watanabe.

He opened the first volume and began to read and began memorizing the contents inside the journal.


[New thought partition!]

[Current amount of thoughts: 3]

Surprised by the new thought, Sora focused back onto the journal and noticed it was easier to memorize the book. The two other thoughts had their own bodies, which looked liked Sora, and were residing inside his [Memory Palace]. They helped organize everything in there and they also seemed to help him in making decisions.

And with that, in just one hour he finished reading and memorizing the contents of the book. He noticed that the book contained underlying rhythms to it, like a secret code or message, maybe even a secret Kido that only the founder knew. However they only seemed half complete and probably required the other five journals or just the second volume.

Only reading will tell him.


Race: Soul (Human)

Soul Power: Great Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Expert

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Expert

Kido Novice

Zanpakuto: Reaper of Souls

Zanpakuto Spirit: None

Shikai: None

Bankai: None