Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 63

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 63 Human World

Upon finally completely reading the six journals, Sora sighed in happiness as he realized that there was three hidden secrets in these six journals!


There was three secret Kidos! One for each classification of Kido, the first being Bakudo, then, Hado, and finally Kaido. Why the creator of these six journals didn't have anyone in the Kido Corps learn it? Who cares, as long as it proves to keep assisting in Sora's growth for as much as possible.

The first type if classification of Kido is Bakudo, binding spells. Bakudo consisted of barriers and sealing to stop or immobilize either a soul, hollow, or both at the same time.

The second classification, Hado, was the Path of Destruction in Kido where it uses powerful spells to decimate the enemy or heavily injure them. Sometimes even to the point where they can't fix it no matter how hard they try.

Final classification, Kaido, was the opposite of Hado. Kaido being the Healing Spiritual Arts, the spells do not have known names, numbers, or incantations to cast, and simply heal the target. As the user holds their hands above the patient's wounds, their palms glow with green spiritual energy to facilitate healing.

Each of these classifications had a special Kido Art for them which were very powerful and Sora had found them! Sora at the moment couldn't get a single grasp on the essence of Kido Arts even if he did memorize them. So he had those two thoughts in his mind focus their attention to grasping the essence behind Kido to the point where he could cast the Kido with no movement and just saying the name, without needing the long chant, and not losing any of its original strength.

As well as mastering it the point where only a single wave of the hand brought out the effects of the Kido without it coming out weaker. He had both of the thoughts in his mind do visual training by having them mimic the hand movements and the chanting presented for each Kido.

From reading the first volume to finish reading all six journals to having his thoughts perform all Kidos took Sora 6 hours, nearing 8 P.M.

Deciding to try doing the jutsus once more, Sora grinned and went into his [Memory Palace] quickly moving around his thoughts and made it to the Jutsu section. Upon browsing through the techniques that resided inside the Ninjutsu section, Sora came upon two interesting techniques, the Multiple Shadow Clone Jutsu and the Rock Clone Jutsu.

There were many other Jutsus, including the Shadow Clone Jutsu, however Sora didn't have the spiritual power to use the Multiple or the original Shadow Clone Jutsu. He couldn't risk using up his Spiritual Power on the Shadow Clones, he wasn't sure how quickly his Spiritual Power recovered. He might need to expend quite a lot of spiritual power when he follows Yamamoto to the Human World.

The safest bet was doing a Rock Clone Jutsu since he could expend less of his spiritual energy by taking advantage of his surroundings.

Quickly going through the hand seals, Ram Monkey Horse Ram, Sora shouted, "[Earth Style: Rock Clone Jutsu]!"

A fourth of Sora's spiritual energy disappeared as ten Rock Clones appeared from the earth surrounding Sora. Looking at each and every single clone, Sora smiled and so did the clones as they looked at each other in amazement, "Okay, all of you should know what to do, right?"

"Yes!" shouted all ten Rock Clones, each getting into a group of two. Only two Rock Clones stood behind with Sora as they witnessed the others train.

Sora had a whole strategy planned out in an instant as he sent two Rock Clones study and master Yin Release. The same went for two other groups of two that went on ahead to study and master Yang Release and Yin-Yang Release.

The other four Rock Clones were going to be doing different things compared to the ones studying. Sora pulled out the shinai he took from the school and the black spear from his [Storage Ring], he gave them the weapons, along with their corresponding Basic Moves Book. To attain full mastery over all weapons, one must always return to the basics!

Turning over to the last two of the Rock Clones, Sora had one of them train in shunpo and achieve Mastery along with at least crossing 70 feet in one single step. The other, and last, Rock Clone was given the task of understanding all the energies Sora has.


Watching over all ten forms of himself training caused Sora to chuckle as he thought of the possibility of growing stronger. Sora shrugged and rolled his shoulders as he felt slightly tired for the day, deciding to do one last exercise for the day which he always did before going to sleep. Sora began doing his Tai Chi Exercise slowly, as if pulling in and pushing out in a concise and very slow manner. Learning to use both inner force and outer force, yin and yang, in and out, brains and strength.

Touching upon the concept of knowing how to use the yin and yang forces while he practiced Tai Chi, a very relaxing method. His thoughts flowed easily and it made him feel as it something was right in from of himself, so close yet so far.

The yin and yang forces, such a splendid idea. Yin force was the use of a weak punch to trick the opponent into lowering their guard. Yang force was the use of a strong punch to deal considerable damage onto the opponent. Yin to attract anything in and Yang to repel everything out, this works well in spinning cylindrical objects or weapons such as a spear.

If you spin the spear clockwise, anything touching it would bounce off. When it spin in a counterclockwise motion, anything touching it would be drawn in. Clockwise would be the Yang force and the Yin force would be Counterclockwise.

As Sora lost himself in thoughts as he unconsciously completed move after move of Tai Chi with its respective Yin and Yang force to complete, he got pulled out of his state of enlightenment by a blue screen.

[New Energy! [Nature Energy]!]

"New energies are so easy to get huh? What's next, a Origin Energy? Haha," laughed Sora as he stopped his Tai Chi movements and left his [Heavenly World] up to his Rock Clones.


Sora sat down on the ground of his room and placed his long-sword on his lap putting his spiritual energy into it and meditating to recover the lost energy. Quickly dozing off and leaving his thoughts continue working as his main thought, himself, went to rest to be ready for the next day.


Waking up once more very early in the morning at 4 A.M., Sora entered his [Heavenly World] seeing his Rock Clones still training and studying. Throughout the 8 hours of 'sleep' Sora got, he only recovered half of the energy he used for the Rock Clone Jutsu.

As he squatted to do his daily training in the unnamed technique, Sora thought about taking his body out of his [Storage Ring] and use it in his [Heavenly World], that way he can keep gaining the usual amount of strength as before.

Quickly sending in his energy into his ring so he can pull out his body, Sora's perception was pulled into the space of the [Storage Ring]. Sora focused on his body, and using his spiritual energy, he wrapped it around his body before pulling.


The spiritual energy passed through his own body! How will he take out his body now? Will he have to wait until he moves to the next world to be able to use his body again?

[System had long since took heavy precaution on preserving the body of Sora to not have it damaged. Any spiritual energy/soul energy/soul force use attempt on the body will result in failure for the exact reason that the system temporarily, for the remainder of Sora's time in the world, made it impossible to take the body out of the [Storage Ring] to use.]

'Bunch of bullshit ass system!' cursed Sora as he ejected his mind out of his [Storage Ring], swiped the screen away angrily and did the unnamed technique along with the chant.

[+50,000 Power Level]

'F.u.c.k!' Sora quickly calmed down and checked his [Memory Palace] seeing the two thoughts completely master the Kidos. All that remained was the three powerful Kidos, that the founder of the Kido Corps had long since created, to master.

Taking one last look at his clones training, Sora smiled and left his [Heavenly World] and walked straight out of his room running across Unohana walking with another of the members, Kei.

Kei had a very buddha like physique, his ears were very long, he was chubby, was bald, had 6 dots burned onto his forehead, and looked very benevolent. Though if he is hanging out with the calm and gentle looking Unohana, he was probably a murderer or a bloodthirsty killer.

Sora sighed and greeted, "Morning Unohana, 'sup Kei."

"Sup?" maintaining his benevolent look, Kei's eyebrow twitched violently.

"Quickly, Captain Yamamoto is already waiting for us," said Unohana as she continued walked after returning my greeting with a nod and a smile.

"Alright," said Sora. He didn't want to make Yamamoto mad, for all he knows, Yamamoto could possibly kill him if he didn't follow his orders. That is why he needs to get close to him AND grow strong to be able to defend himself when he is attacked by him.


"Greetings Captain!" said Sora as he lining up next to Unohana with Shiki standing right next to him.

"Don't speak to Captain Yamamoto when not needed," whispered Shiki.

"Oh shut the f.u.c.k up will you. I didn't ask for your opinion," snarled Sora as he huffed causing Unohana to laugh at Shiki with a light giggle.

Yamamoto turned to look at Sora who just greeted him and nodded, "Hm."

Sora saw that and then turned to Shiki and mocked him, "See that? He appreciates it, now stop being nosy.."


"We are only missing Kenzo now," said Yamamoto as a vein bulged on his forehead.




"Kenzo reporting for duty!" shouted an old man with white hair tied in a Chonmage hairstyle.

Everyone sighed seeing Kenzo arrive late for the millionth time. Every time he would arrive late for a meeting he would always try wiggling his way out of trouble by presenting a problem he had at his house.

Kenzo got into his position and stood there as he raised his head and tried wiggling out of trouble once more, "I arrive late because I had to walk my dog!"

There's no dogs in Soul Society!

Everyone face palmed at the man's words, however Yamamoto just nodded and moved on, "We depart now to the Senkaimon to go to eh Human World this instant. Depart!"

Everyone quickly shunpo'd away and Sora followed closely behind Unohana since everyone else were a tad bit faster. As they kept shunpo'ing to the Senkaimon, Sora sent gazes every now and then to Unohana's behind.

After a second, they finally made it to the Senkaimon, it was currently undergoing the process of being opened.

"Everyone will have their Spiritual Power sealed, as well as their Bankai ability, as to not have any problems in the Human World and cause a catastrophe like we had a century ago."

A voice spoke through the ears of every shinigami leaving through the Senkaimon, reminding them of an accident caused by a shinigami a hundred years ago. The man was never heard of again when they returned to Soul Society, he was most likely taken to the Central Great Underground Prison.

Finally, walking next to Unohana to the portal, they both wished each other luck as they walked through the Senkaimon and walked into the Human World,

To the... Yayoi Period 112 B.C.E.


Race: Soul (Human)

Soul Power: Great Spiritual Power (Senkaimon Seal: High Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Expert

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Expert

Kido Expert

Zanpakuto: Reaper of Souls

Zanpakuto Spirit: None

Shikai: None

Bankai: None