Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 64

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 64 Hollow

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Walking out of the Senkaimon, everyone shunpo'd away and left Sora standing alone up above a little village.

Gently landing down onto the floor of the village, Sora walked around looking at all the villagers living happily.





"Honey! The baby!"


Hearing screams and buildings be destroyed made Sora move into action. Shunpo'ing along the streets and coming across people running away, Sora saw a large grotesque monster donning a white mask. It screamed and knocked over the feeble houses.


A baby was crying and Sora's ears were sharp enough to hear it. He shunpo'd to the location of the crying and found the baby was trapped underneath a pile of wood. "Damn, how will I get the baby out.."

Sora looked carefully at the pile of wood and noticed that no matter which he took off first, everything will tumble down on the baby. Quickly taking out his sword and ignoring the hollow terrorizing the people who can't even see it, he made a quick slash at the wood.

After making the slash, a window of opportunity appeared and Sora quickly slashed one more time before having enough space to take the baby out quickly.


Sora silenced the baby by using a sleeping Kido and left it near a woman screaming for her baby. He turned to the hollow and quickly appeared in front of it and slashed its arm off.

"Gurrah," as it houled in pain and began moving more erratically, Sora slashed at its legs and it collapsed on the ground with a thud.

"This thing is pretty weak," murmured Sora as he stabbed at its chest and swung right, cutting it. However instead of it disappearing and being 'cleansed', its body rolled around the ground and it kept yelling. "Damn, why is it still alive? That was a fatal blow!"

Sora slashed at it once more and the 'bone mask' on its face broke out as it stopped yelling, disappearing into many blue lights.

"Its weak point must be the mask," Sora focused back onto the baby that was crying earlier and found it being cradled by its mother.

"There there Yoshino," cried the woman as she held her baby close to her buxom. The baby opened its eyes slowly and looked straight at Sora.

Sora saw the baby looking at him and he decide to wave at her before shunpo'ing away to the next location.

Traveling across the roofs of the houses was the quickest, but also the most dangerous, way of traveling to get to location to location. The houses in this village had their roofs poorly made since everyone in the village had come from a far place.

"Hey you! The one weird clothing and the sword on your back!"

"Hm," Sora stopped in his tracks and looked around for the source of the sound.

"Get me away from this guy next to me! He seems to be losing his mind!" shouted the same man once again with agitation.

Finally finding were the voice came from, Sora found two people with some type of chains on their chest. One of them began screaming as the chain of his chest began to grow shorter.

"Please! Get me away from him!"

Sora nodded and quickly grabbed the man and placed him on the roof. He turned his head back to the screaming man and began to watch what was happening to him.

His chain shortened even more and white liquid began to pour out of his mouth.

"Gah! Gureaahhhh!!!" The liquid covered the man from head to toe and he disappeared.

Standing still and waiting a bit more, Sora stood in his place and looked around.

"Where'd he go?" The man next to Sora began growing cautious and stood closer to him.

"I don't know, stay close to me," said Sora as he took out his sword once more and surveyed the surroundings.


A shriek from above scared the man next to Sora shitless and passed out on the spot, Sora turned his gaze up and saw the creature than disappeared just a moment ago, "interesting.."

The hollow leaped at Sora and swiped its claws at him.

Sora scoffed, 'This damn hollow dare think it's claws can go against my sword! Keep dreaming!'

With a downward slash, Sora cut its claws off and split the hollows mask in two. The hollow shrieked once more before it disappeared into light blue particles.

"Well done," muttered a voice behind Sora.

Not turning around in surprise, Sora only knowingly smiled and said, "I even surprised myself, Captain Yamamoto."

"Hm," Yamamoto looked at Sora and then to the unoscious soul next to him.

"What do we do with him?" asked Sora, standing above the man as he looked at his captain with an inquisitive gaze.

Yamamoto responds, "Just perform Konso on him."

"What's Konso?" Sora was never told what to do when a soul was in front of him. He didn't know if he should take them with himself through the gate of the Senkaimon or just leave them. However, now he was his captain telling him to perform a Konso.

Slowly taking out his sword, Yamamoto showed Sora the bottom of his hilt.

With curiosity blooming in his eyes, Sora took a look at the pommel and widened his eyes when he saw a glowing mark. Yamamoto sheathed back his sword and shunpo'd away to check on the next member of Gotei 13.

Unsheathing his sword from its scabbard on his back, he checked the dodecahedron pommel and saw the same mark when he neared it to the unconscious soul. "Luckily it didn't disappear when I reforged it to suit my purposes."

He pressed the pommel against the forehead of the unonscious man and noticed how his body disappeared and a white butterfly took his place.

Sora stood up and sheathed his sword and covered the whole village in his spiritual energy to sense out hollows and quickly found multiple hollows. Of course all of them were very weak and small, having virtually no power at all.

He kept his sensing up and felt a couple of abnormal ones, probably the Pluses.


An hour later, Sora subjugated all the hollows and even Konso'd all of the pluses.

A total of 23 hollows plagued the small village, however all of them were at the size of a buggy car. (A/N: Bam! Punch buggy, no punch backs!)

As well as a total of only 14 Pluses that were Konso'd. Everything was going well inside the village now, a couple of robbers Sora couldn't do anything against. So he left and sat on top of a very tall house, possibly a village chief house, overlooking everything in the surrounding village.


A figure stood next to Sora and asked out, "So how many Hollows did you subjugate?"

Smiling at the familiar face, Sora said, "Unohana, pleasant to the eyes like always. I subjugated 23 hollows, how about you?"

Frowning at the amount of hollows Sora had subjugate, she shook her head and smiled, "It seems we subjugated the same amount. What about how many Pluses you Konso'd?"

"14," responded Sora right away as he perked up his ears to hear her answer.

"14 as well," she said with a frown and placing her hand on her Zanpakuto.

Nodding, Sora stood up and said, "Than we can only settle this with a duel."

Unohana smiled with her hand gripping her sword tighter and her gentle facade falling apart.

"In Soul Society, in the sparring room," said Sora as he shunpo'd away giving Unohana a sly grin.


As she looked at Sora shunpo away from her at the moment, she couldn't help but smile at the man leaving as she unclenches her Zanpakuto. Sora kept nudging her whenever he had the chance, she knew he really wanted to fight her, but this tactic he does... does he want me to get serious in the fight.

She looked her hand and placed it over her beating heart that thumped a little faster at the thought of Sora. 'I really do want to fight him...'

Unohana mistaked the feeling of love with the feeling of wanting to fight Sora. (A/N: What a dense woman, a female shounen protagonist in the making?)

She kept her hand on her chest as she looked off to where Sora disappeared and smiled evilly with a blush, "kehe, I can't wait.." (A/N: did you guys know that it is very most likely that Unohana could be a yandere in the actual series if she ever fell in love. I mean think about it, she was a criminal in the past who loved killing. Even her Bankai revolves around killing! Imagine if she had husband or something, she would have killed her man if he flirted with someone and possibly the woman he flirted with... just saying.)


After shunpo'ing away, Sora made his way to another plus, one he felt earlier when talking with Unohana, and who's spiritual energy kept on increasing.

"Another? I should put the last one in my [Memory Palace] as well, I need to research this plus hollowfication effect," said Sora as he approached the transforming plus.

He focused his whole attention to the whole process and even activated his Dongxuan Sutra! His senses were maxed out to the max and he was able to notice every single tiny detail.

He couldn't copy the energy of these hollows with Dongxuan Sutra for some reason. So he had a theory that it cannot copy the energy related to the soul, and only to the body, where the life energy resides in!

He shook his head as he tried forgetting the disappointing discovery he had made not long ago and focused on the transformation.

The chain on her chest shortened and shortened, it slowly inched to her chest and it disappeared. After its disappearance, the woman's mouth opened and out came the white liquid like before.

The white liquid seemed to have a mind of its own! It moved out of her mouth and wrapped around her head.. however before it could go any further, Sora interrupted the process and shot a Kido to the woman removing her ability to use spiritual energy temporarily. The liquid stopped its movements from further covering her head.

Sora nodded at the effect of the Kido and thought, 'It seems that the white liquid needs spiritual energy to keep growing..'

Quickly applying the Konso, the white liquid recede and fell to the ground. The woman smiled, slowly disappearing into blue lights and said, "Thank you.."

He turned away and left the area. The day was coming to an end and he had to go back to the area of the Senkaimon.

Just as he was about to make a move, a black butterfly made its way to Sora. Sora extended his right arm letting the butterfly land on his finger.

'Hmm.. it's just Yamamoto telling us to return already,' Sora sighed, 'I thought it was something big I would be able to deal with!'

After stomping around in defeat, Sora made his way back to where the Senkaimon has dropped him off. Leaving the man that lived in the house Sora stepped on, to be afraid of ghosts living in his house.


"Yo Captain!" greeted a Sora making his way into his spot between Unohana and Shiki.

"Hm," nodded back Yamamoto to Sora with his gaze wandering about looking for Kenzo.

"Damn that Kenzo! Always making us wait!"

"Calm down Touka, Kenzo is getting old, he only has 200 years still left in him."

"Shut up Souka."

"Pair of -ouka brothers! Both of you shut up," reprimanded Yamamoto. He had little patience for those who talked really loudly. He could hardly contain his bubbling anger with Souka and Touka in the same area!

"Kenzo reporting to duty! I couldn't make it in time this time because I got caught up reading the 'Icha Icha Series'! *cough* wait no! I was subjugating a hollow!" Kenzo said. He made his way into the line while everyone was making fun of what he said.


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Great Spiritual Power (Senkaimon Seal: High Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Expert

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Expert

Kido Expert

Zanpakuto: Reaper of Souls

Zanpakuto Spirit: None

Shikai: None

Bankai: None