Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 65

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 65 Black And White

A/N: For those that read Ancient Strengthening Technique, has the author ever explained what 'Pointing' did? It's one of the basic sword moves. I have been trying to figure out what it is really.

If you know it, please tell me!


After the formalities and having the seal removed, everyone went on back to Soul Society where it was night already.

Many soul reapers moved about since no one really needed any sleep at all. Food was no problem, so why would sleep be any? Most took sleep as a method of relaxation, so the Soul Society copied the people from the Human World and decided to 'sleep' when it is dark.

Sora quickly left towards his to enter his [Heavenly World] like any other night. Walking in to his [Heavenly World], he found the Rock Clones, the ones studying and mastering the Yin, Yang, and Yin-Yang Jutsus and the one he left to master shunpo, doing nothing. Sora canceled the jutsus for those seven Rock Clones after seeing them do nothing and received back the knowledge and memories of them.

[Sharingan Unlocked! 3-Tomoe!]

[Evolution requirements not met!]

Sora was elated! He had now unlocked the eyes that he had received from the rewards. With this pair of eyes, it will be difficult to hypnotize him. As well as it helps with copying stuff when he can't get a good view for [Ape See, Ape Do] to work. Hypnotizing someone is also a big boon! Although Sora knows that in the future, the hypnotizing will be made obsolete when his Vampire bloodline evolves. Although the description said that the [Sharingan Eyes] are red, his stay golden.

The next thing that had happened was that Shunpo has now been mastered! So now Sora doesn't need to be worrying about being slow compared to the captains, in fact, he is probably the fastest in Soul Society now, apart from the Onmitsukado.

Having now also mastered the Yin, Yang, and Yin-Yang Jutsus, Sora is now a master at changing the attribute of his Spiritual Energy! In fact, thanks to the three types of releases, he now has a new type of energy.

[New Energy! [Elemental Energy]!]

He received [Elemental Energy] from having mastered the art in changing the properties of his spiritual energy. Mastering in using his energy was no problem, back when he defeated Beerus and Champa he had mastered the use of energy during the fight. Which was why his eyes glowed when he fought them and eventually defeated them, because his body was at its truest state of energy balance, the amount of strength pulled from his body was immense.

After receiving the energy back, he looked at the three left, one studying the energies he had, another practicing Basic Sword Moves, and the last one was practicing the Basic Spear Moves. Safe to say that the ones practicing the sword and spear moves can kill his current self rather quick.

Sora sighed and just summoned ten more Rock Clones. He sent them off to master the five basic nature jutsus while he went off to the side and finally got to training in the [Might of the Barbaric God].

He sat down in the lotus position and closed his eyes. The [Might of the Barbaric God] chant flowed through his mind and he began chanting it. The first thing he had to do, knead energy!

The energy that had to flow into the body was quite different now since Sora didn't have the Tiger Bone but instead, something even better. He had a True Dragon Ape God Bone. Even if it was a low grade at the moment, it still sufficed!

The energy it was supposed to be absorbing wasn't present in Sora's [Heavenly World]. So he wasn't sure if the improvisation was good or not, but he began to absorb the [Chaos Energy] into his body and knead it.

He gathered the Chaos Energy within the body of his in the [Storage Ring] and began collecting it.

Don't mistake what he is doing as cultivation, what he is doing it increasing his strength! Although, as a soul, he can't use the strength, but it will all work by the end.

The gathered energy in his body was put into a ball and began to stack itself. Currently the [Chaos Energy] was no longer [Chaos Energy] within his body. Now it was [Chaos Energy Might]!

[Body Cultivation (Strength) increased! [Body Refining: Lower Grade] attained!]

What Sora like about this grade was, that if he makes it to the Foundation Establishment Realm, he won't need to meditate anymore like he was doing just now. So instead of stopping, he cultivated all night until it was 5 A.M. in the morning.

[Body Cultivation (Strength) increased! [Qi Gathering: Lower Grade] attained!]

Satisfied with the results, Sora did his four hour training, then one hour of blood refining, something he hardly does now. After completing all of that, he walked out of his [Heavenly World].


Sora took out his long-sword out of its scabbard and nourished it with his spiritual energy, which he performed for three days in a row. It was all to form a connection to his Zanpakuto Spirit.


His sword vibrated in happiness as it received its nourishment from Sora's spiritual energy. Sora put his sword back in its scabbard after chuckling a bit at it for vibrating.

He walked out of his room and met an impatient Unohana who was tapping her Zanpakuto frequently. Their eyes met and Unohana quickly smiled as she spoke to Sora, "I need you to follow me, you are finally getting you Shihakusho."

"Huh? Alright," Sora nodded and followed behind her. They walked over to the Genji School and into Osamu's Classroom, which was empty at the moment. The first thing Sora did when he saw Osamu was slightly wave at him and greeted, "Morning Teach."

"That was fast, I am assuming you are here for the Shihakusho?" Osamu stood up from his chair and walked over to a closet where there was a shihakusho neatly folded with the Soul Reaper usual footwear.

Slightly grimacing at the fact the footwear looked bad in his opinion, Sora asked, "Is it mandatory to wear those footwear?"

Shaking his head whilst looking at the footwear, Osamu handed the clothes to Sora. After handing over the clothes, he took out a white obi sash and handed it over to Sora, "Although very brief, it was an honor to teach you, even if it is questionable if I even taught you, a very Genius student. Who took two days to graduate!"

"Haha!" Sora laughed as he accepted the obi sash and placed it on top of his shihakusho clothes. He turned to the door and walked with Unohana out of it before sending a look of gratitude to Osamu.

Once outside, Unohana turned to look at Sora and gripped her Zanpakuto, "I'll see you in the sparring room after you put on your uniform."

"Alright." Sora made it to his room and took off his clothes and long-sword, burning away his clothes with fire spiritual energy. A trick he learnt from nature transformation in the Jutsus, or you can just say it was [Elemental Energy], it -IS- the same.

He wore his shihakusho and also the white obi sash, he turned to look at his long-sword and realized it won't look nice to carry it on his back with his shihakusho. He removed the strap from the scabbard and placed it inside his [Storage Ring]. He placed his long-sword on his left and had it held by the white obi sash.

Seeing as he still needed some footwear, Sora used his spiritual energy and made some completely black Kung-Fu shoes. After donning a full black and white clothing, he decide to go all out and take out the [Mysterious Yin-Yang Pendant] and wore it around his neck.

He walked out of his room and instantly shunpo'd away to the sparring room.


A spar, probably a deadly one if Sora makes a mistake while fighting. After all, Unohana is a Zanjutsu Master! He is still a Zanjutsu Expert since he still hasn't grown accustomed to waving a sword around again. Much less a long-sword.

Walking into the sparring and seeing Unohana at the end of the room, Sora sighed in delight seeing as no other Gotei 13 member was present. Sora walked in front of Unohana and stood in front of her with his right hand grasping the hilt of his sword. Ready to pull it out at a moments notice.

"No need to be tense," remarked Unohana with her eyes looking at Sora's every movement. She had mastered Zanjutsu to its maximum with the thanks to a lot of people that were killed.

Sora looked at her carefully and saw her hand move to the hilt of her Zanpakuto. Once it made contact with her Zanpakuto, they both pulled the swords at the same time and slashed at each other.


The first bout rested on a draw as both swords couldn't move further. Unohana retracted her Zanpakuto and noticed an indent of a cut on the blade.

Sora smiled seeing this, his sword was reforged by himself personally. After reforging it together with the high quality iron in the Jian Sword, the long-sword in his hands was slightly sharper now.

With both hands on their respective swords, they stared at each other's eyes, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Unohana stared at Sora's eyes intently, she waited for the moment where Sora would blink and strike then and there. If this fails, she will let her battle thirsty side out and fight till one can't fight no more.


She swung her Zanpakuto as fast as she could when she saw Sora blink. This gave her the necessary time to be able to slash at Sora and be able to win. However, as if by a stroke of luck, Sora managed to block the attack and shunpo'd away as quickly as it happened.

Staying still in the middle of the Sparring Room, Unohana's dark smile crept on to her face and turned to face Sora. She stopped holding her Zanpakuto with both hands and instead held it with just one, her right hand.

"Hahaha!" She began laughing, launching herself to Sora with her Zanpakuto in hand.


The swords clashed once more and her Zanpakuto didn't chip this time showing that she reinforced it with spiritual power.



A dagger flew through the space between Sora and Unohana and stabbed him in his stomach.

"*cough* damn, you got me good," said Sora, retreating after taking a hit from the flying dagger from Unohana. She smiled darkly while maintaining her Zanpakuto up as Sora took out the dagger from his stomach. "Very crafty."


After throwing the dagger to the side, Sora held the sword with one hand and maintained his free hand to the side. He pointed the tip of his blade to Unohana and charged with unsuppressed speed.

His sword danced around in the air as he got close and yelled, "[Severing Sword Arts: Cruel Thrust]!" He thrusted his blade forward and aimed right at Unohana's throat.


The blade beautifully cut through the air and traversed over to Unohana rapidly, ready to severe anything that dares cross its path. Unohana saw the trajectory of the blade and smirked, she raised her sword above to block the blow to the neck. However when the sword tip was about to make contact with Unohana's Zanpakuto, Sora's sword dove downwards into a downward slash, cutting diagonally from the middle of her chest, close to her throat, down all the way to her left hip!



Her blood coated the floor and Sora's sword. This technique, [Severing Sword Arts: Cruel Thrust], was named so, due to the fact that it tricks the opponent to think that the thrust is the actual attack. It looks like that because the hand gripping the sword can't make the downward slash, hence the technique had the left hand grab the wrist and pull downward. The 'cruel' act of deceiving the opponent with a single thrust!

This attack alone was meant for killing, however Sora intentionally slowed down his footsteps slightly to not leave a life threatening wound on her.

Unohana staggered back and fell on the floor, her hands began to glow green and she placed them over her wounds to heal them. Sora stood back and swung his sword, removing all of Unohana's blood from it. She looked at him as she healed and said, "That was amazing, I have never seen a style like the one you have shown."

"Thanks," said Sora. He stood back and stabbed his sword into the ground waiting for Unohana to heal.

"Oh? You're not sheathing your Zanpakuto?" She asked with glee in her voice, "How did you know I still wanted to fight?"

Sora chuckled and looked straight into the eyes of Unohana, "That smile and eyes of yours show your intent to keep on fighting."

Unohana was donning on her usual evil face, that contained a lot of excitement on it. That dark smile of hers that screamed for more and her serious, wicked eyes that sought out blood!

She stood back up and picked up her Zanpakuto, "Lets keep going!"

"Stop, I will not tolerate my captains fighting!"


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Great Spiritual Power (Senkaimon Seal: High Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Expert

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Master

Kido Expert

Zanpakuto: Reaper of Souls

Zanpakuto Spirit: None

Shikai: None

Bankai: None