Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 66

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 66 Jackpot

Hearing Yamamoto's angry voice sounding within the sparring room, both Sora and Unohana put away their Zanpakutos.

"Come over here," said Yamamoto.

Both Sora and Unohana turned to face each other before walking to the location of the voice. After finding Yamamoto pretty quickly, they found that he was wearing a white haori that had a number one in the back. He carried two more haoris on his arms and held it out for both Sora and Unohana to take.

After grabbing his haori, Sora turned it over to look at the number and read, "Number 10..."

"Number 11," responded Unohana putting on the haori.

Yamamoto's calm eyes overlooked the expressions of both Sora and Unohana. Watching as both Sora and Unohana wear the haoris, he continued, "Yes, these numbers correspond to the division you will be leading. The eleventh division will focus on fighting, your insignia will be a yarrow, which signifies fighting."

Yamamoto turned to look at Sora slowly with complicated eyes before finally sighing and saying, "Although you haven't been here for long, I can safely say you will be looking over the tenth division. The insignia that I have given to your division is a daffodil, signifying mystery and egoism. Something that fits you perfectly seeing as how you are still shrouded in mystery to me."

Nodding at the words of Yamamoto and quickly donning on the haori before looking at Yamamoto once more, "When does the recruitment start?"

"In a couple of minutes," responded Yamamoto quickly, "you can choose a maximum of two lieutenants, and keep in mind there are also only ten open seats for each division for HELPing out the captain or the lieutenants."

With calm nods, both Unohana and Sora waited for more instructions regarding the recruitment process. However, Yamamoto only slightly smiled and this caused Sora to widen his eyes as he shunpo'd away to look for a place to 'recruit' for his division.


"He figured that it was the signal to start, I'm sure you did too Unohana, so why didn't you move?" Yamamoto was curious as to why Unohana didn't move from her spot even after receiving the signal.

Unohana lifted her arm slightly and looked at the sleeve of her haori and sighed. Her sight landed on her shaking hands and looked at Yamamoto, "He really is a mystery... his earlier attack still has me shaken up."

"Hm," Yamamoto hummed as he looked at the direction Sora had shunpo'd off to, "My decision wasn't wrong... if he turns out to be a terrible addition, all I have to do is kill him."

Unohana returned to her calm look, her shaking hand lowered and held tightly onto the hilt of her sword unconsciously after hearing Yamamoto's words.


"Hmmm, I don't know anyone to bring in to the Division..." Sora thought about what to do with respects to the recruiting.

He had only been in this world for at most four days and they had expected him to get people to join his division! Sora could take advantage of his good looks, but then there will be many angry shinigamis knocking at his doors...

Well that idea isn't too bad at all, Sora took a turn and went straight to an empty area.

"First, I need to get someone who is very loyal to me, and the only way to do that, is to either mind control them or hypnotize them," Sora thought out loud.

He mulled over every possible action he could take and finally remember something that he only had a single chance on. The summoning function!

The possibility to get a group of people summoned was high, and the possibility of a single person was also up there.

Betting his chances on at least five people, Sora turned the summoning function on.


[Suitable person detected... implementing loyalty design... Summoning!]


Two white lights appeared in front of Sora and soon the light disappeared revealing two well built teenagers.

One of them has short, dark and unkempt hair, parts of his bangs shooting outwards in spikes. He wears a tank top cut above the navel, gloves studded at the knuckles, fitting pants with a leather belt, and knee-high leather boots. He carried an asauchi that he kept held in hand.

"What's happening?!" yelled the man.

The other is a young man of muscular build and sporting unkempt hair, whose distinctive features are two colored spots on both cheeks. The man was relatively good looking, enough to woo some women. He has an accessory which consisted of a long thin headband patterned with a row of tessellated triangles and adorned with two feathers on each side of the head. He also carried his own asauchi.

"Calm down, we're in front of our lord," claimed the blonde haired man.

Ignoring what they were saying, Sora looked at the from head to toe. Inspecting every action they took and how well they can possibly be trained to fight.

"You with the leather boots, come over here," Sora said. The young man listened to Sora and walked up to Sora.

Sora lifted his hand up and placed it on the forehead of the young man and used an oh so forgotten technique. He copied his memories and brought them in to his mind and reviewing it at extreme speed.

Two seconds later his eyes widened in surprise as he witnessed a great technique. He even learned the name of both the men standing before him.

"So- Joseph Joestar and Caeser Zeppeli, you both will now be my lackeys. I expect a lot from you both," said Sora as he pat their shoulders.

'Luckily the system made them very loyal to me, it kept their abilities and techniques. It even added some new skills so that they can be shinigamis.'

The way Joseph and Caeser were right now, they weren't in their real bodies. According to this Verse, their real bodies died just a while ago, so they are now just souls. They even carried their own Zanpakutos, that still don't have their own spirit.

Turning around ready to leave, Sora remembered one object in his [Storage Ring] that he hasn't used yet. The [Get one, Get Another Free] ticket, quickly taking it out and marveling at it l.u.s.trous golden glimmer, he teared it in half.

[Used [Get one, Get Another Free]! Commencing next summon!]


[Suitable person detected... implementing loyalty design... Summoning!]


[Summoning Failed!]

"Damn," Sora sighed in defeat and walked away with Joseph and Caeser following behind closely.

Walking away with both Caeser and Joseph behind, he made his way over to Yamamoto's newly built house.


"These are my new recruits," stated Shiki, he pointed towards four people, two woman and two men.

"Hm," Yamamoto nodded and then let out a portion of his spiritual power to test them.


Only three from the four manage to stay standing up. One of the men had fallen on to the floor and fell unconscious.

Yamamoto nodded in satisfaction seeing only one fall, "Very good."

"Hehe, yeah Shiki, verrry good," Sora chuckled as he walked past Shiki causing him to turn his face in anger. After sending the two girls in Shiki's group a wink, both blushed and hurried their footsteps.

"Wow, master is even better at conquering women than me," mumbled Caeser.

Joseph turned to Caeser and then to a female in a white haori, "Hm hm."

Feeling Joseph leave his side, Sora turned his attention back and froze when he saw Joseph approach Unohana with an unusual gait. Quickly running to Unohana and Joseph before all hell broke lose, he made it to Unohana before Joseph can hold her hand.

"Hey Unohana," slowly said Sora as he grabbed the hand Joseph was reaching for.

"Hey! What's the big idea?!" yelled Joseph in anger.

Ignoring the man, Sora and Unohana focused on each other. Sora for trying to make Unohana not focus on the moron behind him.

Blushing because Sora held her hand, Unohana had a light blush on her face.

"How about we spar in a couple days, again?" Whispered Sora as he let her go and walked back to where he was dragging Joseph from his collar.

"Hey, what's the big idea?" asked Joseph.

"Nothing, hurry, I need to register you in along with Caeser before I can start registering my recruits myself." Sora said as he stood behind Souka.


Once it was Sora's turn, Yamamoto silently stared at Sora and then turned his gaze to the two recruits.

Opening his mouth to speak, Joseph had a bit of playfulness in his eyes and said, "Now you will say, "I will personally test you,"."

Yamamoto only nodded in response and swung his arm lightly signifying that both Caeser and Joseph could pass.

"Eh?" Joseph was at a loss. Never had his predictions gone wrong, now there was this happening and he couldn't do anything as Sora led them outside and into the recruitments dormitory.

Sora looked at both of them and sent a thumbs up before walking away and heading him. The past 6 hours had been tiring, 2 hours sparring Unohana, 3 hours traveling around to pretend he was looking for recruits and then the last hour looking for the dormitories.

After leaving the two at the dormitories, Sora headed to his room and entered his [Heavenly World].

First thing he did upon entering the [Heavenly World]? Make ten more rock clones and had five train in the basic sword moves and the other five in the spear.

Nodding at seeing six in sword and another six at the spear, Sora moved off to the side and began changing the way he breathed, and instantly...

[True Ki gained!]

[Ki is now [True Ancient Legendary God Ki]!]

Sora nodded in response seeing this and was thankful that the Hamon, or Ripple, was True Ki! As well as the fact that he had noticed it when he watched Joseph's memories.

He sat down in a lotus position and began training in the [Might of the Barbaric God] to get that somewhere.

Not even an hour in and Sora received the next level!

[Body Cultivation (Strength) increased! [Qi Gathering: Peak Grade] attained!]

"One more grade and I should be able to do technique doing daily stuff and not having to worry about the chanting!" Sora exclaimed as he pumped his fist in the air.


[Body Cultivation (Strength) increased! [Foundation Establishment: Lower Grade] attained!]

Sora dropped onto the grass as he finally completed the beginning phases. Now he can cultivate this without doing anything!

"Time to get serious," mumbled Sora. He pulled up the [Dream Master Cultivation] inside his mind.


He casted a [Shadow Clone Jutsu] and had it go to sleep and train in the Dream Master Art so that he could collect its experience when he unsummons it.

He didn't use a Rock Clone this time because he wanted to test every other types of clone jutsus. Next time he will try one, it will most likely be a wood clone.

Sora stood not far away and exited out of his [Heavenly Wolrd] to try out the Dream Master Art in Soul Society.


He slept peacefully and occasionally smiled, he was in a lucid dream, he could control anything in it and rule over everything! It was all fascinating! To change his Dream World like play-doh and make it different with every single change.

He ruled over every single plant housing his Dream World and-


[Dream Master cultivation increased! [Dream Master: Dream Building] achieved!]

Sora's dream self was elated at this! If he himself had completed this stage, than he will be in the next stage when he unsummons the [Shadow Clone].

He kept traveling throughout his Dream World and eventually learned alchemy. Now when he wants a specific effect, like being able to make a beast be subservant to himself, all he had to do was find the necessary ingredients and make the pill!

Surprised by at the rate Sora was going, he knew that it was probably because of the effects of the [Might of the Barbaric God] and the effect of his two extra thoughts! This was unheard of! Simply godly. He could create any spell, formation, array and can do even better in alchemy!

His elixir skill went up and he could now make even better potions and elixirs! Possibly even some that could prolong life for normal humans!


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Great Spiritual Power (Senkaimon Seal: High Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Expert

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Master

Kido Expert

Zanpakuto: Reaper of Souls

Zanpakuto Spirit: None

Shikai: None

Bankai: None