Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 67

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 67 Recruiting

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Waking up to darkness, which was usual in the small room he was given which had no window, Sora stood up and appeared within his heavenly world.

Quickly unsummoning his Shadow Clone, Sora gained his experience.

[Dream Master cultivation increased! [Illusionsry Divine Realm: 1st Tier] achieved!]

Sora moved onto looking at everything in his surroundings and noticed every single one of his clones working and mastering everything they were ordered to.


Training for five hours, Sora walked out of his [Heavenly World]. Doing the extra hour for his [Blood Refining], he hoped that eventually he would eventually manage to bring up the levels of his bloodlines.

Still carrying his sword on his sash, he made his way over to the recruit dormitories and waited for Joseph and Caeser.


"Hey Captain!" Joseph walked out from the dormitories wearing a shihakusho and his asauchi on his red obi sash. He kept the upper part of his shihakusho down only being held up by the red obi sash, wearing his tank top instead. He still wore his knee high leather boots, although a bad combination with his outfit, he couldn't let go of something his grandmother had bought for him.

Caeser walked next to Joseph also wearing a shihakusho, he didn't change anything about his clothes. Only thing that remained from his previous outfit, was his trademark headband. Caeser looked at Joseph angrily and said, "Show proper respect to the captain! I'm sorry Captain, I will teach Joseph etiquette next time!"

He bowed his head to Sora. Sora nonchalantly waved his arm and said, "No need, just remain relaxed at all times."

"Yes Captain," responded Caeser. He got on one knee and bowed. Joseph just couldn't believe it, his captain just said to remain relaxed, yet Caeser still got on one knee.

"Hais, unbelievable," Joseph shook his head with a smile.

"Lets get moving, we have to go to Head Captain Yamamoto's house, I have to ask a couple of questions," Sora moved on to the direction of Yamamoto's house with his hands behind his back.

"What does Captain need from the Head Captain?" Caeser was pretty curious this time around, he somewhat knew the background of his mysterious Captain. Besides being able to summon people, he knows that Sora could travel between universe and that he has a body that is still alive. Although everything else is still cloudy and both he and Joseph don't know the body's location. All this led to one question, can he, Caeser, find a way to get his Captain to revive his father and find his master, Lisa Lisa?

Sora turned his head slightly to the side and glared his eyes at Caeser, "We need knew recruits and need a location for our division."

"Hehe, Captain is pretty smart, Caeser you need to help give Captain more ideas. He's doing all the work," smugly said Joseph.

"Why you..."

"No fighting," reprimanded Sora seeing as to how they are proving each other.


Eventually arriving to the Yamamoto's house, Sora left both Joseph and Caeser outside and walked in.

"Yo Head Captain," smiled Sora, "I need to recruit members, so I was wondering if you know any good people I can recruit."

Yamamoto looked up from his table and papers to look at the new addition in the room.

"Hm, well seeing as you came to me to ask," Yamamoto sighed and stroke his mustache. Then smiled looking at Sora approach and stand in front of the desk, "There is the Shihoin Clan, Tsunayashiro Family and the Ryodoji Clan."

Nodding and remembering the names, Sora asked, "What are their locations?"

With another moment of waiting and thinking, Yamamoto gave him the locations of three he mentioned. After that Yamamoto asked, "What else requires my assistance?"

With a careful smile and placing his hands on the table, "Where will I and my division be situated in Soul Society?"

"Oh that? Don't worry about it, we will worry about that some other time, for now we need to gather our forces and strengthen ourselves," Yamamoto mentioned with a serious expression.

"Hmm, alright. If you say so old man," Sora mentioned as he left the room and walked back to Joseph and Caeser.

"I'm not an old man! I'm only 1,200+ years old!"


With the ending of the charade between Sora and Yamamoto, Sora took Joseph and Caeser to the places he was told for new recruits.

"Where will we be going to first captain?" Joseph asked as walked on Sora's left.

"Well, when Head Captain mentioned some of the houses or clans, he would slightly change the way he said it," Sora explained as he kept walking as he took a glance to Joseph and Caeser. "So we will be going to Ryudoji Clan first."

"Why them?" asked Caeser.

"Well the Head Captain recommended them, that and they sounded less dangerous than the other two," Sora sighed. 'Although, they probably won't pose much of a threat besides the whole amount of spiritual power someone has and that they outnumber me.'

"Heh," snickered Joseph before receiving a punch to the face and knocked off his feet.


Sora found himself in front of a grand door with a big man standing in front of it.

"I am the gatekeeper of the 'Black Stream Gate', state your reason to pass," bellowed the huge man.

Awed by the sheer size of the man, easily standing at 300 cm, Sora stated his reason, "To recruit."

The man froze for a moment and began to laugh, "Bahahaha! You think you can recruit the nobles! For what? A position as a merchant?"

With a stare that could kill a normal man, Sora states, "I am part of a group, and I wish to invite them to said group."

"Haha, sure, I will let you. Then let you suffer at the hands of the noblemen," laughed the man. He turned around and lifted the huge gate letting Sora, Joseph and Caeser pass.


"Hey Joseph, why are you so quiet? I was sure you would have attacked the man already," chuckled Sora.

"Mmmm, mmm mmm mm mmm."

"Huh?" Sora turned his head only to see Joseph being held back by Caeser.


The gate fell back down after the gatekeeper let go of it.

"Huah, that stupid giant will surely get a punch to the head when I return," Joseph said with a calm expression.

"Oh shut up," said Sora turning around and walking towards the Ryudoji Clan.

Tok tok!

"State your reasons for passing!"

"Recruitment for Gotei 13!"

"Hold for a moment!"


"Master, there is a person in the front gate asking to recruit some of our people for a group called Gotei 13," said a man running to a person sitting behind his small desk.

"Hmm, Gotei 13? Let him in," signaled the man with a wave of his hand.

"Yes sir!"


"The head of the clan has decided to listen to your request! You may pass!"


The gate opened and allowed for Sora and his group to pass into the grounds of the Ryudoji Clan.

"Follow me please."

A man came to Sora and led him through the Ryudoji grounds.


"Please sit, I am Sakonji Ryudoji. To what do I owe your visit to recruit my clan members into your... Gotei 13?" Standing in front of the desk, a man with white hair and a scar running along his cheek spoke.

Sora smiled and looked at the man before responding, "I am Sora. And no, not MY group, I'm only a captain of a single division within it."


"I came here to recruit your people into the tenth division of the Gotei 13," informed Sora.

Sukonji stared at Sora with squinting eyes and remarked, "Tenth? Isn't that a little weak?"

"Weak? Haha," laughed Sora. To think that his division is being considered weak! This needs to change. "Haha, no! Not at all, the Gotei 13 isn't set up like that. We are determined by professions in each division. My division centers around Mystery, so most of my skills are a mystery to Gotei 13 and obviously everyone out of Gotei 13."

"Well..." sweatdropped Sakonji, "I will allow you to pick twenty people from my clan. Everyone else has very important duties that helps keep up the clan. We are a very small clan.."

Sora stood up and approached the man with a very confident walk. He stood in front of the man and nodded, "Alright then, lets shake on it!"

"Shake on it?"

Lifting his hand and grabbing Sakonji's hand, Sora shook it to show the deal has been complete.

"Okay! Lead me to the people I must recruit!"

Shake hands? Sakonji has never heard of anything like it!

"Huh, oh yeah," nodded Sakonji.


Recruiting! The most boring job someone could take. Having to see many faces over and over. Old, young, cute, ugly, wide and enlarged, many came to join the said group of Gotei 13.

After over two hours! Sora had finally gathered everyone around. He managed to strike a deal with the Ryudoji Clan Head with bribing him. Sakonji will be able to ask for two to four of his people being taken to the tenth division, to come back to guard his clan.

With this, Sora took 30 people with him away. All that is left is to travel to the next place. Tsunayashiro Clan.

"Joseph! I see you took a liking to one of the new recruits," teased Sora. The fact that only two hours had passed ever since they had just entered and began recruitment. Joseph has already found someone to woo over.

"Of course! I need to continue the Joestar family here in Soul Society!" Joseph took a 'wise' look. He occasionally turned his head around too look at said girl.

"Hou~ you just gave me the idea to continue the Zeppeli family, my father and grandfather would be happy," grinned Caeser looking at the girl that Joseph took a liking to.


"It's a joke!"

"Calm down you two. Stop playing around." Sora sighed seeing the fight the two were having and just decided never promote them to being lieutenants. Seeing as how the two have a strong sense of rivalry and comradeship.

"What playing? This is a real rivalry," snap backed Joseph.

"Idiot! That's the captain you're talking to!" Caeser lunged at Joseph and sent a punch to his abdomen.


"Hoho, now you will say, 'What?! How did you stop my punch?'" Predicted Joseph who had stopped Caesar's punch knowingly.

Seeing as how his punch was stopped, Caeser looked at the hand that stopped him and yelled, "What? How did you stop my- guh! Matters not! I will just throw another punch."

"Wait wait wait wait! No stooop!" Joseph put up his hands waiting for Caesar's punch. Once it got close to him, he smirked and quickly sent an uppercut to Caesar's jaw knocking him out.

Everyone looked at the whole spectacle from the side with wide eyes. Sora was even surprised by everything that happened in just five minutes. "Woah Joseph, I didn't know you can box."

"Huh? Oh no, I just copied a movement from some guy I had fought in the past," Joseph scratched the back of his head embarrassingly. Back when he was alive, he was known to be hot blooded. So he decided to change that with this 'second' life and be more calm.

As well as using his illusion skills to his advantage whenever he fights someone.

"You learn from being beat? That's good to know," said Sora. He gave a very dark smile with his eyes staring intensely to Joseph's sweating and scared face.

Joseph felt that he had just said something very stupid but didn't know what it was. Now his future looked filled with broken bones and bruises littering his body from head to toe.

'May you Rest In Peace,' (New Recruits)


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Great Spiritual Power (Senkaimon Seal: High Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Expert

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Master

Kido Expert

Zanpakuto: Reaper of Souls

Zanpakuto Spirit: None

Shikai: None

Bankai: None