Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 68

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 68 Two Groups Recruited

A/N: should I drop this story when it gets to chapter 69 to end it on a good note? No? Okay.

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Only things left is to change the fact that he remained a 'v.i.r.g.i.n' until he jumped Casion.


"Joseph I need you to take Caeser and the new recruits back to the division," ordered Sora. They stood outside of the Tsunayashiro Family grounds and Sora was afraid that he won't be able to recruit the Tsunayashiro Family. Especially when his huge group looks intimidating to a normal person. "We can't have them think something bad is happening. That, and the new recruits need to get used to the division they will be in."

Joseph understood and quickly took everyone away from the location. He even made sure that some guys carried Caesar.

After making sure that they had left the area, Sora went over to the gate of the Tsunayashiro Family and knocked on the huge gate.

The same scene occurred once again as it did in the Ryudoji Clan. He had to wait for the guards to get the okay from the family head to allow him to enter.

While waiting for the doors to open, Sora expanded his senses over the Tsunayashiro Family grounds. He looked over every person in there and found out that only a select few held Zanpakutos.

'Why would Yamamoto send me here?' Sora asked himself as he was led in and taken to the head of the Family.

"I am Takumi Tsunayashiro, head of the Family and holder of Enryakoten," proclaimed a youthful man. He had blonde hair and held a Zanpakuto on his hand.

Nodding at the man's words, Sora kept his hand on his sword's hilt seeing as how the man kept his Zanpakuto on hand. He looked at Takumi and asked, "Is your family special in any sort of way?"

"Why? I'm not obligated to answer that, state the reason why you're here," growled Takumi.

Making sure not sour the mood any further, Sora relaxed and placed his hands behind his back as he smiled. He took a few steps forwards and stated, "I came to your family to recruit some of your men to my 10th division."

"Alright." Takumi was glad he could have some of his men taken to be made stronger. Heck, even his family members would be able to grow stronger, with the exception of those in direct line to him.

Slightly squinting his eyes at the man's nonchalant and quick agreement, Sora spoke, "Will you be willing to enter my division as a 3rd seat?"

Both Sora and Takumi looked at each other for a moment. Takumi chuckled a bit with his grip lessening on his Zanpakuto. He slapped the Zanpakuto on the desk behind him and said, "Why not second seat?"

With his eyes gazing upon Takumi's Zanpakuto, Sora mentally nodded when he roped in Takumi with the offer.

"Of course you can't be a lieutenant, what will I say to the Shihoin Clan?" snorted Sora. He was laughing on the inside, he won't offer the lieutenant seat to the Shihoin Clan at the beginning. He has to lead them into the trap slowly.

"The Shihoin Clan?! On second thought.. third seat sounds fine," timidly said Takumi.


Sora walked up to Takumi and slapped his shoulder lightly. "Let's go then!"

Sora took Takumi out of his house and led him to the large empty land next to the front gate.

"Everyone listen up! Your Family head has allowed me to take 40 of you back to my division! Anyone who wants to join me line up! Keep in mind that there may be a lot of deaths and fighting enemies, mainly hollows."

Over half of the people in the Tsunayashiro Family lined up. Which amounted to over 100 people, enough to test and then recruit.


After finishing the recruiting process, Sora led Takumi and the new recruits outside.

"Takumi, if you are willing, can you tell me what your Zanpakuto can do?" Sora wondered ever since he saw Takumi's expert sword handlings. It's style of change was very intriguing, although it always returned back to the same point and eventually changed route once more.

A changing sword style.

Something not new to all the sword styles Sora knew but very rare indeed to see someone practicing said sword style.

"Maybe when I get that third seat officially," smirked Takumi.

"Haha! Soon! Don't worry about it," Sora chuckled and waved away the comment.

Sora talked with Takumi a bit more before sending him to where the tenth division was going to be settled for the time being.


Seeing them walk away, Sora smiled and walked towards the Shihoin Clan.

His senses were still all over his surroundings surveying the area around himself. When he sensed multiple people following him, when he began walking towards the Shihoin clan, Sora smiled. He maintained his senses on them to make sure they didn't attack him.

Approaching the Shihoin Clan, Sora noticed that someone was already standing at the front of the clan. Seeming as if he was waiting for someone to approach the gate.


"Sora? Am I correct?" the man asked. He had purple hair, dark skin and golden eyes, he looked almost exactly like Rin Shihoin. "My name is Yoshiro Shihoin."

"Yes, that is correct, I am Sora. Are you by any chance Rin Shihoin's relative?" Sora asked. Besides looking younger than Rin, Yoshiro had an air around himself that screamed amateur in every sense.

Going wide eyed from being recognized so easily, Yoshiro asked, "How did you know?"

Sora mentally slapped himself in the forehead as he looked at the innocent-like look on Yoshiro's face. "You do know that you look almost identical to him?"

"Well of course! I am his son," Yoshiro proclaimed as he puffed up his chest.

Chuckling at the actions of the future clan head, Sora approached Yoshiro, and before he can do anything, many Onmitsukado members surrounded him.

With the smile on his face disappearing, Sora coldly looked at all the members surrounding him. Although Sora expected all of this to happen, seeing them rush in without paying a bit more attention to what was occurring made him annoyed.

"Stop! We were just talking!" Yoshiro quickly jumped in and the Onmitsukado members quickly looked at him before disappearing. "Sorry about that Sir Sora!"

Waving his hand to downplay the earlier situation, Sora sighed, "Don't worry about it, can you lead me inside? I need to talk with your father."

"Sure! Father was waiting for you anyways!" Happily opening the door to the Shihoin Clan, Yoshiro lead Sora to the main clan building.


Inside the building stood five people on each side of the pathway that led straight to a thrown like chair. There on the thrown like chair sat Rin Shihoin, Yoshiro's dad.

"Father, he's here-"

"How many times have I told you not to call me father when we have guests! Call me Clan Head," hissed Rin Shihoin as he stared at his own son with annoyance. "Everyone leave now! Sora and Yoshiro, you both stay."

'Of course I will stay, I need to talk with you,' Sora thought as he sighed once more and stood next to a depressed Yoshiro.

Tak tak-

Once everyone left, Rin stood up from his chair and approached his son and placed his hand on Yoshiro's head. He moved his gaze from the slightly relieved Yoshiro to a waiting Sora.

"I know you came to recruit some of the members in my Clan into your division," started Rin. He kept his eyes fixated on Sora's face making sure to catch the tiniest of details of change in his expression.

"Of course you would know," smirked Sora. Why wouldn't the head of the Onmitsukado, a group of stealth and assassination members, not know that a figure, not concealing his presence and his motives, was approaching his Clan? Especially when they even have a division set up for information gathering!

"Hmm..." Rin let his hand down and placed it on his chin as he inspected Sora, "well, I will let you take some clan members if you takenYoshiro in as a lieutenant.."

Sora perked up his ears hearing that the position of lieutenant was already being put down on the table for dealing.

Continuing, Rin said, "If you do that, you can take ten Onmitsukado members under your jurisdiction and forty people from my clan."

Smiling at the very lucrative deal, Sora knew that he couldn't just give a minor position while being given such a big reward. "What else is there that you're not telling me?"

With Sora already noticing that there was more to it than just accepting that, Rin smiled. He told Yoshiro to leave the room real quick and once he did, he told Sora, "My son is very... lively. I need you to temper him. That, and you joining the Onmitsukado."

"Now why would the Commander in Chief need me to join?" slyly asked Sora.

Sighing at what he has to do, Rin responded, "Recently a Corps Commander of my Onmitsukado defected and I had to send an order of assassination. We lost over half of our assassins to him.."

"And this has to do with me because?"

"Because I heard you were a master at Hakuda and that you are an expert at Shunpo. However my sources tell me that not only are you a master at Hakuda, but also an expert in shunpo, an expert in Zanjutsu and possibly even an expert in Kido," he paused and sat back down on his chair. "And the assassination group that lost over half of its members was the Executive Militia. Which is where the defected corps commander came from."

Sora nodded and looked at Rin once more before sighing and nodding, "Alright, I will join. However, Head Captain Yamamoto's orders will take priority over your orders."

Giving a knowing smile, Rin laid his head back in rest and gazed at Sora. He wants to make the right choice of making someone whom he doesn't even know be a Corps Commander for the Executive Militia. He even tried scaring Sora by saying that a Corps Commander died by the corps he was leading. However every action up till now was filled with confidence and a bit of arrogance, something he liked in a Corps Commander.

"I knew I made the right decision, you have loyalty where it is supposed to be. That's all I need for now," sighed Rin. "Just make sure to train my son well."

"Haha! Very well said Commander!" Sora laughed.

"Here take this clothes," Rin grabbed a bundle of clothes that were off to the side and handed it to Sora.

What Rin had handed over to Sora was a bundle of ninja clothes for Sora without the headgear. There were no shoes involved in the clothing and it was very light. A good outfit for Sora to wear, it was tight enough for Sora to move freely in it without being hindered by the baggy clothes of the shihakusho. The ends of his clothes were wrapped around by black bandages, the white obi sash remained instead of being replaced by the black one.

"Nice," commented Sora taking the clothes off Rin's hands.

"Of course, it was made for optimal movement, quick speed, and to look fashionable. And with that Haori of yours, it will look even better!" Rin laughed and walked outside to call for a clan meeting.

Everyone gathered and stood in front of the main clan's house. Rin began explaining the clans decision to letting an outside recruit people from their clan.

A third of the people that had gathered dispersed when they found out they were being recruited.


Leaving happily after another two hours, Sora took Yoshiro, ten Onmitsukado members, and forty Shihoin Clan members. He even took a position in the fearful group of Onmitsukado!

"What a good haul in just one day, over 133 members, and a position as a Corps Commander." Sora chuckled and looked at everyone following back with him to the tenth division.


"Yo big guy! Open the door!" Sora yelled to get the big man's attention.

"Haha! Back already! Did you finally give up?" Asked the big man still not opening the door.


The big man opened the gate and held over his head. He turned expecting to look at a sad and alone Sora only to land his gaze on the son of the Shihoin Clan Head. He froze and averted his gaze from everyone in the group and let them pass.

Sora smiled seeing as how he had made the big man humiliated after he had tried to humiliate him first.

"See yah some other time big guy, Haha!" Sora chuckled and led everyone to the tenth division. Not long after he found himself there and the other 72 people.

Nodding at the amount of people, he had them gather and form lines. He separated the Onmitsukado members off to the side since what Sora was about to say didn't need them participating in it. Joseph, Caeser and Yoshiro were told to line up along with them.

Sora grinned and yelled, "You will all be joining Genji School! There you will learn how to use your asauchi before it turns into a Zanpakuto! You will learn Hakuda! You will learn some Kido! And you WILL train in shunpo!


After Sora dismissed them, they all headed to the recruit dormitories before heading over to join Genji School.

"This will be fun!"


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Great Spiritual Power (Senkaimon Seal: High Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Expert

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Master

Kido Expert

Zanpakuto: Reaper of Souls

Zanpakuto Spirit: None

Shikai: None

Bankai: None