Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 69

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 69 Plans

Sora clapped his hands happily and walked back to his room. He made his way through the hallway that led straight to his room. Before he could open the door to his room, an Onmitsukado member appeared to the right of him.

Frowning in displeasure for not being able to enter his room, Sora turned to the Onmitsukado member and said, "Speak."

"We need orders from you sir," said the man. Although orders weren't needed, those who don't follow the rules, or at least report to their corps commander, would be heavily punished.

Sighing for forgetting his duty as the new Corps Commander, Sora nodded, "Alright, just keep doing things how you have always done. Keep a detailed report of every assassination and any to be assassinations. When you can't deal with an enemy above the leagues of the Executive Militia, come to me and I will deal with it."

"Yes!" With that the Onmitsukado member shunpo'd away at incredible speed.

Sora nodded and went to sleep working on the Dream Master Art.


Waking up feeling refreshed Sora did his five hour training in the [Heavenly World] and even instructed his Rock Clones, besides the ones working with weapons, new orders. That after finishing the Basic Transformation jutsus, to move on to the next level of the jutsus, Combined Nature Transformations.

He didn't walk out of his room the whole day and focused on feeding his Asauchi his spiritual power.


Once night approached he continued working on the Dream Master Art. After no more progress in it and waking up to more darkness. Sora sighed and entered his [Heavenly World] to complete his five hour training.


His bloodlines began to boil! This showed that one, if not most, will begin a breakthrough to the next level!

With closer inspection on the bloodlines, Sora found out that his [Giant Bloodline] was the one breaking through!

After leaving it halfway through for 6 months, it is finally showing signs of breaking through!


[The [Giant Bloodline] has evolved! [Giant King Bloodine] achieved!]

[New Skill!

Giant King:

- Rule over all giants weaker than you! Give them any order and it shall be their destiny to fulfill it!]

"Gah~" With steam coming out of Sora's mouth, he happily sighed as he felt himself grow a few centimeters taller.

He stood up and walked out of his [Heavenly World] and room.

After much thought, Sora decided to go check up on his division members. He made his way over to the training of his division and noticed Kei, the Buddha like man, standing there looking at his own recruits, which numbered up to 87 recruits of his.

"Sup' Kei!" Sora yelled. He walked up to the calm Buddha man and stood next to him, also looking at his own recruits.

"Hello there Sora," mumbled Kei. He kept his smiling face and was relatively more calm this time when hearing the word 'sup'.

"How are your recruits dude?" Sora looked around and noticed Joseph sparring with the girl he said he liked. As well as Caeser approaching some of the girls in Kei's Division.

"Dude? You come up with the weirdest words. My recruits are alright, besides some of them falling for that nice fellow in your division, everything seems to be coming out alright." Kei lowered his head and nodded.

Sora looked at him and smiled, "You really like this whole Division thing, eh?"

"Hehe, yes. I think of them as my family. After I lost my family, Head Captain is the only person I can rely on. Although he is difficult to handle sometimes, he's very caring," Kei chuckled with a reminiscing gaze as he looked down to the recruits.

"Say, why are you telling me this Kei?" Sora said as he maintained his gaze on his own recruits.

"Because I am sure that you will be living longer than any of us here, call it a hunch, but I hope you protect the captain if I shall ever perish," Kei looked at Sora and gave a friendly smile.

"Damn, well you can count on me Kei. I hardly know you, you hardly know me, yet you make me do such a thing," Sora chuckled and nodded at Kei. "I will do my best Kei."

"Haha," Kei laughed and looked back to his recruits, "thank you..."

Sora shook his head and also focused on the training. Both had their eyes follow each recruit of theirs to make sure they weren't doing anything wrong.


"Oh!!!" Sora stood up abrubtly and seemed to remember something, "I promised a spar to Unohana!"

"What?! To the kenpachi!" Kei shook and turned his head to Sora.

"What do you mean kenpachi?" Sora asked.

"That's a nickname she came up with the day after she made her division. It's filled with ruthless sword users, they're very brutal," Kei sighed and shook his head at Sora having to fight Unohana.



After leaving the school, Sora made his way to fight with Unohana. He fought with Unohana multiple time, winning each single fight with little damage. With each fight that she lost, she would end up growing a bit stronger in the next fight.

With the last fight ending with Sora having to knock out Unohana because she didn't want to give up fighting.

"Hais~ I hope she doesn't hate me for that," Sora sighed and walked back to his room.

He sighed because he had to deal with studying the hollowfication process of the souls and shinigamis. The objective of this is to look for a way to make himself stronger and to not risk loosing himself to being a hollow.


He traveled to his room and entered the [Heavenly World]. With a single motion, he summoned a couple of Mud Clones.

All the clones that Sora had summoned so far looked exactly like him. They were even souls!

Although each of these 'souls' were weaker than himself, they were still souls in the end. Each of these 'soul' were made of physical things, but once their creation is complete, their mud, rock, Crystal, mist, etc. clone bodies would become soul like.

Mostly due to the fact that Sora uses spiritual energy to make these clones.


After making four Mud Clones, Sora moved on to thinking back to the hollowfication process effect on a soul.

He looked at the clones and ordered them to study the effects by looking for ways to make an artificial soul. He allowed the use of their spiritual energy and find a way to create the artificial soul.

With the knowledge of every Kido, how a soul and shinigami are, and the general weak points. Sora had everything ready to be able to make an artificial soul. All that is left is the materials, but that is covered by all the jutsus he has at his disposal.

The only reason he knew everything that had to do with a soul or a shinigami was because of the Kidos. Kaido, or spiritual healing arts, had the knowledge pertaining to souls. It was necessary in order to properly heal the souls and shinigamis.

What is left, is the way in making the process of making a hollow.

Sora had already been thinking about making a good Kido for this particular job. The two extra thoughts in his mind and Sora pitched in the idea to make a mixed Kido. It would have the use of seals and hado, the hado would pierce the artificial soul in its chain of fate, and the seal will be used to keep it strapped down and held in place. (A/N: Seal is the stronger version of barriers.)

To keep it from teleporting when it is hollowfied, it will anchor it to the ground. As much pillars, as there are limbs, plus the body, will fall down on the hollow and restrain it.

The head will be left alone to feed it the artificial hollows and make the hollow even stronger!

A pretty versatile Kido. With this Kido, he should be a Kido master by now but unbeknownst to everyone else. With this kido, it will easily allow him to create hollows and even keep them sealed.

If he manages to perfect the artificial soul creation, then he would be able to make an artificial soul resembling a dragon ape. Then creating a hollow from it would benefit him a lot in strength.


Sora left the [Heavenly World] and paid a visit to Yamamoto.

"Captain Yamamoto!" yelled Sora as he made his way into the office.

"Hm? Sora, come on in," said Yamamoto as he looked at the work on his desk.

Sora walked in and looked at Yamamoto seriously before asking, "How do I increase my spiritual power?"

Although Sora has studied every single Kaido and learnt many things about a soul and shinigamis body, he hadn't found anything about the increase in spiritual power. Right now, he needs to increase how much spiritual energy he has and go above what is considered immense. Only then will he truly be strong.

By the time he has achieved a level above immense spiritual power, will he get the hollow like powers. Which will result in almost double the strength by the time he has gone through hollowfication!

"Strength?" Yamamoto mumbled and stood up. He removed the upper part of his clothing and showed his scars scattered all over his body. "Only way to grow you spiritual power, is from life and death battles."

'Life and death battles? I can't do that... I'm already at my... limit...'

With that thought, Sora smiled and decided to make a type of seal on his bandages that wrap around his arms and legs. Those seals will limit his spiritual power to a certain limit and make him fight life and death battles!

"Then Captain... can I have permission to travel to the world where hollows reside," asked Sora with an inquisitive gaze.

Squinting his eyes, Yamamoto said, "Yes. However, should you die in Hueco Mundo, I will have to immediately replace you."

"Hehe, you won't have to do any replacing Captain. I can perfectly take care of myself," chuckled Sora.

Yamamoto didn't say anything. He lifted up his upper part of his shihakusho and put it back on. He sat down and looked at Sora carefully.

"Well then, I shall take my leave," Sora bowed and left the room.


After making his way outside, Sora went ahead to his room and started placing some runes in each corner. These tunes he was placing down were going to increase the space of the room and add more durability to everything in the surroundings of the room.


The twelve by twelve room expanded almost ten times its original size!

Sora marveled the huge space he made for himself and quickly made some light runes in the corners of the room. The light runes will allow him to control how dark or bright it is in the room.

Smiling at a job well down, he walked over to the door to the room and opened it. He walked out of the room and looked back into it.

The room still looked small in appearances but the inside was big. (A/N: Just think of the Tardis from Dr. Who.)

He walked back into the room and closed the door. After closing the door he began to remove the bandages from his uniform and began drawing runes on them for the purpose of sealing his spiritual power to the lowest level, Basic Spiritual Power.

Sora wasn't going to use the clones to put him near the death state since that wouldn't be fun. He would've rather fight interestingly against an enemy he knows nothing about!


Once he was done with that, he headed outside of his room and went straight to the Senkaimon.

"Ready the Senkaimon!" Ordered Sora as he walked in front of the gates.

The Kido corps guarding the Senkaimon opened it after seeing it was Sora. They only remember him from seeing him Yamamoto the day they went to the Human World.


The Senkaimon began to open and Sora jumped in to the Dangai.


Running at full speed and limited use of Shunpo, Sora eventually made it to the door leading to Hueco Mundo.

"Damn," said Sora as he looked at the unchanging night that covers the sky and an endless white desert covers the ground. He looked at some tree-like objects in the distance, but he knew that those weren't tree. They were most likely made up of reishi and the dead hollows that don't disappear from Hueco Mundo.

He took a careful step and began moving forward into the endless desert.

"Where are the hollows?"

Sora scanned the endless desert looking for a hollow. No matter how hard he looked, he couldn't find anything.



Letting out his spiritual energy that he can't use, Sora waited for the hollows to come to him.

And the wait wasn't long...


A hollow jumped out of the ground! As soon as it did, Sora sealed again his spirtual energy and shunpo'd away from its line of attack.


The fist of the hollow crashed into the sand covering the ground and turned to look at a Sora unsheathing his sword.


"Time to get better at using my sword..." Sora held his long-sword on his right hand kept his left hand close.

"Gurahh!" The hollow jumped straight at Sora. It sensed that Sora had a very low spiritual power and deicided to eat him.

Holding his sword low, Sora waited for it to get closer before striking. However before he could land a blow, the hollow disappeared.

"Shit..." Sora underestimated his use of spiritual power. Now he can barely even follow the movements of a hollow with High Spiritual Power!


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Great Spiritual Power (Personal Seal: Basic Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Expert

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Master

Kido Expert

Zanpakuto: Reaper of Souls

Zanpakuto Spirit: None

Shikai: None

Bankai: None