Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 70

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 70 Achieving Something

Facing off against a hollow used to be easy for Sora. Facing it now in his sealed form? Difficult and a pain in the ass.

Having his power sealed and having to fight a hollow that is even difficult for high spiritual power fighters.

Maintaining their gaze on each other for a short moment before the Hollow finally decided to make the first move!


The hollow moved quickly throughout the sand on the desert. It's speed was incredibly fast compared to Sora's slow moving speed in his sealed form.

"Move faster why don't you!" roared Sora. He could easily perceive where the hollow will move to next, but his strength and speed couldn't match it. Sora's reaction time is too slow compared to when he had his spiritual power at its fullest!

"Gurah!" Shrieking once more before running straight at Sora, the hollow jumped at him and tried biting him. Its mouth was wide open and it contained another mouth within it.


Sora hacked his sword at the hollow's mask, hopefully to at least chip the mask. Nothing could be worse than not chipping its mask when you can't harm a hollow.


The sword and the teeth of the hollow met each other and Sora was pushed back! He grit his teeth and tried pushing forward with all his might. He infused some of his spiritual energy to his legs and back to push the hollow back.

The hollow jumped back, letting Sora fall, and then charged forward to Sora with its spear like hand. Sora had no time to dodge while he was falling forward and decided to deflect it with his sword.


"Shit, I didn't think it would be this difficult!" Sora snickered. He was pushed back after he had deflected the attack. His current strength wasn't enough to contend against a hollow like the one he is currently fighting!

Looking for any other alternative he can possibly take, Sora remembered a good Kido for the occasion and yelled, "[Had #11: Tsuzuri Raiden]!"

Sora casted the Kido and it made lightning course through his sword from his touch on it. He quickly dashed to the hollow before the time on the Kido runs out and attacked it.

He jumped up in the air performed a hooking motion on the hollow and stabbed the back of its head. With the lightning moving from the sword to the hollow, Sora effectively stunned the huge monster and jumped off it.

However, not being as easy as it looked, the Hollow shook its head and looked at the figure jumping off his head.

"Guh!" Sora was slapped away as soon as he landed on the floor by the same hollow he had thought he just stunned.

The hollow looked at him and began shrieking in a laugh-like way. With such little spiritual energy going into the attack, the effect of the stunned state would be less too, especially when the oppoent has more spiritual energy than said caster.

Crashing into the ground, Sora impaled his sword in the ground and tried standing up. Blood ran down his head and he was hurt all over his body. With a simple motion with his free hand, Sora began using Kaido to heal himself as he looked at the hollow warily.


The hollow angrily shrieked seeing Sora heal himself and dashed to Sora quickly punching him up into the air. After Sora was launched up in the air, the hollow opened its mouth wide open, ready to eat him up whole when he falls down.

Sora saw this and began doing front flips as fast as he could. The spinning got fast and faster until Sora finally decide to slice at the Hollow. He stopped spinning and the momentum in the sword allowed Sora to slice the hollow right in half.

"Gurahhh..." The hollow's shriek began to disappear along with its light blue particles taking its place and quickly flying off.

[1/100 Life or Death Battles completed until [Immense Spiritual Power] is achieved!] (A/N: This is not a quest, it's just a reminder for Sora. Which will allow him to know how far he is from his goal.)

"Hagh... that was more difficult than I expected," Sora sighed and sat down. He began casting a Kaido and began healing his head and began moving down to his battered body.

He felt a tad bit stronger already after fighting the hollow in the Life or Death battle. Although a miniscule amount, it is enough for him to be able to keep going.


(Six Days Later)

[5/100 Life or Death Battles completed until [Immense Spiritual Power] is achieved!]

"Hais, this is taking longer than I had hoped it would. I guess that shows how hard the road to strength is difficult," sighed Sora. He had been fighting hollows and healing himself after every single fight of his. In fact, he feels like a street fighter now, receiving challenges whenever he is seem walking down a street. Excpet the street is Hueco Mundo and the challengers are hollows.

In these six day, he hasn't been slacking in his training in his [Heavenly World] and neither had his two thoughts in his mind slacked off in trying to understand the three mysterious Kidos.

Sora had his fill of Hueco Mundo as of now and decided to return to Soul Society before Yamamoto reports him dead.

He took out his sword and struck it in the air making half the blade disappear. Twisting the sword to the left like a key, a Senkaimon opened and Sora retrieved his asauchi and walked into the Senkaimon.


Dashing off to Captain Yamamoto's place, Sora hoped he wasn't counted as dead as he made his way over there. Standing outside the door to Yamamoto's chamber, Sora yelled, "Captain Yamamoto! It's me Sora! I'm coming in!"

He opened the door and walked in to seeing a man with short, light hair and short eyebrows. He wore the standard Shinigami uniform with a white robe over it which was clasped at the front by a simple knot.

"Please accept me Ejisai-dono!" yelled the young man while he was in a dogeza position. Yamamoto looked at him with emotionless eyes and swept his gaze past him to set his gaze on Sora.

"Eh? Is this a confession?" Sora said with a false nervous expression as he slowly walked backwards towards the door.

"NO!" Yamamoto looked at Sora with an irritated expression and just sighed before asking Sora, "So.. what did you need me for?"

"I don't need anything, I just came here to tell you I am still alive," sighed Sora. Now he regrets coming here to tell Yamamoto that he was still alive so that he didn't give away his position away.

He worked hard for a total of almost seven days, counting when he left, and he returns to make sure his position isn't gifted away.

"Alright, see yah captain. I will submit a repot of my travels tomorrow," said Sora as he bowed his head in respect before leaving.

"I will await your report."


Sora walked out of Yamamoto's chamber and made his way over to Genji Schoo.

"Oi! Caeser! Joseph! Yushiro!" shouted Sora. He made his way inside the school and saw all three, Caeser, Joseph and Yushiro waiting for him.'

"Captain! Where were you these past eight days!?" shouted Yushiro.

Sora looked at all three carefully before nodding happily at seeing their strength slightly rise.

"Why does it matter. Listen, I need you three to graduate in a year. You three are the strongest in my division, besides me," Sora said as he scratched the back of his head with his right hand. He had plans for all three of them in the future. They were going to be used to gather hollows and keep the village in the Human World safe.

"Yes captain!"

The three left and went back to training to the fullest. A year will most likely pass by quickly with the life span of a soul.

Sora went back to his room and entered his [Heavenly World] to check on the progress.

"How is everything going with the research?" asked Sora. He looked at two incubation chambers which held a wolf cub and a tiger cub.

One of the mud clones took a clip board and gave it to Sora. "Everything is going well. We decided to first work with creating artificial animal soul. The complexity behind a human soul is difficult to understand right now. If we study the artificial animal souls for a week.."

"... after they have reached maturity..."

"... we should be able to begin preparations right away after studying them," finished off one of the other clones.

Sora looked at the two incubation chambers and nodded in satisfaction at seeing progress. He turned to the four clones before nodding and unsummoning them.


The four mud clones turned back into mud. After receiving all the knowledge from them and the more detailed progress, Sora casted the Mud Clone Jutsu again.

Four mud clones appeared and took control of the progress once again.

"Keep close watch on the animals," instructed Sora. He gazed at the animal souls once more with a grin etched on his face.

"Yes!" The four clones picked up the clipboards and began examining the artificial souls.

"Report any change in the souls-"



The sound of air bubbles inside the incubation chamber alerted Sora and the clones. They all turned their attention to the two animals and saw that both the wolf and tiger cub had their eyes open.

The tiger cub struggled to move and the liquid entered its nostrils and it began drowning. The wolf slightly moved around before closing its eyes and rested instead.

"Quickly take out the cub!" ordered Sora as he dashed forward and broke the glass.


Water flooded out of the incubation chamber and the clones quickly moved to grab the tiger carefully.

With a quick wave of his hand, Sora used the Dream Energy, from the Dream Master Art, and created a metal table to place the tiger. (A/N: I know that what they use is Origin Energy, Realm Energy or even Dream Elemental Force, but I gave it a simple name, Dream Energy.)

"Quickly place the animal here," Sora moved quickly and created a cloth over the metal table.


After the Tiger cub was placed on the metal table, the clones began to suck the water out of its lungs as Sora use the [Mystic Palm Technique] to make sure it remains alive.


After two hours, the operation was finally done and the tiger was breathing fine.

Sora looked at the recovering tiger then to the wolf cub in the incubation chamber. With a raise of his right arm and a hand seal, he summoned another mud clone to personally take care of the tiger cub.

"Tch... luckily we acted fast," mumbled Sora with a dissatisfied expression on his face. All the other clones nodded and quickly moved back to their positions.

"We almost lost a good test subject, you have to take good care of them!"

He walked over to the wolf cub and looked at it closely through the glass.

C.o.c.king his head back to the clone behind him, he said, "Keep a close eye on this one, it seems that it gains intelligence more rapidly than expected, even more than the tiger."

"Sure, why not," the clone smirked as it's gaze landed on the resting wolf.

Though Sora had expected that these animal souls would gain intelligence overtime. With the fact that the wolf had gained its intelligence very early, Sora had to make his clones pay close attention to it.

Originally the artificial animal souls had to mature for about 10 years before they gain the natural ability to gain intelligence as they grow. However, the anomaly of the wolf was a great surprise to Sora and his clones.

"With this interesting test subject, we will be able to advance the artificial soul and hollow project. I could possibly even make some actual souls eventually..."

Chuckling at the great prospects of the future, Sora knew that it will be a great thing to come. He turned and sent one last look at the tiger and wolf cub then to his clones before nodding and leaving.


Sora left his [Heavenly World], and room, to head over to the Senkaimon. With his sword tied on his obi to his waist, Sora went back to Hueco Mundo.


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Great Spiritual Power (Personal Seal: Basic Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Expert

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Master

Kido Master

Zanpakuto: Reaper of Souls

Zanpakuto Spirit: None

Shikai: None

Bankai: None