Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 71

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 71 A Gillian

It has been 141 days since Sora got his sixth Life and Death battle. So far he had been on the brink of death six times, one instance in which he almost lost his arm. Every 7th day, he would return to Soul Society and make a report to his captain, Yamamoto. He hadn't made a breakthrough in any bloodline or technique he had. Besides finally fully mastering [Heavenly Vision Technique] by using it on the hollows and moving up grades with the [Might of the Barbaric God] and [Dream Master].

Along with each rise of power from the [Might of the Barbaric God], the more his [Tyrannic War Emperor Body Art] would shake in anticipation.

[Dream Master] reached the level of [Illusionary Divine Realm: 3rd Tier]! Each tier would only take only to get past through up until the point where it will take a century to go up even on level.

[98/100 Life or Death Battles completed until [Immense Spiritual Power] is achieved!]

A melodious sound rang in Sora's ears as he slices apart the last hollow of the day.

'Hehe, now I am closer to the next level of spiritual power!' Sora inwardly exclaimed his happiness as he walked over the desert of Hueco Mundo.

Just as he was about to let go off his spiritual energy to call in Hollows, his body began shaking as it-

[Body Cultivation (Strength) increased! [Nirvana Realm: Peak Grade] attained!]

A light blue screen appeared in front of him and the two techniques he cultivated for his body began merging together.

[[Tyrannic War Emperor Body Art] and [Might of the Barbaric God] have both fused to become one from having identical structures. Both have fused to become [Might of the Battle God Physique]!]

[Body Cultivation: Nirvana Realm: Peak Grade]

Sora stood there still as he looked at the technique in happiness. Now he didn't have to worry about practicing any other body technique! This fixed the problem that he would be worrying in the future when he gets back his body.


"Hais~" Sora sighed as he walked through the desert and decided to call it a day. He entered his [Heavenly World] and was jumped by a white wolf that had purple eyes.

The wolf would always only jump on Sora since it could tell that he was the original from all the other clones. Either from intuition, its intellect or even just its keen smell in noticing that they always smell like mud and rock. It knew that Sora was the original.


Sora ordered it to get off him and it listened. It wagged its tail as it watched Sora make his way to the still tiger.

Carefully observing the tiger, Sora looked at every inch of its body and made sure nothing was wrong before turning to the clone responsible for it. He looked at him for a moment before asking, "Has there been any signs of brain activity in the tiger?"

"No sir. Its as if it is brain dead," answered the clone. It brought out a clipboard with little information regarding the tiger.

"Have you done anything about it?"

The clone to its eyes of the papers and looked at Sora seriously, "Yes sir, we have taken some of the wolf's spiritual power and changed it to mach the tigers. Whenever we inject the spiritual energy into it, there seems to be a spark in its brain activity..."

"Hmm... I see," Sora nodded and turned his head to look at the wolf with a smile. "Seems like you are of big help."

The wolf rose its head in pride and received a pat on the head as Sora left the [Heavenly World] to get the last two Life and Death battles.

Instantly stepping out of the [Heavenly World], Sora came across a hollow.

"Is this being lucky or unlucky?"


"Lucky it is.."


[99/100 Life or Death Battles completed until [Immense Spiritual Power] is achieved!]

"Fuah," Sora exhaled in happiness at seeing he only has one more hollow left to fight. He sat down and began to tend to his wounds using Kaido and the Mystical Palm Technique.


The sand around Sora began moving abnormally causing Sora to stop healing himself. He looked at the ground and used his spiritual energy to sense this attacker.


Sora heard the hollows sound from behind him. He felt that it sounded a bit off, or different, he turned to look at where it was and there it stood.

It was a monstrosity that easily stood at a height of at least 3 stories tall! It easily dwarfed any other hollow Sora had fought all the way up until now. It had a white mask with an elongated nose that covered its face. Its body was covered from head to toe with a black covering that took appearance of a cloak. Around its neck is a row of thin white spikes that could easily wound someone if used correctly.

With eyes widening at finally recognizing what the thing was, Sora cursed his bad luck for having to fight this thing. He gripped the hilt to his sword tightly and looked at the monstrosity before himself.

It was a Gillian!

What could he do to a Gillian at his current level! He would barely be able to manage a dent or a scratch on the thing. He took a deep breath and unsummoned a single clone training in the basic sword moves.


The experIences and every single move the clone did and completed, Sora took. With newfound confidence, Sora unsheathed his blade and waited for an attack from the Gillian.


"Attack when your ready," mocked Sora. He knew the gillians have little to no intelligence at all when they resemble beasts in this level of theirs.

"Grraahh.." The gillian felt provoked by Sora's words and began concentrating spiritual energy on the bottom of its nose. It began taking form of a sphere and it took a red and black color.

"A cero!"

Sora knew this technique from one of the Kidos that block against this type of attack. However, Sora couldn't use the kido even if he wanted to, it took up to much spiritual energy.

Quickly shunpo'ing in front of the gillian, Sora's sword moved cut through the air elegantly. No move was wasted, the air seemed to part ways to let the sword slice through.

No sound. No power. No aura.

Nothing emanated from the sword as it sliced through the gillians mask, cero, and body.

Swiftness. Swiftness is what Sora was aiming for in this one attack. To try and end the fight right away and not have to deal with fighting the gillian. Its strength was too much for Sora's current level of spiritual power.

The gillian was sliced in half perfectly and it began to dissipate. the only thing that remained there was the cero that was sliced in half.

Time seemed to freeze as Sora quickly braced for impact and held himself together. He didn't expect the gillian to die so quickly from a simple slice from himself. Almost no blemish was on the sword, it was left unscratched after it sliced through the cero and the gillian!









[100/100 Life or Death Battles completed. [Immense Spiritual Power] achieved!]

"Gahhh!!!" Sora yelled in pain. He was at the bottom of a crater that was made from the explosion of the cero. he had no time to put up a bakudo. The only thing he could have done at that single moment was to raise his arms and block the attack.

The sword in his hand began to grow and Sora's consciousness was sucked into his inner world, where his Zanpakuto spirit resides in.


"*cough* Oh man, my head hurts," Sora groaned as he stood up from the weird ground. He clutched his head searching around the weird space.

Bones, skulls and many different weapons laid scattered throughout the land. The sky was full of darkness while the ground that was littered with bones and weapons was full of light. Some trees could be seen way off into the distance surrounded by water.

zzzzzzzzzz-PANG !!!

A deafening sound rang through the space as lightning struck behind Sora and set the bones behind him on fire. He looked around only seeing weird jagged rocks and terrifying wind that would leave bones cut.

"Kaakakakaka, your finally strong enough to call me!"

The voice rang in Sora's ears. He turned around and looked everywhere but couldn't find the source at all. It was the sound of a mans voice, all hoarse and deep. Like it hasn't drunken water in eons.

"Who are you!?" asked Sora bewildered. He kept turning and moving his eyes around rapidly, looking for the voice's source.

"Keke, it surprises me how you took so little in getting strong enough to weild me!" said the voice once more. This time it came from above him.

Sora quickly tilted his head to look up and saw a descending figure.

Garbed in a pith black cape, the figure descended further before finally touching ground. Sora took a better look at the figure and saw that the being had a skull as his head and the rest of his body had skin and muscle covering his bones. His eyes were two wine red orbs of light that allowed him to see everything.

He wore samurai armor. The cloth underneath the plates were pitch black like the cape and the plates were as red as blood. He was wearing black leather boots along with his whole outfit and didn't wear a helmet at all.

"Keke! Afraid of my appearance!?" asked the being with a tilted skull and a cackle.

The being had been waiting for Sora to grow in power to finally make his debut and show himself off to his wielder. Now he had a chance and he thinks he is doing a great job at doing it.

"Not at all, I have seen worst things than this," Sora chuckled and ignored the being for a moment as he gazed once more to his surroundings.

"Keke, as expected. Of course you should see worse things than what I look like. If not, you wouldn't have been able to use me at all! Kahaakakkaka!" The being laughed with his skull rolled back with and his red orbs slightly losing light.

Sora gazed at everything in the surroundings and even the bones on the ground that emitted light. The dark sky which held nothing in it.

"Where am I?" Sora asked.

"You don't recognize this place?" The skull asked and looked around the place before landing the gaze of his red orbs on Sora. He spread his arms wide and yelled into the sky, "THIS IS YOUR INNER WORLD!"

Sighing, Sora said, "So this is my inner world, huh?"

"Keke, yup," cackled the skull.

"So why am I here?"

Sora had no idea why he had been brought into his inner world by his Zanpakuto. All he knows that had happened before being pulled in here was that he had finished the 100 life and death battles.

"Because you have gained the right to say my name," spoke the skull as he stretched and sat on top of more skulls.

"Hmm.. I see.."

The skull nodded at seeing Sora's reaction, "You should have been able to know my name more earlier but your spiritual power wasn't enough to let you know."

Nodding at the words of the skull, Sora made his long sword appear within his hands and looked at it.

"So what will I gain from saying your name?" questioned Sora.

"Keke, that is all up to you to find out! You need to find every single of its abilities by yourself, kakakaka," cackled the skull. He couldn't just give out the abilities his wielder can get when he hasn't tried to see which abilities he has himself.

Shaking his head in disappointment from knowing that he will give that answer, Sora asked, "So then... are you going to tell me your name?"

The skull brought his right hand up and rubbed his gauntlet'ed hand and rubbed his 'chin' before laughing and yelling, "Kaka! Of course! Why wouldn't I? Listen carefully, I will only say this once. My name brings fear to all who hear it! They wouldn't want to be in the same battle field as I! Everyone knows that I am the god in the battled, and the name that shakes everyone in their boots is -- !"


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Immense Spiritual Power (Personal Seal: Basic Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Master

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Master

Kido Master

Zanpakuto Spirit: ???

Shikai: None

Bankai: None

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