Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 72

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 72 Alter The Heavens

"... Sonzai shikk-sha! I am EXISTENCE EXECUTIONER, I was made in order to naturally kill and use every imaginable weapon and thing to my advantage! I am the pinnacle of everything, unknown to many but also known to many! I seed fear into the hearts of every enemy of mine!"

Sora stood still as he listened to the skull's name and his purpose. He made sure to remember the name and looked at him a little smugly.

"NOW! Head back and show your power to an adjucha! Show it our might and decimate it!" With a wave of his gauntlet covered hand, the skull sent Sora out of his Inner World.


"Huff, Aw shit.." Sora groaned in pain remembering how his body was in a terrible state from the cero of the gillian. Quickly taking care of his wounds, Sora was all better in an hour.

Sora stood up from the crater and removed his bandage seals.


The sand was thrown away and Sora felt lighter and more faster. With a single step, Sora used shunpo and traveled a total of 120 feet.

"Not bad," commented Sora. He unsheathed his sword and let out as much spiritual energy he has and three adjuchas appeared in front of him.

"Gurraahh!" Shrieked a four legged hollow with the size of an average human.

"Gra, such formidable spiritual pressure," said one of the adjuchas with a huge body and hands, almost hitting two stories tall.

"Gegege," another chuckled. It had a very tall body and sharp blade like hands.

Looking at the three adjuchas, Sora snickered and got low. He held the hilt of his sword and unsheathed it.

Zzziinng !

With a small smile, Sora pointed the tip of his sword to the biggest adjucha. With his smile widening, Sora exclaimed, "Alter the heavens!- Sonzai shikk-sha!!"



Many colors erupted from Sora and his Zanpakuto!

There was no change in appearance but Sora still maintained his smile.


A soft sound of a bell being tapped rang through the surroundings. The sword in Sora's hands changed shape and turned into a pitch black spear with its blade being white along the edges.

Sparks came off the spear and Sora's body!

Then it was fire! Earth! Water! Wind! Ice! And many other elements!

Then they all disappeared as the spear and Sora only emanated fire. Sora's smile widened even further and he unsummoned a spear clone within his [Heavenly World]!

With the knowledge of the spear techniques and the wide experiences entered his mind. Sora's person changed while wielding the spear.

"*gulp* G-go attack him already!" yelled the tall adjucha. They were afraid now! The small person in front of them was relatively weak compared to them, but now they weren't sure.

He seemed weak! But their instincts are screaming to them to run!

"Gagagaga, this puny soul reaper is no match for me!" The big adjucha shrugged of the uncomfortable feeling that came from his instincts and shrieked once more.


He walked towards Sora with a confident manner and lifted his arms up high and-


"You're too slow," commented Sora maintaining the same posture from the beginning. Maintaining the tip of his spear pointing straight at the adjucha who is missing two arms.

"Gaaahh!" The huge adjucha felt tremendous pain coming from his limbs that were amputated. A sizzling sound came from the wounds of the adjucha and frantically looked around searching for his missing limbs. He turned his head up and saw them burning away into nothingness.


"Too loud.."

Sora muttered and with a simple, swift, and flawless sweep of his spear, he swiftly cut all three adjuchas in half and they burst into flames!


[1/50,000 fights with Adjuchas, and stronger, completed until [Colossal Spiritual Power] is achieved!]

Sora swiped the screen away and looked at his spear. He smiled happily and lightly tapped it changing its appearance once more.

Taking on a bow appearance, Sora nudged the string back and nothing happened.

'What does it need?' Sora nudged it once more and used his spiritual energy to shape an arrow.

He pulled the string all the way back with the arrow on it and let go.


The arrow whistled through the air as it landed on the sand 250 feet away from himself and stayed there for 15 seconds before it disappeared.

"Hmm, pretty far distance," Sora nodded and his bow turned into an axe, then to a hammer..

A dagger..

Two swords..

A pistol..

A crossbow..

His Zanpakuto turned into many different weapons. He grinned and began to try to use the different elements.

He turned his Zanpakuto back into its original form, the long sword. With a quick slash in the air, fire came out of the blade.

He did another slash and light erupted from its.

Next a crescent rock slash..







And much more different elements burst from the bad and struck the air. Sora smiled smugly and sheathed his sword in its scabbard.

After sheathing it, a voice rang in his head, "You would have received my full name and gained bankai.. however your spiritual power isn't enough to withstand it. You need to get stronger boy! Kakaka!"

"I'm going crazy... I will leave this for another time," Sora put his sealing bandages back on and left Hueco Mundo. Putting a temporary end to his adventure for growth in power!


In Soul Society, Sora stood outside of Yamamoto's office and sighed.

"Captain Yamamoto!" called Sora.

"Come in.." answered Yamamoto.

Sora walked in with his shoulders down and a big sigh, "Captain-"

He stopped right away when he noticed two new figure in Yamamoto's room.

Unohana and the white haired man.

What caught his attention was the white haired man still bowing down in front of Yamamoto's table. He had been at it for weeks now, Sora knows even if he is gone six day's a week.

Unohana was standing in front of the desk with a smile and her hands on her sides. Sora took a spot next to Unohana and looked at Yamamoto.

"Just take him in already Captain," Sora said. He glanced at the man on the ground and then looked at Yamamoto to await his response.

With a look that would make a spineless man cower in fear, Yamamoto said, "If he can last a week more like this, then I will accept him as my lieutenant."

"Now that's better," Sora nodded. What he had just done wasn't pity at all, the man just bothered Sora a lot. Annoyance if you please, the man was just stubborn and refused to give up. There was no pride in what he was doing and Sora didn't like that.

Unohana eyed Sora carefully with an investigating gaze. Sora seemed completely different in her eyes compared to a couple of days ago. He carried a sharp and strong aura as he walked into the room with a grip on the hilt of his sword.

"It seems the time in Hueco Mundo was well spent," giggled Unohana.

"Yeah, I finally unlocked my shikai," grinned Sora.

"What? So quick?! After almost 150 days, you unlocked your shikai?" Unohana was surprised by Sora's comment. Even she herself took almost two years to unlock her own Shikai ability.

Yamamoto's eyes slightly widened at hearing how long it took Sora to get his shikai. The shortest time getting a shikai was recorded at 210 days. And that was Yamamoto's own record!

"Pretty impressive, I didn't make a mistake I choosing you I suppose," slightly smiled Yamamoto as he rested on his chair.

"Really? I took pretty long though," sighed Sora. He looked around the room and looked at Yamamoto, "What's the plan now?"

"There is no plan right now, besides waiting for a threat to Soul Society to appear. Only then will we be able grasp the attention of the Soul King and make ourselves a legitimate part of Soul Society," explained Yamamoto with a calm look.

"Well, I will be heading out now," said Sora as she waved and turned to leave.

"I'll be taking my leave too captain!" Unohana bowed to Yamamoto and left the room alongside Sora.

'What's next on my agenda?' Sora thought as he raised his sword in the air unconsciously.


Sora looked at the zanpakuto he stopped and looked carefully at the wielder, "What was that for, Unohana?"

"My my, you have grown so strong!" Unohana's face was blushing as she kept pushing forward with her zanpakuto. Her body shook in excitement for a reason she did not know. Her body heat rose as she stared at Sora's well defined face, sharp eyes and his scar on his left eyebrow.

He effortlessly held her in place with his sword and performed a 'pointing' sword move on her chest. The sword's attack traveled through her body and exited her back causing the wall behind her to have a sword stab. The sword stood still a millimeter away from her chest and from stabbing her.

"Of course," Sora said. He controlled his sword to not hurt Unohana at all and cut out any way out for her. He prevented any attack she could possibly try to do and Sora only approached her more. "I can't just stop growing, can I?"

His face was only a breath away from Unohana's blushing one as he got close and gave her a kiss on her soft pink lips.

Her eyes widened from what was happening. She, the woman known as the diabolical criminal, was pinned and had a kiss forced upon herself!

And she liked it!


Widening her eyes in surprise, Unohana felt something invade her mouth! It was wet, soft, sweet and sly as it slithered in her mouth and 'rolled' itself around with her tongue.


Retracting his head from kissing her any further, Sora liked his lips with a grin and said, "There is more where that came from.."

Sora turned and left, leaving a panting Unohana with her blush deepening and her grip on her sword lessening. Her groins felt moist and she knew she couldn't last long enough before she collapses, so she shunpo'd to her room.


Walking away smugly, Sora headed to his room and stayed there the night. He had nothing to do for the day besides going straight to sleep

Which he had to use [Dream Master Art] to cultivate the energy and be able to create things more easily. With the use of this Dream Energy, he will be able to create things easily with a wave of his hand.


The next day Sora woke up and went to Genji School after doing his training.

Suddenly, an Onmitsukado member appeared in front of Sora and handed him a stack of paper. The stack of paper containde everything the Onmitsukado Executive Militia members had done in the whole month.

"Is this information credible?" asked Sora as he kept his pace up. He sent a short glance to the man that had handed him the stack of paper.

"Yes commander!" The Executive Militia members have grown to trust Sora more when they had witnessed his skills each time he would fight Unohana. They would have to keep close watch on their commander for two main reasons.

One, to protect them from any unforseen attack that the commander can't block. The second, if the commander were to ever betray, or have any evil thoughts, they would act on the spot and attempt to kill the commander.

Of course, now that Sora unlocked his shikai, had immense spiritual power and has a very domineering sword and spear moves. Which can decimate people quickly and easily.

"Hmm.. very well then..." Sora waved the Onmitsukado member away and kept walking to the School. He through the report up in the air, and using [Elemental Energy], Sora burst the papers into flames and burnt them to ashes.


A/N: Should I timeskip 1,000 years? or show how i go about getting Unohana getting in the harem?

Unohana going into the harem will probs take like 5-10 chapters, at most fillers possibly. The 1,000 year timeskip will show everything that had happened in those 1,000 years and slightly go into the story a bit.

(Edit:) By the way, should I hire Cliff-kun?


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Immense Spiritual Power (Personal Seal: Basic Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Master

Hakuda Master

Shunpo Master

Kido Master

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

- Shikai Ability: Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities. Use every single element. ????.

Bankai Realease: Not Achieved Yet