Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 73

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 73 Unohana

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(6 Months Later)

Sora maintained his training through the days. He didn't have anything to do anymore besides getting more familiar with his shikai.

Occasionally, Unohana would come over to Sora's room asking for a fight. He would always accept, however his demands for the fight was a kiss each time.

With a blush, Unohana would always accept... and she would end up losing terribly.

NSFW/ Lemon Scene for the cultured

Each day that passed, Sora's demands would grow more daring. It even got the point where he would rub her in between her legs through her cloth. She would look at Sora with a murderous gaze as she m.o.a.ned through the time she would be rubbed.

Today was no different and he demanded her to spend a night with him. Sora wasn't forcing her, or raping for that matter. He knew that Unohana liked him but she didn't know it. So the best way to make her realize that, is by having s.e.x with her. (A/N: The way of the hentai protagonist.)

After defeating her for the twentieth time in the day, Sora walked to Unohana. His Sharingan activated and he put the Onmitsukado members under an illusion. He made them protect the area and prevent anyone from coming in. If it is Yamamoto, they would report to Sora instantly.

Sora placed runes of hiding in the corner of the sparring room and made them connect to each other. This effectively hid Sora and Unohana away from everyone's eyes.

Standing in front of an Unohana standing still, Sora lightly caressed her cheek. His hand sliding to the back of her neck and pulled her into an intense kiss.

His tongue invaded her mouth and twirled around with her or tongue. His right hand remained behind her head with his left hand sliding down her curvy body. He expertly removed her haori and then her obi sash.


Pulling back his head, Sora looked at Unohana's hungry expression. She had her tongue out and her eyes were closed, slightly quivering. He chuckled and removed his hand from the back of her head.

He pushed back in to kiss her and began to remove her shihakusho. Her upper garment was slowly removed revealing her tender, supple, round b.r.e.a.s.ts.


With a slight touch on her a.r.e.o.l.a, Unohana shivered. He placed his hands on her bountiful chest and slowly massaged them. He touched some pressure points on her b.r.e.a.s.ts making her b.o.o.b.s sensitivity rise.


"Are you enjoying this?," smirked Sora. His hands moved down to her h.i.p.s and finally dripped the rest of her shihakusho.

Liquids rolled down her thighs and onto the ground. A slightly sweet smell came from the liquid coming out of Unohana's slit.

Sora began licking Unohana's neck with his hand sliding down from her collar bone, lining her frame until the tips of his fingers reached her wet p.u.s.s.y.

"Ahhn," m.o.a.ned Unohana. Her murderous gaze disappeared as she succ.u.mbed to the pleasure Sora is giving her.

She had never believed something like this would happen. It was for that reason that she killed indiscriminately. She had killed someone when she was younger and she had believed that there was no return. No one would love a killer.



She m.o.a.ned in front of Sora!

With a tear forming on the corner of her eyes, she wrapped her arms around Sora's head as he sucked on her neck. She could feel happy now.

She didn't know what this feeling was before, but now she is sure. It was love. She had fallen in love with Sora.

With that last thought, her mind buzzed as she gripped tightly to Sora's head as her body spasmed and her h.i.p.s buckled on Sora's hand.


She m.o.a.ned happily as her liquids rushed out out of her p.u.s.s.y from an orgasm.

Sora smiled and whirled his fingers in her once more before sliding them out and putting them Unohana's mouth.


Pressing another pressure point, he made Unohana feel better quickly as he brought out his meaty rod.

With a smooth move, Sora pinned Unohana to the wall. Her b.o.o.b.s pressed against the wall as his fingers remained in her mouth. His other hand made her raise her ass in the air, showing a beautiful view of both her holes, her asshole and her trembling p.u.s.s.y.



A red hand mark was imprinted onto Unohana's ass cheeks producing a m.o.a.n from her.

Sora lined his d.i.c.k to Unohana's slit and slowly began investigating her insides.


With another loud m.o.a.n, Unohana's body shook and orgasmed again at the hands of Sora's d.i.c.k intruding her privates. Her p.u.s.s.y convulsed slightly and wrapped around tightly around Sora's c.o.c.k as her insides grew hotter.

"So hot," commented Sora as he felt her warm insides wrap around his rock hard c.o.c.k.

He slowly pulled out only to push back in with a strong thrust!

"Ngghh!" Unohana clenched her teeth and m.o.a.ned even louder than before. Her saliva began dripping down the corner of her mouth with her eyes rolling back.

Sora grabbed both of her hands and pulled them back making her back arch.

Pak Pak!

He continued thrusting in and out with great speed making her ass jiggle to the rhythm of a dancing jello. Her b.o.o.b.s continued rubbing against the wall and causing her more pleasure.

Her n.i.p.p.l.e grew effect from all the pleasure and rubbed on the walls even harder.

"Aaahhhnnn~/Nnngghh," m.o.a.ned Unohana and Sora together as they orgasmed. Sora blew his creamy white loads inside the hot pink insides of Unohana's v.a.g.i.n.a.

Sora's d.i.c.k retreated from its heaven with one last shot on Unohana's ass. He let go of her arms and she placed them on the wall weakly. Her ass shook in the air with her snatch squelching and dripping c.u.m onto the floor.

With an enchanting smiled Sora gazed at her quivering ass and positioned his c.o.c.k a over her anus.

"N-no no-not theree," m.o.a.ned Unohana with a slurred voice.

"I'll show you an even better time, no worries," Sora waved off nonchalantly as he pressed his c.o.c.k against her asshole. His slab of meat was covered in orgasmic juices working as lube.

"N-no! Don't g-go furthheeeerrrrrr," groaned Unohana in pleasure as he eyes widened and her mouth formed an 'O' shape.

A grin slowly etched itself onto Unohana's face as she let go once more and just embraced the pleasure.

With her b.o.o.b.s still pressed onto the wall and her hands resting on it, Sora lifted her right leg. His left hand gripped tightly on to her left thigh as he pumped his milk in her.

"Aahhhh!~" Unohana came with the feeling of Sora's hot liquid filling her ass.

Sora's d.i.c.k remained in her ass while he Unohana off the wall and kissed her on the mouth. His saliva and hers slowly mixing as their tongues wrapped around each other.

"Lets get dressed before we get caught here," said Sora as groped Unohana's b.r.e.a.s.ts on more time and removed the effect of making her b.o.o.b.s more sensitive. He flicked her erect n.i.p.p.l.e and slightly chuckled when he saw her shudder a bit at the feeling of her flicked n.i.p.p.l.e.

He created a piece of soft fabric and used it to clean Unohana's snatch and legs. Then created another fabric to clean the floor filled with juices.

"Mgh ~, yes," sighed Unohana as she began picking up her clothes and wearing them.


End of NSFW/Lemon Scene


(A week later)

Joseph, Caeser and Yoshiro all graduated from Genji School and Sora could finally begin his plan of creating his own group.

Which he will have to postpone for a couple of years at the moment.


(A Month Later)

Sora's Angle and Demon bloodlines evolved to their next versions.

[Angel (2-Pairs of Wings)

New Skills!


- Blessing a humanoid, or being with a heart, will give them a buff to battle against those aligned with dark forces (Yin Energy, Demonic Energy, Destruction Energy, Dark Energy, etc.)

- Blessing an object will cause said object to gain a single skill pertaining to a good alignment. (Ex. Sword gains light attribute attacks or bow gets Holy Arrow)

- Blessing a water, wood, or a resource, seeds and saplings included, will cause them to become holy and allow them a special effect.

- Blessing a dark being weakens them by 10%]



- Cursing a humanoid, or being with a heart, will give them a buff to battle against those aligned with light forces (Yang Energy, Angelic Energy, Creation Energy, Light Energy, etc.)

- Cursing an object will cause said object to gain a single skill pertaining to a bad alignment. (Ex. Sword gains dark attribute attacks or bow gets binding.)

- Cursing a water, wood, or a resource, seeds and saplings included, will cause them to become cursed and allow them a special effect.

- Cursing a light being weakens they by 10%.]

End of skills!]


(2 Months Later)

Mastered every single jutsu he has. He trained in every single weapon he knew of with his Shikai ability.

Especially in his spear and sword moves allowing him to be even stronger. With a casual swipe with his sword could cause half a modern house to be instantly destroyed.


(2 Years Later)

First artificial human soul made ended up in a failure. It grew up with no senses and had to be disposed of.

A couple of weeks later a successful Artificial Soul was created and more were being created.

Training his sword, shunpo, and hand to hand combat skills were trained to the maximum up to the point where Sora found a new classification in skills. The previous level of the skills, master, was no more relevant for Sora.

What Sora had now stepped into was Grandmaster Level.


(7 Years Later)

The second Ancient Sun appeared in his Heavenly World and held all the same energies as the first sun. It allowed for more different types of energy to be taken into the Heavenly World.

All of the different energies were taken from Sora and into the Newly formed Ancient Sun. Elemental Energy, Angelic Energy, Demonic Energy, Creation Energy, Destruction Energy, Chaos Energy and even Sora's soul energy was taken into the Ancient Sun.

Sora had the theory that it might not have taken the energy before because he had the Soul Energy as part of his body. However, now that he had gained even more, the Ancient Sun took in the energy.

Hills began to form on the surrounding of Sora's Heavenly World as it expanded and grew rapidly. A lake formed in the middle of the Heavenly World and water came out from the middle of it like a fountain.

The world grew over fifty times of its original size thanks to the different energies and the Sacred Scripture chants. It nourished the world very well, making it the size of over almost 800 football fields.


(3 Years Later)

All bloodlines went up a level at this time.

[True Legendary Ancient Golden Saiya-jin God -> Golden Ancient Saiya-Jin God Alpha

Saiyan Skill(s)

[King Kong:

- Order around any type of Primate, that is weaker than user, with ease.]

True Legendary Ancient Golden Drake God -> Golden Ancient Alpha Dragon God

Dragon Skill(s)

[True Dragon:

- Those weaker than the user of this skill are submissive to the user. Only applied to those with a dragon-type bloodline.]

Vampire -> High-Vampire

Vampire Skill(s)


- Make any living being into a vampire.]


- Make any living being into a mindless zombie-like vampire.]


- Summon a familiar or contract one. Once said familiar is contracted, the familiar will share its life force with the user. If user dies, so does the familiar. User does not die if familiar dies.]

Giant King -> Giant Lord

Giant Skill(s)


- Grant Giant skills to any living beiing.]

High-Demon -> Demon Noble

Demon Skill(s)

[Demon's Grace:

- Grants a living being with a [Demon] bloodline. Making them stronger. Makes demonafide being slave to user.]

Angel (2-pair of wings) -> Angel (3-Pair of wings)

Angel Skill(s)

[Angel's Champion:

- Grant a living being a [Hero] bloodline and makes them a follower to user of skill.]

End of Growth.]


(1 Year Later)

Over 20,000 Artificial Souls had been created and 100,000 were scrapped after failed creation and hollowfication.

Theorized by all clones that hollowfication will be made possible in 5 years.


(1 Year Later)

Sora felt that his Dongxuan Sutra was close to breaking through to tenth tier but something seemed to be stopping it.

He made a breakthrough into True Dragon Ape God Bone Art and got it to the Small Success Realm.


(4 Years Later)

True to the words of the clones, first hollow produced was made and subdued with the new Kido.

It was then that Sora realized the problem with he himself being hollowfied by absorbing in the body of a hollow.

How will he absorb the hollow? He began working on making a kido that will turn a hollow into something to be consumable. So far only a drink can be made with weak hollows, he needs time before he could make the new kido take in stronger hollows.


(19/1,000 Years passed)



Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Immense Spiritual Power (Personal Seal: Basic Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Grandmaster

Hakuda Grandmaster

Shunpo Grandmaster

Kido Master

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

- Shikai Ability: Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities. Use every single element. ????.

Bankai Realease: Not Achieved Yet