Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 74

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 74 Quincies

[1 Year Later]

In the first six months, Sora managed to perfect the liquifying Kido and made the first hollow into a drink. He tested the drink on another artificial soul and they turned into a hollow. The test was deemed as a failure since Sora wanted spot on results, no turning into a hollow.

With the last six months, he managed to make the hollowfication a perfect thing. Sora looked at the artificial soul with a hollow mask and killed it. He kept killing every hollow that appeared so as to find a hollow with properties like a Dragon and an Ape appear.

Sora spent most of the year hanging with Kei and drinking wine with him. They occasionally did missions together which was recently added by Yamamoto to increase cooperation. Something which didn't work well with other divisions.

He also never ignored Unohana as he basically kept her close to him. Unohana was always happy, as long as she had the chance to 'spar' with Sora.

Thought Partition: +1

Thought Acceleration: +1%.

[30 Years Later]

Sora dispelled the clone that was studying the different types of energies and managed to get a crazy good idea for a great cultivation technique. However, he needs to find a soul cultivation technique, something he won't be able to find in this world.

Along with the knowledge of every single energy he has, Sora was no able to control soul energy that was outside of his body with relative ease.

2 unnamed captains died in Hueco Mundo and in Dangai. They were replaced withing a month after looking for suitable people from all the divisions.

Though Partition: +1

Thought Acceleration: +7%

[50 Years Later]

Sora had learned as much as he could from his many types fo weapons but couldn't keep on switching to many others. He used the Mulitple Shadow Clone Justu and made them summon their weapon from a wood release and begin practicing. After they had recovered enough energy, to make another five more shadow clones of their own to help fasten the results.

He made even more clones a couple of days later to help him master the last three of Kidos that he could never touch upon. He even made extra clones just to help refine the kido techniques and make them better.

Thought Partition: +1

Thought Acceleration: +10%

[400 Years Later]

The wolf which Sora had kept by his side for so many years, HAD SPOKE. Sora prohibed him from talking in person when he walks with him by his side in Soul Society. The Wolf had grown to the size of an average horse.

PERFECT! The perfect hollow had finally appeared after many, MANY, gruesome deaths for the hollows. The clones were beginning to believe it may never happen. The perfect hollow was strapped down to the side and many more hollows were produced to test different effects of canibalism, eating souls and eating hollowfied souls.

Third Ancient Sun has made its appearance. With a size rivaling against Texas, the lake grew ten times its size. The fountain grew even more majestic as it shot higher into the air and it threw more water. Plants of many types began to grow in the world and they littered every inch of the [Heavenly World].

Mountains appeared on the world and clouds began manifesting high in the skies.

Thought Partition: +10

Thought Acceleration: +62%

[100 Years Later]

Kei dies. He died in the Dangai as he traveled to Hueco Mundo to subjugate a crazy hollow which wrecked havoc in the Human World. When Sora recieved news of this, he remained eerily calm on the outside while on his inside he grieved over a friends death.

Unohana was sure Sora was sad and went over to him for emotional support. When she got close to Sora, she saw how his eyes looked different.

Sora had unlocked Mangekyo Sharingan, three shapes were what Sora's eyes looked like. On the outside, there was a hexagon, in the middle was a square and all the way in the inside was a triangle. The colors remained the same, with Sora's eyes staying golden and the shapes in his eyes being black.

Thought Partition: +1

Thought Acceleration: +10%

[200 Years Later]

Sora finally unlocks bankai while killing the last adjuchas and above for his [Colossal Spiritual Power].

100 years in, the test on the hollows, and what they eat to grow in strength, was finally complete! The hollows would always rapidly in strength if the souls they ate were hollowfied. Sora began the process of letting the Dragon Ape Hollow eat all the hollowfied souls.

50 years after completing the research a beautiful woman joins the Unofficial Gotei 13. She went by the name of Lisa Lisa. She joined after the captain of the 9th Division died on a mission in Hueco Mundo. Sora got to know her better and talked to here a lot, Unohana didn't mind since Sora had already beaten her in sparring and fighting to the point where she began to be submissive to Sora.

Caeser and Joseph reunited with her, which surprised Sora when he found out that they used to be her disciples when she was alive 500 years ago.

50 years after Kirio joined the Unofficial Gotei 13, and a lot of kisses to her and Unohana, Sora managed to get the Dragon Ape Hollow up to [Immense Spiritual Power]. He even made the wolf part of his strength as he made him his familiar by cutting his finger and drawing a crest on the forehead of the wolf.

Thought Partition: +2

Thought Acceleration: +20%

[100 Years Later]

Every weapon Sora had the clones train in had finally reach Grandmaster level. It even facilitated the blacksmithing process, although it probably won't be used much besides for making weapons for someone else and making armor. Sora's every hit contained the power of a missile, being able to blow away a person with very little power.

In fact, Sora reached Grandmaster level in Kido as well. With only saying the number of a kido, Sora can summon them up easily and could manipulate them with his hand. Sora could already perform two of the unknown Kidos and waited for the last one to be mastered as well.

He kept his clones training in the Sword, Spear, Shunpo, Kido, Every weapon and Hakuda.

After Sora had managed to make his Dragon Ape Hollow step into the [Immense Spiritual Power] level, he made his group, [Calamity Mob]. Which will work only under Sora. The group has no set purpose besides attacking any group of attackers that threaten Soul Society. If the attacking side had beautiful woman, he will order his strongest soldiers to kidnap them and keep them with him. So far, Sora thinks the group will live up to its name.

The only people making up the [Calamity Mob] is Joseph, Caeser and Sora himself. If the future permits, than maybe also Frisk, the wolf, and his woman from the Dragon Ball Universe along with those in this world. The ones that will for sure be in the group, are artificial hollows, artificial shinigamis, and artificial hollowfied shinigamis.

There are many more people Sora will be taking into the mob. (A/N: Cuz that's how Mafia works.)

Thought Partition: +1

Thought Acceleration: +10%

[100 Years Later]

Many captains had died of old age, Shiki being one of them. The only one that remained from the original group was Sora, Yamamoto and Unohana. A new captain, with the name of Ginrei Kuchiki, joined the Unofficila Gotei 13 and became the captain of the 6th division. He came from a Noble Clan on the recommendation of Rin Shihoin.

Sora got to the 8th tier of Illusionary Divine Realm in the [Dream Master Art].

With a casual slice of Sora's sword, he could slice a mountain in half, something he could also do effortless with a spear. This clearly showed how Sora had broken through another pair of shackles which he had considered as Grandmaster! Now with his expertise and experience, he was now officially a Sword and Spear Saint.

Shunpo was clearly stepping near there with his single step reaching 200, but no matter what he did, he couldn't cross over. His Hakuda also hit the same roadblock, he would have already been in the Grandmaster Realm in the first day he appeared in this world, if it wasn't for the same block.

Thought Partition: +1

Thought Acceleration: +10%


HIs bloodlines have evolved once more! Finally after over 950+ years!

[Bloodline have been REFINED!

Ancient Golden Saiya-jin Alpha God -> Ancient Genesis Saiya-jin God

Saiyan Skill(s)


- Turn a living being into any type of primate known to the user of this skill.]

Ancient Golden Alpha Dragon God -> Ancient Genesis Dragon God

Dragon Skill(s)

[Dragon Breath:

- Breathe out fire, water, nature, wind, wood, lightning, etc. anything could be possible as long as you have said energy.]

High-Vampire -> True Vampire

Vampire Skill(s)

[Essence Transfer

- Upon taking blood into themselves, a vampire can take the entire essence of a person or non-human into themselves including their memories and powers.]

[Deadly Monarch

- Everything which is killed, is turned into the slave of the user. They appear from the shadow of the user and they disappear into thin air. They retain their memories and skills from when they were alive but they keep no personality whatsoever.]

Giant Lord -> Titan

Titan Skill(s)

[Skin Hardening:

- Hardens the skin with a layer of white ice looking skin over the body that is desired to be hardened]

Demon Noble -> Demon King

Demon Skill(s)

[Demon's Rule:

-Command any demon that is below your level of power.]

Angel (3-pair of wings) -> Angel (4 Pair of Wings)

Angel Skill(s)

[Angelic Judgement:

- Many Holy Javelins appear in the air above all beings that the user of this skill deems as an enemy and drops the Javelins onto them.]

End of Skills.]


[End of Timeskip. Time until cannon starts: 1,100 years.] (A/N: Remember, Sora arrived 2,100 years before cannon.)

With a sigh, Sora left his ever growing [Heavenly World] and went ot see Yamamoto.

Tok Tok!

Knocked Sora before barging into the room and finding Chojiro and Yamamoto in it. Chojiro was the same white haired man from before. The only difference from him in the past 1,000 years, was that he had wrinkles on his face and his hair was cut and combed back. He even sported a thin black mustach.

Yamamoto on the other hand didn't age well. He had all his black hair replaced by some greys, sooner or later it will turn all white. His grey beard reach down to his chest, would have been longer, but he cuts it every time he accidently steps on it.

Both, compared to Sora, all aged terribly. Even Lisa Lisa and Unohana seem to have not aged at all. In fact, they seem a bit younger and they look to be shining. Sora himself hadn't changed at all surprisingly. Besides the fact that he is 6 feet and 5 inches tall.

Sora looked at them for a moment before walking up to them and saying, "I heard the rumor."

Yamamoto squinted his eyes at Sora and then sighed as he looked at Chojiro next to him. With a nod to Chojiro, Yamamoto went back to looking at the papers resting on his table.

"Depends on what rumor you seem to be talking about," asnwered Chojiro with his hands behind his back.

Sora chuckled as he responded, "What 'depends'? It is literally the only rumor going around. That our Gotei 13 is slowly dwindling because of a force inside the Human World!"

"Hmm yes," nodded Yamamoto. He looked at Sora before waving at Chojiro to continue.

Noticing the order, Chojiro said, "They are named Qui-"

Stopping Chojiro from speaking any further, Sora said, "I know their name, they're named Quincy! A group of humans being led by a man that goes by the name of Yhwach. Do you expect me not to know when I have access to the information network of the Onmitsukado? What I want to know is why you aren't doing anything Captain Yamamoto?"

"They aren't a threat to Soul Society, yet," asnwered Chojiro for Yamamoto.

"They are planning an attack in a couple days against Soul Society Captain," informed Sora as he tossed a picture of Yhwach to Yamamoto and turned to leave. "They will surely decimate a lot of shinigamis the day they intrude."

"Let them intrude. When those shinigami die, they will know that they weren't fit to be shinigami if they die to early."

"Haha, well, I leave it to you old man," chucked Sora as he opened the door. "You know where to find me if you need my help."

"Sure," replied Yamamoto with a smile as he watched Sora leave through the door and close it. "Chojiro, get every shinigami and tell them to prepare for an enemy attack."

"Yes captain."

"Make sure to keep the citizens of Soul Society calm and far away as possible from the fight. I might need to go all out in this fight I will be going in to."

"Yes... captain."


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power (Personal Seal: High Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Grandmaster

Shunpo Grandmaster

Kido Grandmaster

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

- Shikai Ability: Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities. Use every single element. ????.

Bankai Realease: Not Revealed

Mangekyo Sharingan

Left Eye: ???

Right Eye: ???