Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 76

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 76 The Beginning Battle

"HAIIISSS~," yawned Sora as he walked out of the building that held all the captains with Fenris walking next to him. "Where are they?"

Sora looked around the streets as he walked down to the division dormitories. He began searching for Joseph and Caeser, to keep them close to him so that they don't die in battle and Lisa Lisa doesn't hate him for it.

Not long later, he found them standing outside of their room with their hands on the hilts of their swords, ready to attack at a moments notice.

"At ease," Sora said as he walked to the grown men.

"Captain!" Both said as they lowered their heads to Sora in respect and looked up.

Nodding at their greeting, Sora began explaining, "As you both know, today we will be getting attacked by a group called Quincies." He paused and looked at the serious expressions on Joseph and Caeser before continuing, "It is our job to make sure the citizens don't get hurt, so both of your jobs is to protect them. There will be quincies attacking them so make sure you are both well prepared."

"Yes Captain," responded Caeser with a subtle nod.

Joseph on the other hand had a heavy expression as he thought, 'I won't be able to show off my bankai... SHITTO!'

Caeser looked at Sora's eyes with worry and asked, "What will you do captain?"

"Me?" Sora pointed at his face with his hand and laughed a little before saying, "I will directly attack the enemies' leader. This will make the job easier for everyone else."

"That's too dangerous captain!" yelled Caeser. Although Caeser had grown very old and even a bit more wise, he was still very loyal his captain, Sora. With that loyalty came his admiration and worry for the man.

Sighing at the actions of Caeser, Sora reassured him that he will be fine.


"Lisa Lisa," Unohana called. She had come over to the division of Lisa Lisa to join forces and attack the enemies. Although Unohana's squad can solve half of the issue by themseleves, they weren't willing to risk the whole division, especially when Gotei 13 wasn't official yet.


The door to her division headquarters opened and out came Lisa Lisa with her sword tied on her waist. She looked at Unohana and nodded, "I'm ready. Lets get going."

"Hm," nodded Unohana carrying her Zanpakuto by a string attached to it. Both of them headed out and stood by next to each other waiting for the intrusion of the enemy.


After dropping off Caeser and Joseph to their posts in the Rokungai, the houses outside of the range of the noble houses, Sora headed off to where the 12th division was.

Once he got there, he tried looking around and sent Fenris to search for her. Within a minute, Fenris had found Kirio cooking in her office.

"Hey Hikifune," said Sora as he made his way into her office. He took a seat on a chair nearby the door and had Fenris sit next to himself.

Looking at the figure that had just entered her office and sat down on a chair, she greeted back, "Hello Sora, what brings you here?"

"Nothing much, just here to remind you that the quincies attack today," he said as he yawned.


Kirio nodded as she kept cooking food and stirring it around. Sora looked at the food with great interest and took a bite of a nearby piece of chicken leg.

Being a master taster in food, because of his saiyan eating habits, Sora could confirm that her dishes were the best tasting food he had ever bit into.

"This is very delicious Hikifune," Sora said. He finished the chicken leg in his hand and grabbed a napkin to clean his hands.

"Thank you." Kirio blushed as she thanked Sora for the compliment on how good her food is.

Nodding with a happy expression, Sora leaned over the counter and grabbed Kirio from her collar before pulling her into a passionate kiss.

"THAT is for the great food," Sora leaned in again for another kiss and said, "and that ONE is for being so cute today."

He let go of her and left her division with a huffing Fenris. Sora left a stunned and blushing purple headed beauty behind as she put her hand over her lips. She slightly smiled with a dazed expression while she continued cooking.


After leaving her division, Sora was about to make his way to Yamamoto's chambers before being held back by an Onmitsukado member.

"Commander! The Quincies have begun appearing in Soul Society!" The man instantly knelt down on one knee on the ground as he appeared in front of Sora.

Sora nodded to the Onmitsukado member and waved him away as he turned to Fenris. With a smile, he on top of Fenris and laughed, "HAHA, It's begins! Fenris! Go to the intruders!"

"Grrr.. I would have gone even if you didn't say so," growled Fenris. She ran through the top of the houses and made her way to the intruders of Soul Society.

"To the Ryoka!"






The people in the districts ran away in fear as many of them were shot down by arrows made by spiritual energy. Others were cut down by axes and swords made out of spiritual energy.

"Kill all of them! This place will be ours!"


"Don't leave any alive!"

The quincies made quick work of every soul in the surrounding, whether weak or strong, old or young. They wouldn't let a single survive, for any could hold a weapon when deemed necessary.


"Hurry! Kill them all! Don't let the Ryoka live!" shouted an Onmitsukado member as he appeared behind a Quincy pawn and killing him.

All the other Onmitsukado soon came out of their hiding spots before instantly killing around a fourth of the quincies.




Weapons clashed as quincies and Onmitsukado members alike fell to their death.


Arrows rained down on the Onmitsukado. Some died while others shunpo'd away in time from the arrows.


"Haha! They're here!" Sora has finally made it to the first battle in Soul Society. He jumped of Fenris and gripped his sheathed blade!


Invisible pressure fell upon everyone!


Sora performed an iaido at a subsonic speed as he cut down eleven quincies in a single movement. He kept his blade out and smiled sinisterly as he put under a genjutsu some quincies and put them inside his [Heavenly World]. He had his clones imprison them.


Everyone was spread all over the place! Sora sliced at his full capacity at the quincies yet he could only cut down 12 quincies. That was how spread they were.

"Alter the Heavens! Sonzai shikk-sha!" Sora yelled out as he swiped his hand over the flat of the sword. Water burst from his feet and his sword as it all dripped on the ground.

The immediate area around Sora had water on the ground. A big puddle that surrounded Sora 20 feet all around himself.

Sora put the tip of his sword on the surface of the puddle and sliced upwards, sending an arc of water slicing at the quincies.



"Surround him," yelled a Quincy as he approached and stepped onto the puddle produced by Sora.

Over 23 quincies began surrounding Sora after they received the order from their leader. With their bows drawn and focusing on Sora, their swords raised and ready to attack, Sora looked at all of them and smirked.

"You're just giving yourself to me!" Sora laughed as he got low and held his sword in reverse. The tip of the sword touched the ground and into the puddle.

"Attack!" ordered the Quincy.

"Idiots!" Sora spun his sword and twirled his body at a rapid movement. The water began rising at a rapid pace and spun around Sora like a tornado.


All the arrows that were shot by the quincies were pulled into the typhoon. They made a full turn before dissipating into the water.

"Retreat!" Yelled the Quincy frantically as he pulled the 'string' of his bow and shot an arrow.

Sora raised his sword and cut the arrow in half before instantly appearing in front of the Quincy and piercing him with the sword through the head. He turned to the rest of the quincies that were frozen still in fear and grinned widely before yelling, "Fenris!"

With a swift jump, Fenris jumped over everyone that was blocking her way. She growled at all the quincies before charging at all of them and biting the closest one to her.


The remaining 20 quincies snapped out of their fear state by the yell of their partner. They shakily summoned up their spiritual energy swords and pointed them against Fenris.


A sharp noise of a sword being sliced through water was heard and splatter ended the noice.

"Hm," with a disappointed look on his face, Sora swung his sword removing all the blood from it. He sheathed it and walked away with Fenris beside him.

Corpses littered Sora's path as he walked away from 20 headless people.


"Lord Yhwach! What are you doing here!?" Asked a loyal man to their leader.

The man, Ywach, a tall man with a long face, broad chin, and pronounced cheekbones. He has long black hair, which reaches to his lower back, and reddish-brown eyes with thin eyebrows.

Yhwach looked at his subordinate with a serious face as he announced to him, "I am here to help take over Soul Society!"

"Yes Lord Yhwach!" The subordinate was afraid of Yhwach, although they revered him and he was their 'father', he was scared of the man's strength. With a single look from Yhwach, he can feel himself being pressured down by an invisible force.

"Prepare the forces to attack!" Ordered Yhwach as he looked at over ten five-hundred man forces waiting to be deployed.

"Yes!" The man yelled in response as he turned to looked for the captains of each 500 man force.

Turning to look over all the men in the forces, Yhwach smiled with a crazy look in his eyes. With his black cape on himself, he waved it in the air and walked away.

Dun! Dun! Dun! Dun!

All the forces began marching to the districts. They held their weapons in hand and terrorized whichever person they came across.

"For the Lord!"


"For our father!"


"The quincies wil rule!"




They all began running to all of the sides of Soul Society. North, South, East and West. They rushed into all sides of the rukongai!

"You Ryoka will all stop there!"

Shinigamis alike all stood covering all sides of the Rukongai. They all drew their Zanpakutos and waited for the onslaught.

To stop all the Ryoka from attacking any further.


Riding atop of Fenris, Sora looked at all the shinigamis and quincies about to clash. He looked all the way to the back of the quincies and noticed a man with a black cape on.

Said man looked at his quincies with a serious face and a small smile.

Sighing, Sora said, "I would have never thought I would be back in a war."

He unsheathed his sword and jumped off of Fenris. He looked at the quincies and then at the man before yelling, "Subdue the quincies! If they don't surrender, you have permission to kill!"


Sora's division ran to the quincies with the other divisions following in close behind them.

With a slight nod at how things were going, Sora finally turned to look at the man once again before shunpo'ing towards him.

"A big fish has presented himself in front of me! How can I not go greet him before reeling him in!"


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power (Personal Seal: High Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Grandmaster

Shunpo Grandmaster

Kido Grandmaster

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

- Shikai Ability: Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities. Use every single element. ????.

Bankai Realease: Not Revealed

Mangekyo Sharingan

Left Eye: ???

Right Eye: ???