Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 77

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 77 Yhwach

Appearing in front of the black caped man with a light step, Sora looked at the surprised man with a smile.

"Why hello there," greeted Sora as he stabbed the sword on the ground and put both his hands on the hilt. He raised his head and glared directly into Yhwach's eyes. "Now tell me, who are you and why are you attacking Soul Society?"

"Me? Haha, I am the Father of all the Quincies! Yhwach!" Proclaimed Yhwach as he glared back into Sora's eyes. "and I am attacking Soul Society because this place be mine!"

"Ha! Good luck with that while I am here!" Sora said as he pulled his sword from the ground and hacked at Yhwach. Upon seeing this, Yhwach's eyes grew two more pupils and he instantly moved from his spot.


He dodged Sora's sword as if he knew that he was going to attack there.

"First time someone has ever dodged my sword!" With a smirk, Sora's eyes began to glow as he began slicing, stabbing, piercing, and hacking at Yhwach.

As Sora's attacks began to grow more faster and fiercer, the flow of Yhwach dodging began to grow erratic and slow.

Anger began to build up inside Yhwach as his spiritual power erupted from his and stopped Sora from attacking further.

"You fright me," Yhwach proclaimed to Sora with a slight smile yet deadly stare. "However, it ends here."

He raised his hand in the air and did a slice motion with a cross on his hand. In the next moment, a broadsword appears in his hand. It was entirely made out of spiritual energy with its guard being an enormous cross.

"A sword user as well?" Sora smiled and began to get serious as he calmed down and raised his sword over his head. Both hands gripped the sword and he swung down.


Yhwach was overtaken by complete fear!

He couldn't move. Every thing he would do, according to his [The Almighty], will result in his death. He can't escape!


The sword sliced through Yhwach's skull all the way down to his crotch. Cutting him into to parts.

"Ha.. ha... ha..." Yhwach continued breathing and standing. Sweat drenched his whole body. Never, has he experienced something like that ever.

Panicking, he moved his hands all over his body checking for wounds or blood.

No blood was spilled! None?

It was all an illusion.

Yhwach raised his sweat filled face and looked at Sora, his arms were still raised as he held the sword over his head. Yhwach went wide eyed as he saw this. He hasn't moved?!

"Haha! If you get scared by my murderous intent to have you sliced now, you won't survive long," Sora laughed as his sword began emitting lighting. His body had yellow lightning touch every inch of himself. The blade of the sword had lightning from the tip all the way to the base where it is held by the guard.


More lightning began to emerge from Sora and the sword as he stared at the terror stricken Yhwach.

"Wha-what is your name?" Yhwach stammered as he pulled out four small blades and pretended to stumble backwards dropping them around Sora.

"Me? I am Sora... a simple man," Sora's sword seemed to carry a storm as it dropped down from his head.

A thunderstorm is what Sora's lightning filled sword reminded Yhwach of. He looked at the all encompassing sword. As if it was dropping from the sky with the anger of the gods... or in this case, his father.. the Soul King.





Yamamoto walked across multiple dead bodies of shinigamis and quincies scattered all around the Rukongai. He walked around with Chojiro by his side as he made his way over to a hill in the outskirts of the districts.


"Hm?" Yamamoto raised his head and looked at an explosion far off into the diastance. Lightning covered that area in an instant.

Chojiro looked at the explosion and asked, "Is that...?"

"Yes.. it seems Sora has found the leader of the Ryoka before us," mentioned Yamamoto as he continued walking. His pace slowed down compared to earlier as he was in no rush to go anywhere now.

"Hm," Chojiro nodded before cutting down a Quincy charging at them. "Does that mean we are going back?"

"No, eliminate and subjugate as much of the Ryoka as possible," instructed Yamamoto as he unsheathed his Zanpakuto from its sheath. His spiritual pressure donned upon every soul reaper and Quincy. Pressuring them down into the ground, those that were able to remain standing were very few in numbers.

"Yes captain!" Chojiro unsheathed his own Zanpakuto and began cutting at the limbs of the quincies to stop them from moving and subjugate them.


Bubbles floated around Caeser. Inside these bubble were quincies that he had been fighting.

Next to him was Joseph standing around a large and huge purple vine that had thorns in them. They were wrapped around many quincies.

"How do you like my bankai! Caeser!" Joseph stood infront of a huge rose, the size of a truck.



More bubbles appeared around Caeser as they got slice and shot by arrows by the quincies. The bubbles popped and exploded from being hit, and those that were near were blown away unconscious.

Turning to look at Joseph, Caeser said, "Yeah, still surprising how you can look 5-seconds into the future with that bankai of yours." (A/N: Yes that's right, I modeled his bankai after his stand. And Caesar's Zanpakuto after his special Hamon, bubbles)

Scoffing sadly, Joseph retorted, "Not as how versatile your bubbles are, they can turn into saws, bombs, shields, prisons. What's next a laser?"

"Oh?" Caeser strike his beard as he snickered at Joseph, "how did you know I made a laser?"

"What?! You did?! Show me!" Joseph instead of being sad was surprised and enthusiastic at seeing Caesar's bubble laser.

"Hehe, alright then." Caeser spawned in around 20 new bubbles and made them line up to the sun. Once they were lined up, he spread them and sun rays began to go through each bubble. Each time it passed through one, the ray would become more intense and powerful.


The normal tanning sunlight turned into a raging inferno that would melt a persons skin and meat off.


A normal poor Quincy thought the ray was harmless and walked right through it. Only bone remained and they were already on their way to melting slowly.

"Damn... that's brutal.." said Joseph as he slowly regretted asking for the demonstration.


A deafening sound rang through everyone's ears as they turned to the location of the explosion.

"That's the captain," mentioned Caeser with a serious face.

"Uhn, that's even more terrifying than your bubble laser," said Joseph as he looked at the dark cloud that had lightning arching over every inch of it.

They both stared at the explosion with a serious face before facing each other and nodding.

"Captain is strong.."


"Unohana, why haven't you drawn your blade?" Lisa Lisa stood off to the side with her Zanpakuto in its shikai state. Instead of her sword, it was a long scarf that could conduct electricity well along its surface.

"Because once I draw it, I won't return to normal until the battle ends," Unohana said as her eyes squinted and her killing intent slipped out of her expression scaring the quincies and soul reapers. "And if the war does end and I still haven't recovered... only Sora could pull me out of that state."

Unohana had turned 'berserk' many times in her past whenever they were sent on co-op missions. She had to travel with Sora after the third mission because every captain that would go with her would end up badly wounded.

With a confused nod, Lisa Lisa continued, "Than what will you be able to help with?"

"I will work as a medic this time around, After this battle, I might go on one last mission as the Captain of the eleventh division," Unohana said as she moved to a nearby soul reaper and healed him.

Looking at Unohana from the corner of her eye, Lisa Lisa smiled before attacking the person in front of herself. She quickly took down the man with a wave of her scarf wrapping around the man's leg and giving him a dosage of shock.

"That job suits you," stated Lisa Lisa as she looked forward to the next enemy and dispatching him like the last one.

Unohana didn't answer or saw anything this time besides giving a motherly smile and continuing the healing.

Shock! Lisa LIsa was shocked by the facial expression that Unohana just did. How could a woman that is known for killing mercilessly and is diabolical among even her own division, give a kind and gentle smile?!

'Don't tell me...' Lisa Lisa began to worry for Sora as she thought of the possibility that Unohana probaby wants a child. 'I wish you luck hun, Although I would like that as well, I still have that pesky Joseph...'

She thought back to when she joined Gotei 13 and found out her son was here. Lisa Lisa was elated of course, but also sad, she had spent almost a hundred years sad and alone in the Human World, fighting against hollows. Sad when she found out her own son had died with her student Caeser when they were chasing a hollow. Alone because she just didn't have the heart to love after she found out she couldn't tell her son, Joseph, that she was his mother.

So after he found out, he nagged her about it for hundreds of years. The thought of having another Joseph bugged her, but also the thought of having a child with Sora made her heart beat at a woodpeckers pecking speed. She smiled and continued taking down quincies, one after another.


Both Lisa Lisa and Unohana turned to face the location where the explosion came and they instinctively felt that the explosion happened because of Sora.

Grasping the hilt of her Zanpakuto, Unohana looked at explosion as her expression was covered by a layer of killing intent as a crazy smile emerged on her face. She was looking to fight and kill whoever had forced Sora to use his shikai with her two hands, or Zanpakuto.

Lisa Lisa gripped tighter her Shikai scarf and tensed up as she began to worry a bit for Sora. She unclenched her shikai before sighing and thinking, 'I should have more faith in him...' She turned to looked at Unohana and froze as she looked at her scary face which screamed out murderer.

Knowing what Unohana was probably thinking about, Lisa Lisa raised her hands and tried to calm her down, "Calm down Unohana, his enemy is probaby dead or down by now."

"Hah~" Unohana sighed and let go of her zanpakuto before healing another soul reaper.



The explosion had long since happened and the smoke began to be cleared away by the wind. None of the parties were able to be seen within the smoke.

"*cough* Did it work?" A man asked as the smoke cleared around himself first. He looked left and right before staring straight ahead in vigilance.

"Damn, what was that?" Another voice broke through the silence and the sound of the smoke being cleared out.

Both figure let out their spiritual pressure and instantly removed the smoke in the immediate surroundings.

"Surprising how you redirected my attack," said the first figure as he stabbed his long-sword into the ground and glared at the black robed man.

"I'm even more surprise by how you took no damage from your own attack," said the man in a black robe. He shook in actual fear and retreated a step as he looked at the other man in fear. Dread began to fill him up as he thought of what that simple but elegant sword strike could have done to himself. The powerful sword strike could have killed him yet it did no damage to the one that did the sword move!

"Tell me... Yhwach... is that all you amount to?" The man asked as his grip on his sword tightened and it got burrowed deeper into the ground.

Yhwach staggered a few steps back in pure fear. Even his ability, [The Almighty], could do nothing against his opponent since he is so strong already. His other abilities such as the ones where he can take the powers of anyone, however he couldn't take it from the man in front of himself.

His spiritual power was so overwhelming! Even for someone such as himself, the son of the Soul King! His abilities wouldn't have worked because of that, that and he had to be in direct contact with the monster in front of himself!

He's done for!


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power (Personal Seal: High Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Grandmaster

Shunpo Grandmaster

Kido Grandmaster

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

- Shikai Ability: Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities. Use every single element. ???.

Bankai Realease: Not Revealed

Mangekyo Sharingan

Left Eye: ???

Right Eye: ???