Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 78

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 78 Swearing Is Bad

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He's done for!

Is what Yhwach's appearance demonstrated, he had a couple more tricks up his sleeves. To be able to use this against the monstrosity that could kill him with a slight wave of his sword was a different thing.

Yhwach still has two more moves he could use to try and defeat Sora.

With a deep breath, Yhwach took back his soul shards from the strongest quincies.



"Why, your majesty!?"

All ten captains of the ten 500 man forces had their strength zapped away from them. Their bodies turned into husks as ethereal lights made their way to Yhwach.

"Hehe," Yhwach looked at Sora once more and saw himself in the future dodging a sword strike and surviving it.

Pulling out his sword from the ground Sora waved it and pierced at Yhwach. The sword instantly arrived at Yhwach, however he managed to dodge at the last moment.

Sora smirked as he saw him dodge, he stomped his left foot down and swung his sword at Yhwach to his left.

With widened eyes, Yhwach tried to dodge but lost his left arm in the process of dodging.

"Aaag!" Yhwach groaned in pain as he watched his left arm fall to the ground. He clutched his bleeding shoulder and looked at Sora with murderous eyes, 'Why couldn't I see that attack with my [Almight]?!'

With sweat dripping down his face, Yhwach took a step forward and splashed his blood around him. He let go of his bleeding shoulder and his arm regenerated in a matter of seconds.

"Pretty nifty," mentioned Sora as he brought fire out of himself and his sword. The fire burnt away Yhwach's blood from his sword, instantly burning it away from the surface of the sword.

"Hu, Blut Vene!" yelled Yhwach.

Blue veins began to emerge on his body making him stronger and giving him more defense. Yhwach felt that this won't be enough to defeat Sora, so he yelled once more, "Blut Vene Anhaben!"

A blue forcefield came out of his body and surrounded him. It consumed everything the forcefield touched to maintain itself.

Sora squinted his eyes at seeing the rocks and small plants being absorbed in to the forcefield. He jumped back as the forcefield approached him.

With a sigh, Sora said to his sword, "Sorry bud, I have to trade you for a bow now..."

With a swipe on the flat surface of the Zanpakuto blade, it turned everything into a metallic bow. The handle on the bow retained its white leather strap and the rest of its metallic sheen was black.

With a summon of the metal element, Sora produced steel arrows of the strongest calliber. The scabbard on his waist turned into a holster for the arrows and he pulled one out and drew it upon the bow.

With a snicker, Yhwach laughed, "You think an arrow can do anything to my shield?"

"We'll see about that," Sora smirked and pulled the string further back. Once he pulled back far enough, he let go of the string and the arrow flew away with a whistle.

It tore through the little space between Sora and Yhwach. It rotated at a fast counterclockwise way and bursting throught the and making contact with the barrier's surface It grinded and its spinning only got faster when it couldn't penetrate it.


It broke through the barrier and instead of stopping and disappearing in the forcefield, it went even faster and flew straight at Yhwach's heart.


The arrow pierced a surprised and dumbfounded Yhwach through the chest. His eyes widened in fear as he looked down at the butt of the arrow sticking out of his chest.

"H-how?" He stammered as the blue veins disappeared from his skin and the forcefield disappeared.


Blood leaked through the side of his lips and he looked back at Sora with unhidden fear.

"Seems like you managed to remove the more deadly properties of the arrow with your forcefield..." Sora said as he changed the bow into a huge intimidating axe.


Fire emanated out of the axe's blade and Sora as he raised the axe over his head with one hand and said, "Your time for death has come Yhwach!"

"Ggrrr... I swear! That I WILL return and I will make Soul Society MINE! I will kill everyone, starting with you!" Yhwach spat blood out at Sora's direction before the blood was incinerated by the fire.

Grinning, Sora replied, "I would like to see you try!"

With the world weighing heavily on his axe, Sora swung the Giant Axe down with swift momentum.



Yhwach's body was at first sliced in half before being consumed by the flames and turned to ash.

The ground was charred and the ground was cleaved in two for a whole 200 feet from where Yhwach stood away from the Rukongai. The land slightly shook from the attack and the fire disappeared.

Witnessing the destruction that had occured from him using his axe on Yhwach, Sora smiled and swung his axe in the air.

"Fenris!" Sora called out for the huge wolf to appear.

"Aa-oooo!" With a fierce howl, Fenris jumped into view, as if she was always there. She looked at the slice that was created with Sora's axe and looked at him.

"Come, we need to go get rid of the rest of the Quincies," said Sora with a yawn. He jumped on Fenris and the giant axe turned into two long swords that look like his normal long-sword.

"Alright, but I won't participate like always," said Fenris with another jump at the full blown war. Bubbles, vines, a scarf, flames, electricity, and a doom laser. Everything in the battle amazed Sora.

Arrows made of spiritual energy literred the sky as they rained down upon the soul reapers.

With a scary smile, hundreds of thousands of javelins made of spiritual energy appeared above the entire battlefield behind Sora. He decided to make use of the [Holy Javelin] skill and use it with his spiritual energy.

"May the massacre... BEGIN!"




All the javelins rained down on the poor quincies as they were all stabbed with multiple javelins. They were riddled with holes all over the body.

Sora had managed to dodge all the soul reapers with his monstrous control over every single energy at his disposal.

"HAHAHA!" Sora laughed as all the quincies died on the field. He stopped laughing and looked at his two swords, "Seems like there was no use for you two."

The swords merged and became one long-sword. He swung it once before placing it back in its scabbard with a soft motion.

"That was a bit brutal," mentioned Fenris with an emotionless face.

"You say that now, but what if we lost, everyone would have died," Sora grinned and looked at the dead bodies before looking back into the eyes of Fenris. "Of course I don't really care what people might think, I would do anything that I want to do. No one will stop me."

Fenris' ears perked up at Sora's word and asked, "And if someone tried to stop you?"

"I would kill them without a single wasted movement," Sora answered instantly as he sat down on the ground and waited for every shinigami to pick up the corpses of every person on the field. "Although if it's a female, and very beautiful, I will f.u.c.k her senseless until she can no longer stop me from moving on to what I want to do."

With a slight growl, Fenris spoke, "Isn't that a bit shameless?"

"No," answered Sora with a grin, "the said female took it upon herself to stop me from doing what I want to do. She stopped me from a pleasure or my goal, so who says I can't share my pleasure with her while still being able to move onto my goal?"

"Grr," growling one last time, Fenris stopped talking and laid her head down as she stared at Sora deeply.

Sora frowned for a moment as he thought back to what he had just said and only shook his head before looking back onto the field.


(Somewhere Unknown)

Two figures stood there watching the invasion of the quincies. They witnessed the battles caused by the quincies as they battled the group of soul reapers.

"-They- have prevented that huge army from invading Soul Society.." spoke Figure A with an amazed expression. Figure A never expected something like this to happen in the course of history of Soul Society.

Figure B looked at the screen with a scrutinizing gaze and said, "Oh really?"

"Yes, -they- seem to be calling themselves, Gotei 13," responded Figure A while looking at a couple of papers on a clipboard. The papers contained information about every captain and lieutenant of the group Gotei 13.

"Hmmm... that is interesting. Pass me the logs pertaining to the governments of Soul Society," Figure B said while stretching an arm and waited for the clipboard.

Figure A nodded and passed the clipboard with a passiive face. Turning back to look at the screen, Figure B eventually took the clipboard away from Figure A's hands.


Figue B looked at the papers carefully before scrunching the eyebrows and looking for a different clipboard. After finding one on the wall, Figure B looked at the information on it and nodded before saying, "Hmm, give the group, Gotei 13, the military position. We need people to protect Soul Society."

Without a single hesitation or curiosity in Figure A's eyes, Figure A respnded, "Yes sir."

"Send someone to get the leader of Gotei 13 over here," said Figure B. Figure B placed down both clipboards and turned to look at Figure A with a commanding gaze.

"Yes," hurriedly nodding at the order of Figure B, Figure A ran out the room and went to Soul Society to call for Yamamoto.

"Gotei 13.."


Sora looked at the cleared field and laid his head down on the ground.

"Sora," Yamamoto approached Sora and stood next to him. Chojiro followed close behind and they both stared at the clear field. The field which just had awar where thousands of quincies died at the hands of soul reapers and Sora's javelins.

"Yo, old man," greeted Sora with closed eyes.

"You have long since grown stronger than me," Yamamoto had no change in expression as he looked far into the distance. He turned to look at the resting Sora and said, "I need you to become the next captain of Gotei 13."

"Hm," frowning at Yamamoto's words, Sora opened his eyes and stood up. "I don't need your position old man. You need to find someone more suited at this than me."

"You are the only one capable," mentioned Yamamoto. His eyes stayed glued on Sora and his every small movement.

"No, you have those two students of yours, they should work fine," Sora mentioned as he dusted off his body and asked Fenris to get up.

"Seems you will deny this no matter what I will say," Yamamoto gave up as he thought back to two of his most promising students, Kyoraku and Ukitake. "But your words make sense."

Sora mounted Fenris and looked at Chojiro and then at Yamamoto before snickering and saying, "Of course they make sense, I said them."

Laughing at Yamamoto's irritated face and Chojiro's impassive face, Sora told Fenris to run back home and left them both behind.


Race: Soul (Shinigami)

Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power (Personal Seal: High Spiritual Power)

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Grandmaster

Shunpo Grandmaster

Kido Grandmaster

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

- Shikai Ability: Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities. Use every single element. ???.

Bankai Realease: Not Revealed

Mangekyo Sharingan

Left Eye: ???

Right Eye: ???