Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 79

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 79 Black Cat


"Hmm," lifting his head up from the desk in his room, Sora looked at the intruder.

Fenris looked at the person walking into the room from the far back corner of the room. She lifted her head before resting it back on her leg and went back to napping.

"Sora!" Kirio walked through the door and looked at Sora with surprise on her face. "They called in Head Captain Yamamoto!"

"*yawn* really? About time they do," Sora stood up from his chair tiredly and summoned up his Dream Energy. A cup of coffee appeared on his hands and he drank happily from it.

"Huh? Why?" Kirio asked as she made her way over to the couch.

"Because now we will become a legit group," smirked Sora as he turned up the lights in the room and looked back at Kirio with a small smile.

"Hmm," Kirio nodded and looked at Sora with a smile, "The [Strength of 500 Seal] is working great!"

Sora went ahead and sat back on the chair behind the desk. He looked carerfully at Kirio's face and inspected her body with his [Heavenly Vision Technique]. "Yeah, and there is also nothing wrong with you."

"Now I can use my spiritual energy instead of my body like I had to," Kirio smiled and stood up from the chair with great vigor. She went and stood in front of Sora's desk and looked at him with a huge grateful smile.

"You look so happy," said Sora as he finished his cup of coffee.

"I want to cook a meal for you! Luckily, I even made a new dish that is very delicious!" Kirio said as she slightly blushed and slightly touched her lips with her hands.

"Food? Great, I'll see you later then," nodded Sora. Having gone a couple hours without tasting the chicken leg, Sora grew 'hungry' for some taste. Since souls don't really need food, taste is what makes eating enjoyable.

Kirio smiled happily and left Sora's room and headed back to her division office.


That night was filled with laughter and a lot of food disappearing into a black hole. A lot of 'good' things happened that night.


[100 Years Later]

Gotei 13 became an official group after over 1,000 years of waiting from Yamamto!

Unohana went on a mission to deal with some ruffians in the outskirts of Rukongai and came back hurt in the middle of her chest. Which prompted Sora to heal her up and prevent any scar tissue from forming.

The quincies that were taken into Sora's [Heavenly World] were made into devout followers after using his Sharingan on them. He studied their bodies and began learning the anatomy of the quincies with the help of his [Heavenly Vision Technique]. Thanks to the [Acupuncture Knowledge] that he already had, he made quick advancements in studying their anatomy.

Thought Partition: + 1

Thought Acceleration: + 10%

[100 Years Later]

The Tiger finally learnt to speak! It talked and thought like a toddler as it asked questions about everything in Sora's [Heavenly World].

Unohana went and resigned from the eleventh division and moved to the empty 4th division.

Eventually, Sora began getting bored of the tenth division as he sat in his room all day. He had many times he had thought of switching to the second division, where he can act sneaky and do "anything" he wants.

The new division buildings were completed and were even set up inside the seireitei.

Thought Partition: +1

Thought Acceleration: + 10%

[300 Years Later]

Yoshiro's wife is having a baby! He mentioned that he will be retiring from the soul reaper business so Sora accepted that and let him off. He began searching for a lieutenant but hadn't found a single one.

Fenris had gotten even bigger over the years, now she measures up to the size of an elephant. The Tiger hadn't grown at all, it didn't get any smarter either.

The hollow had finally achieved the colossus spiritual power stage! So Sora finally used the Kido he had made for this specific thing. Now he can continue growing even stronger!

After the first 150 years, Sora finally decided to switch divisions after he kept getting stuck with paper work. The person that was the captain for the second division had died mysteriously in the outskirts of seireitei.

After not seeing Yoshiro for almost 20 years after his wife went through labor, Sora decided to visit. During said visit, Sora found out that Yoshiro had a daughter and she was named Yoruichi Shihoin. He took a stroll with Yoshiro and eventually found his daughter.

Sora was taken back, he had just witnessed another beauty in this world! First it was Unohona, then Lisa Lisa, and then Kirio. It has only been almost 600-700 years to see this new beauty but it was worth it for Sora.

However, Sora didn't expect to go so well, especially when her father basically handed her over to Sora, along with one of their subsidiary clan members, Sui Fon, another beauty. Yoshiro wanted Sora to train them both to become exceptional and the best Onmitsukado members because he was going to give everything related to the Onmitsukado to her.

Sora managed to get his Kido mastery up to Saint level. He was able to summon a Kido with a wave of his hand and control it with his finger.

Thought Partition: +3

Thought Acceleration: + 30%

[100 Years Later]

Everything had been going smoothly. Yoruichi's friends, Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi, had even joined the training. Kisuke for the stealth and shunpo training, while Tessai joined for the Kido training.

Sora had noticed something peculiar about the Kisuke fellow. He had noticed that he was a pretty crafty and meticulous man. He weighed options and rationally thought of everything carefully and even beyond to ascertain the 'best' outcome. A genius so to say. Sora even went as far as keeping a close eye on him.

He expects great things from Urahara and even more in the future.

The Hollow liquid went through a sort of 'refinement' period and Sora had finally decided to drink it. With no pain at all, a mask appeared on his face. It had golden markings on it instead of the usual red marks that every other hollow mask had.

It had a diamond shape (the actual 2d shape but slightly curved for the face) and fire marks coming from the bottom of the mask. The fire marks part down the middle and outline the mask all the way up to the cheeks. The mask didn't have any other features besides the holes for the eyes, which were two simple triangles that were shaped in a way that made the mask look angry.

It almost seemed like the mask doubled Sora's fighting abilities, something which really amazed him.

Thought Partition: +1

Thought Acceleration: + 10%

[100 Years Later]

Being able to hide the spiritual power of a hollow was relatively easy for Sora, but for some reason there was an inverted color version of himself in his inner world. He easily defeated his hollow version and he was able to summon up the mask whenever and even unlocked the rest of the hollow energy he didn't know was hidden away.

Sora was able to use the mask for as long as he wanted and he wouldn't grow tired at all.

Soi Fon would always look at Sora with stars in her eyes ever since he taught her very closely and how to fight an opponent relatively close in Hakuda. Yoruichi was really bold and would sometimes... meow? at Sora whenever he would show her another technique to shunpo.

Urahara, Soi Fon, and Yoruichi had joined Gotei 13 and joined him under his second division. Tessai joined the Kido Corps with slight difficulty since they began to grow secretive.

Joseph and Caesar quit being soul reapers and began to live freely with their wives and children.

Thought Partition: + 1

Thought Acceleration: + 10%

[100 Years Later]

These hundred years, the Gotei 13 received four captains and a beautiful lieutenant! Two of these new captains were head captain Yamamoto's own students, Kyoraku and Ukitake. The other two captains are Kensei Muguruma and Love Aikawa.

Kyoraku became the 10th divisions captain, Ukitake the 13th divisions, Love Aikawa the 7th division, and Kensei the 9th division.

Lastly, the new beautiful lieutenant began working under Lisa Lisa, in her 8th division. Her name was Lisa Yadomaru. Sora got really close to her whenever he would go visit Lisa Lisa, but she would remain distant since he was already 'chasing' someone.

So using his sharingan, he slightly changed her way of thinking with his illusion capabilities and made her think that it is okay for her lover to be able to love more than one person. With that, he was able to get more close to her and still tried conquering her heart instead of the sharingan since he felt that was 'cheating'.

Yoruichi became his lieutenant, Kisuke his 3rd seat and Soi Fon his 4th seat.

This hundred years, the Gotei 13 found the quincies hide-out in the Human World and began exterminating them. Sora decided to save some of them and keep them alive since he had received a lot of help from the quincies in his [Heavenly World]. He decided to repay them this way, since the ones in his [Heavenly World] had long since died from old age.

He spent his time training his whole division and making them all better at stealth and assassinations.

[Heavenly World grew its Fourth Ancient Sun!]

Saplings began growing along the world. Mountains grew taller, rivers began to appear, hills formed. The lake located near the middle of the world expanded over 500 meters, the floor of the lake lowered even more, Sora can no longer tell how deep it was.

The world grew almost to the size of the Asian Continent.

Thought Partition: + 1

Thought Acceleration: + 10%

[100 Years Later]

Two new captains join the fray! ... along with a very suspicious lieutenant and a petite, cute third seat.

One of the first new captains was Shinji, he was the captain to the 5th Division. HIs lieutenant was a very suspicious man, his name was Aizen. Sora would always keep a close eye on the man named Aizen, he would always be smiling, something very weird.

In fact, his eyes had a sort of dead look, yet they had a very cunning look to them. When Sora saw this, he thought of Urahara and smiled in triumph as he found another genius to add to his [Calamity Mafia(Mob)].

The other captain who had come later, was named Rojuro, he was the captain to the 3rd division.

The new petite and cute third seat was a girl named Hiyori, she was under Kirio and she helped her a lot with the cooking. Sora's current 'nonexistent' Saiyan bloodline boiled as her looked at her violent tendencies.

With a slight glow in his eyes, he decided to make her his and keep her.

Sora kept track on the lieutenant named Aizen and found out that he has been traveling to Hueco Mundo.

Urahara moved over to the twelfth division as its new lieutenant and asked Sora for help in convincing Kirio to change in to research. It worked out well, especially when Sora told her that she can research different types of food.

Tracking Aizen was a really easy thing, he found him often doing projects on hollows. Sora noticed what type of experiments they were, it was the hollowfication projects.

Thought Partition: + 1

Thought Acceleration: + 10%

[100 Years Later]

Sora continued observing until one day, some of the captains and lieutenants were being hollowfied. Knowing it was the job of Aizen, Sora used his Sharingan on him and made him ignore his existence for a week and forget about the ones that were infected by a hollow.

He quickly fixed the problem of the captains and lieutenants by using a Kido he prepared for the artificial souls being hollowfied.

Sora and Urahara took the blame for the hollowfication thing. Sora took Urahara out of Soul Society and ran away into Karakura Town. Tessai followed Urahara since he was also present when he arrived at the hollowfication incident.

He put Fenris in his [Heavenly World] so that he doesn't walk her around in public.

Spending his time in Karakura, Sora would walk around the town in a Gigai Urahara made. He found it slightly uncomfortable and fixed it up slightly making it fit him better.

A black cat would follow him around the town, so he decided to 'adopt' it and carry it around the town before settling down in a house. Sora knew it was Yoruichi because of her spiritual power signature. He decided to play along and keep her close.

He found a job as a teacher and a doctor in Karakura Town. Becoming well known throughout the town as a doctor and was invited to a quincies home to save a woman. The woman was the wife of a man named Ryuken Ishida.

Sora smiled as he looked at the condition of the man's wife. When he noticed the effects, he knew for sure that Yhwach was coming back soon. He saved the woman by severing the ties between her and Yhwach, while still maintaining her powers as a Quincy.

On his way back to the hospital, he came across a woman and a child with orange hair. The kid ran to a hollow by a river, Sora shook his head at such an action and knocked them both unconscious before taking out the hollow. He took them to the hospital and called the family of the woman.

Sora noticed the person picking up his wife and child, he carried two daughters in his arms. Sora knew this man's identity, he was the captain of the 10th division, Isshin Shiba.

They both stared at each other for a moment before smiling and putting his index finger on his lips, telling Isshin to not say anything. Sora fixed Isshin's wife condition and also severed her ties with Yhwach once he noticed she was a Quincy.

He told him how his son saw a hollow and followed it, his wife lost her Quincy powers temporarily and thought Ichigo was playing. Sora even mentioned that he knocked them both out before taking out the hollow.

Thought Partition: + 1

Thought Acceleration: + 10%

[A day before Cannon]

"*yawn*" Sora woke up in his office at the hospital, it was the norm. He would work as a doctor after teaching at the school almost the whole day.

At the school, he got the most perverted job he could think of, a P.E. teacher. He has seen many beautiful girls along the years, but none that attracted him or his bloodlines.

He would make them practice sports that relied on their reactions and quick thinking. All to improve their mental abilities at school.

He stood up from his desk and removed his white coat before leaving the hospital and making his way to his house. He opened his house and sat on his couch before his black cat sat on his laps and purring.

"The days will only be getting troublesome now, Isshin Shiba's... or Kurosaki.. son will be moving to his second year in high school," Sora sighed before grinning, "his daughters are entering highschool though, the ditzy Orihime and the feisty Tatsuki are going into their second year as well."

"Meow!" Yoruichi mewed before licking Sora's hand. She didn't care much about what happens as long as she stayed near Sora. She liked living carefree, it was just what she liked doing.

Sora shook his head before standing up with the cat in his hands and made some food to eat.


Race: Soul (Shinigami 90% Hollow 10%)

Hollow Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Shinigami Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Grandmaster

Shunpo Grandmaster

Kido Saint

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

- Shikai Ability: Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities. Use every single element. ???.

Bankai Realease: Not Revealed

Mangekyo Sharingan

Left Eye: ???

Right Eye: ???