Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 81

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 81 Disappearance

A grin.

The first thing Sora sees when he wakes up is a grin.

A foolish, yet triumphant, grin etched on Yoruichi's face.

"Ughh.. What's with that grin?" Sora groaned as he got up from the couch on the edge of the office.

Both he and Yoruichi were still n.a.k.e.d from last night's carnal pleasure. A musky, sweet and tantalizing was permeating in the air, which came from both their bodies.

"Well.." started off Yoruichi. She got off the same couch and looked at Sora's broad and n.a.k.e.d back and smirked, "... you are very tasty..."

Shaking his head with a smile, Sora waved his hand and clothes appeared on his body. He turned to look at Yoruichi already in her cat form, "I'll see you later."

With a nod, Yoruichi jumped through the open window and shunpo'd away back to the house.

Smiling at that, Sora looked far into the distance to where the school was located. He squinted his eyes at the strong spiritual power he feels from over there.


Sora left the hospital and made his way over to his class at Karakura High School.

Walking through the school, Sora heard many interesting rumors spreading throughout the first year and second year students.

"Did you hear?"

"Hear what?"

"You know... that the Kurosaki House had a truck rammed into it.."

"How did you find this out?"

"I got my source... named Yuzu Kurosaki..."


Hearing this converesation, Sora smiled at the opportunity that had just risen! He brought out his phone and quickly called Mizuiro.



"Hallo~! Mizuiro here!" answered Mizuiro as he cheerfully responded to the phone call.

"Did the caterpillar (Ichigo/Human) become a butterfly (Shinigami)?" spoke Sora.

They had long since developed code words for almost every Soul Society and Hueco Mundo term they could think of. It was a process that took almost a day to come up with the names and a week to memorize them, mostly for Mizuiro's case.

"Oh yes! In fact its cocoon (House) was also destroyed in the process!" yelled back Misuiro with glee interlaced in his words.

Sora smiled and said, "Well, then take care."

Hanging up his phone, Sora stopped in his tracks and did a 180 turn to walk to the class of the two youngest Kurosaki, Yuzu and Karin Kurosaki.


Walking to their class and sliding open the door, Sora walked in and searched throughout the classroom. His golden eyes looked at every first year before setting his sights on a black haired girl and a light blonde haired girl, Karin and Yuzu repectively.

"Yuzu and Karin Kurosaki, please follow me," instructed Sora as he looked at both in the eyes.

"Yes sensei!" responded Yuzu with a cheerful tone. Karin only followed behind Yuzu without saying a word, her eyes set on Sora's body.


Sora walked around with them behind him and went into a room with a chair behind a desk and and two chairs in front of it.

He walked towards the chair behind the desk and sat on it before gesturing towards the girls to sit on them.

"So why'd you call us in Sensei," said Karin with a laid back expression.

Without wasting a second on formalities or anything, Sora said, "I heard a truck crashed into your house.. is it true?"

"Yeah! But how did you know sensei?" Yuzu looked happy as she responded and asked Sora with a confused expression. As far as she know, or thinks, she never told Sora that a truck crashed into their house.

"I heard a couple of students talking about it," smied Sora.

"Was that all?" Karin fidgeted with her feet as she asked Sora with a serious expression.

With a shake of his head, Sora looked at them with concern and said, "Not at all, I am worried about you both, so I went to ask you both personally if you were okay."

"Yeah! We are o-"

"No!" Karin stopped Yuzu from speaking further by clasping a hand over her mouth. She realized what she did and quickly tried to calm down, "N-no.. it... it... it would be good if we can have meetings at least three times a week.. to fix this.. trauma."

Sora smiled as he listened to Karin's words and nodded. He looked at Yuzu and asked her, "Would you like to come to those meetings Yuzu?"

"Un, if Karin is going to go, then so will I," nodded Yuzu.

With a clap from his hands, Sora stood up from his seat and said, "Great! I will see you both Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays."

"Yay!" Yuzu jumped from her seat and dragged Karin away.

Chuckling at their actions, Sora also made his way out of the room and walked to his class.

These 'meetings' will allow him to get closer to the two girls and allow him to get to know them. He will be able to spend more time with them and leave a deep impression on thier young and developing minds. This way, he will also be able to help develop their abilities from Ichigo's overabundant spiritual power.


Walking into the class, Sora noticed a new addition into the classroom, she is short and petite, she has light skin and purple eyes. Her hair is black, with several strands of hair always hanging between her eyes.

He looked at her and found out that her body was actually a gigai. Without a change in expression, Sora wondered if it was her who had given up her spiritual power to Ichigo so that he can become a shinigami.

Smiling at her, which got a blush from her, Sora continued his lesson on a sport before taking everyone out to play it.


The school ended and Sora sighed in relief as he walked out of school to go home. Today he couldn't be a pervert since the girls didn't get to run in today's sport.


Hearing the voice behind him, Sora stopped and turned to look at who called him causing him to smile, "Yeah? What's the matter... Mizuiro?"

"I have difficulties doing my [H]ome[W]ork (Human World) and my [S]ocial [S]tudies (Soul Society) work," said Mizuiro as he took out his notebook and presented it to Sora..

Squinting his eyes at the mention of 'HomeWork' and 'Social Studies', Sora nodded, "Let me see that."

Taking the notebook out of Mizuiro's hands, Sora looked at various missing words from the HomeWork he had assigned and from the Social Studies notes.

He sighed and gave the book to Mizuiro and walked away as he said, "I'll see what I come up with. Contact the other [Teachers] as well..."

Walking away from the quiet and determined Mizuiro, Sora's eyes were filled with perplexion. He didn't know what was causing the current disturbance.

Lately everything began to get covered in mystery, including Hueco Mundo which is only inhabited by Hollows.

And Sora knew why the mystery shrouded everything.


With that man's Zanpakuto, he could completely control someone without them knowing at all. This is probably what is causing the cloak of mystery to cover all three worlds. The hypnotization doesn't affect him, but the possibility that Aizen had hypnotized those next to him, is very high.


Sora didn't bother going to the hospital today and headed back home.

Where he will meet the [Teachers].

He walked into his modern house and went to his dining room where a large round oval table was located. He sat on a chair that was at the 'end' of the table.

"Kahuum," Sora cleared his throat and placed his hands on the table, "I see you've all made it in such short time."

"Huhu, well of course. Why wouldn't I be here?" A figure appeared from nowhere and sat on a chair right next to Sora.

"Good to see that Unohana temporarily left the Fourth Division to attend this meeting," another figure appeared on the chair next to Sora and spoke out.

"Enough Lisa Lisa, we are here to talk about what will determine the future of this world." Another being appeared and sat on the chair following Lisa Lisa's.

"You three always seem to be fighting," the next appearing figure said.

"Okay, Unohana, Lisa Lisa, Kirio and Soi Fon are here... we are missing two more. Yadomaru and Hiyori."

"Why both of them? Aren't they in the same group?" Lisa Lisa raised her eyebrows in surprise at Sora's words.

Shaking his head at her words, Sora said, "They always come together, you four just don't notice Hiyori hiding. I've added another feature to THEIR gigais, so no person that can sense spiritual power will feel them." Sora looked at their expressions of amazement and continued, "That is... if you have a gigai I have made personally, they will be linked at all times, so you know when it's in use, dispose, proximity and location.

Right Yadomaru and Hiyori?"

"Yeah, it's a blessing and a curse," Yadomaru sighed as she stepped forward from the shadows and sat next to Soi Fon.

"Damn it Sora!" Hiyori launched at Sora with all her might.

"Heh," Sora snickered and caught her foot in middair and sat her on his laps.

Growling at first, Hiyori tried taking Sora's hand off her head but gradually began to calm down. "Grrrr... mmmm..."

"Eh~, she was tamed?" Unohana remarked with a hand on her cheek.

"Why you... hmmm.." Hiyori was about to lash out before Sora began to rub the back of her ears causing her to calm down.

"Anyways..." Sora grabbed everyone's attention and looked into their eyes. He held eye contact for two seconds with each, besides the calm Hiyori, before explaining, "There seems to be missing beings from the [H]uman [W]orld and [S]oul [S]ociety. Mainly those with above average spiritual power."



"Oh my.."

Lisa Lisa eyes narrowed and looked at Sora with curiosity, "Is this really important?"

"Yes, although it doesn't seem important right now, gradually the number of disappearances will begin to grow. In the past week, almost 1,500 people disappeared. Both from Soul Society and the Human World," Sora explained calmly.

"!!!" All their eyes widened in alarm, even the calm Hiyori.

If people disappear at the rate of this weak, by the end of the year, both worlds will lose a large amount of forces that could fight against the Hollows. And if the being, or beings, behind this can grow stronger from these disappearing people, the stronger people will gradually disappear as well.

This could entail the destruction of Soul Society from hollows or these beings. Not only will Soul Society fall, even the Human World could end up being destroyed. It spells destruction for both sides.

Pushing up her glasses with her middle finger, Yadomaru looked at Sora with an amused expression, "... and what will WE do about it?"

"Hehe," Sora smirked and said, "I'm glad you asked. We have to prioritize the safety of this with larger than normal spiritual power. Once we accomplish this, the actions of these 'attackers' will grow sloppy."

"And what if they don't get sloppy?" asked Soi Fon.

"If they don't get sloppy by then, then at most it won't, likely, matter," Sora said as he layed back on the chair with Hiyori resting her head on his chest.

"Why so?" question Lisa Lisa. She couldn't grasp what Sora was trying to accomplish at the moment, what will he do against the mysterious' attackers?

With a sly grin, Sora placed a hand on the table and said, "The chess pieces will be all in place by then."

"What chess pieces?" Soi Fon squinted at Sora's words and thought, 'By chess pieces, he doesn't mean...'

Tilting his head, Sora eyed everyone in the room, "Obviously you five and your forces."

'I knew it..'

The women all looked at each other and then back at Sora with wide smiles. Now all that they have left to know is how will this whole thing be happening. Who does what and how will they go about it.

"Each of you will have a different job and mission to accomplish," Sora said and continued, "Lisa Lisa will have..."


Race: Soul (Shinigami 88% Hollow 12%)

Hollow Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Shinigami Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Grandmaster

Shunpo Grandmaster

Kido Saint

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

- Shikai Ability: Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities. Use every single element. ???.

Bankai Realease: Not Revealed

Mangekyo Sharingan

Left Eye: ???

Right Eye: ???