Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 82

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 82 Green Note

"Each of you will have a different job and mission to accomplish," Sora said and continued, "Lisa Lisa will have the job of taking care of the human world."

Lisa Lisa nodded her head. She looked at the other girls and then thought deeply how she will station her division in the Human World.

"Hikifune, since your division revolves around researching many things, the division will have a lot of bright minds. I will need you to research every area of disappearance from both the Human and Soul side," said Sora.

"Un," nodded Kirio.

Sora turned his eyes to Soi Fon and said, "I have you and your division, as well as the Onmitsukado, help Kirio search for clues with the information the Onmitsukado holds. The assassination squad will be divided in half, the first half will protect Unohana's division, as well as Kenpachi's division. The second half will protect Lisa Lisa's division in the Human World, which will also have the protection of half of the Kenpachi Division."

Soi Fon nodded.

Turning his head to the next person, he said, "Unohana, you will have a simple, yet difficult, job. Your division will have to heal those hurt, but since no such cases have come up yet, you will have to convince the present Kenpachi to protect the Human World and Soul Society."

"Hmhm, simple enough," Unohana giggled.

"Last but not least, Yadomaru. You will have to lead the others in your group to act alone and protect each other. Since you're a small group, eventually this mysterious being will end up attacking your group." Sora stood up and left Hiyori on his chair and made full turn around the oval table behind every person before making his way back to the behind of his chair. He raised his arms in the air and clapped, "That is all, we have to make ample preparations. I will go ahead and inform Urahara about the moves we will be making. Have him work behind the scenes and see what he comes up with."

"Fufu, then I will be taking my leave for now," Unohana stood up and kissed Sora on the cheek before shunpo'ing away.

All the other girls followed and gave Sora kisses before disappearing to make their moves.


Perception of Time.

It was dependent on how much faster one's brain works.

And Sora's brain exactly did that. His perception of time was already three times faster than normal, meaning every single thing looked extremely slow for him. A day is three times as lengthy as they would usually be.

It's times like these that he loves to use Shunpo.


Moving through the air, Sora arrived in front of Urahara's Candy Store and walked in.

"Yo! Urahara!" Sora walked through the store and arrived the back where he was sitting down with Rukia.

"Oh... uh... Hi sensei," Rukia stammered.

"Oh? Well, if it isn't sensei," Urahara chuckled pulling Rukia's attention to his words.


"Well of course," Urahara laid back and said, "he taught me EVERYTHING I know."

"That's new, I thought you didn't like calling me sensei," Sora mentioned as he sat down and stared down at Urahara.

With a light chuckle, Urahara stated, "I never said that."

"You don't say anything, you only lead," spoke Sora.

Rukia didn't know what to do so she stood up and bade farewell.

"To what do I owe the visit?" Urahara asked.

"Haha, you already know, why do you always ask," laughed Sora. '...she looks just like Hisana.'

Sora looked at the disappearing figure of Rukia. In one of his 'recent' trips to Soul Society, which was almost 52 years ago, Sora had met the bride of the next Kuchiki Clan head. Her name was Hisana, she had an illness. However, Sora being a great medical master, Kido Saint, and knowing every acupuncture effect and location, Sora managed to heal her relatively easily.

He knew that Hisana was a great beauty, and he would have taken her from Byakuya, the next Kuchiki Clan Head. But having a good majority of Soul Society running after him would be a troublesome thing. Even more so if he just kills everyone too, so he decided not to take her away until his cucking skills raise. Then he'd be able to take anyones lover whenever he wants.

However, now that he took a closer look at Rukia now, he could tell that they seem to be related. Either being her daughter, or her lost sister she always mentioned. She even had the chance to growing into a much more beautiful person than her sister.

Sora might even chase after her instead now.

"Hm, it has to do with those disappearances, right?" Urahara smirked and sat up straight as he placed a hand on the small table.

"Yeah, what do you think of the problem?"

"Bait it," said Urahara. "Draw it out of its hole and have it show itself."

"I have thought of that but every simulation I run through ends in failure. Especially when we have to take account what this being is. How big it is. It's abilities. It's adaptability. As well as it's goals," explained Sora. Since he had found out that people had been disappearing, Sora had ran many simulations in his mind.

Anything that could possibly help. However, it was very tricky, he first needs to know who the attacker is.

"Making the attacker to come out will take time," Urahara said. He took on a serious expression and looked into Sora's eyes, "Drawing him out will take time.. another problem even rose up."

Nodding at Urahara's words, Sora knew what he was talking about.


"Yes, that boy just got his shinigami powers. However that isn't the problem, it's the fact that his Spiritual power is high and he can't control it," Sora said. He remembered back to the morning in class when he felt Ichigo's unordinary amount of spiritual power.

"Just earlier, a Gillian had appeared and before it could cause massive damage. The boy, Ichigo, took it down barely on time," explained Urahara as he grinned.

"Yeah but that's not the only problem here," Sora clasped his hands together and yawned. "Everyone around him will get affected by his huge spiritual Power. Their souls will get tempered by his and there are chances that their spiritual power will rise."

"There is that problem huh? Well, not like it will matter," Urahara said.

"No not really, but in this time where we get attacked by these random being, or beings, it is dangerous," said Sora as he thought of everyone in his class and the Kurosaki Family, specifically Karin and Yuzu. 'They will be negatively affected by this in the long run.'

Sora stood up and stretched, he looked at Kisuke and smirked.

"Hmm?" Urahara raised his head and stood up as well. "Would you like tea? Or the usual?"

"The usual," Sora said. He thought back to what they had just talked about and focused on the increasing spiritual power part. "Urahara.."

Handing over a bottle of beer to Sora while he drank his tea, Urahara said, "Yeah? Thought of something interesting?"

"Yeah, we can use the increasing spiritual power of the kids and lure in the attacker," Sora knew there was a chance that someone might end up hurt, but this will end up stopping the attackers. Plus, with the protection of Sora looming over the heads of everyone at the school, there wasn't much to worry about.

"That could work, well I guess that's it then," Urahara mentioned. He stood up and began pushing Sora out of the store.

"What? Closing time already? Haha," Sora laughed as he got pushed out of the store. He finished the beer in his hand and made it disappear with his Dream Energy.

Waving his hand once more, Sora made a crow appear in front of himself. He pulled out a note and gave it to the crow, "Have [Everyone] read this."


The crow cawed before flapping away with the note and disappearing.


Sitting on the edge of a ruined building, Hiyori looked down at the ground as she lost herself to her thoughts.


"Wha!" Getting scared from having a crow scream next to her ear, she woke up from her thoughts ready to beat some sense into the bird that dared do that to her.


Before she landed a hit on the said bird, she saw the typical green paper that Sora uses to communicate between people. It also means that after reading the paper, to put it back on the crow and let it continue circling the message.

She grabbed the message from the crow and read it.

[In the time of a week, the Visored Group will be focusing on protecting the Karakura High School. This will require the need of 5 to 10 people from Kenpachi's Division to aid them in facilitating their job. Lisa Lisa's Division will be mostly settled down in Karakura town and the surround of the Karakura High School.]

"Tsk," clicking her tongue at the message before smiling, she put the message back on the crow before shooing it away.


The crow flew away and a black mist began to surround it before it completely disappeared in the starless night sky.

Seeing this, Hiyori only turned around and went back into the run down building before telling the other Visored Group members of the message.



A crow, an unusual sight for Soul Society to witness.

It was still shrouded in its black mist before it perched itself ontop outside the courtyard of Unohana's residence.


Unohana slid open her door and walked out of her house with an expectant gaze before landing her eyes on a green paper.

"Green? Not pink? Such a shame," commented Unohana before walking up to the crow.

There were four colors to the notes, however not really relevant when Sora hardly uses them. In the span of 100 years, he had only used it 187 times.

The colors were separated into Green, Pink, Black and White. A Green note was a message sent to two people or more, a mass communication method. Pink was an individual messaging note, since almost every single person that Sora sends the notes to is a female, they ruled to use the pink color instead of red.

A Black note symbolizes an emergency, caution and even danger. There hasn't been a single black noted besides when it was used in a time when a traitorous Kuchiki Clan member appeared. It was the only time it had ever been used.

A White note is the saddest thing to ever witness. It symbolizes the death of a member in their group, this note had never been used, and everyone hopes it stays that way.

After reading what the note says, Unohana sighed and placed back the note.

"Maybe I should coerce him to give me a baby so I don't have to do this anymore," Unohana said as she walked back inside her house.

The crow looked at her with its beady eyes and its curious gaze before flying away in the night sky towards its next receiver.


"Auuww..." yawning before drinking a cup of milk, Lisa Lisa continued her routine of drinking a glass of milk before sleeping.



After chugging down the rest of the milk, Lisa Lisa turned her attention over to the crow. She approached it and removed the note from it before reading it.

With what she had just read, now she will be having an easier time with deciding how she will be placing her members throughout the Human World. She put back the note before making her way back to her room to go to sleep.


Soi Fon had similarly received the message and decided to personally stand guard at the school.

'Maybe that way I can see Sora-sama more..' she thought before her cheeks heated up and she fell to sleep happily.


Race: Soul (Shinigami 82% Hollow 18%)

Hollow Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Shinigami Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Grandmaster

Shunpo Grandmaster

Kido Saint

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

- Shikai Ability: Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities. Use every single element. ???.

Bankai Release: Not Revealed

Mangekyo Sharingan

Left Eye: ???

Right Eye: ???