Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 84

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 84 Rejection?



An unnatural amount of spiritual energy burst from Sora's body and created spider web-like cracks on the concrete floor.

If not for Sora having PERFECT control over his energy, all the people below Great Spiritual Power would turn into red mists.


"Surpass the Heavens, Executioner!"

With another yell, his spiritual power seemed to disappear. His being became darker as a dark black crown appeared on Sora's head. It had red spots and splashes splattered all around the crown, giving it the look of blood.

Upon closer inspection on the crown, one can see jewels under the red blood-like splashes.


Illusionary-like chains appeared behind Sora, floating around him, waiting to chain an unwilling and unexpecting prey. The ends of every chain had arrowheads that looked so sharp they could pierce through metal with ease.

The edges of his mouth had black mist spewing out. Seeing the mist, the hollow couldn't help but cease its struggles in fear. Sora's eyes remained the same, but they seemed so fierce, that a tiger could jump out at any moment and lop off the head of a poor unsuspecting man.

Bringing in his left hand and grabbing ahold of the hilt, Sora faced the tip of the sword downward and stabbed it into the ground.

The ground began to tremble and Sora began to rise up into the air. Underneath his feet was an enormous skull which came out of the ground from underneath him, which cause the ground to tremble.

With his sword embedded on top of the enormous skull, Sora lifted his right hand and pointed to the hollow in front of himself. With a calm voice, in the ears of Orihime and Tatsuki, the hollow began to quiver in fear as Sora spoke, "You... have been spared... from death."

The skull underneath Sora opened its mouth wide as the holes where the eyes were supposed to be, had orbs of Spiritual Energy glowing white.


The chains that had appeared behind Sora disappeared and came out of the mouth of the skull. They made their way to the restrained hollow at a rapid pace and pierced his hollow body.


The hollow began yelling in pain and Orihime's eyes began to water once more as she looked at Sora with sorrow, "Please.. stop hurting him.."

"This is necessary to save him," Sora replied as the chains wrapped themselves around the limbs of the hollow and dragged him into the mouth of the skull.


Its shrieking was ceased by the skull closing its mouth and preventing noise from escaping.


Inside the mouth of the skull, the hollow was unchained and looked around the darkness in fear.


It grew angry and began bashing the walls that surrounded it. It wanted to get out of there. The complete darkness that made its heart unsettled.


The hollow stopped its movements and looked at its hands in a myriad of emotions.

Fear. Happiness. Sadness. Unwillingness. Hope. Expectation.


A weird vacuuming sound finally made its way into the hollow's ears as it stood there on its two feet..

"Huh? Feet?!" exclaimed the hollow as it looked down and stared at his bare feet. Soon realization hit the [hollow?] as he felt his face that had tears streaming down from his eyes.

Memories burst into his mind as he began to remember who he was, what he was, his friends, his terrible parents, his school, his teachers, his job... and his only sister, Orihime.

Now he remembered back to a couple of seconds when he had just looked at his hands, when his emotions returned.

When his 'heart' returned.

His hollow self was the negative side of his emotions which was afraid to be let go. The man would be a liar if he said he didn't feel bad about the hollow being seperated from him.

The man shook his head and waited for the light to return...


What Sora had just used was ONE of many abilities his Bankai gives him. This particular ability summons a skull from the ground takes in a single entity into its mouth. After the skull closes its mouth, the said being's race will begin to change, however, said race can only change to one Sora has.

This particular ability only takes into account the races of his soul. Meaning an entity entering the mouth of the skull only has three options to take.

A Shinigami.

A Hollow.

Or even a Hybrid.

Sora has a feeling that he would be able to turn them into other races in the future when he connects the bloodlines of his body to his soul. Only then will he be able to change the races into other things besides Hollows and Shinigamis.

"What will happen to my nii-san," Orihime asked Sora. She was worried about her brother, whom she knew had died long ago but had suddenly returned.

Staring at Sora with her innocent charming eyes, Orihime began to feel bad. She had full faith in Sora, now that she had calmed down, and felt bad that she had doubted Sora's words when she saw the chains stab into her brother.

Sora turned to look at Orihime and looked at her with a soft expression, "He will be alright. For now, we just have to wait until the process is done."

Smiling at his words, Orihime soon felt sad as she remembered her doubt to Sora. Seeing Sora turn away, she yelled, "I'm sorry!"

Both Sora and Tatsuki were surprised by Orihime's apology and turned to look at her with questioning looks.

"Why?" asked Sora.

"Because..." Orihime couldn't look at Sora in the eyes anymore from the guilt and stared down into the floor. She held on tighty to the sides of her ankle-length dress.

Looking at Orihime's actions with an amused look, Sora jumped down from the skull and walked up to her.

"Wha-!" Startled by Sora's actions, Orihime took a step back unconsciously and looked into Sora's golden eyes.

Sora took a deep look into her eyes and understood what was going through her mind. He smiled sadly before bringing his hand up to her chin and brought his lips unto hers.

Looking from the sides, Tatsuki's eyes widened and she placed her hand on her chest and feeling her heart being torn to pieces. She didn't know why she felt like this, but looking at her sensei and Orihime kiss, her heart felt like it began to wither.

She felt lost. She felt sad. She felt weak.

But what she felt the most was...


Orihime closed her eyes as she felt the sweet and tender kiss come from Sora's unnaturally soft and delectable lips. She slowly began to unclench her dress as a single tear dropped from her eye in happiness.

They soon stopped kissing and Sora caressed Orihime's cheek, he looked deep into her eyes with heavy emotions, "I know what you are feeling. I know that feeling of seeing someone you deeply care about be hurt. I know that feel of not being able to do something to prevent something from hurting them.

So I am telling you now, you don't need to apologize to me. You don't need to explain why. The only thing you have to worry about, is to become stronger, to protect what you love."

Her eyes, on the verge of tears, looked at Sora thankfully as she closed her eyes and smiled stupidly, "YES!"

Sora let go of Orihime and looked around before finally setting his eyes on Tatsuki. He walked up to the tired and sad Tatsuki and picked her up in a princess carry.

Feeling someone lift her up from her misery, Tatsuki looked at the close face of Sora before she began to get embarassed and began yelling with giddiness, "Wh-what are you doing?! Put m-me down quickly!"

Sora only smiled in response after seeing Tatsuki hide her face behind her hands, periodically looking through the gaps between her fingers. She had a crimson blush as she felt Sora's big and strong arms hold her body up in the air. His arms behind her back and underneath her thighs with his hands grasping onto the should farthest from him and her thigh.


Hearing someone sneeze, Sora, Orihime and Tatsuki all turned to the person that sneezed.

"Nii-san!" Orihime yelled at the man as she ran to him and hugged him as she cried on his shoulder.

The man smiled caringly and carresed the top of her head and spoke only two words, "I'm back."

Tatsuki smiled as she clutched onto Sora's chest, happy for her bestfriend to get her brother back. She didn't say anything as she watched the sweet reunion between brother and sister.

For as long as Orihime can remember, her brother was the only family memeber she ever had. Ever since he died, she became lonely in the house her brother worked hard to buy. Now she had her brother back and she felt like her life had fixed itself, even if there will always be that crack.

Sora gently put down Tatsuki's legs down on the floor and held her close to his chest causing her to blush ever harder and her expression becoming more fierce. He raised his left hand in the air and called back his Zanpakuto.


The sword flew back to his hand and the skull turned into a normal, average-sized skull. The crown on Sora's head had dissipated into the air like burning paper. The skull had black mist coming out the eye holes and nose and flew up into the air before dissipating a bit.

Seeing as how the mist inside the skull didn't disappear, Sora grinned before placing the skull inside his Storage Ring.

Looking back at Orihime and her brother hugging, Sora picked up Tatsuki again before coughing to grab Orihime's and her brother's attention. Both of them turned to look at Sora and Orihime's brother let go of her before walking up to Sora and bowing to him.

"THANK YOU SENSEI!" yelled the man.

"Haha," chuckled Sora. He looked at the man who had hardly changed after graduating from high school. "It seems you still remember me after all, Arata."(A/N: I know that's not his name, it's just that his name is similar to Sora's, and I am still unsure whether I will use him often in the story.)

"How could I ever forget the teacher that helped me forge a great future," responded Arata as he remained bowing.

"That's stupid. It's all just in your ability to comprehend and retain the information I give you. It's up to you whether to use it or not to build your future," said Sora with a serious face. "Now stand straight before I slap you silly like before."

"Y-yes!" nervously responded Arata.

"Pfft!" Both Orihime and Tatsuki giggle as they looked at the silly attitude of Orihime's brother, Arata.

Looking around at the destroyed house and the messed up ground, Sora sighed, "Orihime... Arata... would you both like to stay at my house tonight?"

Arata and Orihime both looked at the ground before turning to each other and smiling, "Yes sensei!"

Nodding, Sora turned to Tatsuki, who was still in a princess carry, "Would you like to stay at my house or go back to your house?"

Tatsuki turned to look at Orihime's happy and flushed expression as she stared at Sora. With a shake of her head she thought, 'There's no way I can leave Orihime with Sensei... even if her brother is there.'

"Yes, I'll go to your house," affirmed Tatsuki.

With a smirk, Sora carried Tatsuki and led Arata and Orihime to his house.

"Sensei, since when were you this powerful?" Arata couldn't help but ask a question that kept eating at him. Ever since he was a student, he had never seen his teach do something this astound, ever.

Orihime nodded at her brother's question and looked at Sora.

"Some questions are better to be left alone than to answer them," responded Sora.

Tatsuki rolled her eyes at Sora's answer and asked, "What was that weird power you used, is it like Don Kanonji?"

"Who?" Sora looked at Tatsuki with a questioning look before continuing, "This 'weird' power that I used is something I can use thanks to the strength of my soul."

"Strength of your soul?"

"Exactly, the soul exhudes energy when it grows stronger. Something which I, and many others, can use," said Sora as he lightly stomped on the ground as they made their way to his house. After stomping on the ground, the surrounding spiritual energy congealed to one point and made mini versions of the four of them, mimicing their actions.

"What is this? It's so cute!" said Orihime as she looked at her small form mimicing her.

"This is one of the ways to use spritual energy," said Sora as he chuckled at her actions. He looked at the door of his house and gently stood Tatsuki as he opened his housed and led them in to his kitchen. "Although, the amount of people who can do this can be counted in one hand. I'll explain more after a cup of tea."



Race: Soul (Shinigami 82% Hollow 18%)

Hollow Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Shinigami Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Grandmaster

Shunpo Grandmaster

Kido Saint

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

Shikai Ability

- Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities.

- Use every single element.

- ???.

Bankai Release: Surpass the Heavens, Executioner!

Shikai Ability

- Transform an entity into a different race. [Shinigami/ Hollow/ Hybrid]

- ???.

Mangekyo Sharingan

Left Eye: ???

Right Eye: ???