Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 86

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 86 Scared Of Forgetting

After stopping the girls by controlling the spiritual energy in their body, Sora walked with a smile towards them. He grabbed Orihime first.

Carrying her in a princess carry, Sora took her to the guest room they had stayed in. He laid her down gently on the bed as he leaves a kiss on her forehead.

Feeling giddy and shy after receiving a kiss from Sora, Orihime felt like shying away, forgetting that she can't move her body at all.

Sora chuckled as he sees her face reddening in embarrassment. He leaves and picks up Tatsuki as well but not before pinching the perky butt of the fiery girl.

Laying them both down on the two twin beds, Sora pulled up a chair and sat on it.

Shivering at feeling a lecherous and nudifying gaze, Tatsuki sent a glare at Sora's direction. She felt herself weak and stripped of clothes under the glowing golden eyes of Sora's.

Even after their dirty encounter where she couldn't escape Sora's claws and eventually succ.u.mbed to her own dirty thoughts, Tatsuki glared at Sora in hate. Hate because she wasn't able to move a single muscle of her body. She couldn't move at all as she fell prey to Sora's lecherous and nudifying gaze.

Contrary to Tatsuki's delusions, Sora was using the Heavenly Vision Technique to look at the constitution of both the girls bodies.

Sora's use of the Heavenly Vision Technique had reached astonishing levels. He was able to see every single flaw of their body, soul, spirit, mind and many other stuff. He could see what they practiced for breathing methods, training, martial arts, sutras and other stuff. This was all due to his Mastery in the medical field and the knowledge of acupuncture.

Shifting a bit on the chair, Sora looked at both the girls before beginning, "You will both have two options to choose from which will decide the general direction of your future."

"Mmm nmn n ghmmm!!!" Tatsuki hummed out in anger. She couldn't voice out her opinions due to not being able to open her mouth at all. Orihime on the other hand, wasn't as angry or negative about not being able to move at all.

She was happy.

'Since I can't move now, I can practice being a tree and have birds make nests on me!'

Sora sighed in relief at hearing Tatsuki humming out. Now he won't have to worry about being interrupted as he explains to them the two choices.

"Ha-HUM," clearing out his throat, Sora relaxed his gaze as he began to speak.

"The first choice will be to keep your spiritual energy.

Although you don't feel it now, your spiritual energy is currently growing. This was due to last nights fight with Orihime's brother, who left earlier this morning to look for a job." Sora paused and looked at the expressions of the girls. Orihime had a curious look whilst Tatsuki held a serious expression on her face.

"Of course if you choose this choice, I will teach you how to properly used this growing energy. Eventually to the point of using it with no helping tools."

Sora demonstrated the same example as before as he created a mini version of both girls before making them dissipate.

"The second choice is harsh." Sora scratched the back of his head tiredly. He really hoped either of them wouldn't choose this option, but he wants them to choose their own paths to their future.

"The second choice will require me to make your soul turn back to normal," Sora paused as he looked at their expressions once more. Sighing in satisfaction at seeing no change in them after hearing the second choice.

"If you do choose this, it will mean that I will have to erase your memory on everything related to the supernatural. Including memories related to me, since I am a supernatural. You will forget all the bad things that happened last night as well."

Along with his choice of erasing their memories of himself and everything related to the supernatural, Sora finally felt it time to retire.

After spending 100+ years in the human world with many identities and working in the teacher, doctor, engineer, mechanic, programmer, and many other miscellaneous jobs, Sora found it time to stop enjoying the world and begin his conquest.

Calamity Mafia should begin its appearance.

With a wave of his hand, Sora removed the restriction from the girls' mouth to let them speak.


Tatsuki and Orihime both kept their mouths shut as they looked at Sora with troubled expressions.

To be able to choose a path where you forget that you chose to forget and an event that ever happened is scary. 'What choices did I make?' 'Why did I make that choice?' 'Was I afraid of something?' 'What was I afraid of?'

The questions would eat at them as they slowly gained hold over the fear of the unknown. The fear of what they knew but now don't. However, even said thing was impossible to imagine if they forget they ever had the choice to begin with.

They both bit their lips before looking at Sora with firm eyes and responding at the same time, "First choice!/Train me!"

Sora sighed in relief before smiling and waving his hand.

Along with the wave of his hand, the girls regained the control of their bodies. A cool breeze also befell upon their bodies and they felt an unknown chain disappear.

"I made your souls stronger so that you can train your control over your spiritual energy," said Sora. He learned this nifty trick after he had promoted to the colossal Spiritual Power. There's a possibility that Sora is the only Colossal Spiritual Power stage.

Yamamoto could possibly only rival 10% of his Spiritual Energy. As for his swordsmanship, Yamamoto has been stuck as a Master Swordsman for many years due to little training.

However if Yamamoto had kept training, he would have been a Grandmaster by now, possibly even a Sword Saint.

"Is this my energy??" Orihime had her hand outstretched and tiny specks of light hovered above her hand.

With an astonishment covering Tatsuki's face, she approached Orihime and looked at it.

"How'd you do it?"

"I just thought, 'power, gather on my hand'. And POOF it happened." Orihime just mimicked movements of her thinking and then and explosion as she explained to Tatsuki how it happened.

"Amazing," said Sora as he looked at her ability to gather Spiritual Energy already. However upon closer inspection, he noticed that she wasn't doing it on her body's own ability, but an accessory she wore on her hair.

Shaking his head Sora explained to her about the hair pin and instead of getting sad, she instead smiled even brighter. Sora just smiled at that and congratulated her, nonetheless for being able to move her spiritual energy already before moving onto Tatsuki.

"Tatsuki," said Sora. "I have a black belt here that will help you in controlling your spiritual energy. This black belt has similar properties like Orihime's. However, it can have its own specialized ability over time.

However long that ability takes will be defendant on how often you wear the black belt. And don't worry about it being damaged, it fixes itself over time."

Using his Dream Energy, Sora made an enchanted black belt and gave it to Tatsuki.

Tatsuki received the belt and looked at it with glittering eyes. She felt coolness and energetic as she held onto the soft black belt.

"This... This is amazing..." whispered Tatsuki. She wrapped it around her waist like she would with her personal black belt she had earned and immediately felt lighter. She felt as if she could stand on a falling feather and not acelerate its descent.

She got onto a horse stance and pulled both her arms to the sides of her h.i.p.s before punching out with all her might.

"Wow..." exhaled Tatsuki. She looked at her hand. She couldn't believe that she could punch twice the usual speed of her full out punches.

Seeing the two girls engrossed in their new 'abilities', Sora stood up from the chair and moved it away before reminding the girls that they have to go to school.

The girls panicked and quickly left the house in a hurry to leave for school.


After watching them leave, Sora turned and said, "You can come out now Yoruichi."

"So what's the plan?"

Yoruichi walked to Sora and wrapped her arms around Sora's neck before drawing in and kissing his neck,

"We go into attack mode," Sora said.

Stopping her kisses, Yoruichi looked at Sora with wide eyes before hugging him and purring as she rubbed her head against his chest.

Attack Mode.

A plan Sora had made a couple weeks ago. It was the plan where if the weird being didn't come out or the Onmitsukado don't find out who it is, they would actively begin attacking every. The first place to be attacked will be Hueco Mundo.

Hueco Mundo housed nothing, a good place to make a base. Besides getting rid, or insubordinating, the hollows in Hueco Mundo, Sora had nothing to worry about. He could power through Hueco Mundo with relative ease like if he was strolling through a park.

The only being he had to 'worry' about was the 'Ruler of Hueco Mundo'. A hollow that obtained a humanoid look as a skeleton. This 'Ruler of Hueco Mundo' had the power to AGE things, something that probably won't harm Sora, but also something he wouldn't risk.

"We're finally going through with that plan?" cooed Yoruichi as she drew circles on Sora's chest with her index.

"Yeah," answered Sora. He picked up Yoruichi in a princess carry and appeared in his [Heavenly World] with her.

The first time Sora had explained to her the existence of his [Heavenly World], she took it in very normally. Although it was something Sora had expected, it irked him about the fact that she didn't at least say 'wow' or a type of expression.

The inside of the [Heavenly World] had gone through changes. Mainly the fact that he had built a city with many villages surrounding it, thanks to the help of the Shadow Clones and the jutsus. To give the Heavenly World an 'actual world' feel, he had the artificial souls take houses and make it their own.

Due to the passing of the years, the artificial souls somehow learned how to mate and get children. Although not impossible, Sora never thought it would happen so early.

One of the huge mountains of the [Heavenly World] contained all of Sora's clones that were under training. This was to keep them out of sight of everyone, even the artificial souls.

The Tiger was under Sora's order to take care of the artificial souls of the city and the surround villages. Even if it wasn't needed, Sora had the Tiger there to instill fear into the artificial souls to keep them training and maintaining their average strength of a captain-class shinigami.

With this type of force, even if Sora is a Colossal Spiritual Power class, he could easily take over all three realms of this 'World'.

Fenris was being lazy and sleeping inside a cave that had formed naturally in the [Heavenly World].


Sora took Yoruichi and led her to the Tiger.

"Sparky!" called out Sora.

"Hm," the Tiger lifted its head in response at Sora's calling. None of the artificial souls knew its name, and even if they did, the Tiger would have eaten them for saying his name and trespassing his territory.

"C'mere Sparky." Sora had given the Tiger the name Sparky since every time you would touch him, you would get shocked.

The Tiger had now surpassed the sized of Fenris and now reached the size of a bulldozer. It's towering figure shadowed the nearby houses, scaring some of the artificial souls playing and working.


Race: Soul (Shinigami 76% Hollow 24%)

Hollow Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Shinigami Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Grandmaster

Shunpo Grandmaster

Kido Saint

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

Shikai Ability

- Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities.

- Use every single element.

- ???.

Bankai Release: Surpass the Heavens, Executioner!

Bankai Ability

- Transform an entity into a different race. [Shinigami/ Hollow/Hybrid]

- ???.

Mangekyo Sharingan

Left Eye: ???

Right Eye: ???