Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 2 Chapter 91

Volume 2: Bleach: Obsolute Power Chapter 91 Old Age

Drinking the 6,000 year old wine that he took from Genryusai's office, Sora walked over to the 4th Division.

The wine had such a nice taste that Sora couldn't stop drinking it. He even had some thoughts of brewing alcoholic beverages for himself.

Too bad he got so drunk he couldn't remember what he just thought of.

Tok Tok!

Knocking on the door of the 4th Division's Captain headquarters, Sora looked normal besides his rosy cheeks.

"Unohana! It's me Sora," he yelled. He knocked on the door once more before slumping on the wall and finishing the bottle of wine.

Sora wasn't prone to visiting houses or areas where women live when he's drunk. However today was an exception due to how drunk he is and he didn't feel like going back to the Human World yet.

The days will only get more trouble some after today, he will hardly be getting any rest besides sleeping. He will have to spend every single moment fighting to claim two worlds.

Hueco Mundo and Soul Society.

Just those two worlds will take time to take over. Even with really strong troops, Sora needs to maintain security in those areas and find a way to maintain everyone from fighting each other. If he will be taking over both areas, he can't have infighting and having them destroy each other.

Hollows like to eat souls because of their spiritual energy and when they can't hunt souls, they hunt each other.

Shinigamis aren't much different from normal humans, it's just that they are stuck in the past. Everything is revolves around villages and the government, Gotei 13. However he doesn't have to worry about there being killers in Soul Society because of the existence of hell.

When they commit an act like that when they were 'alive', they are taken into hell. However once they come to Soul Society, it is the shinigamis job to take care of them. Which hardly seems to happen, only those that loose their mind tend to kill or begin massacres.

Those in the Maggots' Nest are mostly innocent people. They were thrown in there because they went to Shin'o Academy, A.K.A. Genji School. What they learn there is enough to threaten Soul Society and it's inhabitants when they don't want to go to Gotei 13.


Lifting his head to see who was calling him, Sora smiled at the person.

Unohana had finally come back to her headquarters after finishing her daily work. She had healed up a couple of shinigami who had come back from the Human World and guided a few of her division members.

Her lieutenant helped her complete the paperwork and she was able to come back to her headquarters early.

It was a surprise for her to see Sora waiting for her.

"Why are you here?" Unohana smiled, "Come. Lets go inside."

"Yeah, lets do that," nodded Sora.

He stood up and walked into Unohana's headquarters with her. When he walked past by her, she took a breath and smelt the wine on Sora.

"That's such a nice smell, what is it?" She said as she looked at Sora sit down on her bed. She closed the door behind her and locked it.

The headquarters was around 5x5 sq. meters. It was a normal sized room which only contained a bed, a drawer filled with her shinigami clothes, a desk she uses when she brings paperwork back to headquarters and a photo on the wall of her and Sora.

The photo was relatively normal. Sora held her in his arms as they both faced towards the camera. They were smiling and they were even wearing their captain uniforms.

That day however, Unohana had a toy up both her holes when they took the picture. Every time she looks at the photo, she smiles and her body begins to heat up. It was the secret between Sora and Unohana of what they did that day.

"It's from a gr.a.p.e wine I just had," said Sora. He began getting undressed to get under the blankets and sleep.

"Do you have more?" Unohana also began to get undressed. When she slid down her shihakusho down to the floor, both of her bunnies were revealed to the world.

Women in Soul Society had never worn bras since most of the people in Soul Society are from the past. The concept of bras were rejected by all men and some women who were old school and others that like having their b.r.e.a.s.ts free.

Even with no bra, Unohana's b.r.e.a.s.ts were springy and round. They didn't sag at all.

"I just finished the bottle," Sora shook his head at Unohana's question. He just couldn't let go of the bottle of wine.

"Oh, leaving none for me? That's not nice," Unohana whispered as she crawled on the bed after removing all of her clothes. She got under the blanket with Sora and she began to slide her hand over his body.

She kissed his neck and slowly made her way up to his ear. She lightly bit his earlobe.

Unohana's hands began caressing the front portion of Sora's body.

Getting aroused from Unohana's actions, Sora turned to face her and pinched her brown n.i.p.p.l.e eliciting a m.o.a.n from her.

"Ahh~" she m.o.a.ned.

"You want to taste the wine?" Sora pinched her other n.i.p.p.l.e as he asked her.

Unohana nodded and on the bed, she kneeled in front of Sora. He kneeled as well in front of her and they both began facing each other.

With an expectant gaze, Unohana waited for Sora to pull out the bottle of wine.

"Close your eyes," ordered Sora as he held her hand.

She closed her eyes at Sora's words and waited for him. Her hands felt Sora squeeze her hand more and the bed began to squeak with Sora's movements.

"Sssu~" Unohana inhaled in deeply. She felt hot breath on her face, tickling her nose with a sweet scent.

"Mm!" She groaned in delight at the feel of Sora planting his lips on her. His free hand on the back of her neck and holding her head in place as they kissed.

She hummed and quivered in delight with Sora's tongue swimming in her mouth. They both greedily sucked on each other's lips. One was drunk and the other intoxicated by the sweetness of the others mouth.

Sora's juices were already sweet due to his Vampire, Demon and Angel bloodline. With the addition of the sweet taste of the gr.a.p.e wine, Unohana could only fall in love with his taste once more.

Gradually, Sora began to push Unohana down onto the bed as their bodies got aroused. Their heat rised and the sweat grew in abundance. Sora pressed Unohana down on the bed and lifted both of her legs, their lips never separating.

He moved her legs and lifted them up to her chest as he positioned himself in between both her legs.





Their groaning and m.o.a.ning gradually grew louder as they intertwined together. Sora placed his hard and hot member right above of Unohana's slimy and wet slit.

They rubbed against each other, waiting to see who would give into the pleasure first.

Sora stopped kissing her and lightly licked her neck before planting a kiss on her collar bone. He moved his hands and began groping her, slowly moving his hands out and then pinching her

"Arghh!" Unohana groaned in frustration as she pushed Sora off her and she got on top of him. Smiling at the fact that Unohana lost, Sora watched her get on him and position his steaming rod under her dripping slit. She lowered her h.i.p.s slowly taking in Sora fully.

Her insides began to grip and hold onto Sora as she smiled in delight at having her insides being filled. Pink hearts filled her eyes as her smile became lewd.

'Seems like she also got drunk... just from the taste.' Sora smiled as he placed his hand on her h.i.p.s, "If you want it so bad... then here yah go!"


"Ahhhgggg!!" With her juices oozing out of her p.u.s.s.y with a thrust from Sora, Unohana's toes curled in delight as she fell over on Sora.

With such intense orgasm, Unohana needed a rest. However Sora won't let that happen.


"Ahhh!!" she m.o.a.ned!


"Mmmmhmmmhmmhnhmmm~" Her m.o.a.ns still escaped from her through her pleasured groans as she kept her mouth shut. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head with her hand holding onto Sora's shoulders.


Sora kept his h.i.p.s pumping as his c.o.c.k made its way in and out of the shaking Unohana. Keeping his eyes on her delighted face, how could he possibly stop?

With the pleasure acc.u.mulating and his balls ready to burst. Sora plunged once more into Unohana letting his juices fill her!

"AHHHHHH!! YESS!!" Screaming at the top of her lungs, Unohana felt something different this time. Her insides jumped in pleasure. She felt all of Sora's seed fill her and making a small bump.

Sora pulled out from Unohana's filled insides and with one last spurt, he placed the head of his d.i.c.k inside her mouth.


She swallowed in delight as she looked at Sora with happy eyes. Licking the sides of her mouth, she got some of the c.u.m that spilled out her mouth earlier.

With a smirk, Sora rubbed Unohana's behind with a slur, "Rweady for.. de second ruound?"

"Always honey!"


"Arhhh." Sora groaned in pain as he held his head with a hand, "This splitting headache! I almost wish I didn't drink all of that wine."

He got off the bed after kissing Unohana's forehead. After getting dressed, Sora appeared in his [Heavenly World] and took a shower before leaving and going to meet Kirio.

Sora decided to take the day slow as his headache stopped him from moving to fast.

"I should ask Kirio for food that could make hangovers disappear," complained Sora.

Not only was Sora proud of his Race, his strength, martial prowess and his s.e.x.u.a.l prowess, he was also proud of his tolerance to alcohol. However, after drinking the bottle of the tasty 6,000 year old wine, Sora's pride was wounded and he needed to fix that.

With a quick add to having wine making and alcoholic beverage making to his list, Sora walked into Kirio's headquarters and saw her making food already.

"Morning Kirio," yawned Sora.

"Sora? I'm making food right now, let me finish real quick," hurriedly replied Kirio. She cut the vegetables and quickly moved the sizzling sausages in the pan.

Kirio would always go all out in making her breakfast. With the finest ingredients she could find in her fridge and the tastiest looking meats is what she would use to make her food.

Her skills in food making were high grade and in the master category. She can make broccoli and peas taste good to five year olds and make the most horrible looking food look tasty.

The aroma would even be affected!

She quickly finished making the food and made two servings. One for Sora and one for herself. She handed a plate to Sora, "Enjoy!"

Sora smiled at her words, "With pleasure!"


"So why are you here?" Kirio picked up the dishes and put them in the sink to have them washed.

Resting his back on the chair, Sora said, "I came to visit the old man, I came with the purpose to telling him about me taking over Soul Society and Hueco Mundo. He ended up joint us in our attack to take over Soul Society."

"Isn't that good?" Kirio washed the dishes and sent a look to Sora.

Scratching the back of his head, Sora complained, "Yeah, but I can't have him while he is fighting. If I leave him alone, he will end up dying in 9 years from natural causes."

'And I can't give him anything to prolong his life because I have nothing like that.. if only I had the store right now.'

"What?" Kirio stopped her movements and looked at Sora with a worried expression.

Noticing her expression, Sora walked to her and caressed her cheek before planting a kiss on her forehead, "Don't worry. I have a plan to keep him alive... but it's dependent on whether he still wants to keep living."


Race: Soul (Shinigami 76% Hollow 24%)

Hollow Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Shinigami Soul Power: Colossal Spiritual Power

Zanjutsu Saint

Hakuda Grandmaster

Shunpo Grandmaster

Kido Saint

Zanpakuto Spirit: Sonzai shikk-sha (Existence Executioner)

Shikai Release: Alter the Heavens!

Shikai Ability

- Transform into any weapon in existence, weapons cannot contain special abilities.

- Use every single element.

- Absorb any metal or material, that is used to turn into weapons, and let the Zanpakuto PERMANENTLY gain its properties..

Bankai Release: Surpass the Heavens, Executioner!

Bankai Ability

- Transform an entity into a different race. [Shinigami/ Hollow/ Hybrid]

- Absolute Terror: Make an entity be under your absolute control. Their mind is free to wonder but their body is no longer controlled by them. Only to suffer not being able to do what they want besides think think and think.

- Executioner's Treasury: Can pull out anything that has, will and cannot exist from the treasury. Only things that can be taken out, anything that can be used as a weapon (or is a weapon), anything that can help the user fight or get out of a tough situation, and anything that can be used for transportation.

Mangekyo Sharingan

Left Eye: ???

Right Eye: ???