Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 121

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 121 Nice Name

As soon as Sora finished reading the little blue screen, the scenery around him shifted and he appeared inside a weird space. It looked similar to the void he was in many years ago, except that this void held a mix of iridescent colors.

Many rock like structures littered the void, upon looking closer, Sora noticed that they looked like golems.

While drifting over to one of the golems, Sora noticed that his Soul Energy and his Ki dropped slowly. Once he stopped moving, his Soul Energy and Ki slowed down considerably.

"Seems like this void is dangerous, although it is dropping my energy slowly, if I had normal Ki and Soul Energy, I would have been dead thousands of times in just the little time I have been here." Sora began sweating nervously as he looked around the endless void before a blue light covered his vision.

[New Quest!]

[Quest Description: The world has gone crazy and the many beings residing in this World have been at war for a while and it will only get worse. The humans who have been caught in the middle of all the warfare need someone to worship and help them out of this problem!

Objective: Be named [God] by 50% of Humans on this Earth. Being named [God] by some supernatural beings, and/or [Gods], will provide an extra reward.

Time Limit: 2,000 Years

Rewards: Hidden Weapon Techniques Scripture

Extra Reward: Unknown

Penalty: Quest and Store Functions will be locked forever.]

Although a little confused at the fact that he needs to be called God by the Humans of this World, Sora decided to do this quest only to receive the [Akashic Record: Hidden Weapon Techniques]. With those techniques, there's bound to be something to increase his dexterity and many innovative techniques that could possibly help him with future adventures.

If he can get some supernatural beings to recognize him as a [God] and earn the extra reward, maybe he can grow stronger or have more knowledge that might be needed.

"Who are you?"

Sora was going to wander a bit more in the void before looking for a way out but heard a voice behind him. Turning around to face the source of the voice, Sora was surprised to see a small girl behind him.

With long black hair down to her h.i.p.s and dark grey eyes, her ears differ from a normal human's as they have pointed tips. Although her long black hair makes this feature difficult to notice, her dark grey eyes have reptilian slitted pupils. She had her b.r.e.a.s.ts exposed and a tape like material over her, hiding them. She wore a dark-like dress that Sora found out is called a Gothic Lolita Dress from the books he bought and the [Artificer Knowledge] he had received.

Looking at her dress, Sora thought that she would have looked more alluring with a grown body and bigger b.r.e.a.s.ts.

"Sora, and you?" Although Sora didn't know what she was, Sora felt a sort of connection with her through his Dragon bloodline and its insistent need to mate with the cute girl in front of him. Concentrating and ignoring the feeling, Sora looked at the girl and wondered who she could be.

With a turn of her head, the small girl looked at the man in front of her, "Ophis."

"Ophis? That's a nice name," mentioned Sora with a smile.

"The Dragon God of Infinity," she muttered shortly after Sora stopped talking..

"Eh," Sora looked at the girl and realized she wasn't joking. Never would he have thought that the first person he would encounter would be a God, and a Dragon God at that, especially when it's 'of Infinity'.

After talking with Ophis for a while, and quickly finding out that she wasn't much of a talker, Sora instead tried to get her to laugh but only got a smile back. It wasn't much, but it was the most he can get in just the small amount of time he was with Ophis.

"Hey Ophis, although I'm not an expert at drawing or anything like that, do you want me to draw you? So you can have a portrait of yourself." Sora pulled out a piece of paper, a board, and a pencil before waving them in front of Ophis.

Nodding her head slowly with a smile, Ophis looked curiously at the piece of paper and pencil. She saw Sora look at her for a while and tilted her head making Sora smile and quickly putting his pencil on the paper.

With his hand moving around the paper, Sora drew a crescent moon in the background with Ophis standing in front of it with her head tilted and a smile etched on her face.

Looking around, Sora tried to look for a way out before turning back to the little girl, "I will be going now Ophis, I won't be able to stay here for long. I'll see you another time."

"Hm." Ophis nodded as she looked at the man turn around and drift away. Her eyes drifted onto the paper and her eyes lit up in amazement.

After getting out of Ophis' sight, Sora used his Voidless Palm and broke the void before jumping through it and out into Earth. A bright blue sky and a wide plain greeted his eyes as he jumped down onto the ground.

Ophis was still floating in the spot where she saw Sora fly away before looking back at the drawing in her hands. She smiled before putting away the drawing, closing her eyes and drifted in the void like how she was before Sora entered the place she called home; the Dimensional Gap.

"Silence once again happy?"

Deep in the pits of Hell was a huge throne with a skeleton sitting upon it, his body shook in anger as he looked far into his land where souls were acting weird and in disarray.

"Why aren't those souls getting back to work!" Hades slammed his hand onto the throne and used his Divine Aura to regain his control over the souls.

"Lord Hades, we sense no outside interference in this matter," spoke a Grim Reaper with its head low.

"Stop it, get up. This might be the work of the other mythologies," muttered Hades. For as long as he could remember, he had always held a strong dislike towards the other mythologies, especially the devils and the fallen angels. "We have to do something about this, send out a message to everyone that works with us about setting traps for the other factions and have them fight each other. When they are at their lowest, we will attack them and get rid of the mythologies."

"Yes, sir!" the Grim Reaper stood up and quickly walked away.

If this plan works like how he wants it to, soon he will be able to get rid of all the annoyances from this world and be able to protect it himself. He doesn't need the help of any other god or mythology group, he alone and his Netherworld is strong enough.

Feeling his control over the souls grow more restless, Hades began feeling discontent. His eyes glowed more and the souls were soon forced to work once again.

"Such an annoying thing, I need to quickly resolve this issue. How dare someone try to take over my control of the souls in MY domain," said Hades with discontent.

Using his power, Hades called in a couple of Grim Reapers and had them listen to his order. In order to resolve this issue quicker, he had to gather some troops and have them go out to look for the perpetrator of this whole ordeal. He was already annoyed by the other mythologies, now he has to deal with this person trying to take over his control.

Not long after sending out his power signal, over 20 Grim Reapers appeared inside the room. Each one wearing a gray robe over their body and hiding their true appearance. All the Grim Reapers that appeared in front of the throne were wielding scythes and they had ornaments on their body.

If one didn't look closer, they wouldn't notice the skeleton underneath their robe, showing their true appearance.

"Search around the realm and outside the borders of the realm, the perpetrator can't be too far away from here," ordered Hades. His eyes glowed as he looked at each Grim Reaper, making sure they are all listening to his orders.

Without saying anything, the Grim Reapers floated up and flew away from the room. They each took their own path and searched around the Realm of the Dead, searching for any type of being that could possibly control them.

After a couple of days of constant search, the Grim Reapers finally went back to the still angered god Hades. The rate at which he lost control of the souls continued to increase and he couldn't seem to do anything about it.

Usually it would only take a second for him to regain control, but now it grew to over an hour. If it kept going like this, he wouldn't be able to do any of the other important things that need to be done.

"Lord Hades, we have found nothing," bowed a Grim Reaper.

"Ugh," putting his boney hand on his skull, Hades felt like he was going mad. It has only been a couple of days and he already feels like he hasn't slept in years. Trying to regain control over the souls and taking his time to do it, it made him feel mentally taxed.

His glowing eyes glanced over the Grim Reapers before waving them off, "I have to wait until the plan is set in motion at this rate. Whoever it is, trying to steal the control over my souls, will have to pay dearly when I find out who they are."

"Achoo!" Sora sneezed as he continued walking around the plains and eventually saw some mountains in the distance.

These past couple of days he has been feeling his Soul King powers kind of moving by themselves and trying to do something. Swaying back and forth, though gradually it did turn less.

Sora had no idea what was happening.

He had been walking the whole time that he had gotten out of the Dimensional Gap and was looking for human civilization. Hoping to see if he can somehow be named god in just a couple of weeks.

It wouldn't matter much if he got the rewards now or later, but it would have been an entertaining process to practice all of the Hidden Weapon Techniques, especially if it is from the Akashic Record.

Igniting his Ki and flying over to the mountains, Sora landed at the foot of the mountains and slowly walked his way up, making sure he didn't miss anything. While walking up, Sora decided to let Ying out and let it fly around by itself.

After walking for an hour or two, Sora saw a shrine and decided to approach it, since after all, usually there is someone at a shrine.

Walking into a shrine, Sora looked around before finding two people approaching him. One was an old lady and the other person was a girl, presumably in her 16's.

The old lady had a shrine maiden attire, she had her hair a gray color and like her eyebrows that were cut very short. Although she had wrinkles, Sora is always able to tell when someone is, or was once, a beauty. The old woman seemed very frail and looked like she would fall over at any moment, yet the vitality that Sora could sense from her, said otherwise.

The girl had the same attire as the old lady, she even had a bit of similarities in her eyebrows and her ability to turn into a beautiful woman in the future. What Sora liked the most about the girl was her figure, although it was still a bit immature, Sora could easily tell that she will be a seductive woman in a couple of years.

While Sora was admiring their beauty, new and old, the old woman walked up to Sora and slightly bowed before saying, "Good Sir, might you be related to Sun Wukong?"

'The monkey king exists in this universe and is real?' Sora looked at the old woman and knew that she was referring to his tail that was swaying back and forth behind him, something he had missed since forever. Without batting an eye, Sora shook his head, "No, I'm not related to him."

"I see," the old woman maintained her smile before revealing a slightly surprised face. "Ah! Where are my manners, I am Kuna."

Kuna turned to the young girl and motioned to her to get close before introducing her, "This is my daughter Yasaka."

"Nice to meet you." Yasaka bowed slightly as well and maintained a smile like her mom.