Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 122

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 122 Bloodlines

"Nice to meet you." Yasaka bowed slightly as well and maintained a smile like her mom.

Looking at the girl, Sora couldn't help himself from thinking that she was just cute. With a subtle nod, Sora returned the formalities, "Same here kid."

With a small blush and a twitching eyebrow, Yasaka kept smiling as she thought inside her head, 'Although I look 16, I'm well already over 20 years of age.'

"By the way, if it isn't rude of me to ask, but what race are you?" Sora asked. If they didn't freak out when they saw his tail, then it means that they are either used to it, or they are a supernatural species themselves.

Sora can even smell a different scent on them, not human, but even if he knows if they aren't human, he doesn't know what race they are. That was all his nose was good at, differentiating between humans and races he already knows about.

Not minding the question, the old lady turned around and showed her backside, revealing 9 beautiful fox tails. They revealed a soft pale golden l.u.s.ter, and just looking at the 9 fox tails, Sora already feels as if he can fall asleep from the softness of it.

"I'm sorry for my tails not looking very appealing, I'm getting very old and the color is fading along with my life," Kuna revealed a self mockery smile as she caressed her tails.

"Nonsense, the tails already look very wonderful. Just looking at them already tells me that they are very soft" Sora wasn't trying to flatter Kuna, he was telling her the truth. If such beautiful tails were called unappealing, what will he be calling the appealing stuff? Shit?

"Oh my, you have such a way with words," the old lady blushed and put a hand on her cheek. "Too bad I'm too old already."

Staying quiet, Sora just looked around the shrine and was amazed by how the place looked. Even just standing in this place, Sora felt relaxed.

"I could give you my daughter, but forgive her for being ignorant." Kuna shook her head in disappointment before sending a glare to her daughter, Yusaka.

"Mom!" Yasaka blushed in embarrassment and pushed Kuna away.

After making her mom leave, Kuna coughed lightly before apologizing for her mom's behaviour. Never had she been so embarrassed before, or at all!

"No worries." Sora waved nonchalantly as he looked at the beautiful workmanship of the shrine. "Who, or what, is worshiped here?"

"My mom, she's being worshiped by a couple of people here in the area. She had rescued a whole village before when their village was burning down a couple of months ago." Yasaka murmured as she rubbed the surface of the wooden shrine with a smile.

"I see," nodded Sora. Who would've thought that saving a group of people could also get you to be worshipped. 'Maybe I can do it too, but what will I save them from?'

"Yeah," Yasaka sighed and looked to where her mom left.

After talking for a while and chatting with Yasaka, Sora felt it was getting late and decided to get going. Stretching a bit, he turned to Yasaka and told her that he needed to get going now.

"Yasaka, can you tell me where the nearest human village is?" Sora asked. He didn't bother trying to look for a village with his Ki sense or his Soul sense, since he wants to feel the adventure like when he was just a normal man.

Yasaka looked at Sora for a moment before nodding and guiding him to a rock trail that leads up the mountain. "Just follow the path, if you keep walking, you'll get there in two days."

"Great, thanks Yasaka. Catch ya' later," Sora waved goodbye and walked up the steep trail.

'Catch ya' later?' Yasaka waved back to Sora with a smile. Although a little confused about Sora's choice of words, she thought nothing of it in the end.

After parting with Yasaka, Sora walked up the steep path filled with rocks. Various trees were lined nicely along the path and were even letting a nice amount of sunlight through the branches.

Walking up the steep path, Sora remembered the Taichi foot steps and slowly incorporated it into his movement up the mountain. His body took in the beautiful scent of nature as he walked up the path with his eyes closed. With each step up the mountain, Sora felt his Taichi movement to become more refined as he walked up.

After a whole day, Sora stopped going up and digested the feeling of just flowing up the steep path like wind breezing through the air.

"Oh no," Sora muttered as he remembered something he had been meaning to do for a while.

His bloodline and his [Heavenly World] had been on the brink of leveling up for a really long time, and he had been constantly pushing it back. But the longer he pushes back a breakthrough, the higher the possibility of losing his cultivation base when he fails.

Entering the [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal], Sora got down and sat near the pond. Calming down his mind almost instantly, Sora got to refining his bloodlines and instantly felt his body's cells jumping with joy.

With his spiritual energy from the Taichi Diagram flowing through his body and aiding his breakthrough, Sora felt that this would end up being a smooth process.

The first bloodline to be successfully refined was the [Angel (4-Wings)] and it soon turned into [Seraphim], an angel with five pairs of wings. Sora felt a slight increase of brain activity, nothing major but the effect was slightly noticeable.

The next bloodline that Sora felt that was the most eager to evolve was the [Titan], when Sora moved his attention over to it, he felt his body boil in anticipation.

As he focused on refining the [Titan] bloodline, Sora felt his body growing more sturdy by each passing millisecond and his body began growing in size rapidly. Luckily, Sora was able to use [Big Tiny Wishes] while refining and was able to keep his body the same size.

After a while, Sora felt a shackle break and the system told him he was now a [Desolate Titan], which shocked him a lot. Not only was his defense multiplied two-fold, but his body was growing to an abnormally large size. If Sora didn't have the help of his [Big Tiny Wishes] skill, he was afraid he would have fallen off the [Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal]. Without the skill, he would have been the size of a mountain!

Without wasting any time, Sora moved his attention to the [True Vampire] bloodline and began refining it while the spiritual energy of his Sea of Consciousness was helping him out.

Not long after, while refining the bloodline, Sora felt his body size going back to normal and his skin was gradually turning deathly pale. His eyes turned red as well, the previous golden eyes were nowhere to be seen and were replaced by the red eyes, with a golden ring around them.

His teeth turned sharper and his facial features turned more refined, giving him a devilish handsome look.


Sora broke through another shackle and his body felt like it would jump through dimensions by itself. Looking at the new name of the bloodline, Sora saw the name [Vampire Ancestor]. Sora clearly knew the effect of this bloodline, it improved his healing capabilities drastically.

If Sora had a missing heart, as long as he didn't have anything blocking its path for a whole 10 minutes, he won't die. As well as having his head removed, as long as his head is 5 meters in proximity to his body, he could regenerate easily, if the time limit doesn't exceed 30 minutes.

Sora began refining his [Demon King] bloodline and instantly felt the difference of the new bloodline forming. With his body regaining its original appearance once again, Sora's skin turned ashy grey.

The sclera of his eyes began turning completely black, removing the white in it, his golden iris' began turning blood red color which could instantly turn a heartless killer into a crybaby. With such heavy demonic aura resting in his gaze, even Sora would be frightened if he looked too long in the mirror.


With another shackle breaking, Sora experienced another euphoric feeling. He was mostly happy with what he achieved this time around. All of his energies had increased by 20 percent! Meaning he had another 200 billion Ki that he got for free.

This was a permanent increase of energy. The energy he thought before couldn't be increased anymore, had increased by another 20 percent after increasing his bloodline's purity.

Before Sora could turn his attention to his Dragon and Saiya-jin bloodlines, he felt his previously upgraded [Seraphim] bloodline on the verge of breakthrough once again.

Quickly focusing on it, Sora's preciously gray ashy skin, quickly began turning white and his hair began turning completely golden. His eyes turned into a green color and the whites of his eyes returned as well.

Feeling something on his back bothering him, Sora removed his shirt revealing 6 beautiful white pairs of wings hanging from his back. His wings were very beautiful and they emanated a holy aura. From the foremost edge of his left wing to the foremost edge of the right wing, was a wide space of 3 whole meters!

Sora was amazed at seeing the new name of the bloodline, [Archangel]. He didn't expect to see this bloodline become purer all of a sudden, maybe it was due to both the Vampire bloodline and the demonic bloodline having such evil auras. What amazed him more was the fact that his brain activity massively improved this time around.

To not waste anymore time, Sora switched to his Saiya-jin bloodline and quickly began refining it. His body quickly began growing in size and his hair began to rapidly grow on his body.

A couple of minutes into refining the bloodline, Sora felt he lost something and then gained something. His Oozaru form couldn't be called Oozaru anymore since after being refined for so long, and the long ancestry of Saiyans, Sora's bloodline ended up changing quite a bit.

His hair had all changed color and they seemed to have become needles made of the strongest steel known to man. With the color of the hair turning pitch black, Sora noticed his pupils, iris', and sclera all turning completely white, as if he had turned blind.

The tattoo-like dragon remained on Sora's [True Form], but turned into a completely white shen long shadow that freely moved on the fur of the huge pitch black furred beast.

If it weren't for Sora using his [Big Tiny Wishes] again, Sora would have been the same size as a medium sized hill. He looked completely like an ape, with the build and ferociousness of a gorilla, and the dexterity and tail of a monkey, Sora could dominate the beasts with just this form alone!

Along with this change, Sora felt that he lost his Saiyan transformations, but was in fact merged with it. He felt a 50 percent increase in strength but what surprised him the most was the calmness he was under. As if nothing could bother him, like a white piece of paper behind multiple layers of reinforced glass.

Even if it looks like a loss, Sora felt like it was a win, there was no way to explain, but he felt that he was better off without the transformations while under the effects of the new calm attitude. All the calm attitude did, was lower the effects of some negative emotions, like anger, annoyance and displeasure.

Checking the new name of the bloodline, Sora smiled in satisfaction; [Primal Ape God].

Sora felt the spiritual energy gradually slowing down and realized that he had to quickly increase refine his dragon bloodline.

Sora's body quickly returned to his original appearance and instantly turned into a dragon while refining his bloodline, shortly after refining his bloodline. His Dragon form began changing and it turned bigger, oppressive, majestic, and mighty.

Four horns grew on the head of the dragon, the two most middle horns shot backwards and were pitch black in color. The same color as the other to horns that curved backwards and then forward like if they were tusks.

The dragon's color slowly changed to a golden color and it's scales turned a little jagged, showing off an overwhelming might. With the dragon's eyes turning into a completely blue color. It's body finally stopped Sora thought that was the end of it before-


The air, the trees, the stone monument, and even the pond began to shake from the overwhelming body of Sora's. The Golden Medicinal Turtle that was watching everything from the side coward in fear and jumped back into the still shaking pond.



The shackle broke and Sora looked at the new name of the bloodline, [Dragon God Ancestor].

With this Dragon form of his, Sora feels that he is either on the same level, or above the so-called Azure Dragon God of legend. Turning back into his original form, Sora's body began to shake slightly and began pushing the impurities out.

Sora's body leaked a lot of black substances that smelled really awful.

In the end another thing also changed, one which surprised Sora. The [True Dragon Ape God Bone Art] that he had created no longer increases by Realm, but by percentage, showing how much his body improved in quality.

After turning back into his original appearance Sora found out that his body's quality increased by leaps and bounds thanks to his Dragon bloodline.

What surprised him more about this whole thing, was that he could freely switch between bloodlines with no problem and even combined them together with ease and separate them. In the end, he kept his race as the combination of the [Primal Ape God] and the [Dragon God Ancestor]; [Golden Celestial Dragon Ape].

When Sora removed his clothes and was about to jump into the pond to clean himself, he was surprised by what he saw.