Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 123

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 123 A Chance

Looking inside the little pond, Sora found all the fish and turtles in the pond began to emit a sort of white l.u.s.ter. Some of the fishes even had one yellow scale.

Sora grinned and looked at his reflection, his hair had turned completely black and his skin was a very healthy white color. With his sharp facial features and his calm look staring back at him, Sora almost felt like the person being shown was completely different from the one he knows.

His skin even turned fair and soft, a completely different look to his previous appearance. Before, his body was riddled with scars, and his palms were rough and they had calluses. Now, all those calluses, scars, and rough features, were completely gone. Even the marks on his bones that showed they had broken before were completely gone, as if he had never gone through an arduous journey.

Even his eyes had changed, the previously golden eyes now showed golden pupils while the iris' were a red color. It was a weird look, but they showed a feral, yet tamed, look.

After bathing in the pond and removing the impurities, Sora jumped out of the pond and was much happier about his body. Before, when he had more muscles, he could hardly perform some moves and it impeded his dexterity and growth. Now that he had slimmed down, and maintained his strength and strong body, Sora could perform better fighting AND in bed.

Wearing his clothes, Sora realized that they were loose and he couldn't wear any of his clothes. Spending the next couple of days making a new set of clothes his size, Sora finally completed his new clothes. He had even made some grilled fish and ate them.

Sora was surprised about their taste, they were a very delicious fish, now that he had eaten it, there was no way he was going back to the normal fish. Even the golden scale of the fish was valuable, after removing the scale from the fish, Sora was surprised to know that it was actual gold. Although it was small in size, it was very condensed, if Sora had a couple 500 more of these scales, he could make a top-grade hidden weapon.

After putting away the golden fish scale, Sora looked at his newly made set of clothes.

It's an entirely new set of clothes, changing his looks completely. He had a white, long sleeve dress shirt, and a black suit vest over it with a red tie going underneath. He even had the black dress pants to go with it and the black shoes. The only thing that remained from the previous clothing was his haori which now changed into a long coat, he even added a new rune on it which would change the color of his coat whenever he wants to. HIs Silk Coat now was a black in color while the previous golden color was now a white color, letting the ape and dragon show their full might.

Nodding at his new look, Sora jumped out of the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and continued on his journey. He felt like a completely new person, a weird experience he hopes to never experience again.

Going up the steep hill, Sora arrived the next day and was very surprised to see a bustling village there. Clothes were being traded for food, food was being made outside of the houses, children were running around, and there were people working and making new houses.

"Hey mister, your clothes is funny looking." a little boy came over and pointed at Sora's suit.

"Haha, I guess so," Sora chuckled and rubbed the head of the little boy.

"Your clothes are weird like the birdman," the kid continued after seeing Sora not mad at his comment.

'Birdman?' Sora's lips twitched before looking around the village and turning back at the little boy, "Say, where is this birdman?"

If Sora heard someone being called birdman right in front of him, of course he'd want to know who this so-called birdman is. Is it a person that acts like a bird? Or a person who dresses like one?

"He's talking with the village head geezer," bruitally said the kid as he ran back to play with the kids.

"Village head geezer I wonder if anyone ever called me geezer in my past life," inwardly chuckled Sora. He made his way into the village and ignored the weird looks from the villagers and walked to where there was a big crowd of people.

In fact, if Sora wasn't given weird looks, he would look at them as if they were the weird ones. If a man, wearing a set of clothes completely unfamiliar to you, and you treat it as normal, what would that say?

Walking closer to the crowd of people, a woman turned around and looked at Sora with a lit up expression until her eyes landed on his clothes and her expression turned weird. She nudged the person neared to her, to move to a side and get away.

Even with Sora's devilish and attractive appearance, the fact that he is wearing clothes unfamiliar to them, really drove them away. Of course, some of the women who saw him still thought he looked really fine, they even thought that the weird clothes he was wearing were strangely bringing out his irresistible looks.

"Another weird one came."

"Is he here for the chief as well?"

"Did he come with the other man?"

Questions were being thrown left and right as Sora made his way to where there were two people talking in the middle of all the people surrounding them.

When Sora got closer, he was able to notice the appearance of the so-called 'birdman'. Looking at him, Sora was able to tell that the man in front of him was also an angel, a high-ranking one too. He had green eyes and he was wearing golden plated shoulderpads.

The man even had a golden halo above his head and he looked handsome. Sora glanced at the young man and found out he was just a human.

When Sora got closer, the young man and the 'birdman' both turned to Sora with confused looks.

"Who are you?" asked the Village Chief.

"He's not from your village?" the 'birdman' asked confused.

"No, I have a very good memory, and I know for sure this handsome man has never been part of this village," the Village Chief said with a calm voice.

"Can you both not talk as if I'm not here," muttered Sora as he got closer to them.

The 'birdman' kept smiling and nodded to Sora, "My name is Michael and I am the leader of the Angels."

Michael turned to the young man and said, "This here is the leader of Rose Cross, a newly created magician group, Rudiger."

'Magician?' Sora looked at Rudiger and quickly activated his Dongxuan Aura and spread it towards Rudiger, and true enough, the man had a blue energy swirling in his body. Copying the structure of the energy, Sora got the [Magical Energy] and felt quite satisfied.

[Quest: The Best Magician

Description: Magicians are strong, but not strong enough. When a threat such as 666 exists, none of the magicians are strong enough to deal with the threat.

Objective: Master magic and use only magic to defeat 666.

Time until 666 breaks out and can be defeated by Sora: 2,000 years: 1 month: 4 days: 3 hours: 45 minutes

Rewards: Mythril, Spirit Pool

Penalties: Destruction of the DxD Universe under the claws of 666.]

'Defeat an existence that can destroy this whole universe and only be awarded a lump of stone and a pool.' Now Sora wished he hadn't gotten the [Magical Energy].

"Hello," Rudiger bowed in greeting and turned to Michael. "I'm sorry, but my group is too small at this moment to join the Great War."

"Very well then, I won't bother you any longer," Michael maintained his smile at the rejection and walked away before disappearing into a white light.

Looking at him leave, Rudiger could only shake his head dejectedly and turning to leave.

"Wait," Sora stopped the man from leaving and caught up with him. Everyone else in the surrounding turned to leave and no longer crowded around the Village Chief and Michael.

"Yes?" Rudiger didn't stop walking but turned to look at Sora and extended his hand, inviting him into the Village Chief's House.

Accepting his invitation, Sora followed him in and asked, "What is this Great War you are talking about?"

The Great War. The last time Sora had heard something like that, was when he still went to school before dropping out. If he remembered correctly, it was another name for World War 1. A war that shook the whole world and sent massive destruction to most countries.

If this 'Great War' has the same meaning as the one he knows, then that means that all the species in this DxD Universe, will be going to war. Although some may still stay out, it includes the majority of the population.

This 'Great War' could possibly be sending massive destruction to every corner of the world and even the other species, such as humans, the two Nine-Tailed Foxes he just met, and maybe even Ophis, the little Dragon God girl he met.

Rudiger looked at Sora with shocked eyes, "You don't know about the Great War? Have you been under a rock?"

"I've been on an isolated island for almost 100 years, I didn't maintain contact with anyone," lied Sora. He couldn't tell anyone that he just came from another Universe/World. He had to maintain a level of secrecy and not let anyone know his secrets.

Even his loved ones don't know most of the stuff he has, for instance the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, or that he has other bloodlines instead of just his saiyan bloodline. The girls from the world [Bleach] also only think he's a human soul, they don't know he has a human body and all these other bloodlines.

Rudiger chuckled at Sora's words and waved his hands nonchalantly before preparing some tea, "Don't worry about it, no need to explain. In fact, I did something like that before, and even if I look young, I am almost 30 years old. Thanks to the magic that I use, I can maintain my young looks and age for a couple years more than the average mage and human."

"Really? That's interesting to hear," murmured Sora as he thought back to the normal girls from [Dragon Ball]. Although he doesn't want to introduce them to the heartless world and have them learn defensive techniques like if they will have to defend their lives, Sora couldn't deny that Magic could be good for them, especially Bulma and Launch.

Bulma because she's a genius and could possibly master magic and make some of her own spells. As well as Launch because she has a sort of naive and childish personality, and an overactive imagination, like Orihime. She might make more creative spells than Bulma who will follow scientific methods.

"Well the Great War. Where should I begin.." Rudiger began explaining the Great War and Sora listened to him as he drank the green tea he was given by Rudiger, after adding some sugar in the tea.

According to the people who told Rudiger about the Great War, someone had been sabotaging the Fallen Angel group and the Fallen Angel Faction had thought it was due to the Angel Faction. So the Fallen Angel Faction had attacked the Angels.

Soon, even the Devil Faction was involved when a devil patrolling their area was attacked by a Fallen Angel and they fought back. Somehow, the Devil Factions leader was offended by the Angel Faction and attacked them as well. Eventually it turned into a free-for-all and they would kill each other the moment they saw one another in the human realm.

"Currently, they are in a cease fire that will last from 500 to 1,000 years." Rudiger finished his tea and stood up to serve himself some more.

'So I can use this Great War as a chance to save the defenseless humans and get them to worship me,' Sora smiled as he thought about being able to finish the quest in only 500 to 1,000 years. Such a lucky chance to end this quest relatively quickly without having to do much until that time comes up, he only had to train his magic.

Sora, however, won't train his magic inside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, or else he would only finish it in a couple of days and not have anything to do the next few years. Besides trying to create some of the hidden weapons.