Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 124

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 124 Mommies

After Sora finished talking with Rudiger, he left and walked back to the shrine where Yasaka and Kuna were at.

He didn't have much to do these days, when he would enter the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, he would grind every technique and the mundane skills, like painting, drawing, tailoring, cosmetics, cooking, etc., besides the magic, which he would train.

Training the [Magic Energy] was pretty easy to train in because he still had some techniques from [Dragon Ball] that are related to magic. The only difficulty was trying to make spells for each race he had, except for his [Prime Ape God].

"Sora, are you a youkai?" Kuna came out to the front of the yard and looked at Sora. She and Yasaka were surprised at Sora's change in appearance when he came back to the shrine. They were kind of skeptical at first, thinking it was a person trying to impersonate him, but after a while of talking, they figured it was actually Sora.

"What's a youkai?" asked Sora. He'd heard of many things back in his past life and in some books from [Dragon Ball] and [Bleach], but never heard of a youkai.

"Hum hum I guess you aren't one." Kuna chuckled and brought her hand over her mouth.

Sora looked at her with a light smile, amused by her actions and waited for her to answer his question. He even held the question that he wanted to ask, 'Why did you want to know if I'm a Youkai?'

"Youkais are supernatural creatures that are native to Asia, mainly Japan. They are a variety of different types of creatures with varying abilities, they all have a human form or already look human but have a creature feature. Their bodies in front of humans are like ghosts, they can't be seen by almost all humans, except for those with control over magic or their Ki," Kuna explained.

"So why did you want to know whether I was a Youkai?" asked Sora curiously.

"No reason, you just don't act like a youkai at all, so I had some suspicions," giggled Kuna. She had seen Sora do many things for a whole month and was surprised that he did not have any Youkai features or habits. She really thought that Sora was a Youkai after seeing his tail and feeling Senjutsu move around him with a very high purity she had never seen before.

"I didn't know Youkai acted in certain ways," commented Sora as he continued practicing his magic. So far, all he knows is that the Youkai can use Magic and Ki, and that they can't be seen by normal humans.

"Mom, we have visitors!" Yasaka walked over to where Sora and Kuna were at and informed her mom of guests appearing.

She looked at Sora with a coy look before eyeing his tail around his waist and smirked, "Is your tail real?"

"Of course," Sora patted his tail as he looked at Yasaka.

Yasaka grinned with excitement after hearing Sora's words, she stepped forward up close to Sora and said, "Prove that you have a real tail, let me touch your tail and I'll check whether to believe you or not."

Sora looked at Yasaka with a weird look and slowly unwrapped his tail from his waist and moved it to her. He didn't really care whether she thought his tail was real or not, he just wanted to know what she wanted to do.

"Don't do anything weird," he warned.

"Don't worry," Yasaka nodded and grabbed a hold of Sora's tail.

Holding onto Sora's black tail gave Yasaka a very happy feeling as she held onto the soft tail. Sora's tail was the softest thing she had ever held onto, even her mom's fur couldn't compare to this at all.

"Ahh, soo~ soft," Yasaka rubbed his tail on her face and giggled softly.

Looking at her satisfied expression, Sora couldn't help but look at her more weirdly, 'What happened to not doing anything weird?'

"Oh my," Kuna appeared from behind Yasaka and was surprised to see her rubbing her face on a man's tail.

"Ah!" Quickly letting go of Sora's tail with a flushed face, Yasaka ran away from both of them and yelled, "It's not what you think mom!"

Chuckling, Sora turned to Kuna who was looking at him with a kind face, "I won't always be near my daughter, when the time comes that I have to leave, I will need you to take care of my daughter on my behalf."

Sora nodded and said, "You don't have to worry Miss Kuna, whether you are here or not, I will take care of the girl, and you as well."

"Hoho, you're such a flatterer," Kuna smiled and walked away with a hunched back and slow steps.

Looking at her receding figure, Sora decided to fix her back problem the next time he sees her. Make her be able to enjoy her days more comfortably without having to slowly walk from one location to the next.

Entering his [Heavenly World], Sora decided to visit his wife and daughter, it had been a couple of days since he had seen them.


Once Sora appeared in his [Heavenly World], he heard a yell from behind him and found Emily waving at him with Unohana right behind her. Sora looked at Unohana's small bump of her belly and smiled happily as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

Kissing Unohana's cherry lips, Sora rubbed the bump of her stomach and smiled widely. He turned to Emily and saw her smiling at him with her small hands on her waist.

"Have you been a good girl Emily?" Sora kneeled on one knee and put his hand on her head and smiled at her.

"Yes!" Emily smiled charmingly and enjoyed the feeling of Sora's hand rubbing her head. She hardly received any physical affection from her dad, but when she did receive it, she would be happy for a whole week straight. Although she likes a lot the hugs from Unohana, she wanted some physical affection from her dad that she hardly sees.

After chatting with Unohana and playing with Emily, Sora believed it was time for him to go. However, before he could leave, his little Emily stopped him and prevented him from leaving.

"Daddy, you can't leave yet! You haven't shown me my other moms," Emily stared at Sora with her big round eyes and held onto the corner of his shirt.

Nodding, Sora told her to wait in the next room while he calls her new moms over. He himself was also waiting to see his wives he hasn't seen for a while. Especially his wives from [Dragon Ball], the ones he hasn't seen for 2,000 years! Now he can take them out and teach them to control their Ki to prolong their youthfulness and age, as well as magic, which will further extend the time of that.

Adding the two together, he will be able to extend their youthfulness for 100 years and age by 300 years. A huge amount Sora didn't expect.

"Can you do that for me?" Sora smiled and urged Emily to go to her room. He had to surprise her with the amount of women he will be pulling out of his [House] skill.

38 women! That's how much women Sora had fallen in love with and had received their love back. He never would have believed that he would end up having this much wives when he first reincarnated.

Emily nodded and quickly shuffled out of the room and happily waited to see her new moms. She's as excited as the very first time when she had received a ton of gifts from her family members.

After making sure that Emily was in her room, Sora began taking out his wives from [Dragon Ball] out of [House]. He smiled cheerfully as he looked at the figures appearing in front of him.

Bulma Panchy Launch 18 21 Vados Mai Marcarita Kusu Chi Chi Caulifla Kale and Casion.

They looked at each other in confusion and then at Sora, and although Sora didn't look like how he used to, they still recognised him easily. They smiled and jumped into his arms, dropping him on the bed that was sitting right behind him.

"Haha," laughed Sora as he hugged them back.

"How long has it been?" asked Bulma as she hugged Sora tight. She felt like she was separated from Sora for hundreds of years and she didn't like that feeling. She, like the other women from [Dragon Ball], felt worried as soon as they came out of [House], prompting them to jump into his arms.

"Only a couple of years," said Sora. Easily downplaying the fact that he had spent 2,000 years away from them.

"You're lying!" Casion teared up as she pulled Sora's head onto her chest and slowly rubbed his head. Even 18 and 21 who were very close to Sora were tearing up as they looked at Sora.

The other girls looked at Casion, 18, and 21 crying, and they didn't know what was happening. Panchy shuffled close to Casion and asked in a low voice, "What happened?"

"Sora he he spent 2,000 years without us," loudly cried Casion.

Putting her hand over her mouth in shock, Panchy's eyes widened and they all turned to look at Sora with tears in their eyes.

"Calm down!" Sora yelled. He had been trying to talk, but Casion kept a tight grip and wouldn't let his head out of her b.r.e.a.s.ts. Although he very much liked that feeling, he had to explain to the girls that he wasn't completely alone.

"*sniff*... but you were all alone these years," sniffed Launch with red eyes. She never expected Sora to be alone for 2,000 years and that really made her feel bad.

"No, I wasn't alone," muttered Sora. He looked at all of his wives with a smile, glad to have women like them around him. His eyes darted to the end of the room and looked at Unohana with a smile.

His wives looked at him and saw him look at a corner of the room. They all quickly got off Sora, besides Casion who stuck to him like a sticker on a mirror. The girls that got off Sora all blushed as they looked at Unohana, Launch and Chi Chi were the first ones to approach Unohana and greeted her.

"Hi, I'm Launch," Launch stretched her hand with a blush and shook hands with Unohana.

"And I'm Chi Chi," joined Chi Chi.

All the girls were embarrassed and they greeted each other with smiles. Unohana was having the time of her life, she teased and joked with the girls. Although she didn't have much experience talking with modern girls, she had enough experience to enjoy talking with the girls, especially Android 21.

Sora, still carrying Casion in his arms, told the girls that Unohana is pregnant and they all looked at him with wide eyes.


"I thought you were infertile?"

"Oh my!"

"I want a baby!"

"I wonder if angels can have babies."

"Okay, who said I'm infertile," Sora's eyebrow twitched at the comment of one of the girls and tried looking for the culprit.

After getting them to know each other, Sora pulled out the other girls, from [Bleach].

Yoruichi Rangiku Soi Fon Orihime Tatsuki Nelliel Lisa Lisa Kirio Kukabu Shiba Tier Harribel Lisa Yadomaru Hiyori Momo Hinamori Rukia Bambietta Liltotto Meninas Candice Nemu Nanao Yuzu Karin Yuri... Emilou Franceska Cyan Cirucci... Ninny... Noel... Yoshino... and Senjumaru.

Although there was some concern over Bambietta, Liltotto, Meninas, and Candice, Sora still introduced them and had them get to know each other. Cirucci, the previous arrogant Arrancar, was now very docile, although she occasionally makes haughty remarks.

Orihime, Tatsuki, Momo, Rukia, Yuzu, and Karin, were also brought out of [House], the 17 and 18 year old beauties he had met and fallen in love with. They were rather innocent and they had a lot of "stuff" they have yet to experience, which Sora will "personally" teach them.

After getting the girls from [Bleach] to know the girls from [Dragon Ball], Sora was pleasantly surprised that they weren't jealous or angry with each other, it was more of a rivalry between each other.

Finally, after everyone calmed down and they got to know each other, Sora finally decided to call in Emily.

"Emily! Come greet your mother," yelled Sora as he sent a thumbs up to all 39 women standing behind him with expecting looks.

Waiting for Sora's little girl to surprise her with so many people in the room, the girls were all nervous. Each girl fiddling with their hair, clothes, or sweating nervously.

Soon, the door opened and a little head popped in, "Mommies?"