Traveler Of The Multiverse Book 3 Chapter 125

Volume 3: Hsdxd: Magical Journey To Godhood Chapter 125 Miracle?

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Hours have passed since Sora had let his daughter see all her new moms. They enjoyed their time playing and teasing Emily, the girls even tried to make Emily choose a favorite mom before she coward and ran to hide behind Sora.

Emily eventually left the room and all his women looked at him like hungry predators. Luckily, the walls were soundproof and Sora didn't have to worry about a single thing.

"You're mine!"

"Baby making time!"

"Water your plants!"


Waking up the next day with all his women spread out on the bed, Sora expertly moved out of the entanglement of arms and jumped out of the room. Once out of the room, Sora walked out into the shrine and out of his [Heavenly World].

Having to do the same tedious process over and over, gets pretty boring. Now, he has to practice and refine his magic and magic skills for almost 500 to 1,000 years until that Great War begins to complete the [Become a God Quest].

After walking around for a while, Sora found Kuna bending over to pick up a hair pin she had dropped. Sora's eyes however, didn't pay attention to the hair pin, but her round plump butt. He hadn't really seen her behind all that well before because of her fox tails, but now that he can see them clearly, he couldn't help but want to pinch them.

"Ah!" Kuna winced in pain and brought Sora out of his delusions, prompting him to rush up to Kuna with worry in his eyes.

"Are you alright Kuna?" asked Sora, helping her get back up.

"Haha, I will be fine, it's just a little back pain." Kuna, who was now standing up, patted Sora's arm away before walking away with a forced smile.

'Admirable willpower.' Holding Kuna's hand, Sora stopped her from leaving and turned her to face him, "Come with me."

With Sora's vague words and his eagerness to have her follow him, Kuna couldn't help but feel her face heat up as she looked at her frail old hand being held by Sora's young soft hand. 'My heart is beating so fast, am I really doing this? How will I tell Yasaka?'

Leading the way to Kuna's room, Sora turned to her and carried her like a princess.

'!!!' Kuna's heart began beating faster after feeling Sora's warmth wrap around her. She looked at his neck and she couldn't help herself from wrapping her arms around them and blushing harder.

'This woman' Sora could only give a wry smile, he could vaguely understand what she may be thinking at this point and didn't say anything as he led her to her room.

Quickly arriving at her room, Sora entered and closed the door. He took out a futon and placed Kuna on it before stripping her completely n.a.k.e.d. She didn't have anytime to realize what had just happened and could only lay in a defenseless position on the futon.

Sora turned Kuna over and had her ass face the ceiling and her front facing down. He began using Saintly Hands and slid his hands over Kuna's spine, causing her to get an electric feeling coursing through her body.

"Ah!" She couldn't stop her m.o.a.n from escaping her mouth and quickly bit onto the futon to stop future m.o.a.ns.

Not stopping because she m.o.a.ned, Sora infused his Primal God Ki, the new, more refined and effective Ki, into his hands before injecting them into Kuna's spine. Spreading his Primal God Ki into her spine, her bones began fixing themselves into their respective space. Her previously worn out muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments, were also rejuvenated and fixed her back problem.

'Okay, that part is over,' Sora touched one last part above Kuna's plump butt and pinched it to fix her coccyx into place.


Kuna had been m.o.a.ning during the whole process. She never felt a disturbing. or uncomfortable, feeling at all during the whole process. Instead, she felt a cooling and fiery feeling enter her body, making her feel strong and stimulated. Finally, right when Sora had finally finished fixing her back problem, she let out a huge scream full of pleasure and her love juices shot out of her lower body.

Seeing Kuna orgasm, Sora gave her butt a light slap and caused her body to jump as if something had shocked her, making Sora smile.

After waiting for his Primal God Ki inside Kuna to dissipate, Sora took out some common needles and put them in certain parts of Kuna's body. All the acupuncture points inside the body, all affect different parts of the body, others overlap with each other and promote their effects, some interconnect, and others cancel each other out.

Sora put ten needles into Kuna's body and injected his hands with Primal God Ki once again before letting it enter Kuna's body like a stream. Turning the needles clockwise and injecting his Ki more abundantly, Sora saw Kuna's body changing at a visible rate. Her previously slightly wrinkled and saggy body began to pull itself back together and fill in each edge. Her skin began to turn smooth, clear, and firm.

While pulling out the needles from Kuna's body, Sora noticed that her plump butt turned rounder, bigger, and more supple, making it look very enticing. With such a juicy butt sitting right in front of him, Sora couldn't stop his hand from moving over and squeezing it in his hand.

After putting away the needles, Sora noticed that Kuna had fallen asleep and knew that he had to cover her body and let her sleep. Pulling the quilt over her, Sora noticed that the previously old looking Kuna had now turned younger, but her hair didn't turn back into its golden color she once had. Instead, her hair took on a silver look, different from her gray hair she had before.

Looking at Kuna's face, Sora noticed that this woman is an actual beauty like how he had predicted when he first saw her. Her lips were a natural pink color and her face was really fair and beautiful.

Sora stood up and walked to the door to leave.

Dum dum dum !

Lifting his head in alert, Sora finally noticed the sliding door to Kuna's room was slightly open. Looking at that gap, Sora knew that Yasaka must have heard them and was looking at him and her mom the whole time.

Running quickly back to her room with a flushed face, Yasaka couldn't believe what she had just seen Sora do.

Today, all that she had to do, was to clean the floors and that's what she did, but halfway through cleaning, she heard a yell.


She dropped everything and rushed to the sound, knowing it might have been her mother, Yasaka hurried with a worried expression. Many questions ran through her head, such as; 'Did mom her herself?' or 'Is she in danger?'

But, when she got closer to her room, Yasaka noticed that her mom might not have been injured, or in danger. The closer she got to Kuna's room, the clearer she can hear the noises coming out from there,


Loud and clear m.o.a.ns. With her face already heating up, before she could slide the door open, Yasaka decided to turn and leave, but right when she was going to leave, she heard a loud and crisp m.o.a.n louder than the previous m.o.a.ns.

With quick movements, Yasaka turned back to face the door and snuck near the door and slid it open just enough to peak inside the room.

Seeing Sora in her mom's room, Yasaka was shocked and even more so when she saw her mom lying on her futon all n.a.k.e.d. She saw how Sora's hands kept sliding up and down her mother's back and wanted that to be done to her. As she kept looking, she noticed needles appearing in Sora's hand and saw as he placed them into her mother.

His hands glowed and he touched the needles and turned them, while that was happening, Yasaka was one surprise after another. The only thing that had completely made her throw her logic out the window was when she saw her mom get younger at a very quick pace. Although she didn't get back her blonde hair, her mom was still a natural beauty, especially with her silver hair.

After seeing Sora get up with his needles and realizing that he was headed her way, Yasaka panicked and ran away, forgetting to close the door.

Now she was hiding underneath the cover of her futon, hiding away from Sora. She never expected her mom and Sora to have an illicit relationship like that!

With heavy pants, Yasaka tried remembering in clear detail of what happened in that room and felt her body heat up. Her snatch gradually moistening and her hand slithering over her body and developing b.r.e.a.s.ts down to her groin.

Sora closed the door to Kuna's room and exited their living area and stood in front of the shrine. At this time, Sora knew not to approach Yasaka at this moment, no matter what she may be doing or thinking. Depending on how she looks at him the next time they run into each other, Sora will know what to do.

Continuing his Magic refining and training, Sora made a quick and steady progress. At the rate he is advancing his magic skills, he will be able to make them out in a year. Maybe by then he will be called an Arch Wizard, Arch Mage, or something like Arcane Mage.

The next day, Kuna finally woke up and drew up a bath to wash her body that was covered in a smell that made her want to go into mating. She didn't seem to remember anything of what had happened the day before and her, m.o.a.ning loudly into the sky under the hands of Sora who was healing her.

When the water in the wooden basing had finally been filled and heated up with her Youjutsu, Kuna walked over to it and slid in. Her slender and white foot touched the water and after feeling that it was warm enough, she slid in the rest of her slender and voluptuous body. Her pulp b.r.e.a.s.ts floated under the effect of the water and gave them a creamy look with the water splashing over her body.

Cupping a bit of water in her hands to wash her face out, Kuna looked at her reflection in the bit of water she had and was surprised by what she saw. Looking at her reflection carefully, Kuna's body began to shake happily causing her b.r.e.a.s.ts to move from side to side, sending ripples through the water.

"My face!" Kuna cupped her face and felt it all over. Such a youthful feeling, her skin as soft as a baby's and her body as curvy as a gourd. The feeling of regaining ones youthful look and realising that you are once again young is a wish most beings have. No matter the species, every being has once thought, or will, that they want to be young once more.

"My back doesn't hurt anymore!" Kuna shrieked in happiness. Now that she thought about it, her back didn't hurt this time when she slid her body into the wooden basin filled with water. Every time she tried getting in and out of the basin, she would have to rest for 5 minutes and have her back recover.

After touching and feeling upon every inch of her body, Kuna seemed to realize something and continued washing her body as one question flashed in her head, 'How did I turn young again?'

"Did I do something yesterday?" Kuna recalled the events of the prior day and she seemed to not remember most of it, besides waking up and doing her daily chores, she seemed to only remember a dark room and a figure behind her touching every inch of her back and butt.

The more she thought about that event, the more her face would flush red and her embarrassment would rise up as she began to theorize that mating can make her younger. The more the event would replay in her mind, the clearer the figure in the darkness grew. With red, golden-pupiled eyes, staring at her n.a.k.e.d behind, Kuna shook in shock and embarrassment as she remembered the person more clearly.


The figure that she believes was thrusting in and out of her as she felt ultimate bliss was Sora. She began thinking of a ton of crazy stuff and eventually approached another theory she had arrived at. "His c.u.m caused me to grow younger!"

Never would she arrive at the fact that Sora had fixed her back and made her younger from a back massage and acupuncture.